Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Ed Sheeran Of The Hare Krishna World: Meet Cyril Wohrer

Hollywood sound machine meets Eastern theology in Cyril Wohrer's new album, "Summer Krishna" dubbing him the 'Ed Sheeran' of the Hare Krishna mantra.

An L.A. native, Wohrer's musical influences include Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and the Eurythmics. Joining forces with Al Walser, producer of 2017 GRAMMY® Award Winning album, for his debut album, Wohrer will release a unique sound many audiences will find uplifting and memorable.

Amidst the evolving sounds and artists of today's popular music, Wohrer finds his voice in the electric pop beats and rhythms that are surely to unite strangers and neighbors, and draw long-time Bhakti enthusiasts.

It is the melody heard on the radio and in trendy clubs through which Wohrer is able to captivate traditional mantra lovers and first-time listeners with modern Hare Krishna pop sounds in both French and English lyrics.

With more Kirtan artists redefining the traditional Indian orchestration of Sanskrit mantras, Wohrer is setting the trend of how popular music will merge with ancient hymns.

'Summer Krishna' is an homage to both the Hare Krishna mantra and to George Harrison, who during his career as a Beatle and a solo artist, expanded the American palette to include Indian classical music and Hindu practices, establishing both elements as a constant in his music. Harrison gets the credit for being the first Western person to have massively popularized the Hare Krishna mantra on the radio with songs such as "My Sweet Lord."

Taking a cue from Harrison, Wohrer has diversified his musical range and versatility, offering a sound for all Bhakti listeners.

"Since the 1960s, most people have associated the Bhakti tradition with the hippie counter-culture. I wanted to change this trend. I want to show, through my music, that anyone can be devotional and chant Hare Krishna in a contemporary style. Krishna and Bhakti are universal."- Wohrer.

Currently touring, Wohrer is delivering a message many of his fans and Bhakti adepts are calling "a pure joy!" It is through his influence, artistry, and his shared connection with other Kirtan artists, that Wohrer will not only open doors for those seeking mindfulness, but also awaken a higher level of consciousness in many others.



Friday, December 22, 2017

Jean Louisa Kelly Presents A Personal Collection Of Songs From The American Standards And Musical Theater

Michael B. Sutton, President of iMerica Entertainment, announced that stage and screen star Jean Louisa Kelly has just released an electrifying new single of the classic standard "Where or When." The overwhelming response to this single and sheer excitement it's created have demanded it be sent to jazz radio stations nationwide immediately.

What's more, on October 27th the album in which the single finds its home, "For My Folks," will hit digital platforms, stores and radio stations across the globe!

Jean Louisa Kelly stole the hearts of many singing the classic "Someone to Watch Over Me" in the acclaimed film "Mr. Holland's Opus," starring Richard Dreyfuss as a frustrated composer turned influential high school music teacher. A child of the stage and musical theater, Jean grew up in a small town in New England where she honed her skills in singing, ballet, tap and jazz dance and performed in community theatre and summer stock. At 15 she hit Broadway in the original cast of "Into the Woods," and at 16 she was cast opposite John Candy in the classic John Hughes film "Uncle Buck." Though the silver screen held its allures, Ms. Kelly took a hiatus to attend Columbia College where she got a BA in English before returning to the movies. She then starred as Luisa in Michael Ritchie's film version of the long running musical "The Fantasticks" before settling into 6 years on the CBS hit sitcom "Yes, Dear." When motherhood called, Jean focused her energies on her children, simultaneously experiencing a rebirth of creativity. She began composing, first her children's album "Color of Your Heart," and then her two EPs "Willing" and "Relax, Nothing is Under Control." She continued working on screen in movies and television, composing two singles for films in which she appeared.

Now, sparked by a desire to express her gratitude for her parents and for the fans who craved such an album, she is releasing a 13-song project showcasing a stunning new rendition of her signature song "Someone to Watch Over Me," complete with an a cappella introduction.

The album features moving renditions of timeless gems such as "Singin' in the Rain," "The Man that Got Away," "Danny Boy," and an especially heart-tugging version of "As Time Goes By." Gorgeous and inventive musical arrangements by producer Todd Schroeder and special guest John Lloyd Young (star of "Jersey Boys" on Broadway and on film), who lends a sparkling presence to "For Me and My Gal," round out the delicious album.



