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Indie Rocker Albert Bevia To Release His Debut EP "You." On October 15, 2016

Indie rocker Albert Bevia is set to release his anticipated debut EP "You." on October 15, 2016 via iTunes and Amazon.

Albert Bevia is a indie rock singer-songwriter from Segorbe, Spain, inspired by the 80's New Romantics sound and the Factory Records era.

His 7-song debut EP brings back memories of the late 70's to the early 80's post punk movement. No denying the obvious influences of The Smiths, Joy Divison, and The

cure, but with his own sound and style.

After receiving several glowing reviews from top music blogs and magazines, this is an artist to keep your eye on.

To learn more about Albert Bevia visit:

Official Website:



Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hand Claps For The Boy Band TGB's New Music Video

Have you ever seen a 10-year-old, natural-born R&B musician who can perform the thrills out of you? If the answer is YES, then you must have already seen The Gore Boyz's music video "TGB HANDCLAP (Superman Like Cam)". This R&B trio is made up by the pre-teen/teenage Gore brothers: Herman ages 15, Edwin ages 13, and Sean Michael ages 10. What they are able to offer in this music video is both years of performing experience that is beyond their age, and the bursts of musical enthusiasm that come from their young and energetic hearts.

What I love about this "TGB HANDCLAP (Superman Like Cam)" video is how The Gore Boyz present the choreography, musical arrangement, and video production in a mainstream-R&B-music-video vibe, but also add their original young Pop culture such as hoverboards, or dancing with 50+ friends in the school gym. On top of that, this song is a tribute to the Carolina Panthers star MVP Cam Newton, which attracted attention of local news stations and earned the boys more than 154,000 views on YouTube.

The Gore Boyz have spent the last six years in intense talent development following the Berry Gordy Motown model, and their music is heavily influenced by old school R&B bands and the trendy new sounds of pop, R&B, and hip-hop. They have been playing live for diverse audiences in cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC, Detroit, Hawaii, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada as well as at the Carowinds' Palladium, festivals, expos and the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. They have opened for artists such as American Idol winner Fantasia, Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, Tank, and Eric Benet, just to name a few. The youngest brother Sean Michael has performed on stage with Justin Bieber during the 2016 Purpose Tour in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Controversial Artist NEO 10Y Kills Donald Trump In Shocking Concept Film

Controversial music and visual artist NEO 10Y today released a three-part concept film depicting the death of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Link to view and embed:

The six minute documentary style film "NEO 10Y vs. NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump (A Concept Film)" shows the story of a drug forlorn Times Square Mickey Mouse impersonator convincing Donald Trump to end his life. The film contains an explicit rape scene between Trump and Mickey Mouse and a long lasting visual of Trump's burning flesh alongside impactful pop culture commentary through visuals and insightful lyricism from the artist juxtaposed against the current American political landscape.

The film acts as a public service announcement/wake up call for US Citizens to vote against Trump and his divisive ideals on November 8th. It is accompanied by the following letter from the anonymous British artist who has been described as the "Banksy of music".

A Letter from NEO 10Y:
"There remains just over one month until what will arguably be the most important tipping point for humanity on both a socio-economic and political level.

This is based on the election of a single figurehead on November 8, who will lead the world and global mindset in one of two directions.

As a creative community, it is our role to educate and inform through artistry, NEO 10Y x NIHIL: The Kid That Killed Trump seeks to be part of the glue that bonds us to raise awareness and unite within a construct wherein we are being forced to divide.

2016 has already taken human kind on an arguably apocalyptic turn inciting a race war, a class war, hatred and the marginalisation of under represented communities; not to mention the grave death toll through violence through ignorance and hatred - all stemming from the dangerous mindset of one particular figure head.

As a British artist that experienced the repercussions of Brexit firsthand, I have spent the last three months creating in America to urge you to be vocal and vote for peace - to eliminate the hatred, fear-mongering, xenophobia, misogyny, transphobia, division, racism that this demon is breeding.

America, your decision on November 8 will affect the entire world.

The footage in this film was captured on the night of the first presidential debate (26 Sept) with my friend Andrew Kass (Dazed) on cinematography. The story, lyrics and accompanying tracks are written and performed in this film by myself NEO 10Y; AMERIKKKA (produced with JEZTLS) and JANIS (produced with are already available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL and also SoundCloud for free. The third track, Wild West (produced with is set for release soon.

Created in London, New York and Los Angeles, this is the most creatively ambitious project I have ever undertaken. I hope that it opens up some minds, as it aims to creates a concept reality that we should each be experiencing in order to move forward as society."

About NEO 10Y:

Film summary:
A six minute concept documentary and three part self-directed music video from artist NEO 10Y ( showing the story of a drug forlorn Times Square Mickey Mouse impersonator convincing Donald Trump to unfollow himself and end his own life. Contains scenes of a sexual nature and impactful commentary through visuals and insightful lyricism juxtaposed against the current political landscape of America.

The message from the still anonymous British artist is intended as a wake up call to America in advance of the presidential elections on November 8th.

AMERIKKKA, JANIS and WILD WEST, all written, performed and co-produced by NEO 10Y.

Link to view film:

Additional information links:


Jordan Green signs with Bongo Boy Records

At 18-years-old, Jordan Green is already an accomplished songwriter and musician. Born and raised in Northern, NJ, Jordan has a unique style with a sound best described as upbeat roots rock with a country feel. He has a knack for writing a catchy chorus and his melodies are perfectly crafted to highlight his clever lyrics.

Recently a fan commented on a local radio show that Jordan is "everything that's right about music," lofty praise for an artist of any age. Jordan's original songs consistently get dropped into regular rotation on stations across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, reaching as far out as the Fiji Islands. Four of his singles have appeared on the Nashville indie charts, with two reaching #1 in the past year. His newest single, "Song About You", was the #1 requested song during the month of June on 2RDJ-FM radio in Sydney, Australia.

Jordan's single "Budge" earned him an honor award in the Paramount Song Summer Songwriting Contest in Nashville. He was also nominated for the 2015 Nashville Universe Awards in three categories, including Best Male Vocalist.

Jordan performs, with & without his band, "The Good Enuffs, throughout the tri-state area. Highlights include appearances at Hershey Park, the NJ State Fair, Staten Island Fleet Week, The Bitter End in NYC, the Dewey Beach (DE) Music Festival, The American Picker's Store, Nashville and his personal favorite, The Bluebird Caf�. Locally, Jordan's band has been a regular at Mexicali Live, The Crossroads, Hat City Kitchen, Roxy & Dukes, 10th Street Live and Just Jake's. He's also had the privilege of performing on the stages at the PNC Bank Arts Center, Carnegie Hall, and for a national audience of over two million viewers on the Fox & Friends TV Show.

Jordan plays several instruments including guitar, bass, keys, double bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, trumpet, cello and french horn. He gives private lessons and teaches songwriting classes. He is also currently writing songs for other artists and producing an EP for up and coming pop singer, Trevor Rose. Jordan also and co-wrote a new single "Here I Am," with singer-songwriter and radio personality, Ray Powers, which is currently charting on the Nashville indie charts.

Jordan's debut album "Needle in a Haystack" will be released on the Bongo Boy Records this October.

Record Label Web Site:

Follow Jordan on his social media sites:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Indie Spoonful Offers Music Reviews

BWH Media announces the launch of Indie Spoonful. The eZine focuses to Indie Music Reviews, Interviews and News.

Indie Spoonful is actively seeking artists and bands who have original material for review. Indie Spoonful provides in-depth, well-written, quality reviews for selected artists. To read some recent reviews, visit our website at

According to Google Analytics, the site is already getting 400 hits a day from all over the world with fans from the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and France.

Indie Spoonful accepts artists of all genres. We also work with managers, promoters, and labels. Music Reviews increase an artist's visibility and credibility. As Indie Spoonful is selective, the eZine maintains a high level of quality.

If you are interested, please follow the Artist Submission guidelines at

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Plunky & Oneness Unleash New Album: Juju Jazz Funk

Plunky & Oneness continue their decades long output of extraordinary music with their latest album, Juju Jazz Funk. Produced by band master, J. Plunky Branch, with son, Fire, the new album is a distinctive and notable collection of melodies and messages for modern music lovers. Juju Jazz Funk contains nine original songs, along with two bonus tracks recorded live at a 2016 summer concert when the group performed with George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic.

Plunky, the ageless sage (think Quincy Jones, Hugh Masekela and George Clinton), recently published his autobiography, Juju Jazz Funk & Oneness. Though released separately, the new CD is the book's companion piece. Together, the two works document the fusion of Plunky's musical and philosophical visions. The range of cross-generational creativity is on full display in the variety of the grooves and the consciousness raising songs on Juju Jazz Funk.

The album represents an intersection of current and cutting-edge. There are two contemporary jazz pieces on the album: "Move Forward," a funky instrumental just right for a party or smooth jazz radio playlist; and "One Love One Us," a soulful excursion featuring the lyrics and vocals of Charlayne "Chyp" Green, Plunky's longtime creative collaborator. Straight-up, old school funk is represented by new versions of two previously released songs: "This Is Our Time," written by Plunky; and "Plastic (Is Easy to See Through)," penned by Plunky's brother, Muzi, a mainstay, of the group for over 40 years. While these two songs were written decades ago, the funk and their messages are as timely and relevant as ever.

The underlying meaning in Plunky's "Seize the Time" is simple, direct and moving. While the mood of the song is somber R&B, the message is uplifting.

"What Love Is" is a song in the odd 15/4 time signature that maintains its groove under Plunky's rhythmic chanting "What love is, is what love gives..." Another chanted song, "Wisdom, Peace & Love" is in a mellow, progressive, modal jazz mode, reminiscent of Pharoah Sanders' early work. Both songs display the outstanding nu-jazz musicianship of the band.

Afro-future music is represented by two percussion-driven songs: "Nu Juju Drum Song," which Plunky composed by transposing a Nigerian juju music song into parts played on saxophones; and "Afro Future Dialogues," an excursion of improvised exchanges between saxophone, djembe drum and other instruments.

Juju Jazz Funk is both the name of this album and a new name for Plunky's multi-genre urban music. In addition to those previously mentioned, other Plunky & Oneness members featured on the album include: J. L. Harris, Bee Boisseau, Kaila Valdez and Abdou Muhammed. All contribute mightily to the vibe, imagery and performances of the band.

About this album Plunky says, "Sometimes it's not about the hype or the form or fashion; it's about the music and how it makes you feel. Does it move you, make you think, or laugh; does it raise your consciousness? Can it have a place in your playlists, can it be a part of your day or your week. Is it something you would share with a friend. That's why we spend all those hours creating and re-creating and tweaking and re-tweaking and agonizing and dreaming about getting the music out to people: to share the feeling, our perspectives, the vibe � in the hopes that someone will get it, be moved by it and share it."

Juju Jazz Funk is the latest edition of the spellbinding, conscious funk of Plunky & Oneness to be shared.

Contact: J. Plunky Branch, email: 804-397-9099/

Invigorate Your Life With Charity Ekeke's Uplifting Debut Album "She"

Charity Ekeke is dynamic and imaginative singer and songwriter who is behind the soaring debut album "She". Designed to be an uplifting and inspirational sonic journey, Charity Ekeke uses a backdrop of contemporary pop arrangements to explore more complex themes related to the self, womanhood, our global community and the imperative for all of humanity to live honorable and fulfilling lives.

This is music with a purpose designed to excite, invigorate and soothe. Across these songs, Charity is able to draw from the tapestry of her own lived experience as well as those of individuals around the world. In this way she has created a truly international album that will speak to audiences on all shores who appreciate passionate and moving music that is upbeat, positive and brimming with hope. Charity Ekeke's expansive and evocative new album "She" is the perfect way to celebrate the beauty and immense potential of humanity. This album will bring compassion, peace and love to all who have the privilege of listening to it.

Charity Ekeke's new 11 track album "She" is being released on the independent label Unity Gain Inc. on Friday, October 7th, 2016. Inspired by legendary recording artists such as Nat King Cole, Cliff Richard, Tom Jones, The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Shade, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, Journey, and The Commodores, "She" is a modern classic and a record that is sure to excite audiences of all ages. This is timeless popular music that is brimming with emotion, experience and connection. In this way it is a point of reference that will bring communities together.

Music with meaning, designed to heal and crafted with love, this is the perfect album for anyone who could use a reminder about how sweet this life is. Charity Ekeke is a skilled performer and you will be amazed as you reflect on your life and enjoy your time while listening to this music. If you are ready to step into a world of possibility and wonder, make sure you check out Charity Ekeke's groundbreaking debut album "She".

T: @131Charity

Saulito Music is proud to announce the release of 'Cielo Nocturno' by guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt featuring Jazz icon Larry Carlton

As the eyes of the world linger on Rio de Janerio, the 2016 Olympics and the vibrant Latin music that underpinned it, Saulito Music is proud to announce the release of 'Cielo Nocturno' by guitar virtuoso Russ Hewitt.

Released on the Saulito Music label the collection shimmers with the rumba flamenco rhythms and lightning guitar runs that have become trademarks of Hewitt's distinctive style. Not only that, it includes a stellar line up of musicians including percussionist Raphael Padilla (Miami Sound Machine, Chris Isaak), drummer Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Santana, Steve Winwood, Chicago), bass player Bob Parr (Cher, Barry White), guitarist Ardeshir Farah (Strunz & Farah), guitarist Alfredo Caceres (Gipsy Kings All-Stars) and most notably Larry Carlton who features on the delightfully easy grooving 'North of Home' which also happens to be the first track serviced to radio.

The recording was produced by Bob Parr and mastered by Chris Bellman (Van Halen, Elton John, Michael Jackson) who also mastered Hewitt's two previous releases, 'Bajo el Sol' and 'Alma Vieja'.

"His creative finger style has no limitations."

Both these albums garnered outstanding reviews from around the world and the favorable opinion gained from 'Bajo el Sol', rapidly translated into prolific airplay, a ten-week stay at #1 on Music Choice and inclusion on the ballot for the 52nd Grammy Awards in the categories Best Pop Instrumental Performance, Best Pop Instrumental Album, Best Instrumental Composition, Best Instrumental Arrangement and Best Engineered Album.

It took up residence on the Smooth Jazz indie charts for 16 weeks and the first track to be released to radio (the dazzlingly Latin flavored title cut) climbed rapidly into the Top 20.

The follow-up single, 'Lydia', enjoyed similar success, peaking at #15 and storming into the Billboard's Top 40. Not content with that, Hewitt then made it three for three with 'El Beso' which also made it onto that same Top 40 listing and was named as one of the top smooth jazz tunes of 2009 by

When Russ's sophomore project, 'Alma Vieja' came long in 2011 it delivered two more Top 40 smooth Jazz singles, 'Pacific Sunrise' and 'Samba Samba'.

"This is not one to miss for the true aficionado of the intricacies and flavors of smooth jazz and its close comrades we know as subgenres.
Two thumbs up to Hewitt卆gain."
~Ronald Jackson - The Smooth Jazz Ride

For more information go to


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Kiss Me - Sexy, Cool And Dirty By Brandon Jarod

Brandon Jarod is a self-taught and multi-instrument playing hip hop artist from Virginia Beach. Brandon writes and produces his own music. He started Nicobe records and released his debut in 2010. From his first release, "The Crush EP" to the latest single "Kiss Me," it is evident that Brandon is hitting the icon status in the industry sooner rather than later. His other release came in 2013, "The Age of Zero EP."

Brandon has over the years mastered his vocal range. He spends hours perfecting his vocals which have enabled him to traverse his artistic range with a lot of flexibility and ease. He adheres to his practice schedule followed by intervals of recovery and rest enabling him to perform at optimum levels irrespective of the pitch.

