Friday, September 30, 2016

Project-TO - The White Side, The Black Side

Recorded in the Interactive Sound studies in Turin, Italy, property of Riccardo Mazza, the debut album by Project-TO was realized with the aim of live set, a real audio-visual experience where the songs of the white side, electronic/big beat-style, alternate with techno ambient/dark atmospheres of the black tracks. Within the work, the listener can find the influences of forerunners of this kind of sound like Chemical Brothers, DeadMau5, Crystal Method, Ancient Methods, Not Waving, Apparat and Andy Stott.

Powerful and unceasing rhythms characterize the white tunes, often layered and combined with electronic sounds and percussions/drumming recorded in studio. A very synthetic sound due to an important use of analogical and digital synths. Black songs are the "photographic negatives", more bitstream, of the white songs; every black is an interpretation of its corresponding white, where a more techno/dark arrangement changed deeply sounds and drafting, mantaining the same exact length.

Paths interweave symbolically with voices and sounds that sometimes recall universal symbols like in "Sign of the Earth", where Tibetan monks songs appear, or "Look Further", with a theme signed by Gregorian chants, or "I-Hope", characterized by an opening speech of Indian Parliament by Indira Gandhi and followed by comment 揑 Hope� of Hillary Clinton; images are bounded to our territory to underline our roots and our culture.

Double LP was indeed produced together with the original visual project that is part of the whole plan. Six videostories representing the six white moments, or rather a dreamlike travel of the two protagonists, that live different experiences and meet only occasionally and fleetingly. During the live set the voyage evolves with darker and more abstract visual atmospheres, sustaining black tracks. A video project in part inspired by the record Further by Chemical Brothers (2010), composed by eight songs accompanied by as many corresponding clips.

The shots are original, made in the studio and on location. Animations, video clips, characters in silhouette and abstract geometric textures, generated with appropriate physical models simulation softwares, are the characteristics of the production. The show is performed entirely live with mapping projections on the surface of the place hosting the event: walls, ceilings, furnishings or exterior facades. An immersive experience that transforms the space, where electronic music becomes part of a contemporary artistic language more evolved and experimental, while retaining the characteristics of a dance and trendy event.

Although extremely new, Project-TO has already executed high profile performances like Opening Party of Artissima in Turin, Italy (November 2015), the opening night of Torino City of Design (December 2015) and Fuorisalone in apartment Lago in Brera for Milano Design Week (April 2016).


Monday, September 26, 2016

8mm To Release Remix EP Of "Everybody Says"

Licensing juggernauts 8mm, will be featured in Fox FX's groundbreaking show, "You're The Worst" with their dubstep remix of "Everybody Says" by Geek Boy. In addition

to its critically-acclaimed writers and format, the golden ears of music supervisor Tiffany Anders have made "You're The Worst" one of the most Shazammed shows on


The episode will air on Wednesday, September 14th, the same day band self-release their EP of "Everybody Says" - The John Fryer and Geek Boy Remixes(ChelseaGirl

Records). A lyric video for Geek Boy's Dubstep remix accompanies the release and features Juliette Beavan.

In addition to UK up-and-comer Geek Boy's Dubstep and Trap remixes, the EP will include a chill remix by the legendary John Fryer of COCTEAU TWINS and DEPECHE MODE

fame. The original version of "Everybody Says" is from their critically-acclaimed album, "Between The Devil And Two Black Hearts", and was featured on the award-

winning supernatural drama, "Being Human".

8mm (pronounced: "Eight Millimeter") was founded by cutting-edge music producer/mixer/composer Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt, Guns n Roses)

and his wife Juliette Beavan, who is a singer as well as a poet, actor, writer, director and producer. Described as "June and Johnny Cash meet Massive Attack at a rave

with David Lynch", their genre-bending trip-hop classics are as popular as their remixes. Together, they are one of the most licensed artists in the business, having

songs appear in award-winning films likeMr. and Mrs. Smith, and critically-acclaimed television shows such as "Pretty Little Liars," "Grey's Anatomy," "One Tree Hill"

and "Nip Tuck". They are also renown for their live shows, noted for both their powerful performances and chances of celebrity sightings in their audiences.

As such, it was only a matter of time before film directors discovered them.Following critical acclaim for their 2014 debut scores on indies June and Death Valley, the

Beavans scored and Sean sound designed The Cleansing Hour and Don't Kill It, which are sweeping film festivals, including prestigious Austin and Sitges International

festivals. KILL HANNAH and FILTER guitarist Jonny Radke makes an enticing acting debut in The Cleansing Hour, which is directed by Damien LeVeck. The Beavans also re-

united with up-and-coming director Gustavo L. Cooper on the score for The Home.

