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New York Based All Blind Latin Band "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" Announces Release Of Their New Single

New York City all blind Latin Band "los Ciegos Del Barrio" has released their new single "Baby Boy" on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby and other on line outlets. Listen to the new track here as it has just been uploaded:

Los Ciegos Del Barrio, which translates to "The Blind Boys From The Hood", is a bilingual Latin band from New York City in which all of the members are legally blind. Most of its members were born in "El Barrio", a Latin neighborhood located in Harlem in New York City.

The band may be remembered for their feature on Univision's "Republica Deportiva", as part of a 2012 contest featuring numerous Latin bands around the United States. At that time, they were fresh off their previous album release "Live In Havana Cuba", an album that was recorded as they toured Cuba in 2011 and subsequently, again in 2013. They were the first American band to ever play the nationally televised live performance to cap off Cuba's annual international bookfare. Their 2009 song "Loco" was featured on that 2012 Univision contest.

The new single is called "Baby Boy", which is written and sung by band leader Alvin Suarez in English.

"The song addresses the topic of child abuse." says Alvin Suarez, percussionist, guitarist and lead singer of "Baby Boy". "The song embodies a protective father figure, making a promise to an abused little boy, which is also believed to be his childhood self. This topic, unfortunately, is one that too many people can relate with...I mean how many people grew up in an abusive environment and wished they had someone to protect them, or at very least wished they could somehow grow up quick enough to protect themselves? This song is for those people."

The song combines Bachata with Alternative Rock music, as did "Loco" in 2009, only this one is sung completely in English. While the band acknowledges that Bachata and either Rock or Pop music has been fused before thanks to such bands as "Aventura", but "Los Ciegos Del Barrio" is the first Latin band to combine the raw natural sound of Alternative Rock music, which later morphed into Grundge in the 1990's, with the beautiful danceable style of Bachata. The band calls it "Alternative Bachata".

In addition to this song release, the band has enjoyed much success resulting from their release of their Salsa version of "Mama Used To Say", a classic dance tune originally performed by "Junior" during the early 1980's. You can listen to that track here:

While "Los Ciegos Del Barrio", originally in jest, addresses their visual impairments bluntly through the name of their band, they want to clarify that while the name addresses what they are, their music is representative of who they are. They have released 4 albums since 2000, along with 4 singles and a new album is expected for release in 2016. They have toured the Eastern and Central United States, Russia, The Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Please contact Alvin Suarez, the director of the band for interviews, promotional copies and questions at:


Mayor Boss Releases New Single 'Mi Meow'

Mayor Boss independently releases his 2nd single Mi Meow. Mi Meow is a flute infectious, fun-loving, pop, hip-hop song that is sure to become another fan favorite.

Mayor Boss describes the song as follows, "This song is all a about you telling your woman, how you love her, showing her flute love as in kind love. I wanted to make a love song song but i decided to add a party vibe to it and let everyone know that you can be yourself with your love and still have a great time!"

Mayor Boss proves that he is here to stay and looks likely to have a lot more tracks ready over the course of the next few months.

About Mayor Boss: Mayor Boss is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and video producer based in Europe. He is a co-founding member of the Nigerian Hip-hop, R&B & Pop group called Young Paperboyz and also has developed a solo career for himself with a major debut release of his solo single called "My Diva". Mayor Boss has also founded his own record label, Naijamayor Records

Enjoy this Mayor Boss Mi Meow flute tune with honesty. Produced by Sutflute

Blank-Fest XIX: Back To Help The Homeless For The 19th Year

It takes an awful lot of love - not to mention care and preparation - to put together one show around the Holidays to raise blankets and public awareness for the homeless.

Try doing it for 19 years.

"When we started doing this we weren't thinking that far ahead", states Blank-Fest founder and MC, Kenn Rowell. "At the time, we were just trying to get all the acts together - and the sound man insisted on charging me, even though I didn't have a job at the time. I had to borrow $75.00 just to put on the first show. We weren't thinking of 20 years from then, or even ONE year from then. We were thinking that we'd be lucky if we could just pull off THAT one!"

