Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everest Cale Shines With Dynamic Indie Rock Video, "Beast"

Exposing their "perfect combination of rock and heavy-hearted lyrics," (NY Social Status) Everest Cale releases the video for their debut EP's title track, "Beast."

The song's opening lyric "'Cut the apple from your eye before she takes a bite,' is more than enough to assure that you've stumbled upon greatness. Love is brutal and Everest Cale is explicitly descriptive of the torture." (Music Under Fire)

With their "smooth sound that goes down easily" (The Aquarian) Everest Cale's dynamic indie rock sound perfectly walks the line between fresh and familiar. This unique and soulful style is on full display with "Beast."

For the past decade college friends Brett Treacy, Jeremy Kolmin, and Aaron Nystrup have grown and evolved. This eventually led them to relocate from South Carolina to New York. In 2010, Treacy (vocals, guitar) began focusing on his original material, and he expanded and matured that sound by adding Kolmin (guitar), Nystrup (bass), and Nate Becker (drums). Everest Cale was born, with each member's own talents building on Treacy's foundations, leading The Brooklyn Babe to declare "The band is full of talented and competent musicians. Lead singer Brett Treacy's textured voice and engaging stage presence tops it off."

"Beast," the titular single from the band's debut EP, is a dark love song with a cinematic video to match. Shot in and around lead singer Brett Treacy's Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment, produced by Treetop Pictures, directed by Chris Sandas and starring NY-based actress Marisol Sacramento, the video paints a picture of deception and heartbreak matching the mood of the song.
Watch "Beast" here:

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