He has been able to create his unique voice that is not associated with anyone else in the industry. Brandon's vocals can only get better in the future as he expects to release more music.

Instruments and Performance
Brandon Jarod set himself along when starting his music and that has been his drive. His target has always been to be the best at what he does, and that is experiencing his music through instruments and performance. Brandon says he rewards himself whenever he gets something when training with his instruments or rehearsing for a performance to help his brain automate the "habit loop."

When training Brandon says that he doesn't always start his songs at the beginning as he aims at maximizing his willpower and time. He says it helps him in ensuring his performances starts and end well.

Writing and Arrangement
Brandon Jarod has over the years improved his music writing and arrangement skills and attributes it all to learning and listening. He has learned harmony by listening to various artists play, reading books on tonal counterpoint, and exercising various styles. Amazingly, he also takes his time to learn orchestration.

Brandon had to become an active listener by listening to tons of music from musicians he likes. He started by listening to music with just one instrument before moving on to those with two or three. Jarod started with what he had focusing on small pieces with simple themes. He did that every day working on his arrangement and the tremendous growth can now be reflected on his work.

Being a self-taught producer, Brandon Jarod has strived to improve the quality of his music. It hasn't been an easy walk but with dedication, practice, and experimenting with different beats.

Brandon listened to music that inspired his favorite musicians to understand their influences. He says it helped open his 憁usical peripheral vision.' He took it upon himself to search new genres and music just to widen his knowledge.

Brandon has always focused practice sessions for just specific parts of his production. He spent a lot of time exploring different mixing techniques and EQ settings. His production has improved at a high rate because he was never stuck in repeating the same patterns in his production.


The Gore Boyz (T.G.B.) Set Out To Save The Music Industry

When oldest brother Herman begged his parents to allow him and his two younger brothers to be in their 2009 talent show at their school, The Gore Boyz were born. All enrolled in music lessons, 15-year-old Herman takes on the ivory with the keyboards/piano, Edwin at 13 plays guitar, and Sean Michael who is only 10-years-old takes care of the drums. They have spent the last six years in intense talent development following the Berry Gordy Motown model. Influenced by old school R&B bands and the trendy new sounds of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, Herman, Edwin and Sean Michael formed the musical trio The Gore Boyz aka TGB and have set out to make their own mark in music.

Since starting they have been playing live, singing and dancing for diverse audiences throughout the country. They have performed in Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, DC, Detroit, Hawaii, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada as well as at the Carowinds' Palladium, festivals, expos and the Tom Joyner Family Reunion. They have opened for artists such as American Idol winner Fantasia, Jacob Latimore, Trevor Jackson, Tank, and Eric Benet, just to name a few. These incredibly talented brothers are not only gifted musicians and entertainers; they are also honor students, community servants and accomplished athletes.

With a new album coming out soon, they are now shopping around to different labels to see if one is interested in a distribution deal. They released "TGB Handclap (Superman like Cam)" off of the album, and it became a viral hit when it launched Super Bowl Sunday. They've been touring ever since, performing across the country and in the Carolinas. TGB is trying to get more attention around the country by using their social media and performing for all age groups and they have also been taking acting lessons as well because they would like to showcase their musical talent on the big screen.

In summary, TGB is a boy band in which they are talented but need a springboard to get them out there into the public's eye. There are not many up and coming young artists like TGB out there, so they are trying help preserve an endangered group in the music industry and that is young talented entertainers and Boyz have been in a Berry Gordy style training process for more than five years and just need an opportunity to help preserve good clean quality music and entertainment for the younger generations.

If you want to see how they started check out the video for "The Journey."


The Gore Boyz are a boy band with a twist as they not only can sing and dance thanks to training with the likes of Chuck Maldonado who has choreographed everyone from Chris Brown to One Direction, as well as Jodeci's Earl "One Love" Vernon", and Big Mike of Day 26 who practices with them regularly. With that they are saving a dying breed in the industry by working hard to bring boy bands back into the forefront of domination.

The Gore Boyz

Official Site:
Press Kit:
Instagram: @tgbrocks