Over the years, the annual Benefit (which collects blankets at the door as a price of admission) has gone on to garner over 15,000 total donations between the original Blank-Fest (which still happens in the same New York City suburb of Nyack, NY - where it began in 1997) and the various satellite shows which have taken place in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Florida, Virginia, Canada and the UK. For the NY "flagship" show, these blankets are handed out by volunteers - no middle-men involved - to the less fortunate on the streets of Manhattan and the other NYC boroughs, starting on Christmas Eve.

This year's show is scheduled for Sunday, December 20 at Nyack's Hudson House (134 Main Street - Phone: 845-353-1355), featuring upwards to 20 acts of local, NYC-based, indie and major label pedigrees. Past acts have included pedal steel guitar legend Buddy Cage (who appeared with pioneering radio great Meg Griffin's band, Train Wreck), Canadian Idol finalist Mookie Morris, and reknown guitarist Marc Rizzo from metal mainstays Soulfly and Ill Niño. "Mookie was just some 18 year old kid with a boatload of talent who appeared at the first Canadian Blank-Fest up in Guelph", remembers Rowell. "He kept asking me about the New York show and how he could be a part of it. He actually got on a bus with his brother, came to NY, paid for a cab to drive him up from the City, played his set and then left. Said he had to get home by the next morning because he had college finals to take. I thought he was nuts - but I really appreciated his enthusiasm and dedication to the cause. A few months later, someone sent me an email with a link for some Canadian Idol promotional stuff and there was Mookie's name and pic, front and center. He was all over national radio and TV. I was floored! This guy had a lot more going on than he originally let on; the fact that he wanted to be a part of our Benefit flatters me, still!"

On Buddy Cage: "Buddy was part of Meg Griffin's band. Just having Meg, who I grew up hearing on WNEW as a kid, was incredible enough. The fact that she brought this star to be a part of the show, man, I still can't get over that! I remember he got there while the club was still empty and he asks me if there was a place where he could get something to eat. I told him 'Buddy, you're a legend - you don't have to ask'.........I arranged for him to eat, on the house. How the Hell could you charge Buddy Cage after he volunteers to raise blankets for the homeless?".

Not just an organizer and the Master of Ceremonies, Rowell also fronts an indie band of his own, The Baghdaddios - an old school Lower East Side punk outfit that have been recording and touring for over 20 years. They'll be closing out the Noon-to-Midnight show with a pleasant mixture of originals and punked-out seasonal classics.

This year's returning greats include EMI alumna Patti Rothberg, former Misfits and front man for The Undead, Bobby Steele and ReW and Who talk show host ReW Starr. All have become traditions at the event.

"I've known Patti for over 20 years. I can still remember watching her on the Tonight Show, MTV and Letterman and marveling that this was the same girl-next-door that I met at CBGB. Then to think to today and how many times she's selflessly contributed to a majority of our shows - she played our second year show in 1998 and with rare exception has made nearly every one since - I'm still in awe."

"Bobby is just a sweetheart. He loves playing the standards as a solo artist and then switches gears and brings the band up on stage to rock the house. The only year we've had the show broadcast live, in it's entirety (2007) was Bobby's first show and when he went live it temporarily knocked the station off the 'net, we had so may people logging in to catch him!"

"With ReW we've known each other since she was part of the "Mother's Who Rock" concert series at the old Cutting Room back around '02. Her band features Television drummer Billy Ficca and she's had her stuff all over the Oxygen Network. When she started broadcasting she had a nice cult following that grew to the point where the NY Times online edition was featuring her show and she was taking it on the road to England and the West Coast. Needless to say, we're always grateful that she can take time away from her schedule to be a part of the fun!"

