Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dirty Lowdown & Dominican Don To Release New Single Tributing Michael Jackson

Florida-based artists, Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don , are preparing to release a brand new single on Friday, July 31 . The new single, 'Just A Little Bit Of You,' is a reworking of the 1975 Michael Jackson classic. The track, distributed by CD Baby, will be available on every major digital music platform and streaming service. (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) 'Just A Little Bit Of You' was originally released on Michael Jackson's fourth solo effort, 'Forever, Michael.' The soulful nature of the record laid the groundwork for the rest of Jackson's career, and his departure from the famous Motown Records shortly after opened a new chapter in the young prodigy's career. (The album was released when Jackson was sixteen.) The late legend passed away six years ago, leaving an incredible legacy and catalogue. He was, after all, the King of Pop.

Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don shed the Motown vibe of the track for a more contemporary, modernized sound. The two artists are elegantly accented by heavy electronic instrumentation, tight beats, and string sections. There's also a significant addition of hip-hop lyricism on the latter half of the tune. While remaining faithful and respectful to the original song, both Lowdown and Don take creative liberties when reenergizing it for a new generation.

The creative license that Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don take with 'Just A Little Bit Of You' is widely successful. Paying homage to the King of Pop seems natural and fitting, as the musical lineage of both these artists can most certainly be traced back to Jackson and the Motown sound. In 1975, Jackson charted well with the song, scoring his biggest hit in three years and top honors on both the pop and soul charts. Now, in 2015, forty years later, 'Just A Little Bit Of You' is ready to return. Both Dirty Lowdown and Dominican Don are seasoned, veteran performers that have extensive live and studio experience, especially in the Florida area. Dirty Lowdown was previously featured on the song 'Unstoppable,' a tune supporting the Miami Heat.

The song was remixed into several versions and was successful in harnessing the community's support of the team. The single will be released under the rising independent label, Mark Of Excellence Productions . Information regarding the artists and the label can be found below. The release will be available globally on July 31.

Connect With Dirty Lowdown:
Connect With Dominican Don:
Watch The 'Unstoppable' Miami Heat Video:
Mark Of Excellence Productions Inc | Miami, Florida | 888-429-9493 | PO Box
55-2533, Miami Gardens, Florida 33055-5533

Monday, August 24, 2015

London based emcee Original One drops new single "We Rock Dis Place" ft. HardLee ParTee

OUT NOW!! Released via THEBKS.COM

With the weekend in sight, Hackney-based Original One is celebrating by sharing his new upbeat single "We Rock Dis Place". Combining enticing Rap wordplay with a fun and energetic production, the song shares a simple message: to live life to the fullest.

Blessing your ears with a totally original sound, Original One hopes that new single will win over some new fans, showcasing his unique take on Hip Hop music, all the while keeping the existing followers happy! Give it a spin for yourself, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Scheduled for release in August 2015, the single features label mate HardLee Partee, with production coming from 75 Productions.

Pre-Order on iTunes:

Journey Through a Forest With New Colourz Release 'Nemodom'

Progressive house duo Colourz has released their latest track Nemodom. The mysterious yet epic soundscape of the song guides the listener through an eerie forest. Playing with moments of darkness and high intensity, Nemodom perfectly illustrates why the duo describes their sound as cinematica. The song is available at:

Combining cinematic, orchestral sounds and progressive house beats, Colourz seeks to explore a new genre and stand out with their creative approach to electronic music. Their newest creation Nemodom brings together the epical and otherworldly storyline of a journey through a forest and inspired use of dramatic beats.

Nemodom is Colourz's fourth release, following the last single "Vivify", released in June.

THE POLICE Manager & Music Mogul MILES COPELAND Delivers Keynote Interview at IES 15

Miles Copeland, longtime manager of THE POLICE & STING, came from an extended European stay to deliver the Keynote Interview at the IES 15 Music, Film-TV, Touring & Tech conference August 7 in the NoHo Arts District, Los Angeles California. Copeland, a longtime maverick & innovator, talked about turning a thousand UK pounds (approx $1800) recording into a 'billion dollar brand', creating a global touring empire from a brother & 4 guys in a van, & getting a car manufacturer to put up $18 million dollars in TV ads to support a STING album, among other groundbreaking moves he made in his legendary career.

