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Suburban Mom Indie Musicians Plot To Walk The Red Carpet At GRAMMY® And HMMA Music Awards


Do you have to be 19 and able to twerk in a bikini to receive recognition as a female musician these days?

Solveig Whittle and Elizabeth Butler are proof that you don’t.

These two indie female songwriter-musicians from Seattle, Washington and Houston, Texas, were notified recently that they both have songs and albums up For Consideration in the 57th Grammys and nominated for the 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs). The Grammys will be awarded in February of next year, but the HMMAs will be awarded sooner, on November 4th, 2014 at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

The two women have been strategizing for months and working together to promote their music in an industry in which it is notoriously hard to stand out – and one that also tends to favor younger artists. They remain undaunted, however, and now their musical and co-promotional partnership has created some very visible results, such as their Grammy and HMMA nominations.

Like many indie musicians, Whittle and Butler have been hobbyist musicians their whole lives. Only within the last few years, however, have they gotten serious about putting resources and time into pushing their individual music careers forward. By sharing information with each other and honing both their musical and promotional skills, they have proved that collaboration is the new route to success in the music business.

Both Whittle and Butler released new albums this fall. Whittle’s is entitled Fire and Other Playthings, and Butler’s is Love, & Loss & Stuff Like That. Both artists are on the first round 57thGrammy ballots in Best American Roots Song and Best Americana Album categories. The two albums share a theme of empowerment, something both women have experienced as individuals in recent years and want to pass on to others through their music.

“I submitted my song, A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) for the HMMAs in December of 2013, and was thrilled when I heard it had been nominated for Best Americana Song, “ said Butler. “It’s an anthem for anyone going through a change, and I think it’s struck a chord with a lot of people. Fans really seem to resonate with the subject matter. It’s a little bit Thelma and Louise.”

“Elizabeth and I have been collaborating for over two years now. I was a little hesitant, but Elizabeth encouraged me to submit my work to both the Grammys and the HMMAs,” said Whittle, “The HMMA nomination is my first music award nomination ever, and I plan to make the most of the experience. Would I like to win? Sure, but just being nominated and attending the HMMAs and Grammys with Elizabeth is going to be a great experience.”

Both Whittle and Butler are typical indie musicians: they also have day jobs. Creating and promoting their music is something that keeps them busy late into the night and on weekends. Butler is a registered nurse at a Houston-area hospital, and Whittle is a social media instructor at the University of Washington.

The two women met two years ago through Twitter and Soundcloud. Friendship and professional musical collaboration quickly blossomed via email, text, social media, and the cloud. Whittle was soon providing backup vocals for Butler, and then Butler flew to Seattle to attend Whittle’s 2013 CD release party for a prior album. Whittle subsequently traveled southeast in January 2014 to participate in the filming of Butler’s music video for A1A (Settin’ Myself Free). During that visit, the two began co-writing the lyrics to Light The Fire, which they finished through long-distance collaboration online over the summer. Light The Fire was released on both of their CDs (on Butler’s as a bonus track), and is one of the songs up for consideration for a Grammy.

“When we met, we realized we shared so many life experiences and values – even though we come from different parts of the country and backgrounds. We have a pack of children between us who are adults now. The bottom line is: we’ve been daughters, we’ve been moms, we’ ve been wives. We’ve launched a thousand ships, so to speak. Now it’s our turn. Our musical and personal friendship has given us the support - and that extra push - to pursue our own creative ambitions at this stage in our lives,” said Whittle.

Like Butler’s song A1A (Settin’ Myself Free), Whittle says the lyrics to her song Light The Fire speak to the lightning strike of revelation and transformation that many people feel as they get older, and realize that the clock is ticking but there are still creative things they want to do in their lives. Coming from a background in high tech marketing and business, it took Whittle many years to realize that what she really loved most was writing and singing songs, as she had in college. After that epiphany, she decided to get serious about her music because it meant much more to her than a hobby.

