Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Watters Win Indie Award

Indie Spoonful announces Austin, Texas husband and wife duo The Watters as the 2016 Indie Spoonful "Best Dose of Indie Music" Award winners. Their latest album, 'Great Unknown,' features a 9-piece band, including a full horn section.

Young schoolmates turned band-mates turned soul-mates, the duo have been playing music together for eleven years and have collaborated on six albums, sharing an authentic, amazing musical connection. Influenced by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Dr. Dog, My Morning Jacket and The Beatles, The Watters album 'Great Unknown' is soon to be known as - great.

The CD opens with the title track 'Great Unknown' which comes straight out of the gate with a wonderful groove on trumpet, sax and trombone. Jenna's voice enters, subdued and soulful, as she sings the killer first line, "You are pulsing in my marrow." Her voice has a clarity of tone that is striking.

Combined with the lower register of Daniels voice, the duo capture an old-school meets new school Americana-folk-rock-soul sound that is unique. The song's message is about letting life unfold as every moment has it's time and place. The chorus has a fantastic, feel-good vibe. "The world as you know it is changing every moment. Time can't be bought or sold. Every single soul, every creature every stone has a place in this great unknown." The Watters know how to write the kind of melodies and hooks that sink in and resonate.

Up next is "Realty" with Daniel taking the leads on vocals. The tune has a funky, melodic guitar riff that nicely ties everything together. The Watters have a great sense of rhythm that hints at 60's soul and jazz. Almost three minutes into the song there's a sweet slide guitar solo.

The third track on the album, "Bad Dreams" is my favorite and Jenna shines. "Bad Dreams" opens with a laid back 6/8 groove and a folk-violin solo that has a rich, vaguely Eastern phrasing that is gorgeous. "I twist and I turn holding the wall. It's gonna fall. Building me up, breaking me down, down to the ground. Dreams were forgotten and I'm walking in my sleep." Jenna's delivery is very moving. The recording, production and mix on each cut are very well-done.

Another favorite track is "Ebb and Flow." Throughout the album, The Watters present lyrics that reflect and observe with insight and sincerity, making for a poignant impact."The world has a way of giving and taking away. It's a game that we play. The rules are changing everyday..." Their lyrics are not about fear of the unknown, but rather about letting go of control and finding beauty in life's uncertainties.

Sure to be a crowd favorite that will get folks swaying and smiling is the song " Johnny Applesead" sung by Daniel and joined by Jenna on the chorus. This song is completely infectious. The melody is fun and memorable and the guitar and horn solos, as always, are tasteful and spot on musically. "We roll all over the country. Johnny Appleseed. Oh were fresh out of money. Hmmm, we got what we need, yeah." You can't help but want to roll all over the county with them.

The last song on the album is "Bright Side." This mellow and beautiful song is a soul-stopping shivers-up your arms kind of song. "There will always be a bright side as we circle round the sun."

In 2015, The Watters left Nashville to relocate to Austin, Texas which took an enormous leap of faith. The duo re-branded from a folk band called "The Oak Creek Band" and changed their name to 'The Watters.' The results of this transition can be heard in 'Great Unknown' which presents the tried and true musicianship of a couple who have played together since high-school.

Daniel and Jenna Watters have delivered an exceptional collections of songs with guts and soul, meaning and message, and above all else great musicianship. With 'Great Unknown' The Watters prove what their fans have 'known' all along - that their great songwriting and musicianship will always rise and grow whether they are in Nashville, Denver, Austin or any other part of the country, because The Watters have a universal appeal that they can take anywhere they want to go.


Friday, December 30, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: J.Ovanni Music Video "Lap Dance"

 Needless to say, the music video of "Lap Dance" by the dynamic singer/songwriter J.Ovanni is one of the sexist music videos out there. Being a great dancer himself, J.Ovanni didn't flaunt his moves in the video, but rather laid back on a blood-red chair receiving a lap dance from dancer Jessy Jess with countless steaming hot scenes of twerking, grinding, touching, cupping, and licking… Simply put, the video is a pleasure to watch and itchy to listen to. It is just as sexy as the name of the song suggests - if not sexier - "Lap Dance (Body Full Of Naughty)".

