Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Capo Music To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Capo Music to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago, with ILS/Universal Music Group. Capo Music is owned and operated by hip hop artist MBurb the Captain, who is an independent artist out of Manassas, VA. Since 2009 MBurb has been delivering a consistent stream of music known for its hard-hitting punchlines and catchy melodies. In early 2012, MBurb signed a one-year with an independent label. After his contract was fulfilled, he decided to do things on his own with Capo Music. He released a mixtape with DJ Schemes entitled "The Syndicate", which was featured on multiple blog sites, including Thisis50, and Shade45. Shortly after release, he starred in his music video shot and directed by professional videographer, and associate, Alex Acosta of Prestige Film Works.

Under the new deal, MBurb will release his single "Please Stand Up" on December 16.
Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, MBurb and Capo Music, please visit:
Blachawk Records Website:
MBurb’s Fan Page:

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