Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Watters Win Indie Award

Indie Spoonful announces Austin, Texas husband and wife duo The Watters as the 2016 Indie Spoonful "Best Dose of Indie Music" Award winners. Their latest album, 'Great Unknown,' features a 9-piece band, including a full horn section.

Young schoolmates turned band-mates turned soul-mates, the duo have been playing music together for eleven years and have collaborated on six albums, sharing an authentic, amazing musical connection. Influenced by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Dr. Dog, My Morning Jacket and The Beatles, The Watters album 'Great Unknown' is soon to be known as - great.

The CD opens with the title track 'Great Unknown' which comes straight out of the gate with a wonderful groove on trumpet, sax and trombone. Jenna's voice enters, subdued and soulful, as she sings the killer first line, "You are pulsing in my marrow." Her voice has a clarity of tone that is striking.

Combined with the lower register of Daniels voice, the duo capture an old-school meets new school Americana-folk-rock-soul sound that is unique. The song's message is about letting life unfold as every moment has it's time and place. The chorus has a fantastic, feel-good vibe. "The world as you know it is changing every moment. Time can't be bought or sold. Every single soul, every creature every stone has a place in this great unknown." The Watters know how to write the kind of melodies and hooks that sink in and resonate.

Up next is "Realty" with Daniel taking the leads on vocals. The tune has a funky, melodic guitar riff that nicely ties everything together. The Watters have a great sense of rhythm that hints at 60's soul and jazz. Almost three minutes into the song there's a sweet slide guitar solo.

The third track on the album, "Bad Dreams" is my favorite and Jenna shines. "Bad Dreams" opens with a laid back 6/8 groove and a folk-violin solo that has a rich, vaguely Eastern phrasing that is gorgeous. "I twist and I turn holding the wall. It's gonna fall. Building me up, breaking me down, down to the ground. Dreams were forgotten and I'm walking in my sleep." Jenna's delivery is very moving. The recording, production and mix on each cut are very well-done.

Another favorite track is "Ebb and Flow." Throughout the album, The Watters present lyrics that reflect and observe with insight and sincerity, making for a poignant impact."The world has a way of giving and taking away. It's a game that we play. The rules are changing everyday..." Their lyrics are not about fear of the unknown, but rather about letting go of control and finding beauty in life's uncertainties.

Sure to be a crowd favorite that will get folks swaying and smiling is the song " Johnny Applesead" sung by Daniel and joined by Jenna on the chorus. This song is completely infectious. The melody is fun and memorable and the guitar and horn solos, as always, are tasteful and spot on musically. "We roll all over the country. Johnny Appleseed. Oh were fresh out of money. Hmmm, we got what we need, yeah." You can't help but want to roll all over the county with them.

The last song on the album is "Bright Side." This mellow and beautiful song is a soul-stopping shivers-up your arms kind of song. "There will always be a bright side as we circle round the sun."

In 2015, The Watters left Nashville to relocate to Austin, Texas which took an enormous leap of faith. The duo re-branded from a folk band called "The Oak Creek Band" and changed their name to 'The Watters.' The results of this transition can be heard in 'Great Unknown' which presents the tried and true musicianship of a couple who have played together since high-school.

Daniel and Jenna Watters have delivered an exceptional collections of songs with guts and soul, meaning and message, and above all else great musicianship. With 'Great Unknown' The Watters prove what their fans have 'known' all along - that their great songwriting and musicianship will always rise and grow whether they are in Nashville, Denver, Austin or any other part of the country, because The Watters have a universal appeal that they can take anywhere they want to go.


Friday, December 30, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: J.Ovanni Music Video "Lap Dance"

 Needless to say, the music video of "Lap Dance" by the dynamic singer/songwriter J.Ovanni is one of the sexist music videos out there. Being a great dancer himself, J.Ovanni didn't flaunt his moves in the video, but rather laid back on a blood-red chair receiving a lap dance from dancer Jessy Jess with countless steaming hot scenes of twerking, grinding, touching, cupping, and licking… Simply put, the video is a pleasure to watch and itchy to listen to. It is just as sexy as the name of the song suggests - if not sexier - "Lap Dance (Body Full Of Naughty)".

J.Ovanni commands the stage with a synergy of a to-die for vocal range and dance moves that rival the best in the business. He has been showcased with a live band throughout California, New York, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Georgia, DC and more. His video for "Criminal Love" has been viewed over 685,000times on YouTube. Through the latest social media avenues we make sure that his name and music are being heard by as many listeners as possible. He has already been noted for the unique style that he brings to the Pop/R&B scene and his popularity is growing daily.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Capo Music To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Capo Music to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago, with ILS/Universal Music Group. Capo Music is owned and operated by hip hop artist MBurb the Captain, who is an independent artist out of Manassas, VA. Since 2009 MBurb has been delivering a consistent stream of music known for its hard-hitting punchlines and catchy melodies. In early 2012, MBurb signed a one-year with an independent label. After his contract was fulfilled, he decided to do things on his own with Capo Music. He released a mixtape with DJ Schemes entitled "The Syndicate", which was featured on multiple blog sites, including Thisis50, and Shade45. Shortly after release, he starred in his music video shot and directed by professional videographer, and associate, Alex Acosta of Prestige Film Works.

Under the new deal, MBurb will release his single "Please Stand Up" on December 16.
Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, MBurb and Capo Music, please visit:
Blachawk Records Website:
MBurb’s Fan Page:

Blachawk Records/Universal Music Group Signs Sky's The Limit Entertainment To Major Distribution Deal

Blachawk Records signs independent record label Sky's The Limit Entertainment to a distribution deal via their agreement finalized just days ago with ILS/Universal Music Group. Sky's The Limit Entertainment (under ASP Management, LLC) is owned and operated by Art and Stephanie Powell. Art Powell (aka Art The Great) is a Billboard charting music producer and industry veteran who has worked with several major label artists. Sky's the Limit is home to their notable artist Eddie Jones, a Billboard charting Pop and R&B singer/songwriter with a flair for drawing in fans with his silky falsetto, catchy writing skills and magnetic personality. Eddie's artistic abilities come as no surprise to those who see him write his own music, record songs, and perform nearly every chance he gets. Music is clearly his gift and passion.

Eddie has lived around the world, worked with Billboard charting producers—including Art the Great. Under the new deal, Eddie Jones will release his single "Think I'm In Love" on December 16.

Blachawk Records CEO Anthony "Ace" Ratliff is excited about the label addition.

About Blachawk Records:
Known for their creative and quality music, Blachawk Records plans to keep the artistry pure, making new music with the new additions to the label.

For more information on Blachawk Records, Eddie Jones, and Sky's the Limit Entertainment, please visit:

Blachawk Records Website:

Eddie Jones Website:

Sky's the Limit Webpage:

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countdown To NAMM Extravaganza

The World Series Of Music presents the 'COUNTDOWN TO THE NAMM EXTRAVAGANZA!' Saturday January 14, 2017 in L.A.. This Industry Party & Showcase for 'Next To Blow' Artists & Bands is the Kick Off Event for the biggest tradeshow & convention in the World for Music Gear, Instruments & Artist Endorsements, for the $17 Billion dollar music products industry worldwide.

Selected Artists will perform for Industry, Media, Company Reps, Talent Scouts & Music Fans from across the country, all being filmed for promotion to additional Music Companies & Endorsement decision makers at the 115th annual NAMM Convention in Southern California. Hosted by iconic music industry veteran & indie innovator Jay Warsinske (40+ years of helping breaking artists; including U2, DR.DRE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, 2PAC, METALLICA, N.W.A, GUNS 'n ROSES, MADONNA, EMINEM, many more; CEO/Founder of INDIEPOWER, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, ULTIMATE TOURS), & will be broadcast on INDIE 100 Radio. Various TV & Radio Shows, as well as Magazines & Bloggers will be interviewing the performers for the Industry Event. Top Artists selected from the Concert will be interviewed for the popular TV Shows 'INDIE POWER HOUR', 'THE ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD' & 'BEHIND THE MUSIC', & top acts receive Passes to the NAMM SHOW, & ability to be spotlighted on one of the top Industry Seminars there, called 'MAKING MONEY MAKING MUSIC' featuring a Who's Who in the Industry & hosted by the 'Indie Icon' Jay Warsinske.

With the Industry turning increasing Independent, & focused on Touring, Merchandising & Endorsements / Sponsorships, the NAMM week industry showcase, as well as company produced events alongside the GRAMMYS, CES-CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, BET AWARDS, IES-INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT, MTV AWARDS, & AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS are key for artist's exposure, RR /publicity, contacts, and networking for maximizing one's success potentials and opportunities in the industry.

Reps from the major new artist development platforms for POP Artists (WANNA PARTY! Music), ROCK Artists (ROCK THE NATION TOUR), POWERPOP/PUNK POP (POWERPOP BLASTS!), SOUL / URBAN (NEW SOUL POWER!, HIP Classic HOP), COUNTRY (COUNTRY BLAST!) will be in attendance looking for 'Next Big Thing' Artists for these major Marketing, Promotion & Touring worldwide platforms.

Artists interested in Performing & being promoted at this elite event should email Bio/Music+Video links to:; Press/Media/Industry interested in covering & people interested in attending should RSVP at: Contact 818-505-0669.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

VidaPrimo Appoints Stephen Brooks Executive Vice President And General Manager

VidaPrimo, the premier multi-platform network for Latin Rhythm music, has named Stephen Brooks as Executive Vice President and General Manager. The announcement was made by GoDigital Media Group Chairman and VidaPrimo CEO Jason Peterson. Brooks will help expand the music network so that it can be accessed on any device and through any service, uniting both music fans and interested brands in the process.