J.Ovanni commands the stage with a synergy of a to-die for vocal range and dance moves that rival the best in the business. He has been showcased with a live band throughout California, New York, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Georgia, DC and more. His video for "Criminal Love" has been viewed over 685,000times on YouTube. Through the latest social media avenues we make sure that his name and music are being heard by as many listeners as possible. He has already been noted for the unique style that he brings to the Pop/R&B scene and his popularity is growing daily.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Capo Music To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Capo Music to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago, with ILS/Universal Music Group. Capo Music is owned and operated by hip hop artist MBurb the Captain, who is an independent artist out of Manassas, VA. Since 2009 MBurb has been delivering a consistent stream of music known for its hard-hitting punchlines and catchy melodies. In early 2012, MBurb signed a one-year with an independent label. After his contract was fulfilled, he decided to do things on his own with Capo Music. He released a mixtape with DJ Schemes entitled "The Syndicate", which was featured on multiple blog sites, including Thisis50, and Shade45. Shortly after release, he starred in his music video shot and directed by professional videographer, and associate, Alex Acosta of Prestige Film Works.

Under the new deal, MBurb will release his single "Please Stand Up" on December 16.
Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, MBurb and Capo Music, please visit:
Blachawk Records Website:
MBurb’s Fan Page:

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Sky's The Limit Entertainment To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Sky's The Limit Entertainment to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago with ILS/Universal Music Group. Sky's The Limit Entertainment (under ASP Management, LLC) is owned and operated by Art and Stephanie Powell. Art Powell (aka Art The Great) is a Billboard charting music producer and industry veteran who has worked with several major label artists. Sky's the Limit is home to their notable artist Eddie Jones, a Billboard charting Pop and R&B singer/songwriter with a flair for drawing in fans with his silky falsetto, catchy writing skills and magnetic personality. Eddie's artistic abilities come as no surprise to those who see him write his own music, record songs, and perform nearly every chance he gets. Music is clearly his gift and passion.

Eddie has lived around the world, worked with Billboard charting producers—including Art the Great. Under the new deal, Eddie Jones will release his single "Think I'm In Love" on December 16.

Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, Eddie Jones, and Sky's the Limit Entertainment, please visit:

Blachawk Records Website:

Eddie Jones Website:

Sky's the Limit Webpage:

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countdown To NAMM Extravaganza

The World Series Of Music presents the 'COUNTDOWN TO THE NAMM EXTRAVAGANZA!' Saturday January 14, 2017 in L.A.. This Industry Party & Showcase for 'Next To Blow' Artists & Bands is the Kick Off Event for the biggest tradeshow & convention in the World for Music Gear, Instruments & Artist Endorsements, for the $17 Billion dollar music products industry worldwide.

Selected Artists will perform for Industry, Media, Company Reps, Talent Scouts & Music Fans from across the country, all being filmed for promotion to additional Music Companies & Endorsement decision makers at the 115th annual NAMM Convention in Southern California. Hosted by iconic music industry veteran & indie innovator Jay Warsinske (40+ years of helping breaking artists; including U2, DR.DRE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, 2PAC, METALLICA, N.W.A, GUNS 'n ROSES, MADONNA, EMINEM, many more; CEO/Founder of INDIEPOWER, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, ULTIMATE TOURS), & will be broadcast on INDIE 100 Radio. Various TV & Radio Shows, as well as Magazines & Bloggers will be interviewing the performers for the Industry Event. Top Artists selected from the Concert will be interviewed for the popular TV Shows 'INDIE POWER HOUR', 'THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD' & 'BEHIND THE MUSIC', & top acts receive Passes to the NAMM SHOW, & ability to be spotlighted on one of the top Industry Seminars there, called 'MAKING MONEY MAKING MUSIC' featuring a Who's Who in the Industry & hosted by the 'Indie Icon' Jay Warsinske.

With the Industry turning increasing Independent, & focused on Touring, Merchandising & Endorsements / Sponsorships, the NAMM week industry showcase, as well as company produced events alongside the GRAMMYS, CES-CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, BET AWARDS, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, MTV AWARDS, & AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS are key for artist's exposure, RR /publicity, contacts, and networking for maximizing one's success potentials and opportunities in the industry.

Reps from the major new artist development platforms for POP Artists (WANNA PARTY! Music), ROCK Artists (ROCK THE NATION TOUR), POWERPOP/PUNK POP (POWERPOP BLASTS!), SOUL / URBAN (NEW SOUL POWER!, HIP Classic HOP), COUNTRY (COUNTRY BLAST!) will be in attendance looking for 'Next Big Thing' Artists for these major Marketing, Promotion & Touring worldwide platforms.

Artists interested in Performing & being promoted at this elite event should email Bio/Music+Video links to:; Press/Media/Industry interested in covering & people interested in attending should RSVP at: Contact 818-505-0669.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

VidaPrimo Appoints Stephen Brooks Executive Vice President And General Manager

VidaPrimo, the premier multi-platform network for Latin Rhythm music, has named Stephen Brooks as Executive Vice President and General Manager. The announcement was made by GoDigital Media Group Chairman and VidaPrimo CEO Jason Peterson. Brooks will help expand the music network so that it can be accessed on any device and through any service, uniting both music fans and interested brands in the process.

Global Megatrends
"Stephen Brooks is a rare combination of studio executive, startup entrepreneur and multi-linguist," states Peterson. "He has the perfect aggregation of skills and abilities to lead the next generation of localized music television on the Internet."

For his part, Brooks loves working with Peterson on the music side of the business. "I firmly believe that we're entering a new Golden Age of Music. Consumption is on the rise, and business models are catching up to listener behavior. VidaPrimo is at the intersection of several global mega-trends, including the proliferation of digital devices, 4G connectivity and the popularity of Latin rhythm music, which now has huge fan bases on all six continents."

Creating Value
Brooks has spent the last eighteen years working in content marketing and distribution for major entertainment companies Technicolor, Paramount Pictures and Warner Home Video. The Princeton-educated, USC Marshall School of Business MBA has seen the entertainment industry transformed by digital technologies,. "There are so many more ways to create value from content than ever before," he says. "The digital shift has made life more complex, but in complexity lies opportunity. Whether it's ad-supported platforms, subscription streaming, Over The Top platforms, global distribution, composition and related rights management or leveraging social media followings, the audiences are there, in droves."

Removing Barriers To Growth
Prior to joining VidaPrimo, Brooks provided business planning and strategic support services to a multitude of entertainment technology startup companies,. He quickly became intrigued with the potential of VidaPrimo. "VidaPrimo already provides a value chain of services that no other entity can match in our genre – from production to promotion to distribution to artist-brand integration," says Brooks. "My function is to remove the barriers and the friction that keeps value from flowing freely through the chain. Fans need a user interface that empowers them to enjoy music videos, and connect with the favorite artists, anytime, anywhere. Brands need to know what an amazing branding vehicle Latin rhythm music and its artists can be."

End Game
When asked what VidaPrimo might look like in a few years, Brooks states, "If we're doing things right, we'll have grown VidaPrimo into a brand that has the same recognition and equity as an MTV or VEVO. We want to be the #1 global music-oriented multiplatform network, that fans can access on any device, through any service, including their local cable or satellite provider."


Gig Performer Software Elevates Live Performing Experience Providing Complete And Effortless Control Over A Live Music Rig

Deskew Technologies today released Gig Performer 1.0, a robust and versatile audio plugin host application that enables bands or solo artists to gain complete control of their live music rigs, effects, voices or all simultaneously.

Running on both OSX and Windows with full Open Sound Control (OSC) support, Gig Performer's innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design, called a Rackspace, which transforms a performer's plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system. An impressive list of cutting edge features enable musicians to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects easily, and all with little CPU usage.

Unlike other live performance applications that deploy traditional channel-strip approaches with confusing busses, sends, auxes or inserts, Gig Performer instead uses performer and connection views, enabling musicians to simply connect plugins to each other any way they want, then custom-design Panels to control each Rackspace. They can then add Variations, which allow multiple sets of settings for a single Rackspace, and switch instantly between them.

For instance, if they create a Rackspace consisting of an electric piano and some effects (phase, reverb, tremolo) then they can switch instantly from fast deep tremolo, to slow mellow tremolo plus reverb, and so on, even while still holding notes. Plus, they can customize their Panels using a variety of available widgets (knobs, switches, levers, LEDs) and colored face plates.

They can also use Gig Performer with their existing environment, by training it to recognize the controls on their keyboards, OSC apps, MIDI expression pedals and control surfaces, and then use them to control plugin parameters. Features such as layering and splitting operations, and individual transposition are also built in.

"We're already using Gig Performer on stage and on tour and it has worked flawlessly," said David Jameson, co-founder of Deskew Technologies, co-developer of Gig Performer and keyboardist/Eigenharpist for The Security Project and Beyond the Wall. "Our mission was to create a computer based sound management system that is highly reliable, versatile and easy-to-use. Gig Performer elevates the live performance experience with complete control unlike anything before."

Key features include:
* INSTANT SWITCHING - Switch among your rack spaces - INSTANTLY and GLITCHFREE

* MIDI & OSC SUPPORT - Use your existing MIDI and OSC devices and apps. Map any control to any controllable parameter.

* USER FRIENDLY - Gig Performer is user-friendly. You will be able to create complete setups in no time.