“For every person out there who dreams of releasing their CD, writing their novel, creating that art piece, or making that indie film - just remember that it gets easier after the kids are grown,” said Butler. “Don’t give up on your dreams – we all have so much life experience to share. You can absolutely do it!”

Watch Elizabeth Butler’s music video A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAFpXqUsFcE
Her latest album, Love, Loss and Stuff Like That, is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major music outlets. Website http://www.EButlerMusic.com For booking, licensing, or press, contact Elizabeth Butler at runninghomerecords@gmail.com

Watch Solveig & Stevie’s music video Light The Fire on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M4OldmcXcY
Her latest album, Fire and Other Playthings, is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all major music outlets. Website http://solveigandstevie.com For booking, licensing, or press, contact Solveig Whittle at 206-619-0646 or solveig@solveigwhittle.com

Monday, October 20, 2014

UKULELE JAZZ Virtuoso Abe Lagrimas, Jr. Releases "Rhythm & Uke"


International ukulele jazz and drums virtuoso, Abe Lagrimas, Jr., has given fans of jazz, the ukulele, and the world music community one big reason to celebrate; the release of "Rhythm & Uke" (Pass Out Records). Abe's musical offering showcases his two main tools of the trade, featuring melodic and inspiring solo ukulele pieces alongside light jazz arrangements of ukulele, acoustic bass and drums.

"Rhythm & Uke" is available now on www.passoutrecords.com, CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

The release of "Rhythm & Uke" arrives a month ahead of Abe's headlining performances at several major Asian ukulele festivals in Thailand and the Philippines. With eight (8) original compositions and two (2) tasty reinterpretations; jazz standard "I'll Remember April" and the Japanese hit song "Namida No Kiss," "Rhythm & Uke" further solidifies Abe as one of the shining stars and unique voices performing the ukulele. His innovative approach to jazz improvisation on the ukulele is natural, with a personal style that appeals to purists and new fans alike. Abe is an accessible artist, composer, and educator who continues to foster innovation and creativity for the ukulele and its rise to global popularity.

To keep things in perspective, the Hawaii-raised Abe is first and foremost a drummer, playing since the age of four. He picked up the ukulele for the first time while attending college at Boston's Berklee College of Music as a Music Education major. His previous full-length ukulele releases were awarded with a Hawaii Music Award and Na Hoku Hanohano Award ("Hawaiian equivalent of a GRAMMY"). As a drummer, he was named a semi-finalist in the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute 2012 drum competition, a breeding ground for the next generation of jazz artists.

Abe's drum endorsements include: Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Canopus Drums, and Beato Bags. He proudly endorses the following ukulele products: Ko'olau Ukuleles, Fusion Bags, and Kaminari cables.

Currently based in Los Angeles, California, another one of Abe's unique skill set is that of a "juggler;" one who can manage his performing duties as an ukulele recording artist, sideman on drums, vibraphone, ukulele, composer/educator/author and musical director.

For more information visit: www.abelagrimasjr.com

International Jazz Trumpeter, Rex Richardson, Releases Two New Albums Today


International trumpeter and Yamaha Performing Artist, Rex Richardson, has given instrumental jazz, blues and classical fans two reasons to celebrate this week; the release of two new albums. The big band, BUGLES OVER ZAGREB (Rex Richardson Productions) and the progressive Jazz BLUE SHIFT (Summit Records) with saxophone great, Steve Wilson.

BUGLES OVER ZAGREB is available now on RexRichardson.net and CD Baby and will soon be available on Amazon and iTunes.

BLUE SHIFT is available on Amazon and SummitRecords.com.

Richardson will appear on “Virginia This Morning” October 21st and celebrate with a dual album release event at The Broadberry in Richmond October 22nd.

Both instrumental albums highlight Richardson’s personal style, which combines a singular virtuosity with an endlessly inventive approach to improvisation. These releases solidify his status as a world-class trumpet player. Embodying both jazz cool and masterful range, he is an accessible artist and educator who will foster the genre for many years to come.

