Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hybrid Studios Hosts HSYAT Battle Of The Bands 2017

The Irvine High School Youth Action Team held their annual Battle of the Bands competition on Friday, February 24th at Heritage Park Community Center in Irvine. Bands from across Irvine's school district competed throughout the evening to win recording time in Hybrid's Studio A, and Woodbridge High School's Sundive was chosen as the winner after playing an impressive set to close out the night.

"Sundive's original music really caught our attention," said Hybrid Manager Mike Miller, "They have a really distinct style, and we think they'll shine in studio. We're absolutely looking forward to working with them!"

The 2017 Battle of the Bands marks Hybrid's fourth time sponsoring a HSYAT youth event. The studio provides sound, lighting, and the grand prize of recording studio time for event winners.

About Hybrid Studios
Hybrid Studios is a fully integrated multimedia production facility in Orange County, CA. Not only does Hybrid feature a state-of-the-art analog & digital recording studio; it also boasts a massive sound stage, including a pre-lit cyclorama. Equipped with the best gear and an experienced staff, Hybrid provides a variety of products and services to clients across the creative spectrum from recording, mixing and mastering to video and photography.

For more information about Hybrid Studios, please visit

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gale Forces New Album "Strawberry Peak" Releases March 7th Record Release Show At El Cid Friday, February 24th

Up and coming Artist, Jade Devitt of Gale Forces will be introducing his first full length album "Strawberry Peak" on March 7th, 2017. Gale Forces is best introduced as angular melodic driven rock. Jade's background as a drummer craves syncopated rhythms. Jade sings, plays guitar, bass, synths and drums. Gale Forces is bit unpredictable in regard to rhythms and feel, while always ballasting with melody and somewhat traditional song structure. The music leans more towards the physical or aggressive.

What to look for in 2017:

Gale Forces will release the full length album "Strawberry Peak" in early 2017, as well as a music video for the song "In The Rut" directed by Mike Bruce (Noel Gallagher, Russell Brand, Mischa Barton, Zoe Bell, Timothy V. Murphy, The Dandy Warhols). Gale Forces will tour locally in Los Angeles with a national tour to follow. The album was engineered and mixed by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death Valley Girls) at his Station House Studio in Echo Park.

Mark Rains is great to work with and he has a lot of interesting vintage gear and instruments. We recorded the drums and most of the rhythm guitars for the album to 2" analog tape, so it has a throwback kind of warmth to the recording. Mark fabricated a George Martin-esque analog tape loop for the drums on the song "Clean As Snow' - Jade Devitt

Guest musicians on the album include Autry Fulbright (..Trail Of Dead/ Vanishing Life), Erik Trammel (All Souls, Black Elk), Eric Akre (Treepeople), Robbie Williamson (We Are The World, My Name) and Jonny Flaugher.

The first self titled EP released April 2014, was recorded with longtime friend and Seattle alumni Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Tony Levin) at his studio Veneto West in Santa Monica.

About Jade Devitt:
Originally from Billings, Montana Jade started playing drums when he was 15. Jade joined a local punk band called Aspirin Feast at 16 in eastern Washington state. Performing at 16 in several post hard core/punk/emo bands before moving to Seattle in 1993 to join Engine Kid. Later joining the alternative rock band Lucky Me and signing to Revolution Records (Warner Bros subsidiary). Both Seattle bands toured the US multiple times.

Jade's earlier influences were mainly punk and hardcore music (Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Descendents) anything that was a soundtrack for his adolescent passion for skateboarding. Also, a local hero band Diddly Squat who were a hardcore band with a ‘cow punk' slant, that featured bassist Nate Mendel of current Foo Fighters fame and drummer Erik Akre who appears on two tracks on ‘Strawberry Peak'. The music of D.C. based indie label Dischord Records (Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring) was part of a steady diet in his formative years. Jade's early 90's Seattle roommates Sunny Day Real Estate were a huge influence. The debut albums of both Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters are core influences of Gale Forces. Both records are basically solo records, which is relatable since Jade's recordings are typically a mostly solo venture. Jade is also drawn to current bands like Battles, Tycho, Tame Impala, and TV on the Radio.

Gale Forces aim to bring a more tranquil quality to the music moving forward.
IG: galeforces

Stay tune for tour dates, music and new video 2017! Cheers!


