Monday, April 19, 2010

Koko Dozo "Feel The Zuzz!" EP Release Party At NY's Union Square Lounge


Koko Dozo, the "Post-Disco" Duo from New York City, will give a deluxe performing their official "Feel The Zuzz!" EP party at New York's hip Union Square Lounge. The EP was released on March 23rd by run by former New York Dolls manager, A&R/record producer Marty Thau (Suicide, The Real Kids, The Fleshtones). Since the release of their first album, "Illegal Space Aliens" in 2008, this daring duo has become a force to be reckoned with! Their single "Boomchi" became an instant dance-floor classic, and was included on the final season of Showtime's "The L Word."

Koko Dozo "Feel The Zuzz!" Album Release Party
Hosted by the Gorgeous Deryck Todd, Etie and Michael Gogel
Featuring DJ's Amylulita (Nacotheque) and Sean MF'n Roberts (Unstoppable Perfect)
Union Square Lounge
30 East 16th Street (Below Coffee Shop)
Tuesday, April 20, 12:00 AM
5$ Drink specials from 8PM-10PM
Vodka Open Bar from 10PM-11PM

Critics are already raving about this Zuzztacular EP!

"Perhaps most importantly, the songs themselves are tuneful little ear-borers, harking back to NYC clubland's '80s heyday—these tracks would have killed at Danceteria." - Bruce Tantum, Time Out NY

"And that's the heart of Koko Dozo, a hodgepodge pop entity that's bathed in dance music's more glammy, grimy past and full of the early 80s excess that birthed pop music from its disco father and mother." - Jeff Meltz, The Culture of Me

"Tunes like "Lay That Body Down" and "Bastards in Bazbador" sound amazing on the pavement of the Lower East Side.." - Peter Davis,

Feel The Zuzz is available at iTunes and iTunes International/Napster and Napster International/eMusic and emusic UK/Yahoo Music and Yahoo MusicMatch/Real/Rhapsody/Microsoft Zune/Amazon Digital/Insound Digita/Liquid Audio-Wal Mart/ Starbucks-Hear Music/ Peer Impact/Sony Connect/Download Punk/Pure Tracks-Canada/Audio Lunchbox.

Polarity/1, multi-instrumentalist/arranger/composer/producer, brings the beat to Koko Dozo's space age disco thump. A veteran of all things electronic, he has four cult classic CDs of both electro-folk songs and all-instrumental electronica on subTEKst Recordings including one by Audioplasm. He also composes for film and for performances by Battery Dance Company and Quorum Ballet of Lisbon.

Amy Douglas is a vocalist/pianist/songwriting extraordinaire who has been vaporizing the earwax of many a listener. With four and a half octaves worth of nuclear acid lung power at her disposal, she is a former member of the notorious Squeezebox House Band, and has worked with legends ranging from Jayne County to George Clinton. Now supplying the fire for many vets of the electro and house genre, from jazz to funk to punk, there is nothing her tongue hasn't torched.

Bending genres and madly tweaking the DNA of Groove -- their mission has proven successful thus far, as they've spread their funky virus to the delight of the blogosphere where they've accrued stellar reviews. KOKO DOZO was named IndieMusicUniverse's " Band of the Month" for September, 2009.

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