Friday, May 6, 2016

Christian Accompaniment Tracks Site New Launch May 2016 is a new service providing Christian karaoke-style music for soloists and churches. Newly launched in May 2016, the public will have instant access to purchase and download material to use at-will.

Music has been an integral part of most services of worship since the beginning foundations of the church since Peter was appointed to do so in biblical times. Most churches struggle to fulfill this need through employing a music staff, but the economic burden can often times become too great.

The site looks to fulfill a void of available musicians for live performance situations, such as weddings, banquets, and other venues. Most often, an individual artists may not have access to funds to compensate musicians for their time. This e-commerce site will allow customers to create a user profile to search for artists in all categories of Christian music such as, but not limited to:
- praise and worship
- quartet songs
- contemporary christian
- southern gospel
- invitational selections
- communion hymns

A customer simply needs to have a reliable internet connection to download their product, where a song can be burned to CD or played from a digital device using an auxillary cable. If a potential customer does not find the selection desired, the site provides a service of creating a studio version, in the likeness of the original song and artist. This service will be available for a $75 fee, which takes approximately 4-5 days to create, depending on the current workload.

The new music production site can be found at, or reach out to the customer service line at (832) 856-1913.

New e-Book Provides Inside Look Into Music Business

Recently released e-book Rock Realities by Zachary Fenell gives an insider look into the music business. The e-book compiles into one collection articles, each based off a phone interview with a different musician. These musicians mostly fall within the pop/rock/indie/alternative genres.

Through interviewing various artists Fenell creates a comprehensive resource capturing musicians’ perspectives on the music business. All together Rock Realities contains interviews with the following.

•Jason Stollsteimer (The Von Bondies/The Hounds Below/PONYSHOW)
•Billy Jack Skillet (Lucid Grey)
•Jake Nielsen
•Stacey Randol
•Eric Halborg (The Swayback)
•Dave Erickson (Summertime Dropouts)
•Todd Wilkinson with Chuck Doom (Team Sleep)
•Chris Hendricks
•Andrew W.K.
•Maddy Walsh (The Blind Spots)
•Steve Mackin (Mulu Lizi)
•Mike Hill (Tombs)
•Jesse Magee (Leftstronger)

Veteran music journalist Alan Cross encouraged musicians to checkout Rock Realities. Via his website A Journey of Musical Things, Cross said in-part “(Rock Realities) offers some serious truths about what you need to know.” He goes on to add, “It’s not just some dude pontificating. He went to some good sources for advice.”

Fenell in his comments explained why he wrote Rock Realities. “Like a record or cassette tape, my motives to write Rock Realities proved two sided. A, I aimed to establish a resource aspiring musicians can consult for advice. B, by interviewing upcoming independent artists I looked to offer music fans a tool for new music discovery.”

Accompanying discographies at each selection’s end makes said discovery an easy exploration. With links embedded to artists’ albums, new music remains two taps away. Tap one takes you to an album’s sales page on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s website. Select whether you want a single song or a whole album and execute the second tap.

You can find Rock Realities available on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Zachary Fenell works as a freelance writer/editor, specializing in music and disability niches. He previously wrote about music for the now defunct websites OC Reloaded and Yahoo! Voices. Rock Realities marks his second e-book. Previously he released a memoir, titled Off Balanced, about growing up with the neurological disability cerebral palsy. To learn more about Fenell visit

New Album "Believe In His Promises" The Mighty Men of Faith

N2L Records announced today that the long awaited new album by San Francisco Bay Area Gospel group Mighty Men of Faith is to be released this week. N2L officials also say they are thankful to God for putting people in their path that have helped to make the album of inspirational music come to life and be a blessing to others. N2L officials believe the music ministry of the Mighty Men of Faith brings a message of encouragement to believers as well as hope, understanding and enlightenment to nonbelievers. Two-time Grammy nominee Prince Damons produced this album that speaks to God's unquestionable promise of a life of peace, abundance and joy. Additionally one of the songs "The Power of We" powerfully speaks to the need for community and family inclusion in what we do to have a better world. They say "The music of "Believe In His Promises" challenges the traditional view of gospel music but it is all good because it is all God". Prepare to dance as many of the songs will make you move, nod your head and stomp your feet.

The Mighty Men of Faith believe that for a life of possibilities we should "Believe in His Promises". The Album is available on Amazon, Apple iTunes, Cdbaby as well as many other digital download sites. You can also get the album at your local retailer through Super D distribution.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MusicDish Review: "Tornado" by Electropop Artist Nearly A Nation

Nick Long or Nearly A Nation as he goes by is a new and cool version of electro pop and dance music.

Described as having a 'musical imagination' and being incredibly poignant, Nearly A Nation should be lifted to the global stage with their emotional sounding dance music.

Singing about the problems of the country and how we need to stand above these problems, Nearly A Nation tries to raise both personal and national consciousness. He sings that the nation's issues are like a tornado, almost unstoppable right now and slowing down for nothing. However, he sings that hope is possible.

Through cool and emotional dance music, long wants to lift his listeners awareness and understanding about freedom, goodness and truth.

It is also a catchy song and way that could easily become a dance pop anthem.

American Rocker KRIS HEATON releases STAND UP

If you like GREAT AMERICAN ROCK AND ROLL then check out The Kris Heaton Band's new release STAND UP. Kris's new single STAND UP is charting nationally on FMQB currently #44 and rising. Kris's single features a Symphony Orchestra and a full choir. The Kris Heaton Band has fans from all over the world. Check out this five star rated release!