Monday, November 14, 2011

Trash A Go-Go Presents: The Bait Ones "The Cramps Of Kobe"

Date: Saturday, November 19th
Location: Yuyintang
Price: 40 RMB/30 RMB for students
Acts: The Bait Ones, The Macaronians, Banana Monkey, DJ B.O

Funky elbow grease! Finger polish moon beams of giggawat thing-a-bobs! My sensitive Shanghai skin is being exposed to the cool sea breeze of fall in Shanghai. What. Will. I. Do? Trash A Go-Go! Shanghai’s monthly tribute to vestiges and vintages of rock ‘n’ roll, that’s what. I’ll do like it should be done: twistin’, kickin’, livin’-livin’-livin’ all the way down!

This month’s Trash:

The Bait Ones from Kobe, Japan. Known as “The Cramps of Kobe,” The Bait Ones draw lots of inspiration from that seminal American psychobilly band. Formed in ’97, their shows are known to be very chaotic. In the words of Toshi from Trash A Go-Go, “Their gigs are very chaotic.” Chaos, I tell you! Run for your lives! Like The Cramps, the band features a married couple: scorching guitarist/singer Dai, and rumble lady drummer Miwa.

They are playing in support of their 3-way split album Demonic Freak Scene, which also features 2 other bands. Check it:

The Macaronians, based in Shanghai. Featuring Toshi, former bassist of the Beat Bandits, the band is a party band that plays material influenced from 60s bands like ? & the Mysterians, Barry & The Remains, Eric Burdon & the Animals, and probably other bands with “&” in their names. Get ready to boogie down!

Banana Monkey, from Shanghai. Shanghai indie rock superstars Banana Monkey took a hiatus in 2009, inspiring many bands in Shanghai to try to take their crown. Han Han of Duck Fight Goose cited guitarist Misuzu's influence, calling him a legend in the next breath. Now, they're back. With a sheen pop/garage rock sound similar to Franz Ferdinand, the band is set to snatch back its crown.

DJ B.O, based in Shanghai. He spins rock music, mostly from artists people don’t care about, like Big Joe Turner, Paul Revere & The Raiders, and Katy Perry. He wants you to dance.

Trash A Go-Go is sponsored by People’s Bike (, MusicDish*China (, and your grandma’s veiny thighs.

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