Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bongo Boy Records Releases The Long Anticipated Solo Album By Gar Francis


Bongo Boy Records announces today the long anticipated release of a 12-track album from multi talented recording artist Gar Francis. We know Gar Francis as the award winning lyricist and guitarist that helped propel the legendary 60's garage rock band, the Doughboys, to their current national fame. He also co wrote and co produced the latest album of Mark Lindsay former lead singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders. Discover Gar’s solo work as an Americana songwriter. The album titled "The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same" is well said. It was first released in Europe, where it received great reviews in print music magazines. FOLK WORLD (Germany) wrote: “Immediately with the first song "Midnight in Rome", it succeeds to animate and draw the listener to his voice”. That track was also placed in Red Bull's Rampage, a complete sport DVD/Blue-Ray that captured the world's best pushing the limits of what is possible on a bike.
The album continued to receive radio play and interest from the public when it arrived in the USA as a promo for selected radio stations. One of the many cleverly arranged tracks and an all-purpose geniality showpiece “Palaces” was nominated for “Best Song” in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the Dutch mechanical street organ The Violanta commissioned the song for their play list. The “The Bank of the River” was placed in the motion picture FAIRHAVEN. The whole album is an enveloping mix of melody, mood and texture that speaks from Gar's triple-threat virtues as songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. As Francis once said: “the melody of song, like a beautiful woman, is what initially draws you in, but it's her soul, like the lyrics of a song that grabs you by the heart”. This album has no weak moments and actually ends too soon.
Produced and arranged by Gar with multi-instrumentalist Dan Caruso, who also recorded, mixed and mastered the album. If you are a Doughboys, Mark Lindsay or Plainfield Slim fan be prepared for another side of the Garage Guru of New Jersey Gar Francis.CD in memory of Ton Van Der Heyden.

Look for this album at selected retail stores, iTunes, Amazon and other music outlets. The album is now for sale through the record label direct http://www.bongoboyrecords.com. Artist Web Site http://www.garfrancis.com
Canada review http://icantbelievemyearz.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/gar-francis-the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same/ Germany FOLKWORLD review http://www.folkworld.eu/44/d/cds2.html#garf
Download link http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/garfrancis3/from/bongoboyrecords

Promo Clip http://youtu.be/AsOHie-RCeM

Contact Bongo Boy Records
Monique Grimme
Phone 908-455-1576

Paper + Plastick Records And Red Hot Rebellion Release Digital Comic And Song


Everybody remain calm.
Nobody make any sudden moves.

It appears - and we don’t wanna judge before all the facts are in - that Dayton, Ohio-based party garage-punk-metal monsters Red Hot Rebellion have teamed up with Gainesville, Florida’s legendary records-comics-and-toys imprint Paper + Plastick to present “Black Magic Dynamite” as part of P+P’s Story/Song series.

Story/Song is a new comic book series from Paper + Plastick Records. It combines one song from a band and a comic book inspired by that song.

"We wanted to explore a new way to add visuals to songs," says Paper + Plastick Records owner Vinnie Fiorello. "The visuals aren’t limited to literal interpretations of the song’s lyrics, but are more inspired by the feeling and attitude of the track."

"Black Magic Dynamite" is taken from Red Hot Rebellion’s forthcoming full-lengthThe Mission. Due out in 2015, The Mission is a high-concept, no-holds-barred tale of intergalactic rock ‘n’ roll, with accompanying full-length comic book. If you like your Motorhead with a side of Shout at the Devil, don’t sleep on Red Hot Rebellion!

