Saturday, February 11, 2012

MusicDishTV Presents Tony Adamo's "Nine Miles of Blu"

In his latest video and mp3 "Nine Miles of Blu," Tony Adamo runs the voodoo down with legendary drummer Mike Clark (yes the drummer who played with Herbie Hancock back in 1974 on Thrust), and references to being in the middle of a happening jazz scene, tipping his verse to Miles' and Coltrane's "Giant Steps". Guitarist Steve Holman lays down a solid comping on this jazz trio's post-bop, with Clark sparking the track with great rhythmic ideas. The esteemed Clark also produced "Nine Miles of Blue," in which Adamo pays a verbal homage to Dizzie Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and other widely recognized jazz masters who led the way for the music we have today. Using cleverly smooth but complex combinations of jazz melodies, this track is a funky, jazzy, get in your face groove that, at first play, makes you feel like you're sitting in a great jazz club. Email:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rising Talent Eden Jima Releases "Fragile" on iTunes

A new voice in pop and R&B music is grabbing the attention of the industry, stirring some of the top producers to take interest. Eden Jima, a young yet undoubtedly talented singer, is stepping up her game, making catchy, soulful music that pulls listeners in. This young artist has a promising career in front of her, and as the buzz builds for Eden, she has now released her single, "Fragile" on iTunes! Unlike many of her musical peers, Eden is a rarely found true talent that sings music that is both catchy and relatable for the listener, always leaving you wanting more. Comparable to some of the best pop vocalists of today, such as Beyonce and Rihanna, Eden has a powerhouse natural singing ability and proves herself to be a versatile artist, capable of tackling difficult songs with ease. Eden's newest release, "Fragile," is a powerful dance-worthy tune that showcases Eden's solid vocal skills and her vibrant performance ability. "Fragile" has recently been snagging Eden some well-deserved attention from critics and fans, and is telling of her incredible potential. With natural, unquestionable talent and songs that are fun yet easy to relate to, Eden Jima has set herself apart as an artist with true star quality. Be sure to keep looking out for what is to come from this young talent, and check out her latest hit "Fragile," now available on iTunes! For more information on Eden Jima check YouTube/EdenJima

Live365 Announces Release Of Independent Artist Broadcasting Package

Live365, the world's most diverse internet radio network and provider of premier broadcasting services, announces the release of their independent artist broadcasting package, "IndiePro". This customized broadcasting package is a low cost solution for independent musicians looking to promote their music to millions of people across the globe. The "IndiePro" broadcasting package includes 24/7 station streaming (live or from a playlist), distribution across multiple platforms, shareable player for social networks and websites, and placement of songs in Live365's music library. Inclusion in the library means thousands of Live365 broadcasters have the option to add independent artists music to their playlists for added promotional value. Musicians who sign up for the "IndiePro" broadcasting package will gain maximum exposure from Live365's distribution channels including, iTunes Radio, TiVo, Roku, Amazon Kindle Fire, Android and iPhone mobile devices, and more. "We are excited to provide a broadcasting package that directly serves the needs of independent musicians everywhere," said Jason Stoddard, Director of Pro Broadcasting. "Since 1999 Live365 has embraced the promotion of both independent musicians and broadcasters, and we look forward to helping promote quality unsigned musicians." To learn more about the independent artist broadcasting package call 1.800.294.4777 x123 or send an email to: About Live365, Inc. Live365, Inc. is a pioneer in Internet radio and broadcasting, having broadcast continuously since 1999. The Live365 radio network reaches millions of listeners worldwide, offering greater breadth and depth of high-quality streaming music, talk, and audio than any other network. Featuring 250+ genres of music produced by 5,000+ broadcasters and music tastemakers from over 150 countries, Live365 boasts a roster of artists and radio producers ranging from Carlos Santana, Pat Metheny, and Jethro Tull, to commercial and public radio stations, to individual DJs who program stations in every musical style. Live365's end-to-end broadcast platform empowers individuals and organizations alike by giving them a "voice" to reach audiences around the globe. Through easy-to-use tools and services as well as royalty coverage, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create his or her own Internet radio station and reach a global audience with minimal cost and effort.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Venzo Digital Launches iTunes & iPhone Service

Venzo Digital, a new technology platform for the iTunes Store, has officially launches its services with Venzo Digital 2.0. Through its flagship services Venzo Music & Venzo Mobile, artists are able to sell music, music videos, and ringtones on iTunes. Artists can also create and build their own iPhone & iPad app to be made available on the iTunes App Store. Venzo Music enables artists, record labels, distributors, and publishers to sell unlimited music on iTunes without any upfront fees in exchange for 20% of all revenue generated from the music. Artists are then paid out 80% of all their sales every month and are able to view detailed sales statistics for their music. Venzo Mobile enables just about anyone to create, build, and distribute mobile apps for the iPhone with Android services coming soon. Users are able to build apps without any upfront fees in exchange for 50% of all sales generated from paid apps. Users also have the ability to sell their mobile apps or offer their apps for free! What's even more compelling of these services is the technology behind it. Venzo Digital introduces their proprietary technology called INTRANET. With INTRANET, both services are able to fully automate and streamline their process, making the service more easy to use. Artists are able to upload their music using exclusive encoding software dubbed: INTRANET Prime. Currently, Prime is available only on Windows and Linux with a native Mac OS X version coming soon. "Venzo Digital has been distributing music in private beta for sometime. Our customers have been extremely happy with our improvements and we're extremely excited to finally introduce to the world a more powerful alternative for music distribution and music consumption. With our technology, users are able to get the service they want at the most competitive price. All without sacrificing their budget," says Kevin Rivers, Founder & CEO of Venzo Digital. About Venzo Digital Venzo Digital is a digital delivery platform for Apple iTunes. Venzo enables artists, record labels, distributors, and publishers to sell their music products on iTunes all over the world. Venzo Digital leverage a streamlined process of delivering music assets on iTunes through two unique brands: Venzo Music (iTunes Distribution) & Venzo Mobile (iPhone Apps). Contact: Kevin Rivers kevinrivers@xeinge.com248-914-0980

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mario Fernando Martinez

Mario Fernando Martinez, Electronica/Pop/Hip-House Music Artist, (born November 14, 1989), is known artistically as "MFM". Mario Fernando Martinez was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is a new up-and-coming, 22 years of age Electronica/Pop/Hip-House Music Artist, who first began his music career signed with "Alicia Grimes Entertainment/Mgmt". MFM started in 2010 as a Illinois underground youth phenomenon. And he definitely has his eyes set on bringing a new and original style to the music industry. As a youth, Mario Fernando Martinez has dreamed of this happening one day, soon becoming a rising music star on a national level. Very soon to be released by Alicia Grimes Entertainment, Mario Fernando Martinez's music will soon be appearing in all major online music stores such as, itunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody, Myspace Music, EMusic, Napster, and many more. Mario Fernando Martinez got over 300,000+ impressions, with over 25,000+ total views on youtube so far.. Mario Fernando Martinez music is in stores now online. Make sure that you buy his music at: Amazon mp3, Emusic, iTunes,, and Spotify, Myspace Music. Alicia Grimes Entertainment Record Manager: Alicia Grimes P.O. Box - 225, Melvin, Il. 60952 Email: Bus.# 815-644-1609