* LOW CPU USAGE - We've spent countless hours making sure that Gig Performer uses as few CPU cycles as possible.

* CROSS PLATFORM - Works on OS X and Windows devices. Your GIG files can be opened on both platforms.

* FLEXIBLE - Connect any plugin to any other plugin in any configuration. Parallel or serial - no AUX busses needed.

* BUILT-IN TUNER - If you need to tune your instrument quickly - Gig Performer's built-in tuner is accurate, large and just a click, tap or push away.

* ADVANCED MIDI FUNCTIONS - Associate specific MIDI devices with particular plugins easily and visually. Use transpose, channel mapping, MIDI out settings and more...

* VARIATION SUPPORT - Easily create variations of your rackspace. Switch between variations seamlessly - even while holding notes or chords on your keyboard or guitar.

Musicians can use touch surfaces such as Lemur or TouchOSC to control Gig Performer, as well as applications such as Max for even more sophisticated control.

Gig Performer supports VST formats on both OSX and MS Windows, as well as the AU format on OSX. AAX support will be included later.

Gig Performer has an MSRP of US $249.00. Special pricing is currently available for $124.00. For more information about Gig Performer and to download a 14-day trial, please visit

Monday, December 26, 2016

Lucy Kalantari Wins Best Children's Music Song In The 15th Annual Independent Music Awards

Brooklyn's own children's artist, Lucy Kalantari joins All Hail the Yeti, Camila Meza, Macy Gray, Fiona Joy, The Mud Howlers, Air Traffic Controller, Le Boeuf Brothers, Olivia Penalva, The Krickets and Xcelencia as A Winner in The 15th annual Independent Music Awards [The IMAs], the influential program for self-released and indie label talent.

A complete list of The 15th IMA Winners available at

The year's best artists and releases were announced during The IMAs inaugural Independent Music Party, an 8-hour music marathon co-sponsored by Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts. The event drew hundreds of indie artists, industry innovators and music fans from around the world to the David Rubenstein Atrium in New York City for performances, panel discussions; and to learn this year's Independent Music Awards winners.

Top honors in 80 Album, EP, Song, Producer, Music Video and Design categories were determined by blue-ribbon artist and industry judging panels which included: Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Meshell Ndegeocello, Slayer, Amy Lee, Krewella, The Kills, Ledisi, Suzanne Vega and Warren Haynes, among many other recording artists, talent buyers, music press and programmers. A complete list of The 15th IMA Judges available at

Lucy Kalantari makes uplifting jazz-age inspired music for kids and families. Her latest album, Big Things, is filled with jazz-scat-along play while inviting listeners to find their voice to do big things for the world.

"What an honor to be in wonderful company of independent songwriters and producers!" says Kalantari. "It's a beautiful thing to do what we love and share it with the world."

Artistry Has Its Awards
Now in it's 16th year, the prestigious Independent Music Awards honor exceptional music projects by established artists and rising stars. The program receives entries from 95 countries on 6 continents; and includes artists previously on major labels, as well as other self-released and indie label talent.

Past winners and nominees include: Amy Lee, fun, Flying Lotus, Girl In A Coma, J.D. McPherson, Killer Mike, Lacuna Coil, Meghan Trainor, Pokey LaFarge, Passenger, Radio Radio, RuPaul, Speech, The Amigos among many more.

Submissions for The 16th annual Independent Music Awards open December 2016.
Details and a complete list of winners, nominees and judges available


MusicDishTV Review: Tony Adamo Tribute To Jazz "Birth Of The Cool"

This is not any jazz poetry - it is a poem tribute to JAZZ music. Spoken word artist Tony Adamo has recently released his "Birth Of The Cool" video, with Adamo himself showcasing his art-of-words with his spot on rhythmic with a spin of his personal style. Behind him, it plays the photo montage of the everlasting jazz legends: Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff... in addition to clips of the good-old 50's and 60's movies and photos, which brings one back to the sophisticated golden age of jazz music. As Adamo puts it, imagine everything you like about jazz, and "merge them into a big fat giant chord" - that's what you would take away from his "Birth Of The Cool" music video.

Born in San Francisco and with strong family ties to the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York, spoken word veteran Tony Adamo formed a music alliance with the legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the respected trumpet player Tim Ouimette. This trio has come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spoken word laced with a funk musical attitude. With the exception of only a handful of traditional rap artists, most creative vocalists are lacking the substance and stamina to put an entire recording on their backs in an effort to either spread their message, music or both. Tony Adamo makes it look effortless and with a virtual all star line up he gains the freedom to let his imagination soar.