Friday, April 16, 2010

2009 Music Video Awards Show Vitality Of Independent Music


Washington, D.C. - Wednesday April 14, 2010 -- AmericaFree.TV, LLC (, a leading Internet streaming television and movie broadcaster with 10 million global viewers, officially announces "Melancholyism" by Mostly Bears as the grand prize winner for the AmericaFree.TV 2009 Music Video Awards. First Prize winners are "The Youth are Disillusioned" by DDJ, for the Rock music category, "Love Is Gone," by Slum Peasants, for the Hip-Hop music category, and "Blue Sky" by KaiserCartel, for the Contemporary music category. All winners were chosen through audience participation and will receive a check for $ 100 from AmericaFree.TV. The winning music videos can be seen on AmericaFree.TV, or in VOD at

"I think that our awards show the incredible vitality of Independent Music. Music videos are not dead, they have just gone to the Internet, and we are glad to bring them to our viewing audience," said AmericaFree.TV CEO Marshall Eubanks. "Many of these videos have production qualities just as good as anything you will see anywhere, and yet they don't get much recognition," said Eric Connor, head of Music Content Acquisition for AmericaFree.TV. "So we thought we had to do something to fix that, and that's why we had the 2009 Music Video Awards," Connor continued.

The grand prize winner, for "Melancholyism," by Mostly Bears, was directed by Chelsea Coles. Mostly Bears are an indie-rock group from Tucson, Arizona, on Funzalo Records. One of Arizona's most accomplished new bands, Mostly Bears features fireworks, pounding drums, unusual backing vocals and sounds, perfectly rumbling bass lines, chaotic and frenzied guitars. Brian Lopez (vocals and lead guitar) said "We appreciate AmericaFree.TV for airing 'Melancholyism' and our fans for supporting us. We are currently writing and recording our 2nd studio album, which will be released sometime in the Fall -- keep checking our Myspace and Facebook pages for details. Thanks again!"

First prize in the Rock music video category goes to DDJ for "The Youth are Disillusioned," filmed around the Great Salt Lake in Utah by Jordan Media Entertainment. DDJ. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, DDJ has been a consistent musical presence since 2006, playing the 2009 Warped Tour on the Kevin Says Stage. DDJ is currently working on their 3rd album "The Battle for Hearts and Minds," and their new single is called 'Light it Up!'

Straight from the streets of Skid Row of Los Angeles are Slum Peasants -- Mercy Diamonds, Barabas, and Detox -- First Place winners in the Hip Hop Category for "Love is Gone." The video was directed by Brian Smith and produced by Braddon Mendelson of Noisivision. The Peasants music is "straight from the soul," according their website (, "music that uplifts and leads the soul into its intended destiny."

KaiserCartel, Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel from Brooklyn, New York, won First Prize for Contemporary for "Blue Sky" KaiserCartel construct gorgeous songs about living and loving, something they know about, as their musical and romantic lives are so entangled, it's difficult to say where one starts and the other begins. "We're very excited and honored to have won Best Contemporary Music Video for 'Blue Sky'. Thanks so much to AmericaFree.TV, to Kevin Schaefer, our DP, and to all of you who watched our video and voted for us!"

AmericaFree.TV (AFTV) broadcasts professionally produced content on multiple live channels on the Internet. To learn more about AFTV, visit the site at, or learn more about AFTV's music video competition at http://www.MusicFree.TV/2009/

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MusicDish & Music Matters Launch Newsletter Focused On China's Music Market


Music Matters and MusicDish are pleased to announce a joint venture to produce "MusicDish*China Monitor in association with Music Matters", a monthly newsletter focusing on the Chinese music market. 2010 has seen major changes to the Chinese music industry. Whether it's Nokia's launch of "Comes With Music," success of chinese indie bands at SXSW 2010 or fate of Google China Music, the largest music market is showing signs of coming into its own. Offering a mix of articles, interviews and news, MusicDish*China Monitor will examine the Chinese music market both from a business and technology perspective as well as its growing independent music scene.

The inaugural issue MusicDish*China Monitor in association with Music Matters will include:
- interview with Thomas Reemer, founder and chairman of, about their partnership with Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group
- article on brands and music artists by Adam Gerard, Tiger brand champion at Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd
- findings from Synovate survey on the buying habits and preferences of music consumers
- interview with Kenny Bloom, a 30 year veteran of the Chinese music industry and Founder of VisiTek Holdings
- feature on Chinese bands Poubelle International, Vivien Albarn's (Muscle Snog) The Curry Soap, 21g named after the movie "21 grams," Beijing indie veterans Hedghog and My Little Airport's songwriter Ah-P

Readers can subscribe to the monthly newsletter for free at

MusicDish President Eric de Fontenay said: "Our attendance and sponsorship of Music Matters 2009 opened our eyes to the opportunities and challenges in China, and was instrumental in MusicDish*China's development. We could not imagine a better partner in helping us communicate with a broader worldwide music industry the increasingly rapid changes shaping China and Asia."

Jasper Donat, Music Matters' President said: "With an exploding live music scene, over half a billion internet and mobile phone connections and a music hungry public, the Chinese music industry is experiencing a quantum shift in change. We are, therefore, delighted to be able to provide such a unique monthly newsletter and couldn't think of better partners than MusicDish with whom to give it a global voice."

The MusicDish*China site and podcast, co-produced with Hong Kong based Metal Postcard Records, were launched at .

About MusicDish*China (
Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, focused on the transforming music market in China. Leveraging its various online properties and growing network of Asian partners, MusicDish*China capitalizes on the growing interest in the Chinese market to educate and influence music executives and professionals worldwide. MusicDish*China also co-produces a monthly podcast in association with Hong Kong based Metal Postcard Records that covers the music and artists shaping the independent scene in China and Mandarin-speaking Asia.

About Music Matters (
Held annually in Hong Kong, Music Matters is Asia's first and only regional music business conference and was created to encourage positivity, innovation, collaboration and transparency within the music industry. In five years, it has evolved into an indispensable platform for accelerating the success and profitability of music in this region. Previous attendees include some of the world's most respected artists and industry leaders such as U2 manager Paul McGuinness, Harvey Goldsmith, Seymour Stein, Edgar Bronfman jnr, Nile Rogers, Nettwerk's Terry McBride, Jamie Cullum, Rock Record's Sam Duann, UMG Japan's Kei Ishizaka, Linkin Park's Rob McDermott, UMG's Max Hole and some major league stars from the Asian world of musicians, promoters, managers, agents, telco and tech. All have used it as a platform to promote and push artists, shows, business models and new ideas. All give it rave reviews and most return each year.

In 2009 Music Matters expanded it's horizons, producing a localised version in Mumbai, India (Nokia Music Connects) and the Music Matters Advertising Forum in Singapore.


Eric de Fontenay
skype: musicdish

Konstancija Stan Ruza
Commercial Director
Music Matters
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

88tc88: Connecting Western Bands & Chinese Fans Through Mandarin


By Eric de Fontenay (Founder & Publisher)
A growing number of Western music companies are dipping their toes into the Chinese market, hoping to increase opportunities for independent artists in one of the most dynamic and treacherous music markets ever. We've already reported on Australian-based Cowbell Digital Music, which launched a Chinese portal earlier this year. Now, Berlin-based 88tc88, which took advantage of the global attention on SXSW 2010 to introduce its Web-based translation service, is enabling Western bands and musicians to access and sell to Chinese music consumers.

The service tackles a basic problem with going global: If people can't search your band name or song title in a browser or search engine, you don't truly exist in that market. Considering the fact that searching the internet is the #1 way Chinese consumers access music, having your information accessible in Mandarin is key. This is not just true for Mainland China. Citizens of Taiwan and Singapore predominantly speak Mandarin, while countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have significant Mandarin speaking populations.

I spoke with Thomas Reemer, founder and chairman of about their partnership with Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group to launch the service, and how to avoid Chinese censors and monetization in the face of piracy.

Full Article:

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1 Sick Unit - Doing It Their Way


Rock n Roll has never been about compromising. Great rockers don't compromise on their looks, their music, their style, and they certainly don't mince their words when it comes to saying what they feel.

That's why 1 Sick Unit's new album 'Why So Socialist?' is one of those records that fits right into hard rock's chequered history.

It is an unapologetic howl against what these Pennsylvania rabble-rousers see as the ills of society. As they themselves state, they're not afraid to say what they think.

And that attitude is reflected nowhere more than on the anthemic anti-Barack Obama rallying cry "I Don't Like B.O."

It is the fulcrum around which the rest of the record - a darkly funny mash-up of rock'n'roll bedlam - is built, and is the most political song 1 Sick Unit have produced to date.

But these boys, weaned on the heavy rock of Kiss, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, have got a fun side to them too. This may be a political and social record, railing against the 'socialism' of the US government, but it is also funny and fun-loving.

'Why So Socialist?' is an album that will upset a whole lot of people. But a fair few will be singing along with every note too.

The album and single - 'I Don't Like B.O.' - are available to buy now.

1 Sick Unit Store:

1 Sick Unit, Why So Socialist at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rachel McDonald to Release B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E. Music Video

Up-and-coming soul and R&B singer Rachel McDonald has released her second music video featuring the song "B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E." from her debut record, "The Return of Soul." Rachel not only showcases her soulful voice and dancing ability but also the joy she and her friends find in her music. The video, directed by Biblical Jones, shows her music in its most natural environment: an uninhibited dance party.

B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E is both a tribute to McDonald's home city as well as a dance anthem. A bouncy beat and smooth bass line make this tune the quintessential club track. McDonald's voice shines here with a rich depth of tone the breakdown is infectious. Squares beware, like it or not, you will shake it.

McDonald has been singing and dancing since childhood. At 18 years old, she has acted in nearly a dozen plays and almost as many vocal showcases and dance performances. She has performed at numerous Maryland and national events including NFL 60, the Maryland Education Association's MLK Breakfast, the Maryland House of Delegates African American Patriots Day, and the House of Blues in Los Angeles. She received the National Society of Arts Award for excellent in the arts in April, 2009.

Rachel's fiery style and attitude earn her the nickname The Quick Hotness, a Kung Fu term describing one who moves so fast, they blaze their own path. To learn more about Rachel McDonald, The Quick Hotness, visit her websites:

"The Return of Soul" can be purchased at the following locations:

Eric de Fontenay
MusicDish, LLC
18-14 Astoria Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11102
T: 718.278.0662

Nashville: Paying It Forward With and 3rd Sundays at 3:00

By Michele Wilson-Morris
"It's really a celebration of the human spirit." These words, spoken by Will Carter of in Nashville, might never have been more sincerely stated or supported by technology, good will, and a city that is truly progressive. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting Will and his colleague, Doak Turner, about their website, and several other innovative things that are being done in Nashville, the music publishing capital of the world.

Will Carter is the owner of a financial services company with branches in Michigan, Florida, and now Tennessee. He has also been a musician and songwriter at heart for the past 20 years with 3 recorded albums. He moved to Nashville to run his newest business venture, but also wanted to indulge his creative side there as well. Being a business man, of course, he looked to the city for direction as to what he should do to begin his career there.

"It was like going to Vegas and finding that someone had hidden the slot machines or roulette tables when you'd come there to gamble. Everything I've read and seen about Nashville is part of what makes Music City (Nashville's nickname) such a great place. People come here because they want to see their dreams come true; they want to make it in music. Their dream is the slot machine and they want to pull the lever and see it happen." Soon after arriving in Nashville, Carter met Doak Turner, who gave him several contacts, but Carter found the process to be a bit more cumbersome than he thought it should have been. He was convinced that things could be easier, and began a journey to make that happen.

Read full article at

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Snoop Dogg Partners With Skullcandy & Indaba Music's Community To Source Remixes Of Rapper's New Single "That Tree"


NEW YORK, NY & LOS ANGELES, CA - April 7, 2010 - Indaba Music, the top online destination for music creation, and Skullcandy, the leading designers of headphones and lifestyle products, are proud to announce today the Snoop Dogg "That Tree" remix contest. Fans and fellow musicians can now visit to remix the rapper's new single "That Tree," from his latest album More Malice. The hip-hop legend has already collaborated with Kid Cudi on the song, and now he's providing the track's stems to Indaba community members with the challenge to remix the song, fill in Kid Cudi's verse with their own instrumental or vocal flavor, and get the chance to chill out VIP-style backstage at a Snoop Dogg concert—filmed for Skullcandy TV— and much more.

"I'm excited to see what talent is out there," says Snoop. "I want to see how creative and experimental these young producers and rappers can be with 'That Tree'."

Submission for the "That Tree" Remix Contest will be accepted through April 30, 2010 at 5:00 PM EDT. Winners will be chosen by May 13, 2010 at 5:00 PM EDT by Snoop Dogg, Skullcandy board members and Indaba Music's co-founder Mantis Evar. The First Place winner will be flown out with a friend to a Snoop Dogg concert and will meet Snoop backstage - all filmed on Skullcandy TV. The winner will also receive $1,000 in cash, a one-year supply of Skullcandy headphones (one new pair each month), have their remix featured on Snoop's official website and, and receive gear signed by Snoop.

The Second Place winner will receive a one-year supply of Skullcandy headphones, have their remix featured on Snoop's official website and, and receive gear signed by Snoop. Third Place will receive three pairs of headphones, have their remix featured on the two sites, and receive gear signed by Snoop. Ten Honorable Mentions, selected by the judges from the 25 most popular remixes, will also each receive a set of Skullcandy Headphones.

It's his natural appeal to both the hood and to Hollywood that has allowed Snoop Dogg to stay tremendously relevant through ten releases, including his recent Malice N Wonderland, and its immediate follow-up More Malice. Since bursting into our collective consciousness alongside famed producer Dr. Dre on the 1992 classic The Chronic, Snoop has remained a constant force in hip-hop and a household name around the world. As Creative Chairman of Priority, the label that helped established West Coast Rap, Snoop is helping to re-launch Priority and serve as Executive Producer for a series of Priority releases commemorating the label's 25th anniversary in 2010. With his involvement in movies and reality TV shows such as E!'s Snoop Dogg's Father Hood and MTV's Dogg After Dark, Snoop remains at the forefront of the rap game and also at the apex of popular culture.

Skullcandy designs and constructs premium headphones, ear-buds, speaker docs, audio accessories, and other audio-enabled lifestyle products. Skullcandy also collaborates with top brands to integrate its speaker technology into products from snow helmets to jackets, beanies and bags. The Skullcandy family includes exclusive partnerships with: Roc Nation, a Jay-Z-founded music and entertainment company, Mix Master Mike, the National Basketball Association, and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with branded Skullcandy stages at the Joint, Wasted Space, Rehab, and Friday night live. Skullcandy's roster of artists and athletes is amongst the most prolific in any industry, including rap czar Snoop Dogg; snowboarding legends Terje Haakonsen, Mark Frank Montoya and Devun Walsh; skate pros Lizard King, Theotis Beasley and Greg Lutzka; surf rulers Kai Otton, Kolohe Andino, the Gudauskas brothers, and Clay Marzo; as well as free-ski greats Tanner Hall, Kaya Turski, and Tom Wallisch. Skullcandy gear is sold globally through top retailers, specialty outlets and can be viewed online at

Indaba Music offers the leading suite of online tools that enable artists all over the world to create music together online. Members can connect with an international community of musicians to create online recording sessions, editing and mixing tracks recorded in different parts of the world using its digital audio workstation (DAW). Indaba's collaboration opportunities have previously featured such diverse artists as The Roots, Yo-Yo Ma, Mariah Carey, Crystal Method, John Legend, Alkaline Trio, Har Mar Superstar and more.

Erik Stein
Scoop Marketing for Indaba Music

Leland Drummond

Cashmere Agency for Snoop Dogg