Saturday, June 22, 2013

Indie Singer And Songwriter Travels To Paris To Perform At Alhambra Concert Hall As Well As Montmartre

From the streets on Reunion Island to Paris, France, indie singer and songwriter, Emma Shaka, has grown in popularity over the past year and for good reason. Audiences have been stunned with the quality of music Shaka writes and sings as well as how energetic and captivating her live performances are, so it is not surprising that Emma Shaka has been asked to come to Paris, France to share her art via music.

On June 16, 2013, Emma Shaka will perform at the prestigious Alhambra Concert Hall in Paris. At Alhambra Concert Hall, Shaka will be participating in the Zic Me Up contest. As one of the most popular music competition for unsigned artists, Shaka will perform a small set for the national final. Zic Me Up is often referred to as a 搕alent booster� and includes a panel of judges made of notorious music industry professionals. The panel includes professionals such as Warner, French television network representatives, radio station hosts, as well as publishers and tour managers.

Emma Shaka had originally sent her submission just for fun without any hope of being selected, especially since she and her band is not from the area. Being selected for Zic Me Up is a wonderful and surprising honor for Shaka and is ecstatic to perform at Alhambra Concert Hall on June 16. Fans and supporters donated funds for the band to be able to travel to Paris, which covered 90 percent of the trip cost. Shaka and her band are truly grateful to have such wonderful support. Out of 8,000 bands, 30 were selected to perform at Zic Me Up, which is another huge honor for Shaka and her band. The event will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm on June 16 at Alhambra Concert Hall. To support Emma Shaka and her band, fans and supporters can go to to vote for Shaka.

Following the Zic Me Up performance, Emma Shaka will perform on June 18, 2013 at Le Soleil de la Butte at Montmartre. This event takes place in the heart of Paris and is a wonderful opportunity to educate Parisians of Emma Shaka抯 unique music variety.

Shaka抯 musical style is unique and her live performance engagement with the audience is incredible. Providing hypnotic rhythms and dynamics unlike other artists, Shaka captures audiences with her lyrics, sound and voice. Emma Shaka has come a long way from the small island of Reunion Island and is now ready to storm the streets of Paris with her band, fans, and supporters.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents Zombies, Texting And Mayhem In Barry Keenan's "UUU Yeah U"

Capitalizing on the recent zombie craze, singer/songwriter Barry Keenan released a deliciously ridiculous music video poking fun at the zombie apocalypse trope for his single "UUU Yeah U". Released via his official Youtube account, the music video is a demented visual and aural delight.

The music video follows Keenan as he relentlessly texts to a girl of his affections, completely oblivious to the zombies and mayhem around him. Shots of zombies and news reports on the impending apocalypse are interpolated in between shots of Keenan tapping cluelessly on his phone. Amidst the chaos, the band performs while fighting off zombie hordes. The insanity climaxes at the song's break, with the zombies clapping and dancing to the music and the band fighting them off with their fire-spitting instruments. High-octave, crazy, and cheeky in the best way, Keenan's MV is great, hilarious fun.

"UUU Yeah U" is an adrenaline pumping rock song with strong riffs and pounding beats. Keenan sings energetically about his longing for texts from the girl and his screechy, powerful vocals fits perfectly with the melody.

Barry Keenan started started recording professionally at the age of 15 and already attracted his first major publishing deal when he turned 19. A multi-instrumentalist, Keenan has worked as a producer and a recording artist. As an artists, his songs have received commercial radio play on major radio stations like KROQ and KLOS.

Monday, June 17, 2013

AIMP LA Chapter Presents A 6/20 Luncheon Panel With Special Guest Producer Ken Caillat, Author Of Making Rumours: The Inside Story Of The Classic Fleetwood Mac Album

The AIMP is proud to welcome Ken Caillat, the renowned engineer and producer of the Grammy-award winning, classic 1977 Fleetwood Mac album "Rumours," as the special guest of this month's LA Chapter luncheon panel, which will be moderated by Phil Gallo, senior correspondent of Billboard Magazine. Ken will be discussing the making of this album, sharing behind the scenes stories, accompanied with personal anecdotes and "outtakes" from the making of this album.

Ken will also be signing copies of his book, "Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac", which can be purchased after the panel. Each book sale will entitle the purchaser to a raffle ticket and a chance to win a Fleetwood Mac Rumours Deluxe Edition (4XCD, DVD, LP) Box set.

The non-member luncheon price is $53 and includes your choice of 4 entrees plus parking.

For more info, or to register online, please visit the website.

Hearts In Notes' Single "Dusk Song" Is Progressive Triumph

Hearts in Notes, led by veteran Michael Thomas who returns after 25 years of hiatus, releases their debut album, "Dusk Song". The lead single, also named "Dusk Song", can be streamed online.

A true progressive music delight, "Dusk Song", employs a wide variety of instruments that somehow blend in the most incredible way. Hearts in Notes have a knack for finding the perfect progression of chords that will bring a fuzzy feeling to anyone's chest. With a mix of classic instruments like piano and cello and contemporary instruments such as electric guitar, it is hard to understand how this unique mash-up works, but it absolutely does. The five minute composition is nothing short of a work of art filled with passion that is so rare in today's music scene.

Hearts in Notes marks the return of Michael Thomas, a veteran of Boston's progressive music scene, who departed from the scene 25 years ago to pursue a career in Information Technology. Filled with energy and excitement, he returns to music with this new project.