Global Megatrends
"Stephen Brooks is a rare combination of studio executive, startup entrepreneur and multi-linguist," states Peterson. "He has the perfect aggregation of skills and abilities to lead the next generation of localized music television on the Internet."

For his part, Brooks loves working with Peterson on the music side of the business. "I firmly believe that we're entering a new Golden Age of Music. Consumption is on the rise, and business models are catching up to listener behavior. VidaPrimo is at the intersection of several global mega-trends, including the proliferation of digital devices, 4G connectivity and the popularity of Latin rhythm music, which now has huge fan bases on all six continents."

Creating Value
Brooks has spent the last eighteen years working in content marketing and distribution for major entertainment companies Technicolor, Paramount Pictures and Warner Home Video. The Princeton-educated, USC Marshall School of Business MBA has seen the entertainment industry transformed by digital technologies,. "There are so many more ways to create value from content than ever before," he says. "The digital shift has made life more complex, but in complexity lies opportunity. Whether it's ad-supported platforms, subscription streaming, Over The Top platforms, global distribution, composition and related rights management or leveraging social media followings, the audiences are there, in droves."

Removing Barriers To Growth
Prior to joining VidaPrimo, Brooks provided business planning and strategic support services to a multitude of entertainment technology startup companies,. He quickly became intrigued with the potential of VidaPrimo. "VidaPrimo already provides a value chain of services that no other entity can match in our genre – from production to promotion to distribution to artist-brand integration," says Brooks. "My function is to remove the barriers and the friction that keeps value from flowing freely through the chain. Fans need a user interface that empowers them to enjoy music videos, and connect with the favorite artists, anytime, anywhere. Brands need to know what an amazing branding vehicle Latin rhythm music and its artists can be."

End Game
When asked what VidaPrimo might look like in a few years, Brooks states, "If we're doing things right, we'll have grown VidaPrimo into a brand that has the same recognition and equity as an MTV or VEVO. We want to be the #1 global music-oriented multiplatform network, that fans can access on any device, through any service, including their local cable or satellite provider."


Gig Performer Software Elevates Live Performing Experience Providing Complete And Effortless Control Over A Live Music Rig

Deskew Technologies today released Gig Performer 1.0, a robust and versatile audio plugin host application that enables bands or solo artists to gain complete control of their live music rigs, effects, voices or all simultaneously.

Running on both OSX and Windows with full Open Sound Control (OSC) support, Gig Performer's innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design, called a Rackspace, which transforms a performer's plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system. An impressive list of cutting edge features enable musicians to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects easily, and all with little CPU usage.

Unlike other live performance applications that deploy traditional channel-strip approaches with confusing busses, sends, auxes or inserts, Gig Performer instead uses performer and connection views, enabling musicians to simply connect plugins to each other any way they want, then custom-design Panels to control each Rackspace. They can then add Variations, which allow multiple sets of settings for a single Rackspace, and switch instantly between them.

For instance, if they create a Rackspace consisting of an electric piano and some effects (phase, reverb, tremolo) then they can switch instantly from fast deep tremolo, to slow mellow tremolo plus reverb, and so on, even while still holding notes. Plus, they can customize their Panels using a variety of available widgets (knobs, switches, levers, LEDs) and colored face plates.

They can also use Gig Performer with their existing environment, by training it to recognize the controls on their keyboards, OSC apps, MIDI expression pedals and control surfaces, and then use them to control plugin parameters. Features such as layering and splitting operations, and individual transposition are also built in.

"We're already using Gig Performer on stage and on tour and it has worked flawlessly," said David Jameson, co-founder of Deskew Technologies, co-developer of Gig Performer and keyboardist/Eigenharpist for The Security Project and Beyond the Wall. "Our mission was to create a computer based sound management system that is highly reliable, versatile and easy-to-use. Gig Performer elevates the live performance experience with complete control unlike anything before."

Key features include:
* INSTANT SWITCHING - Switch among your rack spaces - INSTANTLY and GLITCHFREE

* MIDI & OSC SUPPORT - Use your existing MIDI and OSC devices and apps. Map any control to any controllable parameter.

* USER FRIENDLY - Gig Performer is user-friendly. You will be able to create complete setups in no time.

* LOW CPU USAGE - We've spent countless hours making sure that Gig Performer uses as few CPU cycles as possible.

* CROSS PLATFORM - Works on OS X and Windows devices. Your GIG files can be opened on both platforms.

* FLEXIBLE - Connect any plugin to any other plugin in any configuration. Parallel or serial - no AUX busses needed.

* BUILT-IN TUNER - If you need to tune your instrument quickly - Gig Performer's built-in tuner is accurate, large and just a click, tap or push away.

* ADVANCED MIDI FUNCTIONS - Associate specific MIDI devices with particular plugins easily and visually. Use transpose, channel mapping, MIDI out settings and more...

* VARIATION SUPPORT - Easily create variations of your rackspace. Switch between variations seamlessly - even while holding notes or chords on your keyboard or guitar.

Musicians can use touch surfaces such as Lemur or TouchOSC to control Gig Performer, as well as applications such as Max for even more sophisticated control.

Gig Performer supports VST formats on both OSX and MS Windows, as well as the AU format on OSX. AAX support will be included later.

Gig Performer has an MSRP of US $249.00. Special pricing is currently available for $124.00. For more information about Gig Performer and to download a 14-day trial, please visit

Monday, December 26, 2016

Lucy Kalantari Wins Best Children's Music Song In The 15th Annual Independent Music Awards

Brooklyn's own children's artist, Lucy Kalantari joins All Hail the Yeti, Camila Meza, Macy Gray, Fiona Joy, The Mud Howlers, Air Traffic Controller, Le Boeuf Brothers, Olivia Penalva, The Krickets and Xcelencia as A Winner in The 15th annual Independent Music Awards [The IMAs], the influential program for self-released and indie label talent.

A complete list of The 15th IMA Winners available at

The year's best artists and releases were announced during The IMAs inaugural Independent Music Party, an 8-hour music marathon co-sponsored by Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts. The event drew hundreds of indie artists, industry innovators and music fans from around the world to the David Rubenstein Atrium in New York City for performances, panel discussions; and to learn this year's Independent Music Awards winners.

Top honors in 80 Album, EP, Song, Producer, Music Video and Design categories were determined by blue-ribbon artist and industry judging panels which included: Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Meshell Ndegeocello, Slayer, Amy Lee, Krewella, The Kills, Ledisi, Suzanne Vega and Warren Haynes, among many other recording artists, talent buyers, music press and programmers. A complete list of The 15th IMA Judges available at

Lucy Kalantari makes uplifting jazz-age inspired music for kids and families. Her latest album, Big Things, is filled with jazz-scat-along play while inviting listeners to find their voice to do big things for the world.

"What an honor to be in wonderful company of independent songwriters and producers!" says Kalantari. "It's a beautiful thing to do what we love and share it with the world."

Artistry Has Its Awards
Now in it's 16th year, the prestigious Independent Music Awards honor exceptional music projects by established artists and rising stars. The program receives entries from 95 countries on 6 continents; and includes artists previously on major labels, as well as other self-released and indie label talent.

Past winners and nominees include: Amy Lee, fun, Flying Lotus, Girl In A Coma, J.D. McPherson, Killer Mike, Lacuna Coil, Meghan Trainor, Pokey LaFarge, Passenger, Radio Radio, RuPaul, Speech, The Amigos among many more.

Submissions for The 16th annual Independent Music Awards open December 2016.
Details and a complete list of winners, nominees and judges available


MusicDishTV Review: Tony Adamo Tribute To Jazz "Birth Of The Cool"

This is not any jazz poetry - it is a poem tribute to JAZZ music. Spoken word artist Tony Adamo has recently released his "Birth Of The Cool" video, with Adamo himself showcasing his art-of-words with his spot on rhythmic with a spin of his personal style. Behind him, it plays the photo montage of the everlasting jazz legends: Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff... in addition to clips of the good-old 50's and 60's movies and photos, which brings one back to the sophisticated golden age of jazz music. As Adamo puts it, imagine everything you like about jazz, and "merge them into a big fat giant chord" - that's what you would take away from his "Birth Of The Cool" music video.

Born in San Francisco and with strong family ties to the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York, spoken word veteran Tony Adamo formed a music alliance with the legendary drummer, Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters) and the respected trumpet player Tim Ouimette. This trio has come up with a fresh new sound in vocal/hip-spoken word laced with a funk musical attitude. With the exception of only a handful of traditional rap artists, most creative vocalists are lacking the substance and stamina to put an entire recording on their backs in an effort to either spread their message, music or both. Tony Adamo makes it look effortless and with a virtual all star line up he gains the freedom to let his imagination soar.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Toronto's K-Slick Realeases New Music Video

Hailing from Toronto, the rising rapper K-Slick releases a video to his new single "Stones". Combining catchy flows and complex syllables with modern hard hitting production, makes this song a must listen. The video is filmed in Toronto and displays a more real and grimy environment than that of the usual portrayal of the city. This video is the first of K-Slicks new releases.

K-Slick - Stones:

K-Slicks story of his trials and tribulations is a unique one which has been well documented thorough his career. This single is him at his new level, breaking out from the underground scene and mixing his raw lyrics with the modern catchy production.

K-Slicks has headlined tours in USA, Canada and Peru and done songs with Tony Yayo, Joell Ortiz and Saigon. In addition he has a large growing fan-base online and on the street as he has opened for Canibus, Joe Budden, Killah Priest, Jadakiss, Ghostface Killa & more

K-Slick Social Links:

Friday, December 23, 2016

"THE AYE" Choreographed By Sifiso Kweyama Celebrated The "Leah Tutu Unsung Heroes Awards" In South Africa

THE LEAH TUTU UNSUNG HEROES AWARD is an award given to a South African individual who has made a significant contribution to the community through their acts of favour, their dedication to a cause, their spirit of Ubuntu, and their excellent character. The 2016 recipient of the award was Mrs Gawa Sayed a 62-year-old Cape Town lady and key member of Gift of the Givers, a Non-Governmental Organization in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, injecting indefatigable efforts to beautify the lives of underprivileged and insolvent people.
Reverend Mpho Tutu Van Furth opened the High Tea event. Tutu Van Furth is Desmond Tutu's, daughter a Christian leader who boldly resisted apartheid in South Africa. She's married to Dr. Marceline van Furth, an atheist professor from Amsterdam.

"Unsung Heroes" was a matchless opportunity to honour Tutu's legacy with "THE AYE", a dance theatre rendition portraying a ravishing love story between a lemur the Aye Aye and a white lion, Fedor. Both defines the term "opposites attract" in a chimerical creation called the Musical Forest. "The Aye" is inspired from "The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor" a children book written by Animal Biologist, writer/poet, music producer Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez.

"THE AYE" was choreographed by Mr. Sifiso Kweyama, Artistic Director of The JazzArt Theater in Cape Town, accompanied by Averil Barry-Hughes, Nosinathi Sangweni and the company dancers Adam Malebo Tracey September, who were joined by Abdul-Aaghier Isaacs, Amber Jodie Andrews, Darion Adams, Gabriella Dirkse, Ilze Williams, Keenun Wales, Luyanda Mdingi, Lynette du Plessis, Mandisi Ngcwayi, Paxton-Alice Simons, Siphosethu Gojo, Tanzley Jooste, Thandiwe Mqokeli and Vuyolwethu Nompetsheni from the JazzArt troupe; this in collaboration with Dr. Ana Isabel of Ruby Flower and Mr. Dean Jacobs of Desmond of Leah Tutu Foundation. Masks of the dancers were created by Carla Engenbraat of La Carla Mask in Cape Town. The performance combined grace, talent and technical mastery and the music was composed by Dutch pianist Michiel Braam.

Mr. Sifiso Kweyama feeds on the movements he enriches with the aid of melodies captured during his journey throughout the world and in his native South Africa. By creating a choreography based on Contemporary rhythms and Jazz he borrows one of the oldest traditions of music born in the soul of slaves. Mr. Kweyama arranged the play with amazing ability to transcend musical and choreographic boundaries. The event was hosted at the De Grendel Wine a winery located in Cape Town.

With "THE AYE", Mr Kweyama and Dr Ana Isabel detach themselves by offering this beautiful homage to the people who are rewarded for their spirit of Ubuntu. Desmond and Leah Tutu gave their lives to testify that we are united by the same Humanity thus what happens to us happens to others.

Aye Aye and Fedor love story helps both make essential revelations and casts them on a quest to situations they never thought they would live. The performance was breathtaking as JazzArt with Sifiso, Nkosinathi, Averil and their team as well as Dr Ana Isabel and Mr. Dean Jacobs are imbued with a great passion, talent and professionalism. The whole team and "The Aye" still marking many spirits!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

VersusMedia Launches New Website For Its Film Music Service

For 15 years, VersusMedia has made a significant impact on the independent film industry by connecting talented filmmakers with musicians seeking new marketing channels for their music. Now, a new dedicated website for VersusMedia's Film Music Agent service is being launched at This site will make networking between independent filmmakers and musicians easier than ever before.

The Film Music Agent website will initially be available in seven languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, and Khmer), reflecting the global nature of the independent market. Additional languages are likely to follow suit in the coming months, with the membership-based service delivering a unique solution that meets the needs of both filmmakers and musicians.

Ryan Vinson, the founder of VersusMedia and the brain-child behind the Film Music Agent concept, is excited about the updated website because it provides the aesthetics, functionality, and easy navigation expected from a modern website with the unique networking platform that VersusMedia has been praised for throughout the independent film industry. Promising musicians often struggle to get enough exposure for their music, and independent filmmakers face issues in finding talented artists that don't charge exorbitant fees. This website will help to eliminate these issues for both parties.

"The new site sticks to the same general principle as the old one, but we needed an upgrade to make it even easier for filmmakers and musicians to directly communicate. I wanted to create an improved website that meets the requirements of both mobile and traditional web browsers. Filmmakers can post about projects that they need music for, and musicians can directly respond to these listings. The idea is that both parties can work out a suitable agreement between themselves and move forward. This means less time wasted by filmmakers trawling the web for talented musicians, and more time spent creating and innovating."

The new website is part of a broader strategy by VersusMedia that provides support for artists behind-the-scenes, while also helping to promote their material to a wider audience. The Film Music Agent website achieves the former aim, while VersusMedia's cord cutting channels, which were launched earlier this year, help to achieve the latter aim. The on-demand channels are available on Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xiaomi Mi Box, and they feature a plethora of music videos and movies produced by independent artists.

VersusMedia's networking service has been praised by filmmakers who are active in major festival markets and beyond in countries including India, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, England, and Mexico. The launch of the new site will cater to a global market, with the company listing projects including high-budget independent feature films and smaller student movies.

About VersusMedia
VersusMedia has been helping independent filmmakers work with musicians since 2001. To check out the new website, visit If you'd like to find out more about the cord cutting channels, go to

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Give Heartfelt, Meaningful Gifts For A Song

At Christmastime by Kieswetter~Rice: new, sweet-hot, Broadjam Top Ten out-the-gate global release for Christmas 2016, queued for airplay on WOS Radio December 13. But that's not all! This pretty package contains a wealth of everlasting gifts in song. Gift these Christmas treasures, and also give the equally everlasting gift singing your own version with any one of several karaoke tracks to fit your key and genre.

Whether you'll be home for Christmas... or not, what a heartfelt surprise homecoming gift it makes for the price of a song... or two... and heart-healing consolation if you're not.

Get the Music Box version free, as well as the free YouTube videos, At Christmastime Lyric Version or BG Only Version, to use as your backdrop if you like. Free lyric sheet, with sheet music also available, all instantly download-ready.

Also find accompanying extra-special collectible remembrances in commemoration of the occasion to top off your debut. Or just enjoy the original soothing, relaxing version to smooth out your holidays as it fills your heart and home with many blessings. Be sure to see the comments under the YouTube videos for the full gist. Find it all easily at the landing page:

Or direct:

Free YouTubes:
Lyric Version:
BG Version:
Sheet Music:
Free Lyric Sheet:
Accompanying Collectibles: Get the brownies!

About the artists: Mark Kieswetter and Gregor Rice have been writing beautiful, highly acclaimed music since 1980. This is just one of them, finally recorded 2016.

Give Heartfelt, Meaningful Gifts For A Song

At Christmastime by Kieswetter~Rice: new, sweet-hot, Broadjam Top Ten out-the-gate global release for Christmas 2016, queued for airplay on WOS Radio December 13. But that's not all! This pretty package contains a wealth of everlasting gifts in song. Gift these Christmas treasures, and also give the equally everlasting gift singing your own version with any one of several karaoke tracks to fit your key and genre.

Whether you'll be home for Christmas... or not, what a heartfelt surprise homecoming gift it makes for the price of a song... or two... and heart-healing consolation if you're not.

Get the Music Box version free, as well as the free YouTube videos, At Christmastime Lyric Version or BG Only Version, to use as your backdrop if you like. Free lyric sheet, with sheet music also available, all instantly download-ready.

Also find accompanying extra-special collectible remembrances in commemoration of the occasion to top off your debut. Or just enjoy the original soothing, relaxing version to smooth out your holidays as it fills your heart and home with many blessings. Be sure to see the comments under the YouTube videos for the full gist. Find it all easily at the landing page:

Or direct:

Free YouTubes:
Lyric Version:
BG Version:
Sheet Music:
Free Lyric Sheet:
Accompanying Collectibles: Get the brownies!

About the artists: Mark Kieswetter and Gregor Rice have been writing beautiful, highly acclaimed music since 1980. This is just one of them, finally recorded 2016.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lets Have A Rockin Christmas, The Holiday Compilation Album CD By Various Artists On Bongo Boy Records WorldWide

Bongo Boy Records released a full length Christmas album for this upcoming Holiday season with music from International award winning artists. The album is available Worldwide with over 15,000 record stores. Also available via digital download at iTunes, Amazon, KKBox Worldwide. In Asia with Bongo Boy Records Asia Kanjian, Omusic, Mymusic and other online retailers in The Far East.

Meet The Artists:
From Parker, Colorado "Say You Love Me For Christmas" by Les Fradkin. This track is a succinct 2 minutes 47 seconds of really happy Christmas music that just makes the listener smile. The music is, well, pretty and Les has a good voice. Bongo Boy Recording artist Les Fradkin's music can also be find on the surf compilations and a new album release is on the schedule for 2017. Artist Web Site:

From Quebec, Canada "Jingle Jangle" by Walter Rossi and written by Walter Rossi and Kyla Vezina. Walter came to the world of pop music at a time when a major shift was taking place on the Canadian scene. It is his hope, that in sharing his full bio about his beginning experiences, he will bring you another perspective of its evolution. Furthermore, he hopes it will underscore (once more) that there is no manual or starter kit when it comes to making a career out of a passion. Artist Web Site:

From California, "Frosty The Snowman" by The Forty Nineteens written by Steve Nelson, Walter Jack in the 50's. John, Chuck, and Nick have been wanting to do a fun Christmas song for some time now. They asked one another what was the funniest song to sing as kids. Easily it was "Frosty The Snowman". The Forty Nineteens other garage rock song "I'm Free" will be released on Bongo Boy Records Out Of The Garage Volume Three in 2017. Artist Web Site:

From Allentown, PA Rev. Peter Unger "Christmas Cards". When Peter was growing up Christmas time was a magical time in his a small town in Vermont. Living on the side of mountain three miles up a dirt road their home was a beautifully renovated farm house from the 1700s. On a clear winter's day a forty mile vista of snow blanketed fields and mountains could be seen. Peter's father, an emigrant from the Netherlands, brought Dutch Christmas customs into their home. It was all the cherished memories that came to mind when Peter wrote "Christmas Cards". Artist Web Site:

From New Jersey, 3 members of the garage rock band The Doughboys came together to record their Christmas Garage Rock song "Let's Have A Rockin Christmas" written by Gar Francis. Under the name Jackie Kringle & the Elves which includes Myke Scavone Lead Vocals and Harp, Mike Caruso on Bass and Gar Francis on Guitar and everything else you hear. Check it out, feel the groove (and the humor) - then sit back and listen to some righteous harp. Artist Web Site:
Album Teaser Clip:

From Plainfield, New Jersey, Wayne Olivieri and DJ Chris Ibe remixed of Wayne's Christmas song "I Love Christmas Time". Simply put this is one very enthusiastic dance track. You will find yourself nodding your head as Wayne shouts out "I LOVE Christmas time!". His enthusiasm is infectious to say the least, but that is Wayne. Artist Web Site:

From Randolph, New Jersey "I Wonder Where You Are This Christmas" by Bob Shaw. Bob has succeeded in a blending of Bob Dylan and Bruce Spingsteen and this track is haunting. There is no question; the raw emotion that is laid bare in this song. This song can be summed up in one word: intense.
Artist Web Site:

From South River, New Jersey Dennis Sy "Christmas Morning". Dennis Sy is an active Grammy® member. His Christmas song "Christmas Morning" has his own sound and is a well recorded. Dennis is a well establish recording artist and another by this talent titled "Shine On" can be found on Bongo Boy Records Volume X an open genre compilation. Artist Web Site:

From Sweden "The Angel Gabriel" by Deborah Henriksson. Get ready to be blown away by this not rock and roll song. It does however massively rock! How can that be you wonder? Listen to the song. Deborah has a great voice! You will find yourself listening to this track over and over simply because of the things she can do vocally. Deborah is an international recording artist and her music can be found on other compilation releases by Bongo Boy Records.
Artist Web Site:

From the Heartland of America Bongo Boy Records artist Inches From Sin brings us "Jingle Jangle Jingle" includes massively cool guitar in combination with the funk voice of both Karen Holloway Brewer and Robert is just so perfect. Inches From Sin are one of the hard working duo. Inches From Sin's music can be found on other Bongo Boy Records compilation releases and their album "Bridgewater Triangle" was released earlier this year by Bongo Boy Records worldwide. They are working on a new album for 2017. Artist Web Site:

From Greenbelt, Maryland STEEL "Have A Gigolo XMAS" ft. Bubu The Producer. A cool Rap Christmas song that just oozes cool and the nod to Louis Prima is appropriate. Artist Web Site:

From Montego Bay, Jamaica, Tammi T and Keith Hines Production "Go Wish" this is extremely enthusiastic track with a message of HOPE. Tammi T vocals sound good as the listener is reminded that the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with a particular day on the calendar, but is something we should try to keep throughout the year. Another great song "Dance With A Stranger" by Tammi T and Keith Hines Production was released on Bongo Boy Records Volume Nine in ASIA. Artist Web Site:

From The UK, YSANNE "Christmas In The Sun" ft. ZanZclan a Reggae inspired track that will place a smile on your face. With children's vocals being spliced into a song that works very well here. YSANNE other song "The Golfers Rap" is featured on Bongo Boy Records Volume X. YSANNE's official music videos are seen on National Television in the USA. Artist Web Site:

From to the beautiful twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the home of Calypso and Soca music, steel pan, and the greatest international Carnival in de' world comes Cousins STEEL & Cortez "1,2,3". The abundance of joy projected by the band is sure to infuse you will a sense of lightheartedness. As this song starts, they wrote it not only as a holiday song, but as a happy, positive song for year round enjoyment, and for all ages! Happy Holidays! and like their song says, it's like 1, 2, 3, live safe free and be happy, always! Artist Web Site:

From Chicago, Illinois, Sarantos "It's Christmas Time" the song is a welcomed throwback to old school television Christmas specials. Sarantos is a well-established recording artist and his music is featured on Bongo Boy Records other open genre compilations as well as the 80's Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One. Sarantos music video can also been seen on national television via Bongo Boy TV NCBUniversal Comcast and other cable companies. Artist Web Site:

From Randolph, New Jersey, Bob Shaw is back with "Don't Forget The Christ in Christmas" A little Christmas Americana foot-stamping music with great lyrics that are sung really well and will make you smile.

Bob Shaw also bring us "The Sleigh Ride" (Comedy Sketch). This is Bob recorded this Sketch in his parent old Cadillac and created and performed all the characters in the sketch. Artist Web Site:

The album can be purchased direct at Bongo Boy Records. Email
Download link:
Official Website:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi Original Christmas Song Out Now!

Ethereal Americana and folk-esque singer/songwriter Katie Garibaldi has released a brand new original Christmas song today, November 25, 2016. The new single, "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" a ballad about the traditional holiday-time melancholy blues of yearning to make it back home in time for Christmas, features a classical string section that has now become a staple in Garibaldi's signature sound, and Christmas music production essentials such as sleigh bells and chimes. This is Garibaldi's first holiday single and also serves as a preview for a full-length Christmas album, which the prolific songstress hints will be in the works for a Fall 2017 release.

With songs often based on real experiences, folk-country singer/songwriter and guitar player Katie Garibaldi sings with an emotional immediacy captured in her confessional lyrics, catchy melodies and expressive vocals. Garibaldi recently released her 5-song EP Rooted Clarity, a collection of folk‐driven songs that focus on self‐discovery and faith and has earned nominations and wins in numerous awards, including the Hollywood Music In Media Awards for her song "Delightful."

Hear the new single "Tomorrow is Christmas Morning" on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, and more. All links and info at Find Katie Garibaldi's full music discography as well as merchandise at

Anthony Caceres Releases Smooth Jazz Single "A Very Special Christmas"

"A Very Special Christmas" distinguishes itself from the deluge of holiday music by taking a personal approach to season's greetings; it is basically a love letter wrapped with a bow." No Depression Online Magazine

"The track's laid-back melodies are relaxing yet upbeat as Greg Petito's deliciously tuneful guitar and Caceres' throbbing bass propel the rhythm section forward."

Jazz Crooner Anthony Caceres announced the release of a very special Yuletide tune for the Holidays. Inspired by such singers as Chet Baker, Johnny Hartman, Harry Connick Jr. and Jamie Cullum, Anthony unleashes his velvety and soulful vocals to delivers a smooth jazz original that cuts through the clutter of stereotypical holiday songs with a tune of romance and discovering love that could best be called a Valentine for Christmas. "A Very Special Christmas" is available online at major online outlets such as iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Google Play Music.

Anthony comes from a family of jazz royalty. His grandfather Emilio Caceres was a major swing violinist who worked with Harry James and Jack Teagarden in addition to leading his own Latin orchestra, while his great uncle Ernie Caceres played solos on baritone sax and clarinet with the freewheeling groups of Eddie Condon and original Glenn Miller Orchestra. Right after college, Caceres had his own chance to follow his great uncle's footprints as a sideman for the Glenn Miller Orchestra for two years. Anthony would also tour with the off-Broadway musical production of Miss Saigon and performed with the Four Aces, Freddie Jones, Ed Soph, Marvin Stamm, Bill Mays, Greg Abate and the late Carl Fontana.

But it is his dream of combining bass playing and singing that brought him to form his own group and record his debut six-song EP "Don't Call It Love" where he would first showcase his skills as a modern-day crooner. Having recently played as a sideman with pianist Pamela York and drummer Sebastian Whittaker, Anthony's trio with (with pianist Richard Saldivar & drummer Robert Aguliar) regularly performs at Eddie Vs, Kirby's Prime Steakhouse and other venues in the Houston area. He has also completed a new album titled "Crooner" set for release in 2017.

"A Very Special Christmas" is available at the following outlets:

Follow Anthony Caceres career:

Atlanta-based Rapper Chris Jamez New Single "Street Soldiers"

Atlanta-based rapper Chris Jamez announced the release of "Street Soldiers", the first single off his upcoming second album release "No Urban Legend." Set for release on January 7, 2017, the album will be available on the label site as well as all major streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Bandcamp.

In talking about his music with Skilly Magazine, Chris Jamez remarks that "music here in the A is mostly club catchy type music. It's cool sometimes, but we need balance. That’s why people are surprised with my music because it isn’t what people normally do down here." And much needed balance he does bring with this new track. Focused on the state-of-affairs evoked in Ferguson and Baltimore and more generally by BlackLivesMatter, "Street Soldiers" turns to real lyricism that has characterized some of the best Hip Hop of the ages to evoke the social issues confronting today's America.

His new album reflects his belief that the future of music is "slowly but surely it’s going to come back to lyricism." It is a belief that he has put in practice ever since he began his love for Hip Hop in his youth, rapping in his high school lunchrooms where he realized his talent was larger than a hobby.

Produced by Veteran Beatz, the album is the debut release under Outcastic ENT and goes in depth about the rappers trials and tribulations of his journey in the music industry. He began freestyling, sharpening his skills around the neighborhood when he connected with Koulie, formerly known as YT, with whom he would form the group Rasta G and record their first single, Soul Riser in 2012. He then went on to work on his solo project "Hits of an Outcast", produced by KL Static and recorded with Emerj Ent. which released the single "On the Edge" in 2013. Three years later after leaving leaving Emerj Ent., he is back with a vengance on a new label and with a new album that will bring listeners on an in depth journey of the trials and tribulations of his journey in the music industry.

Follow Chris Jamez…
Twitter: @chrisjamezmuzik
Instagram: @chrisjamezmuzik


Friday, December 16, 2016

Recked Entertainment Welcome Vocalist Chris Foust To Ever More Broken

Music Management and Promotion firm Recked Entertainment welcome vocalist Chris Foust to alternative rock band Ever More Broken; They will be kicking off 2017 in Nashville re-recording their single "Let Me Go" with multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Metallica, Korn, Kiss, Primus and many more).

Foust is a powerhouse of talent with an impressive resume of live performance and recording in the industry. Based in Nashville, TN, Chris has been face front to the music industry and genres Country, rock and all in between.

"Music is a cruel lover to me," Foust says. "I've been pining for her my whole life."

After holding auditions both in Illinois and Tennessee, Ever More Broken found the missing spark in Nashville when Recked Entertainment held an audition for Foust with producer Toby Wright in attendance.

"It was a "hell yes" moment for all of us in the studio when Chris belted out "Let Me Go" during his audition," says Ever More Broken management company, Recked Entertainment. "This is an incredible opportunity for Ever More Broken and we're excited for them, Toby's the best.

Ever More Broken departed on friendly terms with their former vocalist and will continue to support his endeavors.

"EMB is very proud to have Chris Foust come on board. He brings a ton of talent and professionalism with him. He's the right guy who came in at just the right time and is a very cool person. And wow, we're going into the studio with Toby Wright! We're proud yet humbled to get to work with such an amazing producer. It's not every day that you find yourself on such an esteemed list of incredibly talented musicians having been produced by Mr. Wright. We are very thankful and proud to work with Toby and in such incredible company. A huge Thank you to Recked Entertainment for getting us here," says Ever More Broken.

We will all be hearing a lot of Ever More Broken in 2017 as they prepare for the re-release of "Let Me Go".

For information on Ever More Broken:


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lost Elysium Launches Their Newest Single From Woodstock New York

Lost Elysium Launches their latest song and its making a big ripple on the Rock music scene; Lost Elysium has a mystic soulful sound and big hooks led by Ashley Elle (vocals), Brian Muller (lead Guitar) and Ricky Stage (drums). Here in their own words

"Think Like The Enemy" was a great experience in the studio, we spent over two years writing, recording, producing and mastering this new single. It was recorded in Dreamland Studios in Woodstock NY. It was Produced by Mike Rogers Sony/Red.

Feel free to share or broadcast (Spin) the song on radio or online platforms. The song is also available for download on itunes. We were able to make all of this happen because of our family and great fans!

We are extending a heartfelt thank you for supporting us and coming to our shows. We are touring in 2017 and have a ton of new songs in the works.

Sincerely, Ashley, Brian, Ricky of Lost Elysium.



Monday, December 12, 2016

The Village People's Iconic Cowboy Randy Jones Brings His Vocal Machismo To New Single 'Hard Times'

Tough times certainly come and go, but with the will to win, empowered individuals always land "on the right line." That's the overwhelming lyrical theme of "Hard Times," the latest single from New York City-based indie label Young Pals Music.

Leading the vocal charge on "Hard Times" is multi-platinum recording artist and American Music Award Winner Randy Jones, who is beloved as the iconic Original Cowboy from Village People. Jones, through a career spanning five decades, has sold more than 100 million singles/albums and garnered in excess of a quarter billion views on YouTube, thanks to "Macho Man," "In the Navy," "Go West", "YMCA", and his solo efforts. Add to that the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, alongside countless appearances in movies, TV and documentaries.

Randy Jones not only remains a fixture among New York City's entertainment illuminati, but he is a gifted solo artist. Contributing to songwriter/producer Ayhan Sahin's joyous full-length album "Pop," Jones and his vocal machismo saddle up and stride atop an irresistible uptempo, tribal-world music inspired track, driven by an ultimately skillful chemistry of tasty acoustic guitars, complex pounding percussion and a chorus of saucy angelic voices. The song's positive message is about being in the right place at the right time-to cross life's finish line.

Jones sings, "Hard times, they happen all the time, we go on and on, gotta land on the right line/Hard times, they can destroy your mind, you must endure the grind, till you get on the right line."

"Hard Times" is the unprecedented seventh release from "Pop." Previous single "Another Bad Mistake" featured lead vocals from beloved disco act Anita Ward, renowned for her seminal No. 1 "Ring My Bell," which hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Disco, and Soul Singles charts in 1979.

In April, "Pop" was awarded The Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song for previous single "Drink." It offers 12+ diverse vocalists & musicians across a myriad of styles, including R&B & soul, dance, jazz, country and of course… pop. All songs are co-written and co-produced by Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O'Reilly, who has also worked for three decades in artist relations, management and song placement.

Jones-presently working the success of his newly-released solo cd, MISTER RIGHT-says, "Ayhan has been an ally of mine and a fellow New York City musician for more than a decade. I'm a upbeat kind of guy and so is he. When he reached out to me to contribute to 'Pop,' come on, man... I smiled, he smiled and we were creating more than a little magic in the studio. Singing and co-writing "Hard Times" is definitely a meeting of the minds with its message about the struggle to be your best."

Sahin adds, "I have so many great memories attending Randy's weekly hosted events at Splash NYC, which drew thousands of fans, old and new. His energy continues to ignite generations. Then there's that constant smile. Randy is such a perfect fit for 'Hard Times.' Yes, I am thrilled to have him on board."

As a songwriter and producer, Sahin has achieved notoriety in pop, rock, dance and musical theater, while working with Olivia Newton-John, Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Broadway actress Bianca Marroquín, Turkish superstars Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener, Sandra Bernhard and five "American Idol" finalists. He has appeared live on Telemundo, while Sahin's music has been featured on CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music and "The Wendy Williams Show"; and heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV and The New York Daily News.


Indie Artist Craymo Wins Best Song For Be Myself In Worldwide Music Contest

Indie Orlando singer/songwriter recently won Best Song for his anti-bullying dance pop anthem Be Myself in the 3rd edition of the original songwriting competition the Worldwide Music Contest out of over 1200 entries from songwriters all over the world. Be Myself is an inspirational electronic pop anthem about embracing your individuality. Craymo dedicates the song to anyone who has ever been bullied, teased or made fun of for being different.

Craymo is a LGBT artist and was bullied growing up for being gay and also for wearing glasses. Craymo says: "I grew up gay and was bullied and teased as a teenager and young adult and had to pretend that I was straight to keep from being bullied, verbally and physically. I wanted to give back and create a song about embracing your individuality, an empowering song about courage to possibly help those who may be going through the same things with their self-confidence. I want to let kids know that it is OK to be different, it's OK to just be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks." Gary Root, reviewer for Skope Magazine summed it up: "Craymo makes musical magic with a message in this upbeat, dance party with passion and purpose. In music, breaking rules and challenging conventional wisdom are often deliberate efforts to establish a marketing niche, but for Craymo it probably feels more like natural state of mind and being."

"Be Myself" serves up an inviting pop dance number geared to blending 1980's pop like George Michael and some of today’s chart topping music like Olly Murs, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Robbie Williams and Maroon 5. Be Myself also won Best Pop/Rock Song in the August 2015 Akademia Music Awards and was a finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards and finalist for Best Pop Song in the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Be Myself also recently held the #2 position on the Euro Indie Music Chart.

Learn more about Craymo's music and purchase Be Myself at


Craymo is an inspirational singer/songwriter that writes and performs uplifting alternative pop songs about life and love. His single One Love One World (We Are One) promotes equality, diversity, human rights and world peace. The song is a featured download on the UNESCO website New Songs For Peace and has been performed by children at their schools all over the world. One Love One World was also used as a learning aid to help teach English to students in Pang Liu Village in China. Craymo has been an opening act for Smashmouth and appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search '89 with Ed McMahon. His songs have been licensed in several TV shows including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC), Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada), The Orlando Citrus Parade (Synd) and many indie films including Lucky Dog,Culture Shock, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Miss Castaway and Paper Thin Immortals. Craymo's song Moment won Best Alternative Recording in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards. Moment is a song that promotes suicide prevention awareness and he wrote the song after his first cousin took his own life with the hope that it might help prevent others from doing the same. The music video for Be Myself was directed by Stas Ivanov and is available on YouTube and Vevo.



GISTO & Emotionz Team Up For New Album "Orbits" Featuring Tracks With Moka Only & Dr. Oop

Vancouver rapper Emotionz and artist/producer Gisto have announced the details for their upcoming joint album "Orbits", which is scheduled for a Black Friday release on November 25th, 2016. The album was recorded at Historical Records Studio and will feature collaborations with former Swollen Member Moka Only and Dr. Oop.

Vancouver rapper/beatboxer Emotionz has been an integral part of the west coast music scene the last 15 years. Recording with such artists as DJ Quik, Stylust Beats, Souls of Mischief and many more has helped carve out his own unique style and sound. Early in his career, Emotionz moved to Los Angeles where he signed a record deal with Dreamworks Records and worked closely with the legendary DJ Quik. Since then, Emotionz has performed across the globe rapping, beatboxing and DJ'ing in over 20 countries, including an annual appearance on the Shambhala Music Festival for the past 17-years. Outside of his hectic tour schedule, Emotionz also gives back to the culture by teaching hip-hop workshops and is currently writing a hip-hop curriculum for the Vancouver school board to launch in 2017.

With a versatility that allows him to switch from reggae, dancehall, to dub-step, and hip-hop, GISTO is the next Canadian rising through the ranks. In just a couple years, the artist/producer has made a name for himself with his unique style and turned heads in the Fatherland of Reggae Music Jamaica., where his music video for "Invincible" on HYPE TV and he hosted the Top 10 video countdown on national television. GISTO has been featured on the PBS series "RoadTrip Nation", and was featured in Relix Magazine's 'On the Verge'. In 2010 GISTo was blessed with the opportunity to perform in front of thousands at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

GISTO's explosive live show has earned him slots on some of the biggest stages playing alongside Bedouin Soundclash, K' Naan, Michael Franti & Spearhead, K-OS, Femi Kuti, Hot Hot Heat, Randy Bachman, Lee Scratch Perry , Tanya Stevens, and Ghostface Killah.

The track listing for Emotionz and Gisto's "Orbits" album is as follows:
01 - Shinobi
02 - Travel feat. Moka Only & Dr. Oop
03 - Bump In The Road
04 - Eagle
05 - Word On The Streets
06 - Gravitiation feat. Dr. Oop

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Country Network Now Available On Roku

The innovative television network dedicated to providing today's country music enthusiasts more choices in televised and digital programming, The Country Network (TCN), is pleased to announce its carriage on the Roku streaming media platform. Country music fans with the device or Roku-enabled Smart TV can now access the latest and best videos from their Country, Americana, Red Dirt and Texas artists, as well as TCN's original programming—including series such as Live from the Couch, On the Rise, Our Land: The Music Highway, Studio B Sessions, and more!

This news comes as TCN expands into nine (9) additional markets throughout the heartland, renewal with Cocola Broadcasting, and the launch of eight original series for its initial fall lineup. It also recently launched its creative, state-of-the-art fan-incentive program, TCN All-Access. The carriage through Roku will add an additional 10.6M potential viewers to TCN's overall household reach, now estimated at over 50 million DMA households, putting it squarely on pace with its growth strategy to reach 100 million homes within the next three years. For more information on The Country Network, please visit

"The addition of Roku is extremely important to us," states Tim Eaton, President and CEO of The Country Network. "4 in 10 households currently own an OTT streaming device, and by next year, Streaming Media Players (SMP) penetration will reach 40 percent of all U.S. homes with internet," he explains. "The number of ways people are receiving TV content is expanding rapidly and we want to be a part of this conversation and be available to fans through a wide variety of sources."

Roku is the leader in SMP market share. There are currently 10.6M active Roku accounts across SMPs and smart TV, reaching 49% of SMP households. These figures are expected to climb steeply based upon reports by IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS): 56 percent of all North American TV shipments in Q1-2016 were smart TVs; Roku-powered smart TVs earned 12% of all sales for the entire first half of 2016.

For more information on The Country Network, upcoming show announcements, and a complete list of broadcast affiliates and channels, please visit

# # #

About the Country Network:
The Country Network ("TCN"), is an innovative music video network dedicated to providing today's country music enthusiasts more choices in televised and digital programming. TCN will be the only television network dedicated exclusively to airing country music content. TCN is "all Country Music, all the time."

Suggested Links:


Jean Beauvoir and his band Crown of Thorns playing "Dying For Love" - LIVE - Sala Caracol, Madrid Spain - April 27th, 2011.

Incidentally, two Veteran Rock Guitarists who made ROCKWiRED MAGAZiNES 2016 list of Favorite "Guitarist of the Year" in October are from the Jean Beauvoir led band CROWN of THORNS.

Micki Free from the original Crown of Thorns lineup and Tommy Lafferty who took over when Free went solo. Free whose career includes the debut Crown of Thorns album which set off a bidding war in the industry is also a multi-platinum recording artist and Grammy award winner.

The guitarist on the right is Dario just being Dario. In music magazine reviews he is routinely mentioned as being one of the most charismatic and entertaining bass guitarists performing today. Beauvoir who is well known for his stage presence and charisma doesn't hold back making the combination and stage interaction with both Dario and Lafferty one of the most entertaining LIVE ROCK events to see.

Watch for their 2017 schedule.

Follow Crown of Thorns:
COT | Facebook:

Some Crown of Thorns Videos:
COT | Dying for Love:

COT | Hike It Up:

COT C House of Love:

COT | Rock Ready

COT | iTunes:

Follow Tommy Lafferty:
TL | Facebook:
FTF | Website:
FTF | Facebook:

Follow Jean Beauvoir:
JB | Website:
JB | Facebook:
JB | YouTube:


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Classically Trained Saxophonist Taking Bold Steps - New Jazz Music

A 25-year-old with an old soul. Sunny personality, with homemade qualities, and a love of relationships between music passion, family and friends. Braxton’s positivity acts as a way to create a message and theme in his music and overall brand of new jazz music

As a recent Juilliard graduate and a classically trained saxophonist, Braxton is now taking bold steps to create his own lane in music -- even if that means defying what his schooling and peers may expect of him. In his upcoming single, "Somewhere in Between," Braxton debuts his vocal talent to show the world you can find balance in who you are, what others expect of you, and ultimately find your own lane.

"For me, my sound and musical identity has always been in between the soul music that I grew up on and the jazz that I have studied and grown to love. So I wrote this song to say, that it's okay to be a little different. We should embrace our uniqueness and follow through with it." - Braxton Cook

SOUNDS LIKE: "Black American Music": laid back, mellow, soulful, honest, inspired by new jazz music, soul and R&B, singer-songwriters.

"I want people to be musically moved like John Coltrane. Moved by the music and spiritual experience." - Braxton Cook

Website: http://www.BRAXTONCOOK.COM

Dan McCarthy Releases New Video And Single "Ladybug Point" Worldwide

It was 20 years ago while traveling the coast of Oregon when McCarthy and his then girlfriend Karen stopped to take in the view. It was there, as the two gazed at the beauty of the towering cliffs and with the sounds of the crashing waves below, the poem, "Ladybug Point" was written on a tattered piece of note paper. The two would later be married and go on the build their family and life together as the poem remained in a drawer for the next 18 years. In 2014, McCarthy was inspired to write a song from his poem and later was added as one of the songs on his first EP.

In 2016 McCarthy submitted one of his songs to Music 1 Radio, the internet radio station sponsored by Star 1 Group. Laura Patterson, President of Star 1 Group, Star 1 Records, and Shine On Records heard McCarthy's song and contacted him for a phone interview. What resulted was a newly produced video for Ladybug Point and a complete remix that became the soundtrack and a new single. "I was taken by both the simplicity and beauty of the song. After learning that it was inspired by a poem, it was easy to understand why", stated Ms. Patterson.

The video is available on Vevo and all of it's 11 supported platforms along with Sony's Video Zone in Europe and Music 1 Television. The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and from over 600 more outlets worldwide.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Piper Madison Brings Those Girls

She went from country girl to city girl, and now she's sippin' on Starbucks lattes, doing the Arianna Grande hair flip and wearin' that bright red lipstick, as one of "Those Girls."

Rocket ships, aliens, pretty girls, singing, dancing, playing guitar and, of course, wearing lots of red lipstick. That, the atmosphere in Piper Madison's new, fun, alternative rock/pop video, "Those Girls," expected to skyrocket the teen singer/actor and songwriter to the top of the pop music charts.

Madison's video is based on a song with catchy music and tight lyrics written by the 14-year-old, perhaps best known for her role as Zelphaba, a magic and spell-toting teen in the Nickelodeon TV show, "100 Things to Do Before High School."

In addition to acting, the talented youth plays several instruments, including guitar, which she performs on camera in the video. She has been singing and writing songs since her parents gave her a guitar for her eighth birthday. She also plays, piano, ukulele and banjo.

"I love all music," the young girl says, listing a plethora of genres, from country and rock to modern pop.

"I like to listen to Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Amy Winehouse and a lot of others," she says, adding, "I also listen to music from my country roots."

Madison and her younger sister, Skylar moved from her birthplace of Louisville, Kentucky to Toluca Lake, Calif., with their parents, five years ago.

The two young girls originally came to Los Angeles for an acting camp, and became so enamored with acting and Hollywood they talked their parents into making the cross-country move, according to Madison.

She's currently a high school sophomore in an independent homeschool-style co-op, where she not only learns general coursework but also is gleaning all she can from a sound engineering class.

"I really want to know all aspects of music and recording," she says.

Madison writes most of her own songs, with catchy tunes and lyrics well-beyond her chronological age. She says she likes to infuse her humor and sense of place in her songs.

She mostly likes to write about everyday situations and things that happen or pop into her head.

"My main technique is I take a situation and exaggerate it," she says, with a laugh.

"Those Girls" came about from a suggestion from her mother.

"My mom walked into my bedroom and (says), ‘Why don't you write a song about being one of ‘Those Girls?' so I did," Madison recalls.

She's currently working on a full-length album based on songs she's written. The album is expected to be released in 2017.

For now, she's busy promoting the video, for which she's performing at a variety of venues, including talk shows and radio interviews, as well as performing as a featured artist with recording artist David Longoria at the opening of an Angels, major league ball game.

The video was produced by Bug on the Camel Productions and features Madison and several other talented teens, including her sister, who portrays the "Alien Queen," to whom Madison's character gifts a box of self-esteem, so she too can become one of "Those Girls.'

Madison and Skylar are used to performing together, having previously blended their voices and Madison's guitar licks in the duo, "Madison Fayre." The siblings previously released two songs together, "California Christmas" and "A Happy Holiday Medley."

Outside of her onstage life, Madison is a typical young girl, who loves shopping, reading Harry Potter books, listening to music and hanging out with friends, including her younger sister, who she says is a "good friend."

Madison also has two dogs and enjoys playing tennis.

Her vocal coach, Dennis John Napolitano, of Dennis John Studios in Burbank, describes Madison as: "A wonderful girl with the wisdom and intellect of a 22-year-old."

"She thinks deep things and has a lot of wisdom at 14," he says.

Debralynn Findon, owner of Discover Management in Studio City, has been working with Madison since the family moved to Southern California.

"Piper is fun to work with and amazing. I love her video, the singing, the acting and the direction," Findon says, adding, "She's just one of "Those Girls" with incredible passion, drive and determination."


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Xavier Toscano's "Runway"

Xavier Toscano's latest video, "Runaway" is featured at Foot Locker stores nationwide. The song was also featured on the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians (it's just one of the five that made it into the hit show, from his latest project Feels So Good).
Xavier Toscano's latest video, "Runaway" is featured at Foot Locker stores nationwide. The song was also featured on the hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians (it's just one of the five that made it into the hit show, from his latest project Feels So Good).

Xavier's music is influenced by Top 40 radio and video. It can best be described as enthusiastic, energetic, dance-urban pop. He also blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show. Xavier has performed across the United States and Europe, and continues to entertain locally. Wherever Xavier performs, he is always praised for having a "ton of energy." Combine that with his strong stage presence, and you have well rounded entertainer who puts on electric and engaging show.

Xavier's music is influenced by Top 40 radio and video. It can best be described as enthusiastic, energetic, dance-urban pop. He also blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show. Xavier has performed across the United States and Europe, and continues to entertain locally. Wherever Xavier performs, he is always praised for having a "ton of energy." Combine that with his strong stage presence, and you have well rounded entertainer who puts on electric and engaging show. Website: Music:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nominated At Film Festivals Now The Album Praying For A Miracle By Michael Resin Released On Bongo Boy Records

Bongo Boy Records announces the release of "Praying For A Miracle"; the full length studio album by Swiss recording artist Michael Resin. The 10 track album is making its way to Hong Kong with Bongo Boy Records Star Program. This release will be available in Greater China, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries and here in the USA via CDBABY Worldwide distributors.

Michaël Resin residents in Lausanne, Switzerland and took music lessons at a very young age. Michaël has released a few singles and two albums with Stéphane Resin under the group name Be-Boys. In 2015 Michaël recorded his first solo single called "Point Of No Return" of his debut album "Emotion Sickness". Which were followed by a second single "What I Feel For You" and 3rd single "Only Human" in 2015.

Michaël returns to Bongo Boy Records with his solo album "Praying For A Miracle" and Bongo Boy Records is excited to distribute and promote Michael Resin’s latest album on their growing International roster.

This summer Michaël's music video "Falling feat. Benjamin Karmer" was aired on Television in New York City and went in heavy rotation Coast to Coast on 54 TV Channels that same month.

As a Film Director, Michaël has also produced the short film. "Vicious Minds Project" was seen last month on National Television in the USA via The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series. The short film has been accepted in many film festivals this winter and also has been nominated for the Nashville Universe Awards – Short Film. This film is available on Blu-ray and Amazon On Demand.

"Praying For A Miracle" is available via CDBABY as Compact Disc and Digital Downloads. The album is also available in Asia with Bongo Boy Records ASIA as a digital download with online retail sites like KKBOX, Omusic, Taiwan Mobile, OMusic, Xiami, China Telecom, China Unicom and many others.

Praying For A Miracle - Album
1. World Is Mine 2:26
2. Vicious Minds Project 3:48
3. Get Away 2:37
4. Gates Of Hell 3:31
5. New Romance 4:00
6. Nothing Is Forever 4:44
7. Lord Knows 3:12
8. Falling feat Benjamin Karmer 3:18
9. Praying For A Miracle 3:24
10.Vicious Minds Project Acoustic 3:21

Available on Bongo Boy Records
Artist official website:
Twitter @michaelresin


Killer Tracks Releases "Legacy"

Killer Tracks announces Legacy, a groundbreaking new addition to its production music catalog. Recorded live with an 81-piece orchestra, the collection of 12 original tracks represents the collaborative effort of four gifted composers and some of the industry's most talented contemporary vocalists. The result is a lush and invigorating musical journey blending rich orchestral arrangements and soaring vocals in trailer formats that will set the standard for the genre for years to come.

More than six months in the making Legacy is among Killer Track's most ambitious recording projects to date. "We assembled a group of composers, singers and musicians who are among the best in the business and tasked them with creating a new sound," says Killer Tracks executive producer Ryan Perez-Daple. "They pushed limits and you can hear it."

Killer Tracks composers featured in the project include Gregg Lehrman, Boris Nonte, Cyrus Reynolds and Billy Van. Vocalists include Keely Bumford, Sarah Westen Rasmussen, Ali Meredith-Lacey, Anthony Starble, Alexandra Schultz, Jay Stolar, Phillip Howard and Jeffrey Kolhede.

Lehrman, the recent recipient of an ASCAP Award for his work on the television series Ground Floor, found the concept of blending orchestra and vocals intriguing and the collaborative process of working with the other composers and vocalists (some located halfway around the globe) energizing. "There were a lot of brilliant people involved in this project," he says. "Half the fun was throwing out an idea and seeing what someone else came up with."

"It was a challenge to create big, cinematic music with vocals. The orchestra fills out the spectrum; adding vocals on top of that is a delicate craft. But, the results are amazing."

Lehrman points to the track Want It All as indicative of the album's intoxicating fusion of pop sensibilities and orchestral power. "It begins intimately with the music crafted around the vocals, and then it grows and grows toward a huge climax," he says.

It's that balance of style and grace that gives Legacy its unique sound and what makes it perfect for trailer producers looking for something new. "In the trailer world, you typically see purely instrumental tracks...all of these tracks include accompanying vocals," says Van. "It was cool to push that boundary."

Instrumental versions and shorter edits are also available for all tracks on the album.
Click here to see the behind-the-scenes making of Legacy.

Track Listing
1. Lay Me Down (Sarah Westen Rasmussen, William Patrick Van Alstine)
2. Oh Brother (Ali Meredith-Lacey, Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman)
3. Take These Arms (Anthony Starble, William Patrick Van Alstine)
4. Want It All (Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman, Keeley Bumford)
5. Dawn of Destruction (Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman, Phillip Howard)
6. Move Along (Alexandra Schultz, Gregg Lehrman, John Christopher Nye)
7. I Will Be Waiting (Sarah Westen Rasmussen, William Patrick Van Alstine)
8. Black Out the Sun (Jay Stolar, William Patrick Van Alstine)
9. Lux (Connor Shambrook, Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman)
10. The Flood (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Phillip Howard)
11. The Wolves (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Keeley Bumford)
12. Half-Life (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Jeffrey Kolhede)

Executive Producer: Ryan Perez-Daple

Recorded at: Budapest Music Center, Budapest, Hungary
Performed by: the Hungarian Studio Orchestra
Conducted by: Peter Pejtsik
Concertmasters: Balazs Bujtor, Pal Jasz
Recording Engineer: Viktor Szabo
Assistant Engineer: Tibor Laho

About Killer Tracks
Killer Tracks is a global source for pre-cleared music for film, television, advertising and interactive media. With more than 2,700 active albums from 37 global libraries, the Killer Tracks catalog spans every genre and features original works from some of the music industry's most innovative composers, artists and producers. The premium catalog is continuously enhanced with exclusive recordings and new music updates. Friendly, knowledgeable support is always available through a dedicated team of music search specialists and licensing experts. When music matters, rely on the production music experts at Killer Tracks.
For more information, visit or follow @killertracks on Twitter and Instagram.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Jean Beauvoir & Crown Of Thorns

Two festivals Jean Beauvoir and his band Crown of Thorns played this summer included The Graspop Metal Festival and Rockingham Live both of which features the best melodic hard rock bands from around the world. Both festivals have been able to attract the most popular international bands in the genre from around the world due to their large international followings which continue to grow annually.

Crown of Thorns was formed by Jean Beauvoir after being asked by Jimmy Iovine if he would be interested in recording something for Interscope. When word spread of the Jean Beauvoir project for his newly created band it led to a highly publicized bidding war between labels in the industry; including a bid by Prince, a fan of Beauvoir's previous works.

Interscope Records emerged the victor with a reported $1M bid with the Crown of Thorns self titled debut album eventually being released internationally through various labels. It remained on the UK ROCK charts for 6-months resulting in international stadium tours with well known bands and artists including Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Slash.

As a multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Jean Beauvoir has generated sales in excess of 40-million records worldwide to date and counting. His catalogue through his company Hot Boy Music/Universal Music contains over 500 published songs internationally. He continues to write, record and produce for himself as well as many other artists/bands. He tours as a solo artist and as the front man of his two internationally recognized bands; Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X.

Over the past two decades Jean Beauvoir has appeared on over 200-albums and collaborated with five artists who have been inducted into the ROCK 'n ROLL HALL of FAME.

Jean Beauvoir | Interview

Jean Beauvoir | Official Site

Crown of Thorns | Official FaceBook

Crown of Thorns | iTunes


Thursday, December 1, 2016

R&B Artist Jaye Valentine Launches Pandora Station Bringing Unique Sound To 250 Million Music Lovers Nationwide

Fresh on the heels of a performance-packed summer, Jaye Valentine is announcing the launch of her own Pandora internet radio station. Valentine's move to Pandora, one of the world's most popular personalized radio platforms,puts her music at the fingertips of more than 250 million music lovers in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

The station features new music from Valentine's much-celebrated EP, "SPECTRUM," including fan favorites This Night Only and Alter Ego. Also featured on the station are selections from other artists whose albums exemplify Valentine's musical style, which according to Pandora isis characterized by modern R&B stylings, electronica influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, groove based composition and melodic phrasing.

"I'm ecstatic for the launch of my Pandora station and for the opportunity for new and old fans to enjoy my music in rotation with other chart-topping artists that I admire, respect and enjoy," said Valentine. "The digital music revolution continues to usher in a wealth of opportunities for artists to gain new fans and listeners from across the globe, and I'm eager for even more opportunities to share my music with the world."

While Valentine's Pandora station and other opportunities have greatly increased her online reach and influence this year, she's continued to dominate offline and on stage with several high profile performances in top markets across the country. Last month, Valentine was a featured performer during Macy's Rip the Runway, one of the biggest fashion shows in the southeast. The event took place during the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta and was hosted by Empire's V. Bozeman.

Valentine's tour schedule also recently included a performance at the Houston Jerk Festival, one of the country's largest Caribbean-themed events, and she had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at Destiny Empowerment Seminar 2016, enjoying top billing alongside some of the nation's most accomplished and celebrated leaders in business and entertainment.

To listen to Jaye Valentine's newly launched Pandora station and follow the artist on the platform, visit or download the app. For more information about the artist and inquiries regarding bookings, endorsements and other elite opportunities, visit or contact Velma Trayham, founder of ThinkZILLA Consulting at 888-509-1145 or


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Washington State Rock Band Sees Charitable Efforts Pay Off

Snohomish, Washington's very own blues/rock sensation Under The Puddle is working hard to make a big splash in the music industry in 2016.

Their debut album "Moody Autumn" was released on March 31st and distributed by Distro KID. It is currently available on all major streaming networks and available for purchase on ITunes and the band's website.

The band has seen moderate success since the album release via their promotional efforts and through their charitable activities. The band has taken an activist approach to raising awareness about access to clean drinking water in their own state. Under The Puddle has recently been featured in the Snohomish News (link) and Skope Magazine (link) for their charitable campaigns of handing out clean drinking water and raising awareness.

Currently with the upcoming release of their first music video the band hopes to broaden their fan base via exposure and continuing to raise awareness about clean drinking water through their charitable activities.

Music Video Link

Band Website –
Band Soundcloud –

Discover Lyn Stanley | CD In Development "Looking For Angel Eyes"

"To Lyn-A Great Talent!" – Sammy Nestico

He chose these words to inscribe Lyn Stanley's copy of his autobiography.

Music was always part of Stanley's life. Her mother was a spirited jitterbug dancer, her father was an enthusiastic amateur jazz pianist and her grandfather was a trained opera singer. Despite this grounding in the arts, Stanley's mother steered her toward a corporate profession. College, a communications degree, a Ph.D. program, marriage, a successful businesswoman and later a competitive ballroom dancer took her elsewhere, but the lure of song is strong. She then sought out the late pianist Paul Smith and asked for a hearing. Vocal coach Annette Warren Smith, his widow, describes their reaction: "We couldn't get over how good she was. She knew she was a great dancer but she didn't know how good she was as a singer."

Lyn Stanley is dedicated not only to singing great songs in a singular manner but to making a fantastic-sounding ALBUM as well. This singer knows her way around quality recording reproduction, hiring the engineering monarchy of sound—veteran and 23 Grammy awards legend Al Schmitt and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. She records as the big names did at their respective peaks, at top tier places like Avatar in NYC and Hollywood's Capitol Recording studios. That voice of hers is captured the way it should be, via Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole's most beloved microphone, lovingly dubbed "Telly." Stanley is more involved than many singers in the recording, mixing, and mastering of her music, lovingly leaving nothing to chance.

Jazz singers, naturally, approach the art of singing in different ways—some employ the voice as an instrument, and songs become vehicles for flights of fancy. Other jazz singers value the song and its integrity—they get into the song, the story it tells, and make it sound as if it might have been written for him or her. Lyn Stanley falls into the latter category—while she brings a jazz sensibility to her singing, The Song is The Thing. (Jazz tenor sax icon Lester Young, for one, would not record a song unless he knew the lyrics.) Pianist Bill Cunliffe, no slouch himself when it comes to weaving a tale (albeit on the keys), said of her, "She understands the lyric and is able to communicate it to the audience." She is a singer inviting listeners to find a new truth within, all the while keeping the qualities that made the song special to so many listeners in many eras.

Stanley's maiden voyage, Lost In Romance brims over with a selection of standards that establishes her as a distinctive stylist with the Great American Songbook. Her crew, including ace drummer Jeff Hamilton, pianist Mike Lang, and saxophonist Bob Sheppard, provide spacious, swinging accompaniment that dovetails with Stanley's unerring, unassuming embrace of these songs' spirit. George Harrison's "Something"—a favorite of Frank Sinatra's—is given a shimmering, gently swinging, slightly bossa nova-flavored reading. "Too Close for Comfort" epitomizes Saturday night swagger and the promises of romance. Steve Rawlins' production gives the vocals and instruments such presence the listener is practically in the studio with the ensemble.

Potions (From the 50s) find Stanley extending the Songbook tradition with jazz-enriched versions of songs from the spheres of 1950s rock & roll and rhythm & blues. "I'm Walkin,' made famous by Fats Domino and Rick Nelson, is transformed into a sassy New Orleans-flavored panorama one can easily imagine sung by Louis Armstrong or Bessie Smith. "In the Still of the Night" because a languid jazz waltz and The Coasters' "Love Potion #9" an undulating, exotic bluesy tale of love-luck-gone-wrong. The spirit of N'awlins evinces itself yet again with the loping, genially seductive "After the Lights Go Down Low." Producer Kenny Werner's unfailingly lyrical piano alternates with the punchier key-craft of Mike Lang, while saxophonist Rickey Woodard lays down some earthy tenor reminiscent of the late great Turrentine.

2015's Interludes is her magnum opus thus far, a summation and a progression, as all the aspects of Stanley's approach come together in a sublime fashion. Among the cast of players herein is a quartet featuring pianist Mike Garson, longtime pianist and musical lieutenant for the late David Bowie from 1973 to 2003. He's a versatile musician that strides the rock and jazz spheres with equal aplomb. Instrumentation more varied—including jazz harmonica wizard Henrick Meurkens and trombonist Bob McChesney–arrangements on standards such as "One of Those Things" more complex yet maintain a sense of streamlined simplicity. Songs from the rock canon become uniquely her own—Pat Benatar's "Black Velvet" achieves a lusciously sultry ambience as does Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," delivered in a manner Peggy Lee herself might envy. These are high-wattage showstoppers and the band must have known when recording because these songs were recorded in one or two takes. "Whole Lotta Love" is the scratch vocal and this song was recorded as you hear it in 15 minutes during a power session at Studio A at Capitol Recording Studio," says Stanley.

The future is, as has been said, unwritten—and Lyn Stanley is a lady that's going to write new chapters in America's book of songs.

"She sings spot-on key, phrases with practiced ease, and simply interprets this set of juicy songbook goodies in such a way that one knows she has done her homework." – George Fendel,

"After listening to this recording we can safely say that Stanley is not only a singer, but a great singer of contemporary jazz. Knows how to choose the songs, find the best arrangements—they are anything but trivial–and her voice knows extract from the verses those feelings that authors have expressed in words." – Vittorio, MusicZoom (Italy)

Fourth Album in development
The Moonlight Sessions: Vol. 1
"Looking For Angel Eyes"


Monday, November 28, 2016

Level Up with Maestro 3DD4's Electrifying New Single "Worlds"

Uplifting, euphoric and soaring, Maestro 3DD4's new single "Worlds" captures the best of modern dance music and fuses it into a memorable and exhilarating package. This is the kind song that will get your hands in the air and your body moving as you lose yourself in these massive tsunami size electro beats. This EDM at its finest, neon, glistening and electric, the sound of new discoveries and the soundtrack to new friendships and long sweaty nights dancing until the morning light. If you are ready to level up, it's time to check out Maestro 3DD4's game changing new single "Worlds"!

Taking influences from modern electronic artists such as Tiesto, Hardwell, Andrew Rayel, David Guetta, Ummet Ozcan, and Mysto & Pizzi, Maestro 3DD4 is able to create a totally original sound that stands on its own. "Worlds" is the kind of track that will appeal to lots of different kind of listeners with the way it is able to build drama and tension with its taut stadium size rock and roll electro breaks. The perfect soundtrack to a night out, this is fundamentally dance music meant to move the body and invigorate the spirit.

Self released on Enlightening Records, "Worlds" is the perfect way to up the ante and set off the dancefloor. If you are looking for huge electronic music that will captivate audiences and get crowds moving you need to check out this track. Maestro 3DD4 is a talented new artist who is making quite a splash in the world of EDM. Check out this bright, young talent and get to know him as he sets his sights on global domination. "Worlds" is a truly bumping slice of electro magic and fans of heavy beats and massive drops the world over will gravitate towards this epic track.

New single "Worlds" features a hilarious video which was shot by the exceptionally talented FLB Studios. Look for the "Worlds" video anywhere banging EDM music is being shown. Be sure to check out "Worlds" and be on the lookout for Maestro 3DD4's forthcoming EP C-3 M.O.!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Zaena Morisho - "Zaena Now" Trending worldwide

African recording artist Zaena Morisho recently launched her latest EP titled "Zaena Now". The EP has received a positive response from fans and Zaena has now revealed her future plans.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Zaena Morisho is a recording artist, singer-songwriter and performer, who released her five-song EP earlier in 2016 on June 11. Titled "Zaena Now", the EP has received a positive response from listeners. Reportedly, listeners appreciated Zaena for her empowering music and her independent approach to her career. Music videos for singles "What Do U Want" now live on VEVO / YOUTUBE!! and more music videos are scheduled to be released 2017.

Following the success of this EP, Zaena is set to release her next EP. According to sources, she is working hard on new music and is also planning an international world tour for her growing fan base. A spokesperson for Zaena's record label D'zaena Ent made an official press statement to address the matter.

"Zaena is a strong and fierce female artist and by taking an individual approach to her musical career, she is doing big things. Her EP release was a major breakthrough for her musical career and now she is planning more exciting stuff. We urge fans to stay tuned as great things are being planned," stated the spokesperson.

More info about Zaena and the Zaena Now EP can be seen on her official website at