Monday, June 17, 2013

Hearts In Notes' Single "Dusk Song" Is Progressive Triumph

Hearts in Notes, led by veteran Michael Thomas who returns after 25 years of hiatus, releases their debut album, "Dusk Song". The lead single, also named "Dusk Song", can be streamed online.

A true progressive music delight, "Dusk Song", employs a wide variety of instruments that somehow blend in the most incredible way. Hearts in Notes have a knack for finding the perfect progression of chords that will bring a fuzzy feeling to anyone's chest. With a mix of classic instruments like piano and cello and contemporary instruments such as electric guitar, it is hard to understand how this unique mash-up works, but it absolutely does. The five minute composition is nothing short of a work of art filled with passion that is so rare in today's music scene.

Hearts in Notes marks the return of Michael Thomas, a veteran of Boston's progressive music scene, who departed from the scene 25 years ago to pursue a career in Information Technology. Filled with energy and excitement, he returns to music with this new project.

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