Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everest Cale Shines With Dynamic Indie Rock Video, "Beast"

Exposing their "perfect combination of rock and heavy-hearted lyrics," (NY Social Status) Everest Cale releases the video for their debut EP's title track, "Beast."

The song's opening lyric "'Cut the apple from your eye before she takes a bite,' is more than enough to assure that you've stumbled upon greatness. Love is brutal and Everest Cale is explicitly descriptive of the torture." (Music Under Fire)

With their "smooth sound that goes down easily" (The Aquarian) Everest Cale's dynamic indie rock sound perfectly walks the line between fresh and familiar. This unique and soulful style is on full display with "Beast."

For the past decade college friends Brett Treacy, Jeremy Kolmin, and Aaron Nystrup have grown and evolved. This eventually led them to relocate from South Carolina to New York. In 2010, Treacy (vocals, guitar) began focusing on his original material, and he expanded and matured that sound by adding Kolmin (guitar), Nystrup (bass), and Nate Becker (drums). Everest Cale was born, with each member's own talents building on Treacy's foundations, leading The Brooklyn Babe to declare "The band is full of talented and competent musicians. Lead singer Brett Treacy's textured voice and engaging stage presence tops it off."

"Beast," the titular single from the band's debut EP, is a dark love song with a cinematic video to match. Shot in and around lead singer Brett Treacy's Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment, produced by Treetop Pictures, directed by Chris Sandas and starring NY-based actress Marisol Sacramento, the video paints a picture of deception and heartbreak matching the mood of the song.
Watch "Beast" here:

Matthew Schultz Wins Hottest New Artist � Top Ten And Featured Artists Announced!

The Singer-Songwriter, Musician-Producer, Actor, and Model EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and overall professionalism and musicianship in social media and accomplishments was key to Mathews Schultz being named "Hottest New Artist �" for 2013 ( See his website link below for more content).

Top 10 "Hot List":

1 Matthew Schultz - NJ

2 Aria Tesolin - Canada

3 Mila Franc - NY

4 American Hitmen-UT

5 Josey Milner - PA

6 Emyna the Rock Queen - CA

7 Angela "Ehjeh" Eren - CA

8 Trevor Sewell - UK

9 A.Tone Da Priest - GA

10 Jackson - VA

Remaining 23 Artists to Be Featured in Book: Amy Rose - PA, Andrea Desmond - WA, Annelise Collette - NJ, Anthony Alongi - TX, Ashley Tacora - NY, Asjislam - OH, Charlie Gathe - Louisiana, Doug Briey - PA, Fang-I Liu - CA, Jackson - VA, Jason Davoli / Lowjack - PA, Kevin Mongelli - FL, Kibrom Hailemariam - Australian, Lavar - NJ, LeftZero - Brazil, MaHA Rocks - Ukraine, MOTU- NY, Ozonna - UK, Sergey Rybytskyy - Ukraine, Tamara Bubble - NC, Trevor Sewell - UK, Wilma - United Arab Emirates, Xander Demos - PA, Xavier Toscano - CA

Matthew Schultz Official:

The Grand prize Full Feature stories for all artist selected in the new book release "Hottest New Artist". Although it was not advertised prior; additional prizes are being awarded that includes $350 Gift Certificates provide by Sam Ash Music Inc. PDS Entertainment Official HNA Award Certificates, Cash Prize of $100, $50 Itunes card. Also there's an opportunity for artists to participate in the promotion, sale and profit of book. Details are still being worked out and artist will be contacted by the president of PDS at a later date.

Additional prize

� Winner Mattew Schultz receives $100 cash, $100 Sam Ash gift certificate, $50 Itunes gift card

� 2nd place Aria Tesolin $50 Sam Ash certificate

� The 8 Remaining Top Ten each gets a $25 Sam Ash Gift Certificate

Hottest New Artist book release is expected to be published worldwide in Feb/March 2013. Also the book will be promoted and sold domestically and internationally along with being given to music executives and libraries.

The competition is sponsored by PDS Entertainment LLC, a media and entertainment company headed by founder and president, Paul D. Spencer. The firm encompasses a national radio show song competition that showcases new artists. The contest seeks to discover talented individuals in a variety of genres, with the potential to go far in their chosen musical field. Artist area and details of the upcoming book tour will be updated on the official HNA website: Also an official Excerpt from the book my be download at:


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Australian Single

Lynne Taylor Donovan will release her hit single "Sugar Lake" to Australia and New Zealand January 15, 2013. "Sugar Lake" was released to country and adult contemporary/rock stations in Canada and UK/Europe in the summer of 2012. It added 40 new stations in Canada, stayed in the UK top 20 for 6 weeks and in the TOP 40 for 9 weeks. The song was tested at several stations in Australia at the same time and reaction was excellent.

