Monday, December 19, 2016

Atlanta-based Rapper Chris Jamez New Single "Street Soldiers"

Atlanta-based rapper Chris Jamez announced the release of "Street Soldiers", the first single off his upcoming second album release "No Urban Legend." Set for release on January 7, 2017, the album will be available on the label site as well as all major streaming services, including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Bandcamp.

In talking about his music with Skilly Magazine, Chris Jamez remarks that "music here in the A is mostly club catchy type music. It's cool sometimes, but we need balance. That’s why people are surprised with my music because it isn’t what people normally do down here." And much needed balance he does bring with this new track. Focused on the state-of-affairs evoked in Ferguson and Baltimore and more generally by BlackLivesMatter, "Street Soldiers" turns to real lyricism that has characterized some of the best Hip Hop of the ages to evoke the social issues confronting today's America.

His new album reflects his belief that the future of music is "slowly but surely it’s going to come back to lyricism." It is a belief that he has put in practice ever since he began his love for Hip Hop in his youth, rapping in his high school lunchrooms where he realized his talent was larger than a hobby.

Produced by Veteran Beatz, the album is the debut release under Outcastic ENT and goes in depth about the rappers trials and tribulations of his journey in the music industry. He began freestyling, sharpening his skills around the neighborhood when he connected with Koulie, formerly known as YT, with whom he would form the group Rasta G and record their first single, Soul Riser in 2012. He then went on to work on his solo project "Hits of an Outcast", produced by KL Static and recorded with Emerj Ent. which released the single "On the Edge" in 2013. Three years later after leaving leaving Emerj Ent., he is back with a vengance on a new label and with a new album that will bring listeners on an in depth journey of the trials and tribulations of his journey in the music industry.

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