Their most recent collaboration, Lion's Den, produced by and starring Juliette, has so far picked up 3 nominations (including Best Horror, Best Shortand Best Dramatic

Short) along with selections at the Burbank International, Hollywood Reeland Hollywood Verge festivals.

8mm are currently working on an EP in their new Redrum Studios in Los Angeles, to be released later this year. The new material will be a return to their trip-hop

roots. In addition to film work, Redrum has recently facilitated Sean's production and mix of the amazing BROOKLYN ALLMAN (PICTURE ME BROKEN) - and his reuniting with

MARILYN MANSON guitarist, Jeordie White (aka Twiggy), to mix his production of Black/Death Metal band EMPTINESS.

"Everybody Says" - The John Fryer and Geek Boy Remixes will be available on Bandcamp (highest quality), iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and all major digital outlets.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Viral Artist Bryson Morris Considered To Be The Next MattyB Of Hip Hop

Bryson Morris, a 14-year-old rapper from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, has solidified his breakthrough into the rap scene by releasing a music video for his first official song.

The artist brings a high level of energy to the dark, brooding instrumental, which incorporates eerie church bells and orchestra hits. The ominous atmosphere of his music is sharply contrasted by the squeaky-clean vocal production; his voice cuts into the darkness like a beam of light.

While the snare drum and hi-hat arrangements aren't much different from today's conventional rap, they don't need to be: Bryson Morris performs over the track with a professional amount of confidence and infectious energy.

The rapper's lyrics discuss his flamboyant lifestyle, a topic common among contemporary artists in the industry. The video's affluent location parallels his lyrics about designer clothing and lavish jewelry. It is exceedingly difficult to take something that has been spoken about so many times and make it unique, but Bryson Morris seems to have no problem accomplishing this task. His tight lyrical flow and delivery are a testament to the time he commits to perfecting his sound.

Bryson's Morris's #LOUISGUCCI has received several 5-star ratings, with one reviewer calling it "the hottest new song" they've heard from an upcoming artist, and multiple others encouraging Bryson to continue his passion and keep making music.

Bryson Morris's #LOUISGUCCI music video has accrued over 100,000 views in under a week. His fan base is continually expanding and brimming with positive reception to his music. The artist's fans have shared that they are excited to follow along on his music journey and see where it takes him.

YouTube Influencer, Rhino, published his review of the #LOUISGUCCI music video and had nothing but positive vibes to give being quoted as the next MattyB of hip hop; Watch the full review, click here:

Bryson Morris began expressing his creative talent through music as early as age 11. Around this time, he independently engaged in research about the hip-hop scene and began formulating ideas to launch his career as an artist. As he honed his craft, he began to share his music with his classmates and followers on his social media accounts. When he was in seventh grade, one of his videos garnered over 28 million views, an outstanding number even by the highest industry standards.

Bryson Morris's new website includes an online store where fans are able to buy hip hop clothing, which he anticipates will help him connect with fans as well as other artists. He plans to continue putting a lot of effort into his social media in order to share his sound with his listeners.

To watch the official music video visit:

Like, share, and comment using the hashtag, #LouisGucci and #BrysonMorris

Check out Bryson's latest news, visit

To shop the Official Bryson Morris store, visit

For press inquiries please contact media relations liaison, Dana Blickensderfer at 813-775-7107.

About Bryson Morris
Viral sensation, Bryson Morris began his career at an early age. Bryson became a budding Internet sensation, with a large following of fans discovering his sound through several social media platforms. In the 7th grade one of his debut videos reached 28 million views, asserting him as the next young hip-hop sensation! Bryson Morris brings uniqueness to the music industry. Nobody in the market has a sound like Bryson Morris, as he is pioneering a new "off the path" sound that is different from what you hear today! Bryson is currently mixing a variety of new music in the studio to inspire and bring hope to his fans. For more on Bryson Morris and to check out his latest music visit

Video Link:
Behind The Scenes:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recharge Your Spirit With K. Bishop's Mind Expanding "Freedom" EP

Bishop is an inspired young artist who uses the aesthetic of hip hop to explore culture in radical and invigorating new ways. This is not block hopping drug music but instead aims to create a more intellectually and spiritually stimulating form of urban music. Not to say this is not without the gritty realism that has characterized some of the finest rap music including K. Bishop抯 beloved Stillmatic LP by Nas. This is a balanced and nutritious meal, something that will leave you feeling more hopeful and uplifted before you started listening. For those who gravitate towards the more conscious, philosophical and social justice minded rap music, K. Bishop's "Freedom" EP represents a point of solidarity and promise amongst a sea of pretenders and false street prophets.

Hailing from Princes Town in Trinidad and Tobago, K. Bishop has witnessed first hand the effects of poverty, inequality and suffering. Inspired by the tragic death of one of his childhood friends at a Mosque in 2015, Bishop launched himself into action, dedicating his life to spreading messages of positivity and resilience. Realizing the immense transformative power of music, K. Bishop chose the medium as a means to reach out to young people. Incontinent to sit back and allow his community to be negatively impacted by self engendered, systemic or structural violence, the "Freedom" EP explores diverse themes related to the modern narrative affecting so many young people.