One of the newer acts added for this year is Rowell's long-time life-partner, celebrated L.E.S. bilingual poet Yvonnne Sotomayor. Sotomayor's latest poetry video ("Think 'music video' for spoken word, man!") for her published piece "Shrunken" was added, earlier this year, to the punk rock-driven BlankTV television, internet broadcast and YouTube channel's lineup. But the grass roots impressario bristles at any mention of favoritism when the subject is broached. "Seriously, I'm a little hyper-sensitive to that kind of critiscism. That's why I schedule The Baghdaddios for dead last - the earlier time slots are plum spots as far as playing for a packed house is concerned. In year's past we've played for 3 or 4 people at the very end of the night - and I'm more than happy with that, so long as we're involved. With Yvonne, we actually didn't include her for the first 3 years we were together because we didn't want anyone to say "Oh, there he goes, including 'the wife'. But over time, it just got too obvious to ignore. There's no way she would have been included this year if I didn't think her poetry was slammin' or if I thought it wasn't relevant to the spirit of the show. Her writings have found exposure in multiple countries and she's performed where Ginsburg used to do readings. She probably belongs on that stage more than I do!" True, her aptly named "Blank-Fest Poem" appears as a call to arms on the Blank-Fest official website.

Other returning acts include Lower East Side singer-songwriter Kama Linden, Hudson Valley regulars Johnny & The Alimonies, touring reggae masters Wadada and The Midnight Blackouts (featuring members from Warped Tour veterans Reflective Insight). Rounding out the lineup are Blank-Fest co-founders Joe D'Durso & Stone Caravan, Red Schoolhouse Records label mate Tim O'Donohue, NYC's eclectic rockers, Count of Nine and 2nd-year returnees River Acoustic Band. Sources report that Beki Brindle (Blues Hall of Fame) has not yet confirmed, but Rowell hopes that she returns for a second year.

"Beki actually has a show scheduled for later that night in Woodstock but she's trying to find a way of appearing at both venues. That's the way it usually goes with Blank-Fest shows: up until the very last minute we're adding acts, squeezing in another great band or songwriter - we always find a way of making it happen. That's sort of a microcosm of the whole series, in general!"

In a nod toward that epic, aforementioned show that was live-broadcast, as well as a dear, departed friend, this year's Blank-Fest show will be dedicated to the memory of Tommy Durkin (1970 - 2015), the late internet radio personality and originator of "Tommy Dee's Nutz", who brought the show to a world-wide audience, nearly a decade ago.

For more information, contact Kenn Rowell at or visit

Concert Review: Mark Gorenstein conducts The Novosibirsk Philarmonic Orchestra

With all the variety of musical genres and forms of music-making,respectively performing groups a Symphony Orchestra is the kernel, the core of any Philharmonic, and it determines the level of the concert organization. I think this is an objective law, as if a city has hundreds of great musicians that can play together and create a quality ensemble - so it (the city) all right with the musical art and artists for the other teams .

Novosibirsk Philharmonic is lucky - it has one of the best symphony orchestras of the Russian province, I believe it can compete with the teams in the capital . It is not surprising that the current concert season has started and is marked by the 60th anniversary of our Symphony Orchestra, which offers us extensive and varied programs, involving not only the artistic director of the orchestra G. Rinkevicius, principal guest conductors T. Sanderling and F. Mastrangelo, and numerous guest performers - major domestic and foreign conductors and soloists.

My attention was drawn to the concert, which was held a week ago, for many reasons: first, it sounded the beautiful French orchestral music of the second half of XIX - early XX century, and one of the pieces in the program was played for the first time in Russia; secondly, because the conductor was the famous musician in our country Mark Gorenstein, and among other things, a graduate of the founder of the Novosibirsk orchestra A. Katz, however, is not a frequent visitor to our city. Finally, it was interesting to get acquainted with the youngest member of the famous Ashkenazi musical dynasty - pianist Vladimir Sverdlov - Ashkenazy.