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Angela Predhomme Gaining Exposure, Recognition

The laid back music of Michigan artist-writer Angela Predhomme seems to be a magnet for television, film and advertising. This season on Lifetime TV's hit show "Dance Moms," her soulful ballad "Let It Fall" was recently featured in the young dance star Daviana Fletcher's performance called "Shades of Blue." This is the second song featured on "Dance Moms," which follows the ups and downs in the world of studio owner Abby Miller, dancers and parents.

Other featured placements for Predhomme's music include a popular performance by dancer JoJo Siwa on "Dance Moms" in Season 5, called "Faith Is All I Need," featuring the song "Epiphany." Predhomme also garnered major exposure in Europe for the catchy song in an ING Bank advertising campaign. Her music has also been heard in popular television shows "Switched at Birth" on Freeform (formerly ABC Family), "The Voice" on NBC, and "Pawn Stars" on The History Channel, and many more.

Predhomme's songs are reaching around the globe with over 6 million plays through various media. She explains, "I love to create music, and the ultimate fulfillment for me is for my songs to touch people's hearts and speak to them. If this music can uplift someone or make them feel, think or reflect, then I've done my job, and that feels great!"

Laid back, soulful music with pop sensibility, oftentimes with deep or emotional lyrics best defines Predhomme's musical style. Her songs are available on iTunes, Apple, Spotify, and most streaming services.

Angela Predhomme is available for in-studio interviews and performances upon request. She is happy to tell her story in hopes of helping other music creators break into film and TV licensing.

Dance Moms "Shades of Blue" (S7, E4)
Demo reel – Angela Predhomme
Dance Moms "Faith Is All I Need" (S5, E24)

Listen to Predhomme's Music:
iTunes/Apple Music:

Website and social media:
Artist website:

Gig Performer 1.5 Makes Performing Live With Software Instruments Easier And More Musical Than Ever

With Gig Performer, Deskew Technologies established a powerful and versatile cross-platform host program that enabled keyboardists, guitarists, vocalists, and entire bands to assemble their favorite plug-ins into worry-free onstage rigs. Both virtual instrument and audio processing plug-ins alike could be patched and interconnected in any scheme the musician desired, then controlled via user-built panels that accessed key parameters via customizable "Widgets" such as knobs, faders, and switches. That patching and control panel setup is called a Rackspace. Now, Gig Performer 1.5 ups the ante with even more features that make getting through a live set as stressless as when working with hardware instruments.

Headlining these new features is predictive loading. If loading all the plug-ins for an entire set of music might ask too much of your computer's CPU and/or RAM, you can now pre-load only the plug-ins that will be needed by the next few Rackspaces in your Gig. These load in the background, so they're ready the instant you need to play the next song. Jumping randomly to Rackspaces beyond those that are preloaded might incur a slight delay (for example, if a new plug-in needs to load a large sample library), but with just a little bit of planning, transitions are absolutely seamless.

Speaking of seamless, Patch Persist is a Holy Grail among keyboardists, and Gig Performer 1.5 has it. If you switch Rackspaces, notes you've been holding down—either via a sustain pedal or your fingers on a keyboard—will not be cut off by the "patch change." Instead, they'll ring out through their natural envelope release until you lift off the keys or pedal, and new notes struck will play sounds from the new Rackspace. You can even control how long the audio "tail" from the previous Rackspace will persist.

New Widget groups empower you to command multiple parameters with a single movement of your mouse or hardware MIDI controller. This works like the "macro" knobs on many software synths, but with the advantage of letting you see how all relevant parameters are being changed at once, right from Gig Performer's panel view. Of course, you have complete control over the scaling (parameter sweep range) of any parameter, which makes it easy to implement useful musical moves such as cross-fades.

With tap tempo support, plug-ins using time-based functions such as tap delay or looping will now march to the beat you conduct via a pedal, MIDI controller, or Open Sound Control (OSC) message. Tempos specific to your current Rackspace can also co-exist alongside a "global" tempo for the entire Gig file, which is a lifesaver if your set list includes backing elements at different tempos.

Significant enhancements to OSC support include an updated template for the Lemur touch-control app on iPad — even Gig Performer's built-in guitar tuner can now show up on the Lemur display! Sticky notes lend "latch" behavior to a MIDI note-on message, with the note-off not being sent until you strike the note again; this is great for triggering and then silencing loops. An internal MIDI filter plug-in can block unwanted MIDI data from destinations you'd prefer not receive it, and the related MIDI monitor can display all MIDI messages coming into Gig Performer globally, or just those messages going from a specific MIDI-in Block to a specific destination.

Further additions include velocity layers, which can make selected MIDI-in Blocks trigger only those notes within a certain velocity range. As on a hardware synth workstation, you could trigger one sound (say, a piano, string section, or synth) playing normally, then an accent sound (say, a cymbal, orchestra hit, or EDM pitch-rise) if you dig in and play hard. Likewise, you can scale layers to output notes at specific velocities.

Main panel I/O faders are now grouped in sets of 16, which makes it easier to manage large numbers of channels you've mapped to inputs and outputs on your audio interface hardware. Changes in Widget values can be excluded from Rackspace variations, so that (for example) you don't need to worry about an abrupt jump in the volume of this or that plug-in.

Last but not least, Gig Performer 1.5 supports copy-pasting of Widgets—which saves time if you want to create multiple Widget sets for frequently-used controls such as organ drawbars or synth envelopes—and "hardens" plug-in validation so as not to crash if a problematic plug-in is encountered.

As always, Gig Performer's benefits include:
• Instant and glitch-free switching of Rackspaces (multiple plug-in setups).
• Full MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC) support; controllable from outboard interfaces such as TouchOSC and Lemur.
• Easy transpose, split, layer, and other functions you'd expect on a synth workstation.
• Intuitive and fun user interface for creating your Rackspaces.
• Low CPU usage compared to competing live plug-in host software.
• Works on both MacOS and Windows, with VST support on both and AudioUnit support on MacOS.
• Built-in tuner.

"I haven't encountered a live-oriented host program that combines radical open-endedness with relative ease of use as effectively as Gig Performer does." – Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine.

Gig Performer has an MSRP of US $249.00. Special pricing is currently available for $124.00. For more information about Gig Performer and to download a 14-day trial, please visit

Thursday, March 23, 2017

DJ Miss Tara Presents The Video For Her New Single 'Invincible'

The remarkable new video for DJ Miss Tara's latest single, 'Invincible' depicts a combination of acrobatics and fire dancers in the representation of a character who refuses to be defeated under any circumstances.

This video complements the relentless bass of the track perfectly and again shows DJ Miss Tara's ability and versatility.

"Invincible" is the opening track of the DJ's latest project, "Let's Live!" and provides an electric introduction to the album. The phrase 'we're taking over' features heavily in this single, which seems like a statement of intent as part of an album which presents DJ Miss Tara as a tour de force in EDM and marks the Canadian out as an artist to watch this year.

The video for 'Invincible' lurches from the surreal to the incredible and back again. A character taking off a horror mask to cover another's face in blood, while surrounded by fire dancers may seem out of place in another video, yet the scene is a fitting addition to DJ Miss Tara's single. She seeks to provide viewers with a memorable, shocking experience, which entertains them in a way that conventional EDM videos simply fail to.

As the main character in the video jumps in a series of ninja-style acrobatics, it becomes clear that the DJ is determined to offer not just a new perspective of the genre, but a style of EDM which complements this high energy, high intensity manoeuvres, which would be more commonly associated with an action film than a dance music video. This video, like DJ Tara's new album, is not for the faint-hearted.

The official video for 'Invincible' and album 'Let's Live!' is out now. 2017 is certain to be a special year for DJ Miss Tara.

You can view the video here:

KIKI LOVE IS Becoming A Legend In The Music Business.. She Has A Giant R&B Career Ahead Of Her

One of Hollywoods very own independent music awards platforms has acknowledged the singer songwriter Kiki Love and has awarded her the Best RnB SOUL Album for February 2017 this is what the Canadian Italian born HOT INDIE ARTIST 55 AND SEXY POT HAD TO SAY TODAY!!!

IT is with great pleasure to be sharing this wonderful news with you today.

This is an Honor to receive and share..

I love La la land the city of angels maker of shining bright stars ... California.. the center of the arts ..the home of Champions and the capital of dreams!!!

Illusion is a five star rated cd on amazon with top reviews by the 2017 Grammy Award winning group 'White Sun' and 2x Ms America Denise Richardson

IT is #1 on WEEKLY TOP 30 indie charts and is featured on THE Reverbnation Home page trending 3 times since it's release November 11 2016 and has received Awards from Hollywood's independent Academic platforms.