IES – the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT is a four day, comprehensive conference, with a wide array of panels, seminars, workshops, networking events, honors, & concerts/showcases. In it's fourth year, the global event takes place in the NoHo Arts District in N.Hollywood, surrounded by a thriving region of film & recording studios, theatres, dance studios & the Television Academy (home of the EMMYS). Miles Copeland was one of over 100 industry speakers this year, & special events are already being planned for the big FIFTH YEAR Anniversary IES 16, August 10-13, 2016.

Interviewed onstage by IES Founder & industry veteran Jay Warsinske (who had worked with Copeland, band & label in those early formative days), Copeland had several examples of what led to THE POLICE's astronomical success & some shrewd moves that benefitted the processes along the way. "We found someone in the UK that owned a studio behind their home" says Copeland "& offered him one thousand pounds (approximately $1800) to record 10 songs, & that album became OUTLANDOS d'AMOUR, that contained the classic song 'Roxanne' amongst others". He explained that the producer Nigel Gray was offered points' (a percentage of profits) instead of the small fee that wasn't readily available, an offer he dismissed for the fee & later tried to re-establish after the apparent buzz the band was creating. Copeland says the percentage would have ended up being worth millions of dollars, instead he only got his flat fee of one thousand pounds. Rule 1: back end profits can make you wealthy on a hit project. THE POLICE's last tour grossed almost $400 million & they've sold over 75 million albums, tons of merchandise & endorsements, all totaling well over billion dollar grosses.

Another amazing story was being an 'unknown act' Copeland realized he had no clout or leverage getting big booking agents or promoters to book his fledgling group. He encouraged his brother Ian to form an agency (FBI : Frontier Booking Agency) and sent his three piece band (Sting, guitarist Andy Summers & other brother Stewart on drums) to every club or 'hole in the wall' that would allow them to perform early on in the US. "Being 4 guys, including a trio & one roadie", explains Copeland, "we were lean, mean & ready to go anywhere, not only in the US, but Egypt, India & many faraway lands which gave us a global market, but also exotic footage for our videos & this new exciting channel called MTV, that we embraced greatly!". The band subsequently grew with the burgeoning 'new wave explosion' in North America, videos & radio play on a steady succession of singles such as "Roxanne", "Message In A Bottle", "Walking On The Moon", and an exciting live show fronted by the charismatic Sting. Subsequently they went from a van playing dives, to tour busses playing arenas by their second & third tours. By the fourth they were headlining stadiums, festivals & playing multiple nights in the biggest arenas around the world.

Another amazing example of 'the indie spirit' and sheer entrepreneurially tenacity was when Sting released the solo album "BRAND NEW DAY" & after an initial buzz of the title track, the album has stalled in achieving a major hit song & was losing momentum. "We shot a video for the song "Desert Rose" featuring Cheb Mami", explains Copeland, "we had Sting & Cheb driving through the desert in a Jaguar car singing the song, I realized how great the car looked & took it to the car company's ad agency & convinced them that we have created a perfect 'commercial' for them, that would also promote my artist, & they fell in love with it & proceeded to buy $18 million dollars in TV commercials that just simply aired the video clips, with no voiceover or anything from Sting". The commercial created such a groundswell of excitement in the song, that radio was almost forced to play by public demand & ended up making it a big hit and the album became a multi-million selling smash success.

These are some of the many success stories from less than traditional circumstances he shared with the IES attendees that had come from all over the globe. "Miles was always a true maverick & innovator thinking outside the box", says IES' Jay Warsinske, "a hero & mentor of mine, & an inspiration to us all that with talent, drive & ingenuity, anything is possible if you persevere & go for it & never give up!" Additional successes of Copeland & stories included his success in launching REM, The GO-GO's, Danny Elfman of OINGO BOINGO, The BANGLES, TIMBUK 3, The ALARM, IRS Records, their own MTV Show "The Cutting Edge" amongst many others. For more info on the IES annual event, go to

Shy Wear Reveal New Track "Beat Them Up"

Released via I Am Shy Music

Producers LGB and Aldo Kapone, who together make Shy Wear, are amidst a thirst to take their potent brand of House music out of their respective localities and into the lives of the masses. With this objective in mind, the duo present their stimulating new single, “Beat Them Up”, which boasts heavy house influences and some rebellious significance.

Shy Wear’s latest single is another mesmerising dance floor groove, but one with a striking message. Speaking of the new single, the pair explained how ‘Beat Them Up’ seeks to open the listeners mind to injustice, corruption and international finance. “Freedom is an illusion.

