Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Sky's The Limit Entertainment To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Sky's The Limit Entertainment to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago with ILS/Universal Music Group. Sky's The Limit Entertainment (under ASP Management, LLC) is owned and operated by Art and Stephanie Powell. Art Powell (aka Art The Great) is a Billboard charting music producer and industry veteran who has worked with several major label artists. Sky's the Limit is home to their notable artist Eddie Jones, a Billboard charting Pop and R&B singer/songwriter with a flair for drawing in fans with his silky falsetto, catchy writing skills and magnetic personality. Eddie's artistic abilities come as no surprise to those who see him write his own music, record songs, and perform nearly every chance he gets. Music is clearly his gift and passion.

Eddie has lived around the world, worked with Billboard charting producers—including Art the Great. Under the new deal, Eddie Jones will release his single "Think I'm In Love" on December 16.

Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, Eddie Jones, and Sky's the Limit Entertainment, please visit:

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