BUGLES OVER ZAGREB is inspired by a spectrum of musical characteristics from across the globe and recorded live at Croatian Radiotelevision studio Bajsić, the album is composed and conducted by Grammy-nominated Doug Richards; one of the most innovative composers of symphonic jazz today. The first half of the album presents the “INTERCONTINENTAL CONCERTO FOR TRUMPET AND JAZZ ORCHESTRA” and the second half is entitled “DUKAL BUGLES,” written as a tribute to Duke Ellington's best-known trumpet stars, consists of five sections (tracks) unfolding into one continuous movement. The result is an epic, globe trekking treasure highlighting two American jazz masters at work.

BLUE SHIFT is what happens when two world-class jazz musicians, Rex Richardson (trumpet) and Steve Wilson (saxophone), put together a modern jazz quintet with broad influences – ranging from the post-bop shades of Woody Shaw to the country-western inflections of Bill Frisell. BLUE SHIFT’s compositions epitomize the eclecticism of modern jazz, a contemporary shift where bebop and jazz-rock meet. Included in the lineup are Trey Pollard (guitar), Randall Pharr (bass) and Brian Jones (drums).

The International Trumpet Guild says, “Rex Richardson is among the very best trumpet soloists in the world today!” Style Weekly called him, “One of the world’s most engaging and astonishingly versatile trumpeters.” Richardson has performed in critically acclaimed ensembles and orchestras on five continents and shared the stage with countless legendary artists. He has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University since 2002 and served as artist-in-residence or visiting professor at colleges from New York to London. He was awarded the 2011 Theresa Pollack Prize for Excellence in the Arts and named the 2008 Brass Herald Personality of the Year. Yamaha has endorsed him since 1995.

For more information visit: www.RexRichardson.net

Young Gifted Releases New Single Called Murda 1


Young Gifted
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Download the new single “Murda 1” on itunes or Reverbnation (http://www.reverbnation.com/younggifted4) dropping October 14th .

Young Gifted represent the golden age of hip hop. When hip hop was created, it was all about the culture and its movement. Now it’s about the all mighty dollar. Over the years, music has changed dramatically. We feel that artist moved away from developing their talent and lyrical skills. That's why we stayed true to the culture. We are gifted not only in music but in our ways and actions. Some may not understand our view point, but we do this for the culture. The new single Murda 1 is the beginning of the end. It's our way of kicking in the door and off the hinges. Support Young Gifted by downloading the new single Murda 1 on itunes and on our webpages:





Friday, October 17, 2014

Invitation From Within: Ann Licater's Music & Vision Offers A Pathway To Peace


Ann Licater's third indie solo album Invitation from Within continues her personal journey to "play it forward," and she is reaching people through an abundance of avenues. It was about a decade ago that Ann, a lifelong flutist, followed the call of a Native American flute thru the woods at a powwow in California, leading her to embrace a new sound and purpose for her music. Today, she embraces Native American and Silver flute, both solo and with additional instrumentation, for meditation and relaxation. Her award-winning music has a lush and organic style that takes listeners to the quiet, contemplative and inner realms for peace and well-being.

One could say Ann’s music is well-traveled: it’s on the international radio airwaves, it’s heard as in-flight entertainment on global airlines, played live on the trails surrounding Lake Tahoe, utilized at Wellness Centers in Silicon Valley, shared at Spiritual Centers in Los Angeles and represented on Hollywood’s red carpet, where Ann has already earned two Hollywood Music and Media Awards nominations in the Best New Age/Ambient Song category for 2014. Invitation from Within, co-produced by GRAMMY®-nominated artist Peter Phippen, also appears on the first-round ballot for the 57th GRAMMY® Awards, eligible for Best New Age Album. Learn more about the music at www.annlicater.com.