This is music meant to bring communities together, a bridge rather than a wall, a connection and an opportunity to generate dialogues and action which can cultivate and sustain peace. Including the tracks: "Shackles and Chains", "Lately", "Freedom", "Come For You", "Hate", "Right My Wrongs" and "Lonely Road", the "Freedom" EP is a truly mind expanding record that covers a truly expansive and fertile emotional landscape. The independent and self released "Freedom" EP contains music with tremendous crossover appeal that will work with many audiences around the world.

As a young person with a positive and uplifting message, this is music that should be spread to all corners of the globe where its messages may plant seeds of hope in the community. K.Bishop is a true innovator and the "Freedom" EP is a powerful statement which reminds international audiences why hip hop is a vital modern expressive art. Invigorate your mind and recharge your spirit, get down with K. Bishop抯 new EP, "Freedom"!

Get to know K. Bishop:

Find the Freedom EP:
Soundcloud :

Mix Engineer Rob Chiarelli Enjoys His Sixth #1 Of 2016

GRAMMY winning mix engineer Rob Chiarelli is enjoying his sixth #1 hit of 2016. According to Billboard magazine, "1-2-3 Victory" (Kirk Franklin) reached #1 on the R&B/Gospel charts for the week ending September 10th.  Earlier this year, "Wanna Be Happy" (Kirk Franklin) enjoyed an unprecedented 45-weeks at the top. Chiarelli also mixed #1 hits for Johnny Gill, Jonathan McReynolds, Charles Jenkins and Erica Campbell.

Contact Info:

For the U.S.A.
Michael Mavrolas
Genuine Music Group
t. 818-693-1000

For the U.K.
Kwame Kwaten
Ferocious Talent
t. +447557531338


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

80s Retro Album From JIVE64 Completes The Nostalgic Vibes Started With 'Stranger Things'

JIVE64 is Roy Cohen & Ella Tadmor, two 80s pop addicts operating from Dublin & Tel Aviv. This album concludes a 3 years work and a journey between the two cities. Many of the tracks refer directly and indirectly to the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict and how hopeless it feels living in constant violent war lead by governors. The album covers the story of recovering from self-destructive crisis and two 1980s gems: Physical (originally performed by Olivia Newton-John) and Video to Radio (Originally the opening theme to the 80s cartoon TV series 'Kidd Video').

'Recovery Mode' is going back to the duo's comfort zone: 8bit synthesizers, strong vocals and catchy melodies. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 5 studios across 3 continents and 5 countries and was the most complicated project the duo has carried through so far.

2 Singles from the album have already been released (Resolutions, Benchmark) and got media coverage and thousands of spins.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Jay Salter's "Angel Of Mine" - Hit On Over 300 Radio Stations

Jay Salter today announced that he released his newest single "Angel of Mine" featuring vocalist Dominique Felder and Grammy Award winner Bill Salter, the song's lyricist and on acoustic guitar, on August 30th. "Angel of Mine" is gaining momentum daily.

"Angel of Mine" represents the conglomeration of Jay's life in music. Son of renowned songwriter Bill Salter ("Where is the Love", "Just the Two of Us", "Mr. Magic"�) Jay was born into music. With his father backing the song on acoustic guitar, Jay's experience in bringing newcomers to the forefront, led him to Dominique, whose voice is one that will meet the public on "Angel of Mine" and Jay expects that voice to become a mainstay in modern music. Jay uniquely combines the tried-and-true with the new and magical.

"I have taken all that I have heard, my production and arranging expertise and my career as a DJ for major corporations and clubs along with my present tenure working in programming for Rhythm, and decided it was time to honor my voice as a songwriter," stated Jay Salter, writer and producer of "Angel of Mine".

All my experience has led to this point - the feel, the groove, Dominique's voice, my father's unparalleled talent - it has become so compelling for me to compose. It is with a love of music, from every aspect, that "Angel of Mine" evolved. It's the first of many!" Jay concluded.

D.J. Laurent Schark, Klubjumpers Extended Mix, stated, "Excellent remix. Should work perfectly in EDM sets. Well done! Rating 10!"

To purchase "Angel of Mine", go to:
Youtube -
itunes -
Mixcloud - -

And, visit

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tim Currie Of Curries Tires And TC Motown Band To Share Message Of Love At Norwalk Oyster Festival On September 11, 2016

What does a guy that runs an 88 year old tire shop in Norwalk, CT while also having his own Motown band have to do with John Lennon's "All You Need is Love"?