2016 Indie Music Channel Radio Awards for 'Blue Moon Sunday' best blues song ALBUM 'ILLUSION'

And 2017 February Best RnB Soul Album Akademia Music Award

I feel blessed beyond measure

God is real and HE is in control
Of it all.. I believe we have a purpose on this planet to help, to love, AND to inspire good change in us and in others.. to make this world a better place..and to spread love and peace
Thank you
Kiki love

Independent award winning artist
250 364-5678

God bless you
Kiki Love

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chonkillah Drops His Hot New Single Medicine


Medicine is the electrifying new single from West London sensation Chonkillah. Drifting away from lyrical triviality, Medicine is lyrically engaging and discusses a man's deep love for a woman, who he sees a his ultimate source of happiness and as the cure for his problems. The beat is original and exhibits Chonkillah's unique, extremely catchy style. Having made music for many years, Chonkillah draws inspiration from a variety of artists, ranging from Michael Jackson, to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, to Naughty By Nature, to Eminem and aims to break repeat buttons on many a computer with energetic music which can be listened to and enjoyed again and again. The song's hook is as difficult to forget as the song is to remove from your playlist.

Chonkillah stays true to his roots in Medicine's official video, taking in the views of London and providing some excellent shots of the city's landscape, which are interspersed by shots showing his love for the woman who is his medicine.

The song encapsulates the positive music which Chonkillah seeks to promote, spreading love around the world and getting everyone dancing. As we enter 2017, a year which is set to be marked by rising political tensions across the UK, this feel good tune, which inspires unity in the pure enjoyment of life, could be an ideal medicine for this increasingly negative and divisive political climate.

Chonkillah's Medicine is out now and available via

Apple iTunes -

Google Play -

Tom Greer And Sarah Wade's New Jazz Duet "Say It" Releases Globally

Both Tom and Sarah have diverse musical backgrounds, with Tom focusing on education, teaching voice and composition, while Sarah honed her musical chops performing in plays, choir and as a member of the internationally successful "Sweet Adelines" vocal ensemble. Both ran in the same musical circles and both performed with the local touring band, "Broken Spoke" led by band leader - Big Mike Griffin which backed up one of country music's most successful male artists, Johnny Rodriguez, who recorded a string of number 1 country hits during his career.

After hearing Sarah perform "God Bless The Child" at the Charlie Christain International Music Festival. Tom asked Sarah to record his song "Say It" which was currently in production at the time and due to be released by Star 1 Records, an independent label in California. After the label's managing director, Laura Patterson heard both versions of the song featuring Tom's vocals with the other with Sarah's, it was suggested that the song would really shine featuring both of their vocals as a duet.

"Say It" is now in worldwide release in 140 countries and available is from over 600 download and streaming sites including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and, iHeart Radio. The song is currently featured on Music 1 Radio, Jazz with distribution to college and public radio stations throughout the US.

You may preview and download "Say It" directly from Star 1 Entertainment's website:

Media Contact
Star 1 Entertainment Group
(310) 241-3321

Friday, March 17, 2017

David Vaters New Solo Release

Singer, songwriter David Vaters is a maverick in the Christian, Americana, Pop Rock, Country music world. He defies any kind of easy pigeonhole. David's distinctive haunting vocals & songs relevant to todays modern life reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in a troubled world.

As a songwriter he has written over 400+ songs & is releasing today a collection of 10 songs in his first solo album "A Voice in the Wilderness Volume 1" to radio and on iTunes, Spotify & all digital platforms & at -- all skillfully blended into a seamless flow. One fan said "Its music from the heart that hits you right between the eyes."

In a recent interview, David said, "I think what people will hear is something different but yet familiar. Different in terms of what I hope is a really honest and sincere message to everyone to wake up out of the distractions of social media, television and striving to accumulate stuff!

Vaters added, "We as human beings are flawed. Period. So as flawed human beings it is only by God's grace we can have hope that so many of us desperately need these days. I like to speak and write in a uncomplicated, compelling way that people will get it. It comes down to being relevant, real and true."

David deliberately steps into a creative and artistic relevant way crafting his style that is varied but uniquely David in Americana, Country, Pop/Rock and Christian music genera's with a collection of compelling songs with a unique sense of musical innovation.

"I feel like it's a good season regardless of what we see online & in the mass media and around the world every day," Vaters says, leaning back into the leather chair in the studio in Alabama. "After writing 400+ songs I have to say I'm pretty passionate about the songs on this album!

I am really excited about how they are going to move the listener, especially if they take the time to hear the lyrics and the recording nuances of the live off the floor players (in most cases). I'm having fun and I'm excited about this recording including the CCM timely single This Cross and It's Time and cross over songs like 8 Ways from Sunday and Running to You."

"What people are saying about David Vaters and A Voice in the Wilderness Volume One ...

"A very honest singer-songwriter album, with a Dylan-esque delivery of heartfelt lyrics to God, to family, to friends...very refreshing to hear."
Bob Farrell Grammy Award Songwriter and Producer

"What a total breath of fresh air! This record is unique and original, and full of an element seemingly missing in music in general.
It is the honest heart cry of a man birthed from the soul of David Vaters, this recording is full of songs about real life, our struggles and victories, and even the grief of saying goodbye." "It is my pleasure to recommend this collection of songs from one of the most original artist I've ever produced.
David Vest - Producer and Musician

'I encourage everyone to give this one a listen. "A Voice in the Wilderness" is a voice that calls out to everyone, and should be heard around the world!

No sound-alike here. David Vaters has been gifted with a uniquely-raw vocal style that takes a lyric and breathes life into every word.
This is heartfelt music that reaches down deep and grips the soul. Hear now a 'voice' unlike any other in Christian music today.
Myron Nash - Network TV and Movie Producer

THIS CROSS the first radio single is a double entendre talking about how there is a push to take down crosses from public spaces and also what may have been like to carry the Cross to redeem the world.

Single THIS CROSS NOW Available on Release [MPE 649711: This Cross]

David is available for media phone interviews. Please contact: Susan Harrison at

Visit David's website at for more information, including mp3's & contact info.
Be sure to visit his online press kit at


10 A-List Producers Re-Imagine 'Funkytown' Hit In Genres Ranging From A Cappella To Metal And More In 'The Funkytown 15'

After being featured in more than 100 movies, TV shows, TV and print advertising, and other media platforms around the world since it was an international hit in 1980, "Funkytown," the one-hit wonder, has now morphed into 15 new incarnations* on The Funkytown 15 (F15).

Audio Album Versions:

Shaped by veteran A-List industry producer-musicians like Ed Boyer (Glee, Pitch Perfect, many others), John Fields (Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot, Demi Lovato), Steve Lu: (Shakira, Christine Aguillera, others ), Aaron Alexander (numerous jazz and Klezmer groups) and others, the new versions of "Funkytown" range from A Cappella to Metal, Classical, Klezmer, Marching Band, Blues, Jazz and more* (there's even a delightful Christmas mash up).

The unusual but highly engaging collection is the brainchild of the man who wrote the original under the Lipps, Inc., moniker, Steven Greenberg. Greenberg also served as the project's Executive Producer. The innovative re-imagining of the tune from the end of the disco era has been heard on everything from The Simpsons, Contact, Oprah, Friends, ER, Shrek 2, professional sporting events like the Olympics in Italy, to car ads for Nissan Volkswagen, etc. (See The List in Media Kit -- by request).

The Funkytown 15 had a soft launch on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and other channels late last year. It was inspired, in part, by an old collection of "Louie Louie" covers Greenberg liked from a Rhino Records compilation -- and the song's apparently endless appeal to Music Supervisors, advertising creatives and the general public, including new generations who have discovered it in different mediums.

"I wanted each genre version of 'Funkytown" to stand on its own, like each is its own work of art, and I think the producers on every version did exactly that," says Greenberg. "But the reason I wanted to create these different 'Funkytown' genres was primarily for the future."

"I thought there should be different styles of the song beyond the original disco version, so that future generations could discover it, the way that the generation that grew up with Shrek 2 was turned onto it when it was prominently featured in that popular film in 2004. That one film made it a gold record again in the digital download age," Greenberg adds. "I really like how these new tracks came out, but I don't think I'm done yet 'cuz it was so much fun -- and there are more key genres that it can be adapted to like Country, Salsa, Hip Hop, EDM, Techno and more."

"We have been actively pitching and working this amazing composition for years with much success, " notes Wendy Christiansen, Senior Vice President for Film and TV, Strategic Marketing & Sync Licensing for Warner/Chappell Music, which publishes and licenses "Funkytown." " The ongoing interest in 'Funkytown' after more than three-and-a-half decades -- and the prominent placements it's had in variety of media -- makes it even more of a singular blockbuster brand unto itself! And we look forward to creating new opportunities for many years to come."

Funkytown 15 Video Samples (Youtube Teasers and B-roll)

• Marching Band

• A Cappella

• Reggae


• CLASSICAL (string quartet)
• METAL (vocal and instrumental)
• ISLAND (steel drums and vibes)
• JAZZ (piano and alto sax)