Get the FREE digital webcomic and MP3 (and check out the lyric video for “Black Magic Dynamite”) at Paper + Plastick’s website http://paperplastick.limitedrun.com/products/533530-story-song-black-magic-dynamite-red-hot-rebellion

For more information on RED HOT REBELLION visit:

The Cure For Indie Music Obscurity: Nuhuru


Longsuffering indie music artists, 10 million strong, may finally have the solution to their number one issue: obscurity. Nuhuru, a fan-centric artist development platform, founded by long time indie music artist and producer, Eric Todd is positioned to be the epicenter of a reimagined music business. What started as an idea to create a marketing co-op of like-minded artists to cross-pollinate fans, while working out of his living room, is now poised to be a global brand with the potential to upend the crippled industry.

Todd successfully attracted a veteran team that includes Chairman, Jimmy O’Mahony, one of the world’s leading branding gurus and former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, and Chief Creative Officer, Bob Cutarella, music producer and publisher with over 160 platinum albums from A-List artists from Michael Jackson to Madonna and former A&R head of Warner-Chappell Music, one of the world’s largest music publishers.

Nuhuru focuses solely on supporting indie artists and labels. The cloud-based platform was built to identify, develop, and break new artists. Most importantly, it’s fun and free for both artists and fans. It’s all about fan engagement. In fact, the Nuhuru charting system is based on social sharing and fan voting, as it is truly the arbiter of success in today’s world.

Reaching the Top 20 chart triggers a review by the Nuhuru A&R panel. Top artists are rewarded with a support system designed to bolster their careers whether they are inked to an indie label or want to remain label-free. Opportunities include co-publishing deals, song placements in film and TV, management, brand sponsorships, supporting act deals on major tours, and more. Nuhuru is working with indie labels to further develop and exploit their artists in a world where indie labels are being squeezed out of the marketplace by music and data conglomerates.

Opt-in features are in development with technology partner JWT, a WPP company, a world leader is marketing communications. These features will offer leading-edge artist branding tools to be released later this year and will also include the Nuhuru mobile app.

Several artists have already been identified for development and are being signed to deals from the beta test earlier this year. This includes “Quentel the Cryptid”, an obscure wunderkind, experimental pop artist with a non-existent fan base whose music will be featured in an upcoming film, “Welcome to the Bubs”. KinnaraX, another unknown EDM act recently signed to a publishing deal with NOMA Music in LA.

Artists and fans can sign up directly in a few minutes on the site absolutely free. To learn more, please visit: www.nuhuru.com.

Contact: Khari Siegfried, Marketing Manager, Nuhuru Media, Inc
email: info@nuhuru.com Ph: 484-522-9665 Web: www.nuhuru.com

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Atlanta's Peachtree Village Int'l Film Fest To Screen Semifinalist Nez Erok Award Winning Music Video "Beautiful"


Australia artist Nez Erok hits Atlanta, GA for Peachtree Village Int'l Film Festival; screening of her music video "Beautiful", taking place on Friday September 26, 2014. Beautiful is the title of the uplifting song based on Nez's personal prevails over oppression and domestic violence. Initially produced as a dance track but release as an acoustic version to speak to a wider audience.

"Beautiful" is also a semifinalist in the Silent River Film Festival held in California, the track was produced by Nik Felippe. The single highlights the singer's impressive song writing skills of emotion from a real life situation and her diverse take on arrange of musical lyrics.

Nez Erok is not only a singer and performer, she's also an advocate against women violence and supports causes like Xoticar International Women's Day Luncheon.

For more information, on song "Beautiful" or Nez Erok please www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUH_it2S6tg or nezerok.com or follow on Twitter: @NezErok

For media inquiries about Nez Erok, please contact Pashae Williams at: (404)635-6041 or email: pashae@abcpublicity.com

Born in Perth Western Australia in 1977, yet raised within a Turkish culture at home, Nez's natural talent for music was nurtured by a deep desire to not only find a voice, but to be heard.

In a journey which took her from the school choir to the recording studio, Nez's natural flair for electronica saw her redefine what was thought possible of the genre, creating house tracks that capture the raw emotion usually only exposed in ballads.

Drew Hollis, InMusic Brands, To Demo At 2014 Midatlantic Music Conference


The 2014 Midatlantic Music Conference will be hosting a full day of workshops for their 12th annual event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now in its 12 year, the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference is widely recognized as the premier music industry education and networking event in the market and will feature performances by 100 artists and bands in multiple area venues!

inMusic Brands, Drew Hollis, National Product Specialist will be hosting a workshop during the event which will give the opportunity for DJ’s and Producers to and learn about the EXCITING new products being offer for this fall! Drew Hollis is an American composer, songwriter, musician and audio engineer and known under the artist name ANENEMY. He was previously lead-singer of the rock band Gilt the Lily, who released a debut album, Pollinia in 2002. He is primarily influenced by Hard Rock, Industrial, Trip Hop and Acoustic styles.

He is a National Product Specialist for inMUSIC Brands, home of music instrument manufacturers Akai Professional, Alesis, Numark, M-Audio, and Air Music Tech. With over 17 years of music industry experience, Hollis tours extensively throughout the USA, performing and conducting seminars, artist workshops, and production training throughout the Southeast US. He currently resides in Orlando, FL.

This is the only regional opportunity to check out these new products before they go on sale this fall! Check out the latest from these products and more!

The full workshops and panels will take place in beautiful Uptown Charlotte at the DoubleTree by Hilton, located 895 W. Trade Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202! Nightly performances will be focused in the Uptown Area and the NoDA District. Since 2002, more than 650 music, film and digital media company representatives and executive have participated in interactive panel discussions, workshops and product demonstrations highlighting some of the most creative and well respected professionals in the music industry

Drew will be showcasing the following products:

Akai - MPC
Akai - Rhythm Wolf Analog Drum Machine and Bass (New this Fall)
Ableton - Performance Controller - APC 40
Numark – NS 72 DJ Controller (Numark is calling this The Best DJ Controller Ever Built!)
Numark - NV Controller

For more information about this workshop and others visit the site www.midatlanticmusic.com

Nickfillmusic "Never Let You Down"


Nickfill aka yannick Philippe is a UK based Afrobeat rapper who is already heading to the top of the Afrobeat game, The African heavyweight artist ''Nickfill'' strikes with a new single called ''Never let you down '' produced by Beats by Big H,

He is already going places with this hit banger, Nickfill is here to stay as he is in the studio working day and night to give his fans the best.

If well promoted the song will shake up the Afro-world and cause a damage in the Afrobeat system in the UK. He is expanding the boundaries of creativity with his music and afro style.

Nickfill says in his words "I want to do something that no one in Africa has done in the Afrobeat world by making good music

link to song on sound cloud.com



Drox Unveils Brand New Electronic House Dance Mix 'Peace Of Mind', Featuring The All-female Rock Band JOANovARC


Drox unveils brand new electronic house dance mix 'Peace of Mind', featuring the all-female rock band JOANovARC

Drox, rapper/DJ and music producer, unveils his brand new electronic house dance mix 'Peace of Mind', featuring the all-female rock band JOANovARC. The remix is released via Helicopta Records is released on the 20th October 2014.

Newcastle based Drox, is the in-house producer at Helicopta Records, and has produced club hits featuring Eva Alordiah, eLDee, Stampie Major, Jasmine and Sojay, and racked up four consecutive weeks in the Music Week top ten urban charts.

JOANovARC is a female rock band from the Midlands, and the first all-female UK rock band to have their songs featured on the multi-platform mega game, Rock Band, for the Xbox 360. The band was also recently supported by the world's premier manufacturer of musical instruments, Gibson.

The collaboration brings together unique influences and yields a fusion of styles from Drox's deep house, early German techno and Arabic textures and themes, to JOANovARC's rock, indie and melodic vibes. The two artists also collaborated on their previous release, 'Falling Star', which received support from dance legend DJ, Annie Nightingale MBE, and was played on her BBC Radio 1 radio show.

The official video for 'Peace of Mind' by Drox ft JOANovARC is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgoAW8ddEZE&feature=youtu.be and it's released on 20th October 2014 via Helicopka Records.