The whole concert sounded creative and interesting. Its program was designed and built with the knowledge and taste and did not contain a single "optional" element. The Russian premiere of "Dramatic Scenes" (Suite # 3 for orchestra) by Massenet was written in 1873 and had eliminated the historical injustice: it gave our audience an opportunity to get acquainted with a remarkable work created in the best traditions of French romantic orchestral music coming from H.Berlioz, the essence of which can be summarized as a desire for musical theater, brightness of images, the beauty of orchestral sound and showiness, but did not negate the substantial depth. It should be noted that the orchestra and the conductor felt and understood each other well, the performance gave the impression of an absolutely full and complete work, and the music itself made a strong emotional impact.

I think many were curious to hear the "Walpurgis Night" from "Faust" by Charles Gounod from the concert stage outside the context of the opera - that is, as a symphonic suite, not accompanied by the famous ballet scene. Conductor, free from the need to emphasize the so-called dance like of this score and consult with the technical capabilities of the dancers, eliminated all the usual "balletomane" fermata - ritenuto-sforzando and gave the music not only reticence and smoothess, but I would say, even a kind of nobility and elegance. The performance was perfect, but ... just the ballet charm, deliciousness, spicy sensuality of the work disappeared. But here, as it is said, who loves what - a refinement, or ballet "flavorings". I think M. Gorenstein in his creative manner generally tends to align with more subtle and lyrical fillings and impulses, and to "give" all the emotions in the energy-rich fragments,which was confirmed in the future course of the concert.

The pianist Vladimir Sverdlov-Ashkenazy played a well-known and very effective work - Concerto #2 by C. Saint-Saëns for Piano and Orchestra. He is effect, artistic, looks absolutely consistent with the image of a romantic musician (which is appropriate to the performance of this work), he has an excellent bright sound and superb technique. However,I did not have the subtleties in his performance and consistent dramaturgy, making it possible to fully perceive the architecture of the composition. I must say that the orchestra part in this work Saint-Saens brought virtually to a background, a modest accompaniment , but nevertheless it is an important component of the work.

Brilliant completion of the program was the performance of the suite from M. Ravel's Ballet "Daphnis and Chloe". Impressionistic sound, timbre wealth, deep expressiveness of the lyrical fragments, a fascinating change of sound "paintings" ecstatic passion in the final - it all was there and it captivated the audience as well as 100 years ago. Thus, for me, the concert ended with the climax, the anniversary season has just begun and there is hope that these culminations are still a lot in the future.

13th Floor Has The World "Dabbing"

Pleasing to the ears with a real, identifiable sound, 13th floor is bringing something to the game that its been lacking. A natural style and chemistry that is the perfect recipe for success.

13th floor is a teenage hip hop trio emerging from the shadows of East Side Atlanta. Focused and driven this trio consists of J'Mali, Jukebox and K2 whom are all Georgia bred. These guys are serious about their craft, their music brings a new refreshing spin to classic hip hop that is hypnotic to the ears.

Their latest single and video release titled "Dabb" will be the next trend amongst teens ​gaining attention and sure to go viral. "Dabb" is a fun, energetic display of what its like to hang on the 13th floor.

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IN THE MOOD, A 1940s Big Band Musical Revue, Announces 2016 U.S. Tour

To the delight of fans of American Big Bands and the Big Band era, the brassy, all-singing, all-dancing and all-American 1940s musical revue IN THE MOOD ( celebrates 22 years on the road with a new U.S. tour kicking off in January 2016. Much more than a concert, IN THE MOOD is a live, fully staged tribute to the American music and lyrics of the '30s & '40s. Nineteen cast members including the sensational String of Pearls Big Band Orchestra and the In the Mood Singers & Dancers bring authentic, classy costumes, sizzling choreography and more than fifty unforgettable hits to the stage. IN THE MOOD will visit more than 60 cities for 125 performances.

"IN THE MOOD pays homage to America's greatest generation, when people listened to up-tempo big band rhythms and danced to intimate ballads," says Creator and Producer Bud Forrest. "The show's success over two decades is a sign that the swing era music is alive and well, plus we're introducing new generations to the swing, the rhythm and the jazzy, sentimental and patriotic music of a pivotal time in American history."