Escape Club Exposes Naked Truth in Celebrity, New CD

Indie label Whipped Cream Records based in Monterey, California announces the release of Escape Club's new CD titled 'Celebrity' featuring 11 new songs through Redeye Distribution of Haw River, North Carolina. Escape Club has five previous Top 100 songs on Billboard, including #1 "Wild Wild West." Escape Club, founded by lead singer Trevor Steel and guitarist John Holliday in the U.K., are known as a Rock band that has sampled Deep Purple in the past. Against that stereotype, Trevor and John wrote a beautiful ballad for a grieving widow, titled "I'll Be There." The song soared to #8 on Billboard and has been updated for the new album as track 11, "I'll Be There (The Sequel)." The rest of the album rocks with tracks such as "Say Hello," "Celebrity," and "God's Own Radio" featuring great guitar and cool lyrics for the second decade of the new millennium. The new Escape Club album is available February 7 online at iTunes, Amazon, and Best Buy, as well as at the best Indie Record stores in your neighborhood. Redeye Distribution can be contacted at (1 877 REDEYE 1). Escape Club is expected to support the release with a U.S. tour in the summer. The band looks forward to performing again, as "Playing live was always one of our strengths," Trevor says, "All those years ago it's what got us started in the London clubs and it's something we've missed very much." The new album 'Celebrity' was sent to Adult Alternative rock stations in the U.S., and the single, "God's Own Radio" was arranged to be delivered via the 'A Taste Of Triple A' radio sampler. The sampler is sent to 260 key radio programmers and features the Escape Club single as Track 1, Disc 1, as well as on the CD cover. Promotion for the new 'Celebrity' album also includes online media with viral videos produced by the band introducing new songs, concert performances, and behind the scenes moments. The album's title track was leaked on YouTube as the soundtrack in a world premiere celebrity satire which can be found at The band will utilize Facebook, Twitter, and their own website at for communicating with fans. For review copies of Escape Club 'Celebrity' contact J.P. Mosoff at Artist Airplay Advisors in Monterey, 831-238-7425. Visit Artist Airplay Advisors at ### Contact: David Bean or J.P. Mosoff Artist Airplay Advisors a subsidiary of 831-238-7425

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tony Adamo & Mike Clark’s New Vibes - Just Too Kool

Mike Clark, legendary drummer and former member of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters band, can now add another name to his illustrious music career as the Funk Wizard of Manhattan. In addition to producing his new discovery, singer/nu-hip spoken word artist Tony Adamo’s CD, he had to bring in the right mixer/engineer who could funk the tracks for Adamo’s groove vocabulary and triplet soul-jazz voicings. Clark was looking for a mixing fool of an engineer who could dig the new perspective on the nu-hip speak vocals that he and Adamo are puttin’ down. That engineer is Tim Ouimette, a hip to the bone musician /composer who has played or written for Ray Charles, The 4 Tops, The Temptations, Blood Sweat and Tears and Aretha Franklin. In addition, Ouimette has composed music for TV, Cable and commercials. Nuff said! Now let’s get down with the new musical zounds of Tony Adamo and Mike Clark. Website: Music:

10th Nashville SongWriters Fest on Music Row: Come Play!

The 10th Annual Nashville SongWriters Festival is several music happenings in one! Find your place in the mix. It’s part live original music festival, part music conference, part networking opportunity and part gathering of old friends held June 1-3, 2012. The live performances, education and Open House are concurrently running events. Attendees can take in all or parts and “Play it by ear!” It’s 3 Days of Live Original Music from all genres on multiple stages, classes, Open House held at the top of Music Row in Nashville, TN representing the past, present and future of songwriting. Songwriters of all genres share their music on multiple stages and open sing rings. The fest is open to all forms of songwriting, from the novice to the professional. There are no pre qualifications to play or attend. Everyone is encouraged to come as they are. All attendees will have the opportunity to share their words or music and find their place in the mix. While at the fest, writers can also get the information they want, about the business topics they want, when they want. Attend the Speciality Music Rooms on over 18 Industry Topics, Critiques, Recording, Publishing, Plugging, Legal, Records, Duplication, Distribution, Radio, Video, Broadcasting, Shop, Management, Promotions, Productions and more. Q & A sessions and gather other personal tid bits, all about the craft and business of music. An Open House is held by participating recording studios, publishers, song pluggers and other music related businesses where writers can drop by without an appointment to ask questions, exchange samples or discuss what part they play in the business of Music. Register your music-related business for the Open House or if you’re a festival attendee, stop by and check out some of the industry. For registered and non performing writers there will be a “Writer’s Area” provided by the Fest near the Info Booth. At the display table attendees can deposit their CDs and the fest staff will take inquiries or make sales for participants. Also drop off a copy of your songs in the Fest Drop Box where your materials can be checked out by the fest or forwarded to others. Performing and Non performing songwriters, music related business, volunteers and the public wishing to participate in the June 1-3, 2012 activities can visit or call 615-424-1491. Music: Email:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Two Sides Of Jefferson Thomas