"To me, being a truly New Age artist means being in service with and to the music…it helps others, and acts as a guide to me and others who hear the call to dive deeper into their own consciousness. When you travel ‘within’ there is so much to discover and reflect upon: childhood passions, lost dreams, even latent talents can be awakened. You need to be in a space of meditation and relaxation to access this inner knowing. I’ve found that my flute-based music can be an effective tool for this."

Ann's passion for both her spiritual and artistic exploration speaks for itself. She frequently plays her flutes at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA, and it was Ann’s journey to Italy in 2012 for the Association of Global New Thought’s Awakened World Conference that sparked the creation of Invitation from Within. In Rome and in Florence, she played daily meditations on her flutes for the convention attendees, from which new melodies and motifs emerged for the new album. Ann also found a new fan that trip-- someone who helped give her a perspective on her flute playing that helped shape the new album. That fan was former South African Parliamentarian and Peace Activist Ela Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter who had this to say, “Ann Licater’s music is soft and yet overpowering — it reaches the depth of my being and awakens the spirit inside me.”

Music reviewer Jonathan Widran sees Ann's intent for her New Age music impacting people in a gentle and individual way, stating: “True to its title, it draws our hearts as an Invitation to Within—an opportunity to explore our inner selves and come to a state of grace and deeper self-awareness on the wings of a lush and often magical musical journey."

One doesn’t have to journey far to hear Ann’s relaxing music. It’s been a staple on XM/Sirius’ Spa Channels and cable’s Music Choice Soundscapes program. Woman of Substance Radio, an internet radio station that focuses on hand-picked, high-quality music by women artists, will be featuring Ann's music this Fall. Bree Nobel the creator and host says, "Ann Licater is a talented and unique artist whose passion is woven into the very fiber of her composition and performance. ‘Angels on the Wind’ is a mystical union of winds, percussion and haunting vocals and Women of Substance Radio is proud to debut this stunning piece in November."

If you travel internationally, you may have heard Ann's music at 30,000 feet. Her release Doorway to a Dream (chosen by Amazon’s music editors as Top Ten Best New Age Albums of 2010) was recently featured on Cathay Pacific Airlines, and on Air Canada in the past year. Ann’s current release Invitation from Within is featured onboard Asiana Airlines during "Silk and Soul," a meditative music program accompanied by quotes from philosophers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Rumi. The category of in-flight music is considered "well-being" because of its calming effects.

Ann's music is heard in healing centers and hospitals, too. She performs live, accompanied by crystal and Tibetan singing bowl player Kathleen Farrell, several times a year at Kaiser Hospital in Silicon Valley for events ranging from Cancer Survivor Day to the Family Fun Festival, a wellness fair for Kaiser employees.

MiMi Belser who heads up the Mind, Body Wellness Center at Kaiser Permanente's Santa Clara, California location regularly plays Ann's CDs, and has said “They provide a calming, and gentle energy for our members and our staff."

Hikers on the trails of Lake Tahoe also may have heard Ann perform her Native American flutes at “Trails and Vistas,” a curated art hike that takes adventurers on an artistic journey through the woods and along the lake where they encounter dancers, artists and musicians during a three-hour hike. Following the Art Hike, Ann performed at the World Peace Concert at the Shakespeare Theater in Nevada with violinist Scarlet Rivera, known for her work with Bob Dylan, and Jeff Oster, a flugelhornist who was featured on a GRAMMY-winning album in 2013 and plays horn on Licater’s album Invitation from Within.

Ann’s music is embraced around the world, yet her focus is still on simple everyday wellness for everyone. "People are looking for ways to connect with their passions and de-stress from a hectic world,” she shares. “Listening to the organic sounds of Native American flutes, wherever you are in your day, can instantly transport you to another time and place. I hear over and over again how this music relaxes people and helps attain a meditative state-of-mind, body, spirit."