IN THE MOOD celebrates the music of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Erskine Hawkins, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and other idols of the 1940s. Hop aboard the "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and you'll soon be "In The Mood" to hear timeless melodies from the Great American Songbook. Hit songs include Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Tuxedo Junction, Well Git It, On The Sunny Side of the Street, In the Mood and many more. "These songs are still very popular and part of the core catalog for high school and college jazz bands performing today."

Watch a preview of the action here:

Now in its 22nd season of touring, IN THE MOOD is a phenomenon among touring shows, performing in 49 states in the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands and two sold-out tours of Australia.

IN THE MOOD takes a look at America's Swing Era and recreates defining moments from the 1930s and 1940s. "From the happy-go-lucky era before WWII to the start of the war when thousands of our youth were going abroad to defend our freedoms and longing for the end of the war when loved ones would be reunited," says Forrest. The show pays tribute to all veterans – from WWII to today's men and women in uniform. The arrangements of these American songs evoke powerful emotions even in people who were born decades after WWII.

The late Vic Schoen, the show's primary arranger, created the musical arrangements for the entire career of the legendary Andrews Sisters and was Music Director for both Universal and Paramount Pictures. He was one of the seminal creators of the swing-era sound that he imbued into IN THE MOOD.

For the fifth year, stage director and the highly-in-demand choreographer Alex Sanchez, a veteran of 11 Broadway shows, is set to bring the IN THE MOOD Singers and Dancers alive with his staging and choreography. "He is committed to bringing a fresh, dynamic, ever-changing perspective on the culture of the Swing Era," says Forrest.

Follow IN THE MOOD on Facebook at

A partial list of IN THE MOOD 2016 tour dates is listed below (subject to change). Visit www for a complete list:

January 28
Spartanburg, SC
Memorial Auditorium

January 29
Macon, GA
Grand Opera House

January 31
Charlotte, NC
Knight Theater

February 2
Huntsville, AL
Von Braun Center

February 4
Augusta, GA
Imperial Theatre

February 5
Athens, GA
UGA PAC - Hodgsen

February 8
Birmingham, AL
Alabama Theater

February 23
Riverside, CA
FOX Performing Arts Center

March 16-17
Kansas City, MO
Helzberg Hall-Kauffman Center

March 19
Galesburg, IL
Orpheum Theatre

March 23-26
Cleveland, OH
Ohio Theatre

April 2
Columbus, OH
Capitol Theatre

April 3
Carmel, IN
The Palladium

April 5-6
Pittsburgh, PA
Byham Theater

April 7
Dayton, OH
Victoria Theatre

April 8
Akron, OH
Akron Civic Theatre

April 9
Cincinnati, OH
Aronoff Center-Procter & Gamble Hall

April 20
Frederick, MD
Weinberg Center

April 22
Hartford, CT
The Bushnell

April 26
Burlington, VT
Flynn Center

April 27
Keene, NH
Colonial Theatre

April 28
Portsmouth, NH
Music Hall

April 29
Lynn, MA
Lynn Auditorium

April 30 - May 1
New Haven, CT
Shubert Theater

Whitney Tai Presents "Metamorphosis" live Dec 20th in NY

The emerging Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer and Designer Whitney Tai from New York City is performing an acoustic live show of her debut album "Metamorphosis" on December 20th at Rockwood Music Hall.

From the moment she was old enough to speak, Whitney Tai knew that she was destined to make the stage her home. She began singing and writing her own musicals in her backyard at the age of 10, filling her piles of notebooks with unending poetry and art, to stealing the spotlight in church choir and school plays.

Whitney Tai is an emerging Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer and Designer from New York City. Her vocal range is powerful and soulful with contrasts of raspy timbres and resonating falsettos. Influenced by Sade, Sarah McLachlan, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Anita Baker; Whitney pulls influence from versatile artistic genres and their unique vocal capacities. Whitney’s voice has been said to be, "amazing", "a star on the rise", "the missing link in today's Pop music scene."

In January 2014, Whitney released her first Pop single, "To Be Loved." the track received global attention, and in a number of statements described as "captivating" "brilliant vocals" and "an angelic voice with music composition to match." "To Be Loved" (Adrian Buster Remix) received Hot Shot of the week on two FM stations in the country of Holland gaining her recognition from DJ's and Producers worldwide. In April 2015, Whitney released her first debut Pop Alternative album, "Metamorphosis", written and co-produced with Billboard chart topping Composer, Tim Janssens (also known as Sunfreakz).

What lies at the heart of her goals is to reach out and touch others in ways that only music can ... from experience.

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From Phoenix to Wisconsin: Midwest Soul Xchange Debut Album

The Midwest Soul XChange, a collaborative effort between long-time friends and Chippewa Falls, Wis. natives Ryan Summers and Nate Cherrier, will be releasing its debut album on November 24. 'New American Century' is an eclectic powerhouse of influence.

The Midwest Soul XChange describes their sound as Americana infused with folk, progressive rock, and pop influence. With a passion for acts like Kula Shaker, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and many more, the project is a vehicle to meld those stylings into a coherent, exciting new product. Even though Summers lives in Marshfield, Wisconsin and Cherrier lives in Phoenix, Arizona, the two were able to collaborate in Phoenix during the recording process.

Many times during the creation of 'New American Country,' the Midwest Soul XChange did have to collaborate over a great distance. "What comes to mind is a theme of 'flying blind with precision," Summers explains. "When you can't sit in the same room and hash out a song, you have to wait for the other person to record, upload, and see how the recording fits. It can be challenging if it wasn't what you were expecting, but also exciting."

"There were a lot of happy accidents..."

'New American Country' features eleven new original songs from the two performers. With such a broad spectrum of influence, however, the XChange is somewhat difficult to classify into a genre. 'Americana' is a suitable blanket for the effort, since it doesn't "pigeonhole them into one specific genre." The Midwest Soul XChange often classifies their material as "American Melancholia."

"We tend to write with a national/autobiographical sense," Cherrier detailed. "We consider the tales of our history as well as the harsher realities of today." The core recipe for that creation? The duo considers it a "sprinkling of protest, a dash of sass, a pinch of progressive, and a light glaze of folk."

'New American Century' will be available November 24 on iTunes and many other online services.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hip Hop Newcomer Jerzey Releases Debut Single 'In My Zone'

Hip hop artist Jerzey has released his first single entitled "In My Zone", demonstrating his musical and lyrical mastery. The song is available here:

Juggling multiple music styles, the Garden State musician layers electronic melodies over orchestral strings and low-key synths in an abbreviated, cyclical riff. The warring styles mirror the duality of the track as self-aggrandizing and disparaging. Jerzey is a skilled wordsmith, dropping lines that self-appoint him a cut above the rest, as his lyrical ingenuity confirms it in the song.

Hailing from the Garden State, Jerzey has recently signed to Blue Label Records. He's been featured on and worked with a wide array of players in the hip hop scene such as Shaggy, Harlemlanes Radio's Les Love, and Coast 2 Coast Live. He his currently working on his debut album Jerzey's Finest.

Davey Gray – Ghost U

Released independently out digitally from 11/13/2015

When it comes to producing inspirational trap music, Davey Gray has most definitely got the midas touch right now. The Los Angeles based producer just unveiled "Ghost U"; a melodic and futuristic trap/bass jam, which will join this talented musicians growing arsenal of online music.

When asked about the single and its message, Davey told us that 'Sometimes you really like someone and everything seems to be going well, then you get ghosted for some reason. "Ghost U" is about laughing it off and moving on'.

"Ghost U" follows Gray's collaboration with NGHTMRE , when the pair remixed Porter Robinson's "The Seconds". The remix received major support from a number of influential EDM blogs, resulting in a top 10 on the infamous HypeMachine.

If you're a fan of Trap music, then there's no doubt, Davey Gray should now be on your radar. With the promise of more good material, this West Coast producer is only heading in one direction.