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Katie Garibaldi Releases Original and First Ever Holiday Album, Home Sweet Christmas

Award-winning singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi releases her new album Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of holiday and faith themed songs featuring eleven original compositions and one rendition of a traditional classic. Home Sweet Christmas is now available on online retailers including, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, CD Baby, and Spotify.

Katie Garibaldi is a San Francisco, CA based singer/songwriter and guitar player who has been releasing music independently for about half of her life thus far. Elmore Magazine describes Garibaldi's sound as, "sweet, smooth music that is equal parts old‐school pop princess and folk songstress." The songwriter has a characteristic musical style wherein her country‐tinged dreamy folk gives her a distinct sound—ethereal Americana with sparkling memorable melodies. But this prolific artist continues to stretch the boundaries of any genre's walls with the release of her new full-length album this holiday season, Home Sweet Christmas, a collection of original Christmas songs that embrace Garibaldi's operatic vocal prowess and soulful folky affection, but also songs that branch out into traditional country and even gospel atmosphere.

Home Sweet Christmas exclusively premiered on The Daily Country on November 30th, presenting the first listen of the album before its worldwide release. As told to The Daily Country, Garibaldi says, "I'm excited to have my own collection of Christmas songs to share now, and I hope Home Sweet Christmas is an album that people will be able to enjoy year round and keep the spirit of the holidays with them every month, not just December, that no matter when and where they listen to it, the songs give them a peaceful and joyful sense of coming home." Celebrated Christmas blog "Merry and Bright!" says, "Taken as a whole, the album has a very personal, intimate feel. Katie's expressive singing and guitar playing, coupled with the soul and spirit of songs, makes it feel as if you're right there in the room with Katie. Maybe at a house concert."

The melodic songwriter first began hinting about the Christmas album as a possibility with the release of her single, "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning," an original song about yearning to make it home in time for the magic of Christmas morning, which features a charming string section that has become a staple in Garibaldi's signature sound, in November of 2016. "Merry and Bright!" called "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" a "very well-written and performed song" and said, "Katie has hinted that this is merely a preview for a full-length Christmas album coming in 2017. That's a Christmas wish that I hope comes true." Supporters of Garibaldi's music will not only be granted this wish with Home Sweet Christmas, but can expect some big surprises from the new Christmas release as well.

Purchase Katie Garibaldi's first-ever holiday album, available now on, iTunes, CD Baby, Google Play, and Bandcamp. Stream the album on Spotify and add it to your holiday playlist. Special merch and bundle deals available at

Garibaldi is set to embark on her Home Sweet Christmas tour, kicking it off with the official album release show at the Bethany United Methodist Church in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, December 2nd. For the full tour schedule, visit


Monday, December 18, 2017

Patsy Cline's Lost Christmas Song, "Christmas Without You," Re-Releases On "#1's" Album

In conjunction with what would've been the legendary singer Patsy Cline's 85th birthday year, "Christmas Without You" (a.k.a. Patsy Cline's Lost Christmas Song), was re-released by Star Creek Entertainment on November 27 on Luanne Hunt's "1's" CD.

The tune, which was recorded by Hunt in 2008, recently landed on Dagens Nyheter's (Sweden's largest daily newspaper) list of Top 25 Christmas Songs of All-Time. It was included on the Independent Superstars Hall of Fame recording artist's CD, "How Christmas Feels to Me."

"Christmas Without You" was originally written for legendary country singer Patsy Cline by Lawton Jiles and Charles (Buster) Beam in 1960. According to Jiles, Patsy never had the opportunity to record it the way it was originally intended and was heartbroken she was unable to give her fans a signature Christmas song.

"I've always believed if Patsy would have recorded 'Christmas Without You' it would have become a holiday standard," said Jiles, who also has written songs for Hunt, Porter Wagoner and Janie Fricke. "It's the kind of Christmas song you hear once and want to sing along. It's very simple, but the simple songs are usually the ones people love the most. I'm not surprised Luanne's version is doing so well."

Since its release, "Christmas Without You" has racked up a number of impressive accolades, including topping the European Country Music Association chart in France, Denmark and Austria in December of 2011. It also was the second most played song in Europe that month and has frequently made the Top 10 list on Sounds of Christmas radio.

In 2015, the popular U.S. magazines, Autostraddle and Truckers News, named the song among it's top holiday songs of the year.

"I got a rush when I first heard Luanne's recording of 'Christmas Without You,'" said Jiles. "The song's been in my head for years and to hear it done the way I always envisioned it is very exciting. It's a perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary."

"Christmas Without You" was produced by Eric Uglum (Alison Krauss, Ron Block, Ralph Stanley, Cherryholmes and Nickel Creek). It features an impressive twin-fiddle performance by folk/bluegrass fiddle sensation Christian Ward, who has shared the stage with Ricky Skaggs and has toured with Rounder Records artist Sierra Hull.

Also on the single are Austin Ward (upright bass), Roger Gillespie (drums), Hal Ratliff (keyboards) and Uglum (guitar, mandolin and harmony vocals).

"I'll never forget the day I recorded Patsy's Lost Christmas song," said Hunt. "I was standing there at the studio mic hoping that she (Patsy) was smiling down on me. I know her version would have been phenomenal, but I hope her fans will accept my recording and see it mostly as a tribute to one of the greatest country artists there ever was or ever will be."

Hunt's "#1's" CD also includes, "Solace In The Wind," "Texas Tears," "Bluer Than the Bluegrass," "Pine & The Dogwood," "I Want To Stand Where Jesus Stood," "So It Goes" and "He Was There."

All of these songs have reached No. 1 on various Indie charts, including the European Country Music Association chart, the Hotdisc chart and the Airplay Express chart.

Download "# 1's" at


Blues Singer Sheba The Mississippi Queen Releases An Intense Blues Album "A Real Good Woman" On Bongo Boy Records

"A Real Good Woman" is the true story told Blues by Blues singer and songwriter Sheba The Mississippi Queen. Born in 1953, her life began in the cotton fields of Mississippi; this 13 track album takes the listeners on a journey from there and then to her current life as a performing and recording artist and spiritual teacher.

Sheba's rich story telling lyrics covers black history and culture in the South, her life onstage and in the studio singing the blues, and her time in Atlanta and New York City as a "working girl."

"'A Real Good Woman,' the story of the birth of the blues in the heart and soul of a real good woman." - Rev. Prentiss John Davis, Unity of Ocala

"Raw, honest, heart-breaking. Here is an open and honest account of the struggles of an African-American woman and what she went through to escape the cotton fields of Sunflower, Mississippi in the '60s to become the spiritual woman she is today." - Shirley Long, Unity of Ocala, Administrative Assistant to Senior Minister

October 30, 2017
Belvidere, New Jersey
Album Review by The Grouch
(from Sweden, now in The Rockies)

Hej America!
The other day the good people at Bongo Boy asked me to give a listen to, and share my thoughts regarding a new album from Sheba The Mississippi Queen. In total honesty, I could not remember if I had ever heard of Sheba The Mississippi Queen, but I have heard (It was one of the first songs I learned to play on the drums) the song Mississippi Queen by Mountain. If Sheba rocks with anything close to the intensity of Leslie West and his band, I am sure I will dig this album immensely. The title of the album is: A Real Good Woman and the release date is November 1, 2017.
Song titles:
1. Oh So Good 3:12 - YES! I love this stuff. This, folks, is the fire that spread to Chicago and burnt down the city. It wasn't Mrs. O'Leary's cow that started the fire; it was the Mississippi blues that migrated north. I am in musical heaven - what a voice!! What lightning from the band. They are blistering really. Fantastic work.

2. Pourin' Rain 4:08 - So heavy, so gritty, so thundering, I LOVE IT. The horns remind me of Motown, and having been raised in the Motor City I cannot help but to be influenced by the magic Berry Gordy was making on West Grand. This song has a huge Motown vibe that leads straight back to Mississippi.

3. Big Man 4:03 - Man, track three and my mind is already blown. If the hypnotic groove doesn't infect you, then the vocals surely will. Man, you can just feel the power of the notes. Good God, Sheba has a killer voice. I want to party with the Queen.

4. Real Good Woman 6:22 - This is a traditional story telling blues jam that can easily be extended indefinitely. Sheba tells us that she is armed and dangerous and that her problem is she just cannot find a good man. I am enjoying listening to the qualities she considers necessary to be classified as a good man. Of course, as nice as the vocals are, it is also nice to hear that Sheba has a collection of Monsters who all have her back. This band is comprised of monster players and they do not turn the intensity down for a moment. Oh, the volume may fluctuate, but the intensity is at a constant 11.

5. Ms. Good-n-Plenty 3:32 - Sheba is rather proudly sharing some very intimate details of her relationship with her domestic partner. (Trying to keep the description clean as I do not know exactly where this review will end up, but it could be noted that Sheba has an exceptional level of stamina is rather adventurous.) Oh yeah, and the music was really good too 😊

6. Butter on My Rolls 3:47 - I just love this stuff. It is so grinding and primal. The blues is such an emotional powerhouse. Sheba is considering obtaining the services of a Witch Doctor because her rolls are not receiving enough butter from her current cohabitant.

7. Tell Me Why 5:44 - Ahhh yes, funky bass with a groovy drummer set the tone while the guitar blasts in and out and the keys make a statement off to the side. I love this song. Sheba's voice belts out stunningly powerful notes and the band continues to jam. The drummer is getting a work-out. I hear some very nice, thundering fills. The piano is mesmerizing. He just pops in and out from the side and instantly has my attention. I must see this band live!

8. Dance Jump Shout 3:17 - Fast tempo with horns and guitars all making statements while the rhythm section lays down a very quick, very intense rhythm. The guitar can't take it anymore and busts out into a massive jam. Sheba comes back in with some commanding vocals and the guitar is right there at the end of each phrase, ready to shoot a bolt of lightning. WOW!

9. Good Good Lovin 6:01 - Sheba is back, talking about Rocking and Rolling and Riding a Pony…as the title suggests Sheba wants some good good lovin'. Musically, all the elements of classic blues are here. The jamming band, complete with horns and keys, a guitar player that can throw lightning bolts whenever he wants to, and a rhythm section than is totally locked in. Listen to these lyrics! It just hit me Sheba is a black female David Lee Roth.

10. Hey Girlfriend 5:02 - I like the beat the drummer lays down in the beginning of the song and how everyone else comes in and picks up the groove. This is a very intense song, in many ways. On one level, Sheba is telling a woman that she has been spending time with the other woman's man. Musically, the song is incredibly intense. Each member is in full-on jam mode. The drummer is filling while the bass player is running a funky pattern and the keys jam and the guitar gets funky which accentuates the horns. Overall, this song is a massive BLAST of energy.

11. Blues of My Soul 7:05 - This is Sheba's coming out of Mississippi track. She heard some very nice slide work after she left Mississippi and was instantly emotionally brought back to life on the Delta. She spent a lot of time picking cotton, which is an incredibly physically devastating activity. The one respite was listening to Mr. John playing his slide guitar off on the porch. The refrain becomes that "My Grandma would say (the bus is) goin' my way, but it ain't my day." One night, Sheba's mother made her escape. Eventually, her mother did return for her and the family headed for Florida.

12. Don't Say Goodbye 5:54 - This is simply a beautiful song. Sheba is singing about someone she loves going away. Sheba has the ability to vocally express sadness extremely well. I am enjoying the music, I mean they are all playing well, and it grooves, but Sheba's vocals and her sadness have me. This is perhaps the most powerful song on the album.

13. Can't Help Lovin' My Man 6:14 - In this song it seems that Sheba has indeed found a man to love and love him she does. Musically this song is on par with the last track. What I thought was a successful conclusion to an emotion-filled body of work, is in fact only a partially happy ending. You see, Sheba is in love with a fellow, but he goes away, and she is not really sure that he loves her. She spends her time at home sitting by the phone waiting for him to call. She knows that he loves her, but if he does not, she does not care. She cannot help loving her man.

So, what is the bottom line: The bottom line is this. Sheba has had an arduous life. She also has an incredible voice which she uses to sing about events and emotions she has felt at different points of her life. Fortunately, she has found a group of musicians with whom she blends. Each of the players on this album is very good. This comes across as a very cohesive unit of highly talented people who make very powerful music. This album is more than worth the purchase price.

I give Sheba's album A Real Good Woman 5 out of 5 scowls on the Grouch scale. - The Grouch

Available at Bongo Boy Records:
Also available starting this November at cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart and other online retailers and retail outlets Worldwide.