For more information, visit:

Website: http://www.helicopta.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Helicopta
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helicoptarecords

Friday, September 19, 2014

Jey Gibbs Offers A Party Anthem With His Latest Video "Twerk"


The feeling is unlike any other. You're ready to hit the hottest party; the music is bumping so loud you can feel it through your whole body. You come up to the dance floor just to see the sexiest women at the spot, just mesmerizing you with her movements. She's not your typical partygoer, she's a lady; accustomed to finer things in life with expensive taste. But to you, she's Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and you've falling in a trance with how she moves.

This is the portrait R&B singer Jey Gibbs emphatically sings about in his latest music video aptly entitled "Twerk". The song is a thumping, club-banger that can have ladies reporting to the dance floor and the fellas awestruck. With serenading vocals, Jey Gibbs describes how he feels about a particular woman that has captured his attention in an otherwise perfect party, making him obsess about how tempting his love interest is.

The music video for "Twerk" is set in what appears to be an underground, or basement party. The grunge look laced with flashing lights offers an iconoclastic vision of how Hip-Hop and R&B has incorporated itself in every facet of party life; with the grudge being a metaphor for old views on life while the lights add the stylistic and modern party appeal Hip-Hop brings. The party setting almost makes it feel like it's an exclusive party, only the elite and the prestigious attend these parties and rightfully so, Gibbs' love interest is only interested in a lavish lifestyle. The music video progresses into Gibbs yearning for the beautiful lady while dancing and seducing other women that are formidable competition for her, but not nearly as close as the one he wants. A sure fire hit at any party, Jey Gibb's "Twerk" is a great song to get any party jumping and create a massive, sing-a-long appeal for the ladies. While the music video is visually stunning, the real driving force is the storyline between two different worlds and the pursuit to get the women of his dreams.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WILLIE BASSE "Green1" Is Really 100% GREEN!


WILLIE BASSE "Green1" Is Really 100% GREEN and Bio-Degradable.

Green1 is a new, revolutionary product developed right here in California that cleans, but is safe and 100% CHEMICAL FREE!

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At Home, Car, Marine, RV, Tour Busses, Floors, Fabric, Leather... The Pharmaceutical Grade even HEALS Sores!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cecilia Gault Gets Sexy And Sultry In Her New Music Video "Red Mustang"


The environment a person lives in can change them; shape them. From a calm, sandy beach to a field of blinding streetlights in a fast paced metropolis, every environment will bring out the best or the worst in someone trying to survive and make something out of their lives. Such deep commentary, yet 15-year-old songstress Cecilia Gault eloquently captures her environment with her new music video "Red Mustang".

The dark, pop-infused track takes the listener to a different path down Manhattan where not everything you see is what it seems. Looks can be appealing, but in a world where you have to survive other people's judgments and criticisms, only a beast can make it through with, and in the case, with style. Gault has a unique take on empowerment, opting to stay flawless in her designer fashion without letting it affect her persona and character. With sultry visuals and a film noire aspect to her video, it's no surprise that "Red Mustang" is painted vividly through her lyrics and her music video.

The music video depicts a lonely albeit solemn Cecilia, exhibiting her fragile, feminine character whilst holding strong to her core and her mindset. The metaphor implied that although she is still a young woman, she can still hold her own, and on her terms. There is a lot of use with lighting techniques and coloring technique. Often times, only her bright, ruby lipstick is seen in an otherwise black and white visual of her music video. A passionate color, this only reinforces the energy she has concealed cruising down Manhattan ready to take on the world.

Cecilia Gault's new music video is a new anthem for young girls living in a busy lifestyle that can chant down negativity and live life with a sense of power. She aptly describes what thousands of young women want to experience when trying to make life decisions with a sexy appeal. Her music video is sure to garner a lot of attention for her blossoming career that can only help her move forward in her red mustang.