By Shelley Rosen After spending most of 2008 and 2009 slogging it out in his van supporting his "Western Front" release, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jefferson Thomas was burned out, and found himself taking a self-described “working vacation” by lending his talents to other artists. “I guess my name got around a little. Dave Diedrich, Matthew Foster-Moore, and a few others heard the work I’d done on my own releases and hired me, and suddenly I was a ‘producer’. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with that title at first, but after spending a year and a half playing anywhere and everywhere, toting your own rock day after day, you get sick of the sound of your own name. This was a great diversion, and totally rejuvenating. It got me excited about making music again, and it’s actually more challenging not being the boss.” Throughout 2010 and into 2011, while hard at work helping others shape their visions, Thomas kept writing. With the pressure on someone else to unleash their own masterpieces, he could relax on his own material, creating for creation’s sake, without a deadline. One day, he was surprised to find that he’d gradually cranked out over twenty new tunes that were keepers. It was Diedrich who, upon hearing that, first suggested a double-release. No one was more dubious of such a heady idea than Thomas himself. “I said ‘I can’t do that!’ You figure only huge household names can get away with something as presumptuous and arrogant as a double-record. Then I thought, well, that’s because those folks are usually the only ones who can afford to do it, but I have more than enough music, and I can afford to do it. And hell, I am presumptuous and arrogant! (laughs). So then it became a question of how to go about it, and how to position it. What approach makes the most sense? What’s the angle?” The “angle” turned out to be a pragmatic solution to the one nagging problem; all the songs didn’t fit together, but they did seem to fall easily into two distinct camps. “I had some rootsy and twangy stuff which was a lot of fun, and then I had a bunch of darker stuff that rocked harder. They weren’t radically different, like Gregorian chant vs. Goth-polka or whatever, but there were definitely two clearly-defined houses, and each song’s impact was ultimately better served by having it live in the right one.” As a joke, and in deference to his favorite habit of browsing through his father’s classic vinyl collection, he began using “Side One” and “Side Two” as working titles for the two groups of material. “I fully intended to come up with actual titles for each one, but as the work progressed, two distinct lyrical moods also emerged . It was like side one and side two of me. I decided we should make them look exactly the same, like a collector’s set, but in different colors; red and black, like a roulette table. Someone at one point suggested I call them ‘The Red Album’ and ‘The Black Album,’ which sounded incredibly pompous to me. Yeah, right. When you outsell the Beatles and Metallica someday, you can do that.” "Side One" is loose, boozy roots-rock and Its songs feature characters straight out of a Bukowski barroom. "Side Two" is the more ambitious of the two, musically and production-wise, with moody string arrangements here and there and a few cinematic cross-fades. The characters in these songs are caught in the very real recent American landscape of crippling economic woes and the bleak aftermath, and they don’t really ever make it out. Some kill, some die, some run drugs and guns, and the ones left standing avoid the mirror in the morning. Thomas laughs when he sums it up. “I guess the first one is about my demons. The second one is about your demons.” The two records will be released as separate entities about three months apart; Side One debuted in early January, and Side Two hits the street in April. A combined twin-disc version bundled with exclusive content (videos, bonus tracks, etc) will be available late in the year. Thomas will tour extensively off them, with dates in the U.S. through the late spring and summer and overseas legs in the fall and winter. “Well, it’s a double-dose of new music to push, so it’s not like we’ll be taking the winter off to go hibernate in the studio and come out with something new, like we usually do. Damn, what have I done?!” Information is available at the artist’s website: