Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rachel McDonald to Release B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E. Music Video

Up-and-coming soul and R&B singer Rachel McDonald has released her second music video featuring the song "B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E." from her debut record, "The Return of Soul." Rachel not only showcases her soulful voice and dancing ability but also the joy she and her friends find in her music. The video, directed by Biblical Jones, shows her music in its most natural environment: an uninhibited dance party.

B.A.L.T.I.M.O.R.E is both a tribute to McDonald's home city as well as a dance anthem. A bouncy beat and smooth bass line make this tune the quintessential club track. McDonald's voice shines here with a rich depth of tone the breakdown is infectious. Squares beware, like it or not, you will shake it.

McDonald has been singing and dancing since childhood. At 18 years old, she has acted in nearly a dozen plays and almost as many vocal showcases and dance performances. She has performed at numerous Maryland and national events including NFL 60, the Maryland Education Association's MLK Breakfast, the Maryland House of Delegates African American Patriots Day, and the House of Blues in Los Angeles. She received the National Society of Arts Award for excellent in the arts in April, 2009.

Rachel's fiery style and attitude earn her the nickname The Quick Hotness, a Kung Fu term describing one who moves so fast, they blaze their own path. To learn more about Rachel McDonald, The Quick Hotness, visit her websites:

"The Return of Soul" can be purchased at the following locations:

Eric de Fontenay
MusicDish, LLC
18-14 Astoria Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11102
T: 718.278.0662
E: ecfont@musicdish.net

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