Friday, July 31, 2015

Rellz Tha Postman X Christobal Tha Vision collaborate on XR Pro Jections LP

Released via Flyah Entertainment

Today Virginia-based Rellz Tha Postman & Christobal Tha Vision share two new singles with you, wetting the appetite ahead of their forthcoming XR Pro Jections LP (set for release on July 28th 2015).

"Close To Me"
Blessing your ears with their real authentic sound, the pair share Single #1 "Close To Me" & Single #2 "Conscience Rap", Hip Hop records that were both made with the XR 20 drum machine.

Both singles are sure to experience heavy rotation in these coming months. Sharing their love for original Hip Hop sounds, the pair take the listener on a unique journey, infusing enticing wordplay with catchy beats and steady rhythms.


825 Records Releases Kerchief's Debut Album "Machines And Animals"

Following a single release paired with immediate regional touring and press, radio, and TV broadcast exposure comes Kerchief's highly anticipated debut LP "Machines and Animals," available on digital outlets worldwide today.

The success of the album's lead single "Milk & Honey" started swiftly upon its release shortly after Kerchief's debut at SXSW 2015. The in-studio music video premiered on THECOOLTV Network across the United States while internet, indie, and college radio followed suit, consequently obtaining an official CMJ Chart add and a consistent rotation throughout the summer. Press from print magazines such as Music Connection and indie blogs across the web spread the news about the former Vanity Theft guitarist/singer's new venture. The support from all angles is strengthened by a pre-existing fan base accept- ing Britt Hill's new project with open arms and packing clubs from Tennessee to Chicago, everywhere around, and in between.

With ten songs tracked within seven days in Brooklyn, NY, in September of 2014, “Machines & Animals” offers tracks that expertly weave Hill’s smooth voice with the edge of her songwriting and lyrics. Guitar riffs bite into bass lines that ebb and flow with emotional vocals, taking inspiration from a personal journey. Heavy drum beats and layered guitars articulate the feelings behind stories of the pursuit of finding a purpose in life’s daily struggles, reflecting an evident influence from ‘90s alternative rock.

Producer Matty Amendola knew working with Kerchief would be a perfect fit as soon as he heard her demos. Working closely with engineer and Grammy Award winner Butch Jones, he created a sound that would bring Kerchief’s debut album to life. Shortly after, Kerchief signed an artist development and distribution agreement with Amendola's music incubator, 825 Records.

Recent reviews have also added, "Her musical influences are more urban than, say, Ani DiFranco, but she has the same strength of character" (The Blues Bunny) as well as comparisons such as "Arcade Fire- meets-PJ Harvey" (Tunes Digest) and succinct statements such as "Hill’s music reflects a long and sto- ried personal journey that hits with force and leaves the mind in a haze of personality" (Richard Lyne - Appetizer Radio).

Kerchief can be seen during the next few months around the South with a regular show schedule, but has been announced to be headlining The Cutting Room in NYC on August 29th. She'll be backed by special guests bassist Michael MacIvor (Candiria) and producer Matty Amendola on drums.

Advanced tickets are available now via Ticketfly and come with a free CD. 347.240.5417

AYESHA ADAMO 'Midnight Elite' + remixes

Newroz Recordings

Head straight out of the blocks today with this dark, nonchalant and sexy sound titled "Midnight Elite" by Ayesha Adamo.

Released alongside multiple remixes, the sounds traverse hypnotic and mysterious layered soundscapes.

'Midnight Elite' brings Ayesha into the spotlight as a producer, DJ and recording artist and the road ahead is shining bright. Be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for new music from this intriguing star in the making.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mikey 360 – Cheers To You ( Go Grizzly)

Hailing from Arizona, Mikey 360 is amidst a hunger to take his innovative brand of R&B music out of his locality and around world, a whole 360degrees.

Today Mikey 360 continues to live up to his name, with another timeless classic for you to feast your ears into, "Cheers To You".

Produced by Warner Chapel producer Go Grizzly, Mikey's new single attractively blends new with old, paying homage to the old school, while maintaining a modern and innovative sound.

Constantly inspired by his surroundings, Mikey 360 is set to continue churning out smooth r&b, soul and hip-hop infused sounds throughout 2015 and beyond.


Number 1 iTunes World Artist Breaks The New Age Barrier

With two albums in two years, two weeks at number 1 on iTunes World Charts, a feature artist on Noisetrade and support from one of music's 80's and 90's icons, Belinda Carlisle, Simrit is releasing tracks from her latest album From the Ancient Storm to Triple A radio.

Previously known for her reflective versions of classic mantras throughout the Kundalini Yoga communities around the world, Simrit's previous two albums have demonstrated a definitive departure in sound and style.

Attracting the attention of Belinda Carlisle, Simrit has performed on stage with the ex-Gogo's lead singer, collaborated with Belinda on her 2014 album, has contributed to Belinda's forthcoming 2016 album and is planning a series of joint concerts.

Ms Carlisle said of Simrit "The first time I saw her live I thought – wow she's kind of punk rock. Her sense of melody is different from a lot of the other chant artists and her energy and musicality set her apart."

Belinda continued, "Simrit, to me, is the voice of this new day and age."

This week sees the release of the first single "All of Myself" from the album "From the Ancient Storm" to Triple A radio across, America, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand along with a track from her 2014 album called Revolution.

Simrit describes the songs as a journey of change, "First there is a revolution that occurs, change within, then comes complete surrender to love as described in the song "All of Myself". Everybody comes to the point of surrendering to love in some way. That is what these songs are about."

The tracks have been made available to radio along with two additional songs this week in the hope that the music previously enjoyed by the yoga communities are embraced by the mainstream radio networks.

For more information, copies of the radio edits or to arrange interviews contact: Shayne Locke on +61433709055 or

A full Insider Edition interview in a four part, hour-long show is also available from ST Media upon request.

AMSS 'Jaymel' Brings Summer Vibes To India's Morior Invictus

Alexander Sanchez (AMSS) is a musician and an electronic music producer, whose course to become a musician was set at the tender age when he began to learn the guitar. His musical roots started with indie and rock and have evolved into house and electronica. He started producing electronic music 4 years ago, and year after year, increased the enthusiasm of this giddy fledgling clubber.

He speaks about his productions "I have always tried to combine different styles of music into one, I don't forget my Latin culture that’s what I already had and I have learned producing house and electronica moving along the way."

Growing up in Colombia, he was heavily influenced by New Wave and Latin’s bands like that ignited his love for melody and lyrics and at the same time, he was strongly impacted by the house music scene that developed in other countries.

Speaking about his favorite artists he says - "My great influences have been, Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South & Deniz Koyu. "

He began working on his own music, which includes multiple singles, EPs, and remixes almost 4 years back. His most recent 2015 release "Jaymel" debuted with Morior Invictus Recordings, which he sees was a step forward in his musical career.

"It's awesome to find Morior Invictus Recordings knocking at my door. It was a great feeling."

About his latest track, he adds "My inspiration was the new experiences one feels from day to day, and the same way, u can feel love listening to the sound of Jaymel. I wanted to create a track where one can feel different emotions during the track."

AMSS is currently now focused on solo production and sharing his music around the world.



For more information about Morior Invictus, please contact Wilf Libgott of |

Kay Kumar Releases "Suicidal Thoughts"

Today, we present you with the debut offering from Birmingham artist Kay Kumar. Blending Hip-Hop with ambient vocals "Suicidal Thoughts" is a deep and dark journey from the outset, exploring the painful subject of suicide.

On "Suicidal Thoughts" Kay Kumar maintains an emotive message throughout, seeking to inspire those who might find themself in a dark place. Carrying a strong significance, Kay's debut release is an engaging one to say the very least. Kay's talent as a lyricist/writer is evident throughout his debut, and is infused by a swelling production from Sinima, who uses a variety of instrumentation including violins, drums, flutes and piano keys to further aid this one.

Get ready to come deep into the depths of Kay Kumar's soundboard, as violins, drums, flutes and a piano aid this atmospheric track.

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Singer Sued For $10M & Branded As "Too Old & Ugly" Makes A Come Back

What started out as a $75 gig to sing in a P!NK tribute band lead to Collette McLafferty (41) being sued for $10M and almost ended her career. She overcame with a new video covering P!NK's Perfect (with 20,000 views on Facebook) and her first solo album "42" being released on her 42nd birthday, 11/23. She also found a calling for both legal reform and ageism activism, calling for all women to "feel no shame."

Collette McLafferty had enjoyed a 21 year career as the lead singer of the popular east coast indie band edibleRed (signed to Select Records), a commercial singer for major brands such as Mattel and MetLife, a session singer, and a semi-finalist on America's Next Broadway Star. She and her band were featured on MTV Buzzworthy, VH1 and had much success abroad.

Collette was hired to be the lead singer in a local P!NK Tribute band that, unbeknownst to her, was in a civil war between the current band owner and his former partner, who was also a personal injury lawyer. Out of anger the former partner filed a law suit suing the current band leader and Collette for $10M. In the lawsuit he claimed that she was "too ugly" and "too out of tune" to sing in a P!NK Tribute band. The New York Post picked up the story and headlined it "Singer sued for being too old and ugly for Pink cover band". Time Magazine's website, Yahoo News and several other new sources picked up the headline. >From there Collette's world crumbled amongst the viral media sensationalism which now deemed the 41 old singer "too old" as well as "ugly and a mediocre singer", despite her career success and classical training from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

With the lawsuit still in litigation, Collette has managed to turn her nightmare into a cause to help countless people by becoming a leader in lawsuit reform through the Lawsuit Reform Alliance and introducing Collette's Law into New York State legislation. Collette's Law will help "discourage meritless and frivolous litigation" by increasing the cost liability for those initiating them. Collette's Law will help save millions in taxpayer dollars as well as save innocent bystanders from going through the emotional and economic horror of unwarranted legal action.

Through the turmoil of the last year Collette has discovered the beauty of having nearly 42 years of life experience. She has come out against ageism in the entertainment industry and dedicated her first solo album, entitled "42", (sneak peak of 1st single "Lunacy") to women who are told their talent is diminished by their age. She created the #feelnoshame campaign urging women of all ages to post pictures with their true age on social media.

In Collette's own words, "Today I am stronger, more experienced and have greater inner and outer beauty. As I turn 42, I truly Feel No Shame!"

McLafferty's story can be followed at

For more information call Noelle Frieson at 917-597-8084 or email

Nigel George Dedicates A Video Tribute To Michael Jackson: "MJ You Are Loved"

Full of powerful longing and love, Nigel George dedicates his new single "MJ You Are Loved" to one of the greatest artist, songwriter, composer, choreographer, and entertainer of our time; Michael Jackson. Nigel's sigh that begins his song symbolizes the longing filling his soul. Nigel's smooth and gentle voice portrays the love for legendary Michael Jackson that many people held in their hearts. The lines, "You Are Loved. We don't deserve you. That's why you're moonwalking on a cloud" not only portrays MJ's choreography genius but also how he was held on a pedestal by many people. The video adds imagery to the great thought and meaning put into this song.

The images shown on this video are synchronized perfectly with the lyrics. It shows many images and videos of Michael Jackson which brings back the humanity and splendor that he brought to the many audiences around the world. The vigil being depicted towards the end of the video shows how Michael Jackson was able to bring people of many races and backgrounds together through him and the love that all people had for him and his music. Thanks to artists like Nigel George, Michael Jackson's spirit and music continues to live on, even after he is no longer with us.

Genre: R&B/Soul
Artist: Nigel George
Video Keywords/Tags: Michael Jackson Tribute, Sam Smith, John Legend, Nick Jonas, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, BTS, Bangtan Boys, Teen Top, EXO, Ukiss, Pop Music, Urban Music, Las Vegas

Liza Fox Reveals Bipolar Disorder In "I Am Not I" Music Video

US Billboard and UK Music Week charting singer tells a story of her bipolar disorder in the new music video "I Am Not I".

Not long ago, Liza Fox met a mysterious gentleman who cast a magic spell on her. Every midnight, the singer wakes up seeing his shadow above her bed. She experiences extreme mood swings. Liza feels a growing desire to meet the mysterious man again. During the ordeal, she transforms from an innocent angelic girl to a witchy warrior.

The singer's personal transformation is reflected in her new album "I Am Not I" produced by Hungarian DJ Jus Grata. Each of the six songs, including the title track, is a unique story revealing a facet of her multidimensional personality.

Premiering on July 13, 2015, the music video for "I Am Not I" was directed by an eccentric and multitalented barber who, like the singer herself, is fascinated by astrology, esotericism, and the paranormal. "I told my barber what's happening to me, and immediately we came up with the theme for the music video – a mystical story in the medieval style," says Liza Fox.

In the music video, events unfold like a dreamy inception: As Liza is sleeping in bed, a snake crawls on her like a seductive Serpent to possess her spirit as she sings "I am not I when I love you tonight." She looks into the mirror and sees a witchy warrior. Meanwhile, a man dressed like a monk is reading satanic scriptures, casting his evil spell as Liza is falling deeper into darkness. Chained in the medieval torture chamber, she tries to escape through levitation. The video ends with her warrior self setting the water on fire. "By burning water, I claim victory over darkness and bipolar disorder," the singer explains.

Twitter: @LizaFoxMusic
Instagram: lizafox_