More information, images and music links about Ann and her music are available at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/Within/prweb11185875.htm

Worldwide Groove Corporation Issue "Supermodel Astronaut Challenge" With Newest Music Release


Worldwide Groove Corporation are determined to “be the change” with their upbeat and inspiring new electropop single “Supermodel Astronaut” and its accompanying social media campaign. The Supermodel Astronaut Challenge inspires women of all different walks to push back against what the media sells as the “ideal” image. “Women feel so much pressure to be perfect, but if our focus is on who we think we SHOULD be, it completely cancels out the joy of celebrating who we ARE. Spread this over a lifetime and that’s a big deal,” says Ellen Tift, creator of the song and campaign for Worldwide Groove Corporation. “The truth is, real women are amazing and beautiful just as they are, and we say they are “Supermodel Astronauts” for all they do each day.”

Melissa Broadway, managing partner at The Bright Agency Group states, “After listening to Supermodel Astronaut and seeing the Supermodel Astronaut Challenge, I genuinely believe that this is exactly what women need to start gaining confidence to be themselves. It’s imperative to get their message heard. The Bright Agency Group proudly supports Worldwide Groove Corporation in their fight against society’s twisted and unachievable idea of beauty.”

By creating the Supermodel Astronaut Challenge, Worldwide Groove Corporation are encouraging women to accept themselves for who they are and embrace the statement “I am enough”. The music video features women and girls from around the world not only lip syncing to the empowering and whimsical lyric, but also showing beautifully diverse smiles as they hold their signs saying “I am enough” in a dozen different languages. The challenge also includes taking the Supermodel Astronaut Pledge included in the music video description, naming other women as Supermodel Astronauts, and posting a photo saying “I am enough. #SupermodelAstronaut”.

Worldwide Groove Corporation began their "Year of the Groove" in July 2014. They are putting out one new music release a month for at least a year. People who join the mailing list get free downloads and exclusive content. Anyone can join at http://www.worldwidegroovecorp.com/mailing-list/

ABOUT WGC: Worldwide Groove Corporation are Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, Nashville's electronic music power duo. They specialize in electronic pop and downtempo chillout music production, string arranging, and remixes. Their music has been featured on national television, in independent films, and used in advertising campaigns in the U.S. and Europe.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians And Their Fans To Make An Impact


Call To Action: Noise4Good Empowers Musicians and their Fans to Make an Impact

Connection. It’s at the core of Noise4Good, the first crowd-funding platform to fuse two very active audiences—musicians and their fan base—in support of the causes they are most passionate about. Noise4Good takes the power of music to move people and harnesses it to a technology that provides a solution for charities to interact with musicians and their fans, raise funds, engage with the donors and turn caring into action. The system, which just began Phase One of its launch by registering artists and charities/non-profits, provides cross-marketing and cross-publishing capability for both groups across social media and mobile devices.

With some 1.7 million non-profits in the US, choosing the right ones is a critical part of any philanthropic endeavor. Noise4Good—unlike other crowd-sourced fundraisers—is working with Charity Navigator to ensure each organization is carefully vetted. Noise4Good is going to link to re-publish Charity Navigator’s evaluations of each non-profit on its site so artists and fans can check out each one. It has a list of 3000 pre-approved, qualified charities that have been analyzed based on how they use their funds for impact.

The Noise4Good model is designed to galvanize fans and donors to motivate and activate. Once musicians sign-up on Noise4Good, acting as advocates they can align with up to five charities at a time through the platform, work on their projects and post messages about the importance and impact of those initiatives. Artists can showcase and highlight their own body of work via the platform and can also create campaigns/calls to action. Each artist is asked to create a PSA for the charity they support. As a closed-loop system, the causes they support(and the PSAs) will be published on both the artists’ and non-profits pages. This provides musicians with the ability to not only engage with their fan base but to be exposed to an entirely new audience.

Noise4Good gives musicians and non-profits the ability to tap into the country’s millennials, who make up 25% of the population with an economic spending power of 1.3 trillion dollars. “The goal is to spur interaction on many levels,” says Noise4Good Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Patrick, whose background includes being a producer, keyboardist, composer and performer who has shared the stage with artists including Blondie. “The millennial generation in particular wants content that connects with them on an emotional level but also fits with their values. So we’re promoting the concept of “from one to many,” because one artist who has 10,000 followers on Facebook inspires loyalty just as non-profits do with their supporters. Via Noise4Good, we can bring those forces together, donors, volunteers and music fans on one platform. The intent is to channel the efforts of musical influencers into a network for positive change.”

Noise4Good knows about choosing projects for social impact. It was one of the partner/sponsors for the Global Citizen’s Festival, a call-to-action to end poverty. The free concert in Central Park on September 27, 2014 featured artists including Jay Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood and The Roots with surprise appearances by Sting, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. It also provided financial support for the documentary “Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Injustice and Forgiveness.” The film was a sponsor of the Social Good Summit held September 21-22, 2014.

On November 27th, Noise4Good goes live to the public with all of the registered musicians and non-profits and lots of media attention. At that time,it will be mobile compatible and allow musicians to engage with fans in real-time with its exclusive technology. The platform will also introduce a second level of connectivity with rewards programs, merchandising, mobile clubs, as well as extensive messaging and data search capability.

High School Seniors Put Out An Amazing Indie Self-Titled Debut LP


Today, local indie rock band Thanks, made up of 5 Gulliver Preparatory Seniors, released their first full-length LP self-titled “Thanks”. Featuring 11 original songs that go from gorgeous experimental ballads to infectious indie anthems exemplify their unique take on the popular and relevant "indie" sound of today.

“This album is a compilation of all the writing we have been doing for almost four years. Initially, our band focused on booking gigs at local venues but at the end of our junior year, we devoted our efforts to make a full-length LP because we wanted something to remember us by.” said the keyboardist, Brett Gilbert.

Danny Garcia, the Lead Guitarist produced, engineered, mixed, mastered and arranged the album entirely from a music studio in his home garage, where the band also records all their tracks and practices for gigs. Gilbert remarks, “I heard the beginning stages of our songs but when they were done and I heard the whole album I was like 'Wow, that’s amazing!'”

The band finds their songwriting inspiration by forming narratives. The lyrics in each song tell a story with a moral, making LP “Thanks” a musical storybook.

“Andy, our singer, writes his best lyrics when he is addressing a story. We have one song about a guy who lives in an apartment and he is being haunted by a ghost named Anne. Likewise, Name Game is about a guy who is in a colony of robots. I love that because our whole album has reoccurring concepts despite the change in song” said Danny Garcia.

The album is distributed for free by band members who carry copies of their CD to hand out at the events they play. The album is also prominently promoted through social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as music outlets such as Soundcloud. Thanks will debut their album live at the AmplifiedMiami charity event on Oct. 25, at the Open Stage Club in Coral Gables, FL.

Thanks and its album self-titled “Thanks” can be streamed and downloaded for free online at:
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thanksofficial/sets/thanks
For booking, press and radio inquiries contact Stephanie Butchko at thanks.official@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bandthanks
Instagram: @thanks_official
Twitter: @ThanksOfficial

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CEntrance Announces 'i5' An Audiophile Case For IPhone


Today CEntrance, a leader in Digital Audio announced the i5 Audiophile Case(tm) - a sound card and an extended battery, built right into an iPhone case. The one-of-a-kind device works with Apple's iPhone 5, 5S and iPod Touch 5G, wrapping the phone like a glove and creating the ultimate on-the-go playback system. The new i5 Audiophile Case will be featured at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show in Denver, CO., October 9th through 12th. CEntrance's booth is located at the CANJAM pavilion (https://www.audiofest.net/2014/).

"iPhones store a lot of music, but their sound quality and battery life are not at the level our customers crave," said Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance. "We took our award-winning DAC technology and miniaturized it to fit inside a phone case. The handheld i5 was developed to do three things: to offer incredible sound quality, to charge the phone, and to protect the phone."

The CEntrance i5 Audiophile Case streams asynchronous audio directly from the phone's lightning jack. A 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) delivers extra sonic fidelity and the powerful headphone amplifier works in synergy with a variety of headphones.

* The i5 is a USB DAC and an audiophile 'sound card' for the Apple iPhone. It extracts digital audio from the phone and internally converts it to analog, for the purest sound reproduction, much exceeding the sound quality of the phone's headphone output.

* i5's integrated audiophile package combines 24-bit/192kHz resolution, over 11 hours of battery life and the ability to boost the phone's battery on the go, for extra-long listening or working sessions.

* i5's powerful headphone amplifier supports in-ear and over-the-ear headphones on a 3.5mm stereo jack.

The retail price for i5 is set at $599.99 USD. CEntrance has started a crowd funding campaign for the I5 Audiophile Case on Indiegogo:http://igg.me/at/i5 where early adopters can get a special deal or just help the campaign and spread the word to make this innovative project a success!

CEntrance products are known for their convenient features and mastering-quality sound. The new i5 takes this up a notch, defining a new product category of a compact audiophile battery case. Also on display in Denver will be the recently released portable amplifiers and DACs, such as HiFi-M8, Mini-M8, A1 and other CEntrance products.

For more information, visit www.CEntrance.com

About CEntrance, Inc.
CEntrance started in 2000 as designers behind industry leading brands, such as McIntosh, Wadia, Playback Designs, Benchmark, PS Audio, and Lavry. The company's own portable recording and playback solutions have earned rave reviews, industry awards and enthusiastic endorsements from artists such as Harry Shearer, Nathan East and Will Lee, and mastering engineers Bob Katz, Brian Gardner, Tom Jung, and sound designer Frank Serafine, among others. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide.

CEntrance is expanding its dealer network. To inquire, please call +1 (847) 581-0500 or e-mail sales@centrance.com.

All Trademarks are the property of their respective holders. i5 Audiophile Case(tm), DACport(tm), DACmini(tm), HiFi-M8(tm), and Mini-M8(tm) are trademarks or registered trademarks of CEntrance, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple iPhone(r), iPad(r), and iPod(r) are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

New Music Video For “Boomaye” From Nigerian Sensation NazB


A rambunctious mixture of high energy and thumping sounds, Nigerian artist NazB brings new heat to the dance floor with his cultural inspired song “Boomaye” and a fast paced music video to match. NazB, known to incorporate hip-hop with his own brand of flavor, has inspired a movement with his “Boomaye” track that has a featured dance within the music video.

The video is set at an urban locale, were talented dancers and musicians meet to bring a new flame to NazB’s hot track. There, a beautiful young woman begins to serenade the viewers with her sultry voice as the dancers begin to populate around a graffiti laden scenario where they begin to bust their moves and show their skills. NazB later enters the video with his signature bravado and swagger. As he begins to rap over the energetic beat, the video transitions to different dancers showing their moves, including an awkward, yet confident dancer, proving that with music everyone can be united.

The video quality is excellent and looks industry ready; it’s no wonder the video has garnered so much attention. One notable characteristic the music video has is its warm, yet vibrant color filters that really add an element of passionate dancing and almost feels like you are in the video celebrating and having a good time with the protagonists. Another intriguing feature of the music video are the different lighting techniques used to shoot “Boomaye”. From glaring light bursts to shadowy mood lighting, the way the camera captured the music video adds an urban yet elegant feel to the track.

Overall, NazB’s dance hit “Boomaye” combines his high-octane flow with his native African culture to create a new wave of Afro-dance to the public. A music video like this isn’t easily ignored, as it both captures the eyes as well as the ears and is contagious to dance. “Boomaye” has the right combination to succeed and usher in a new era of African influenced Hip-Hop and Dance music alike for the masses.