This great summer song is now in full release across Australia.

We'll let the DJs/Presenters tell you more.

Turn it up and enjoy!

"Quite the Canadian songbird, I really liked this and am certain a great many others will also."

Al Watts - Collingwood Radio, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"Brilliant gutsy performance."

Gerry Warren - 974 Radio, Victoria, Australia

"known and played Lynne's music for many years and new single Sugar Lake is awesome, so if you don't have it.........get it now"

Ron Hoysted - 89.3FM, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"Right out of the top drawer with this effort.

I give this one a 10 out of 10."

Alex Pijnen - Zuidwest Radio, Holland

"Lynne is certainly back and on track for a massive hit with this strong new release.

Enjoying it immensely, Lynne has been bringing us some excellent material over the

years and this will rate as one of her best songs."

Tom Robinson - Kingstown Radio, UK

"Great to have her back. I like this song very much. Nice play on words with the title and very catchy pop country."

Stuart Cameron - CMR Nashville Radio, UK

"Excellent single brilliant production nice twist on her earlier songs."

June Williams - KHBW Radio, USA

Gord Bridgewater

Pacific Records Ltd.

St.Louis Hip Hop Artist, Classic Releases Debut Mixtape "Workaholic"

St.Louis, MO Based Hip Hop Artist, Classic has released his debut full length album, "Workaholic" in conjunction with Treehouse District and Potent Productions. "Rise and Grind" and "I Ride" are the first singles to to be promoted to radio. "I Ride" will also be featured on upcoming Indie Anthems Compilation by WiFi PR Group. The Indie Anthems Compilation is an on-going series that will feature some of the best up and coming unsigned and independent artists worldwide.

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, Jan.10th, 2013 - St. Louis Hip Hop Artist, Classic has released his debut mixtape, "Workaholic". The track " I Ride" will be also be featured on the upcoming Compilation, "Indie Anthems". The compilation, which is produced by the WiFiPR Group to showcase new artists they have recently signed to their client roster, will come out as digital release only and be distributed at upcoming music industry events including SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

Classic is a solo artist born as Gabriel Brownlee, has been gaining momentum as an upcoming Hip Hop Artists in both the local St. Louis music and mixtape community. He recently landed a featured interview on the popular hip hop magazine WWS and is gaining momentum with Workaholic. Workaholic is available as a free download on the popular online mixtape community, It's rising popularity has landed him over 25,000 views and streams combined and nearly 7,000 downloads in just two months.

The attention from Workaholic has also earned him a nod of recognition and praise from Interscope Hip Hop Recording Artist, Rosco Dash. " Getting a shout out from Roscoe Dash for Workaholic and just the fact that someone in the Industry is giving recognition to the team, I believe is a great marker for what direction we are headed," commented Classic. His current attention is "focused on reaching out to new listeners and keeping a constant flow of material going to the public to stay relevant."

Classic describes his style of music as mix of DMX, T.I. Big Sean, Outkast, Nas and fellow St, Louis rapper, Nelly. His lyrical style reflects a street-wise hustler and a humble underdog who is quick to show his talent instead of bragging about it, especially with tracks like "Rise and Grind" and "Hustlers Mind". When asked about what has influenced his music he stated that most of his best song writing has been influenced by Doubt and being an underdog. "Where I'm from everyone thinks they're an expert at everything, so they're quick to tell you what you cant do. So your better off just showing your talent at its best so there's no room to hate. After all, I am from 'The Show Me State', so I make sure to incorporate that into my writing and song making process to make sure every song is to its fullest potential."

Musically he is often compared to B.O.B., NElly, Tech9ine, and T.I which is a high honor to him, considering they are also his main influences musically speaking.

Classic plans to continue recording music as a solo artist and growing his buzz into national markets, including Austin at the upcoming SXSW Music Festival where he will be featured on a Compilation that will be passed to music industry veterans and media contacts exclusively.

Classic has recently signed with (Wifi PR Group) as a client. Company Info: WiFi PR Group, Los Angeles, CA.

About Classic Music is exclusively distributing his debut mixtape as a free download at:

Classic CD and Singles:

"Workaholic" Mixtape Nov, 2012 Release

Official Website:

Offical Twitter Page:

Official Facebook Page: