Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MusicDish Review: "Tornado" by Electropop Artist Nearly A Nation

Nick Long or Nearly A Nation as he goes by is a new and cool version of electro pop and dance music.

Described as having a 'musical imagination' and being incredibly poignant, Nearly A Nation should be lifted to the global stage with their emotional sounding dance music.

Singing about the problems of the country and how we need to stand above these problems, Nearly A Nation tries to raise both personal and national consciousness. He sings that the nation's issues are like a tornado, almost unstoppable right now and slowing down for nothing. However, he sings that hope is possible.

Through cool and emotional dance music, long wants to lift his listeners awareness and understanding about freedom, goodness and truth.

It is also a catchy song and way that could easily become a dance pop anthem.

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