Tim Currie, owner of Currie's Tires and founder of Tim Currie's Motown Review Band, has decided that it's time to bring a little love and harmony back into the world--to remind everyone that the love and respect we have for each other is stronger than the hate surrounding us daily.

On the 15th anniversary of September 11, between 6 and 8 PM, Tim Currie's Motown Review Band will close out the annual Oyster Festival in Norwalk, CT with their own rendition of "All You Need is Love" as well as Michael Jackson's "We Are The World."

Tim has also recorded a legally licensed cover version of "All You Need is Love," which he produced with Mick Leonard at Factory Underground Studios. The song is to be released on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming sites around the world later in September. Tim has also made the song free to download directly from his website The recording features members of his Motown Band as well as the local Crystal Theater's children's choir helping out on the feel-good chorus. Through his website, those unable to attend the Oyster Festival concert will be able to tune into a free Live Stream of what is intended as a beautiful tribute to the Norwalk community Tim Currie loves, and a reminder that we're all in this together.

Tim Currie's Motown Band consists of 15 talented artists from all around the Fairfield County area. The singers consist of Jonathan Peters, Janice Dempsey, Michael Duham, Tiffany T'Zelle Wilson and Milo Fuscaldo. Rocking out on guitar is Mick Leonard on lead guitar and Frank Carr on bass guitar. On percussion is Steve Avitabile, with Bob Marston and Peter Zaccagnino on keyboards. (Marston will be replaced by Glenn Masso during the show on 9/11.) Rounding out the Motown groove with the horns is John Serio on tenor sax, Joe Inciardi on trumpet, Bennet Mazzola on baritone sax and Bob Carlson on trombone. And of course, Tim Currie himself on drums.

While the band is set and ready to go for the September 11 show, Tim is looking for volunteers to lend their voices to a community choir for the "All You Need is Love" chorus. So if you're interested in helping bring love back into the world contact Currie's Tires at (203) 866-0775 or Tim's Cell at (203) 895-0902 and come to the rehearsal on Friday September 9 at 7 PM at Currie's Tires

Currie Tires, located at 599 West Ave, Norwalk, CT 06850, was founded in 1929 by LJ Duke Currie. The Norwalk, Ct business was one of the oldest truck stops on Connecticut Route One, and has been operated by the Currie family over four generations.

"It's time to remember the love we all share for one another, especially on this anniversary of 9-11. We'll be doing our part--you won't want to miss it!" Tim Currie said.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ali Masego Is A New Player In Town And He Is Pure Fire

Ali Masego is one of the hottest new rappers coming out Washington DC area today. He recently teamed up with DC producer DJ King Trizzy at Hustlefirm Recording Studios to work on creating Masego's new concept EP "H2O". It is more than obvious that the combination between Masego抯 raw talent and flow and Trizzy's beats are a killer combination. Ali抯 new EP was released September 2, 2016 and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other major digital download and streaming platforms.

Flavor Independent Artist Management & Entertainment Group (F.A.M.E) CEO said of Ali, "This kid is hot! Hes got it all, genuine lyrical skills, clever word play and flow over slamming beats."

This talented young rapper is positioned to explode on the music scene with each new track and is currently putting the finishing touches on the final installment on his V.E.N.T mixtape trilogy, entitled V.E.N.T Vol. 3 scheduled for release some time in January 2017.

Those interested in Ali Masego can check him out at

Aaron Ali Kumar Moore, also known by his stage name Ali Masego, (pronounced Ma-say-go), is an American rapper, producer and songwriter. His gritty, but honest lyrical expressions will raise the consciousness of listeners while at the same time keep their heads bumpin�. As evident in his first mixtape, V.E.N.T. 朧ol. 1 where he received local recognition. Shortly after the follow up release of the V.E.N.T.- Vol. 2 in 2016, Masego was contacted by music insiders, interviewers, independent label heads and booking agencies to headline shows in the DMV. Now he抯 gearing up for the release of H2O at the start of September. 

Official Site:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Candice Russell Releases New EP

Candice was on American Idol, Season 11 and soon after she launched her first album titled "So Much More". The songs from that album have been played on Internet and FM radio all across the world. She is an award winning songwriter and all of the songs on her projects are original. Candice's writing is honest and vulnerable, while maintaining a positivity that inspires listeners to strive for something more. "I want to reach people with the music that I've written and hopefully encourage and uplift them," says Russell.

"The songs sound great. Her voice is wonderful," says music industry professional Kevin Jonas, Sr. about Russell's new EP.

IGNITE was recorded in Nashville and co-written with #1 songwriter and producer Kenny Lamb (Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Jason Aldean) and engineer Chris Rowe (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban). This is Candice's biggest project yet. Check out all five songs from the EP on iTunes, Amazon and digital outlets everywhere. Watch Candice Russell closely going forward as she is an artist who is definitely on the move.

Follow Candice Russell: