Friday, April 16, 2010

2009 Music Video Awards Show Vitality Of Independent Music


Washington, D.C. - Wednesday April 14, 2010 -- AmericaFree.TV, LLC (, a leading Internet streaming television and movie broadcaster with 10 million global viewers, officially announces "Melancholyism" by Mostly Bears as the grand prize winner for the AmericaFree.TV 2009 Music Video Awards. First Prize winners are "The Youth are Disillusioned" by DDJ, for the Rock music category, "Love Is Gone," by Slum Peasants, for the Hip-Hop music category, and "Blue Sky" by KaiserCartel, for the Contemporary music category. All winners were chosen through audience participation and will receive a check for $ 100 from AmericaFree.TV. The winning music videos can be seen on AmericaFree.TV, or in VOD at

"I think that our awards show the incredible vitality of Independent Music. Music videos are not dead, they have just gone to the Internet, and we are glad to bring them to our viewing audience," said AmericaFree.TV CEO Marshall Eubanks. "Many of these videos have production qualities just as good as anything you will see anywhere, and yet they don't get much recognition," said Eric Connor, head of Music Content Acquisition for AmericaFree.TV. "So we thought we had to do something to fix that, and that's why we had the 2009 Music Video Awards," Connor continued.

The grand prize winner, for "Melancholyism," by Mostly Bears, was directed by Chelsea Coles. Mostly Bears are an indie-rock group from Tucson, Arizona, on Funzalo Records. One of Arizona's most accomplished new bands, Mostly Bears features fireworks, pounding drums, unusual backing vocals and sounds, perfectly rumbling bass lines, chaotic and frenzied guitars. Brian Lopez (vocals and lead guitar) said "We appreciate AmericaFree.TV for airing 'Melancholyism' and our fans for supporting us. We are currently writing and recording our 2nd studio album, which will be released sometime in the Fall -- keep checking our Myspace and Facebook pages for details. Thanks again!"

First prize in the Rock music video category goes to DDJ for "The Youth are Disillusioned," filmed around the Great Salt Lake in Utah by Jordan Media Entertainment. DDJ. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, DDJ has been a consistent musical presence since 2006, playing the 2009 Warped Tour on the Kevin Says Stage. DDJ is currently working on their 3rd album "The Battle for Hearts and Minds," and their new single is called 'Light it Up!'

Straight from the streets of Skid Row of Los Angeles are Slum Peasants -- Mercy Diamonds, Barabas, and Detox -- First Place winners in the Hip Hop Category for "Love is Gone." The video was directed by Brian Smith and produced by Braddon Mendelson of Noisivision. The Peasants music is "straight from the soul," according their website (, "music that uplifts and leads the soul into its intended destiny."

KaiserCartel, Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel from Brooklyn, New York, won First Prize for Contemporary for "Blue Sky" KaiserCartel construct gorgeous songs about living and loving, something they know about, as their musical and romantic lives are so entangled, it's difficult to say where one starts and the other begins. "We're very excited and honored to have won Best Contemporary Music Video for 'Blue Sky'. Thanks so much to AmericaFree.TV, to Kevin Schaefer, our DP, and to all of you who watched our video and voted for us!"

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