Friday, October 24, 2014

Life Is So Much Better “Under The Sun”; New Music Video By Invisible Poet Kings

Ever feel lethargic? Maybe you’re feeling a little blue? You find you have no motivation as you mope around your house searching your empty refrigerator for food, going back to your couch, flipping through the channels on your TV wishing you had something better to do? It feels so cold and empty inside, and it’s not just the house. Well there’s a remedy for feeling low down, and that’s going outside and enjoying life under the sun!

In a world where we are surrounded by so much negativity, where it’s sometimes difficult to find a sense of happiness, the rock band, Invisible Poet Kings demonstrates their vision of positivity by getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying a little time with friends. This is the theme of their new, lighthearted song and music video “Under The Sun”. This cheery, rock tune offers a quirky yet simple philosophy of life… be with the people that make you happy and have a little fun under the sun. But listen closely and you’ll also find that underneath the veil of the song’s light heartedness lies an even deeper, important message of being free to believe, think and love what we want and how we want.

The Music video starts with the leader of the band listening to the radio on his iphone. The light radiates his face as he begins to find his comfort zone; only to be bothered by the fact that he is in his room and using his lamp for light! He decides then that to better appreciate his day, he’ll have to make a few calls and go outside. On his way outside, he hops into his 1971 Volkswagen Bug and begins picking up his band mates, instruments in tow, as they head toward an unforeseen destination. He even picks up his drummer, with drum kit and all!

On the way, the band makes a small detour through a sleepy neighborhood where they notice two girls rocking out solos to the song’s catchy guitar riffs. Then to the dismay of the band, a young boy joins the two girls and shreds the guitar for the final solo. They too cram their way into the little Bug and continue on to a peaceful and serenading beach. During their journey, several scenes to different parts of the world begin to appear and show the band playing from the highest mountain to the peaceful greenery of the forest.

What makes this song stand out is the unique interpretation of having fun wherever you are no matter what is happening to you. The catchy, melodic rhythm of the song perfectly complements the silly antics the band gets into in their music video. A delightfully upbeat song, the video only adds to it’s rock filled charm and depth to the important, yet simple message behind the band’s little slice of life they call “Under the Sun”.

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