For more info contact;

KAJ Brothers Wish "Merry Christmas To You" With Their New Single - Boy Band Kicks Off 1st Christmas Single With A Performance In Nashville

Pop/R&B trio the KAJ Brothers known for their mission to ‘make chivalry cool again’ announced their first Christmas single release "Merry Christmas To You" via iTunes on Monday, November 30, 2015.

The romantic "Merry Christmas To You" is an original song co-written with producer Gerry Williams who frequently collaborates with the KAJ Brothers. Gerry Williams is Orlando's renowned producer/vocal coach who helped shape the classic boy band sound of N’Sync and The Back Street Boys.

"Merry Christmas to you is a song which encompasses the feeling of Christmas with the addition of a romantic touch," says KAJ Brother Kyle Craichy.

"It is my prayer that this original song will help spread love to those who need it during this time of year," says Austin Craichy of the KAJ Brothers.

"My heart is with my native Paris as we all heal and share the love and joy of this special Christmas holiday season," adds fellow KAJ Brother and French native Johnny Atys.

The KAJ Brothers will kick off the release of their new Christmas single with a performance in Nashville at the "The Truth About Cancer" (TTAC) Black Tie Charity Gala at Gaylord Opryland on December 3rd. They will perform "Merry Christmas To You" live for the first time.

"Merry Christmas To You" is the fourth single from the popular boy band following "Star Spangled Banner" (4th of July); plus "Lady" (Valentine’s Day) and "Hello" released in 2014, which were both produced by Grammy winning producer Bryan Lenox (Elton John, Garth Brooks, Amy Grant, Wynonna Judd, Sara Bareillis, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Bolton, Sir Cliff Richard, Michael W. Smith).

The KAJ Brothers are an unusual trio of pop, rock, and R&B voices known for their sophisticated harmonies as well as their reinvention of old time romance, infused with orchestral sounds. The multi-talented Orlando based trio consists of 21-year old Kyle Craichy, vocals, piano, guitar, and dance; 19-year old sibling Austin Craichy, vocals, piano, guitar, drums, and dance; and 29-year old Johnny Atys, vocalist and national dance champion, who rounds out the group. Kyle and Austin were born in Tampa and raised in Orlando, while Johnny is originally from Paris, France.

The new KAJ Brothers single, "Merry Christmas To You" is now available for purchase on iTunes at

Weblinks: / / / / /

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.@kajbrothers release NEW SINGLE #MerryChristmasToYou today & will perform it live in Nashville Dec 3

Amaru Releases "The One"

Making his musical debut back in 2008 with the club track "Put Your Hands Up", which he recorded in Chicago, IL (USA), singer/songwriter and actor Amaru is back with his brand new single "The One"! Following the success of his sophomore hit, the US-number one single "I'm The One You Need" and his win in March 2015 at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA (USA), Amaru releases his brand new single today.

"I'm very excited about this new single", Amaru says. "While I wrote this song a couple of years ago, after re-writing certain parts I thought it was now ready for a proper release", he continues. Amaru describes his new single as a "perfect for a sunset at the beach" kind of song. "The One" by Amaru has that dreamy, mysterious yet romantic vibe and that panflute in the latter part of the song adds to that!

The accompanying video for Amaru's new single will make its debut on the 28th. of November 2015. "The concept for the video is very simple", Amaru explains. "It's an ode to a love interest and I present them with this "video message", so to speak, in which I express my feelings and profess my love and in doing so adding a little "sugar and spice to make everything nice", he laughs.

Amaru chose to release his new single on this date specifically in honour of his native country's Independence Day. "I'm not able to visit my country often and I do miss my family tremendously, but this is my tribute to them and to let know that they're never too far from my heart", Amaru continues. Amaru, born in the Republic of Suriname (South America) and residing in The Netherlands, celebrates his third independently released single with this release on his own label Amaru Music.

Amaru's music, including his new single "The One", is available on various outlets of digital music and his previous single "I'm The One You Need" is also available on a limited edition CD-single via his website.

For more information, stop by Amaru's official website at