The thought provoking single has all the makings of a track that’s capable of doing the rounds at some of Europe’s major club closing parties. While Shy Wear remain to be somewhat mysterious with their releases, they’re undoubtedly talented and look set to continue stirring up more exciting material with an edge to it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SplashFlood, New Talent-Based Music App Now on Android

SplashFlood's new music app is now available on Android. The app, which first launched on iOS in July, allows artists to upload and promote their music for free and for music lovers to discover talent without any monthly fees or ads. A video demonstrating the app is available at:

SplashFlood rewards talent through the app's Influence Builder tool, which is in line with their mission to prove that real talent can come from anywhere. Through this unique promotional feature, every time an artist listens to and rates a song, one of their songs in the app gets listened to and rated by another artist of the same genre. The Influence Builder gives artists the opportunity to get their music heard and validated by other artists, and helps increase their exposure to other listeners. Artists can therefore promote their music without big budgets for promotional campaigns.

Key features include:

- Artists can reach new audiences through the promotional system called the Influence Builder. Every time an artist listens to and rates a song, one of their songs is played for another artist of the same genre to rate.

- Artists receive Splash Points for every positive rating they get. The more Splash Points an artist earns, the more likely one of their songs will make it on one of the app's Featured Channels to attract even more listeners. Songs on the Featured Channels are promoted to all users of the app.

- Artists can become Influencers in their genre and help other artists with their music careers.

Music lovers can discover talented artists and be among the first to stream new music for free.

- There are no monthly fees. Listeners can stream as many songs as they like, with no ads, and artists can upload all their best recordings - for free.

- Artists can choose in which genres to upload their songs so that only fans of that genre will listen to them.

SplashFlood is available on Android on Google Play at the following link:

And on iOS in the Apple App Store here:

For more information:

SplashFlood website:

SplashFlood on Twitter:

SplashFlood on Facebook:

Melissa B. Signs Worldwide Exclusive Publishing Agreement With USA Media Rights

Santa Monica, California (August 13, 2015) – USA Media Rights, a music and media rights company providing a broad range of music business services, has through its BMI affiliate Creative Songwriters Music signed a publishing deal with American recording artist and songwriter Melissa B.

Melissa B., being of Black & Puerto Rican descent, describes herself as an Afro-Latina, born on a Military base in South Carolina to Air Force parents. Singing professionally since the age of 5, Melissa has been pursuing a career in music for almost her entire life.

Her creative strengths sprung from a musical family with noticeable talent including her Aunt, Grammy Award-winning singer and multiple ASCAP & BMI Award-winning songwriter Dawnn Lewis. In addition to her music career, Melissa B. is extremely passionate about supporting young women interested in engineering & technology. This passion was the driving force behind her global non-profit organization “Girl Geek Dinners NYC” which has been sponsored by Google and Microsoft. Melissa B has been highlighted in USA Today and IGN Magazine and at Google NYC in partnership with Society of Women Engineers for her advocacy in engineering.

The Gritty Glam Pop Star is on a fast track to become the Latina hybrid of Whitney Houston and Annie Lennox, creating and sharing great music that empowers women and men everywhere to love one another and themselves again.

“Melissa is a unique talent with amazing vocal chops and songwriting capabilities, and we are thrilled to be her business partners as she is launching her solo career with vigor and integrity,” says CEO of USA Media Rights, Erik Steigen.

Who Is Case On Bass? Mercenary Soldier Now Musician

When I first saw Case on Bass backstage in New York, I was a bit wary. His appearance was somewhere between military mercenary and fashion model. He looked lone wolf dangerous. He gave off a sense of superiority sitting by himself. I immediately didn't like him and had never heard of him anyway (he did zero promotion of his music).

Then I heard him perform on his bass guitar and became convinced he made a deal with the devil. His music was mysterious as hell. I came to find out later the music he was playing was called Bass Tones. I arranged an interview with him.

It was a curious interview. For starters, Case on Bass has at least four different names he goes by. He won't tell me his real name. He also is a chronic mover - he has lived in 10 different places the past 4 years, sometimes in big cities like New York or Seattle, other times in rural Appalachian towns like Athens, Ohio.

But before this nomadic lifestyle, after college he worked as an office accountant for several years and hated it immensely. Not satisfied with the money he was making and the lifestyle he was living, he left his accounting job in 2011 at age 25 and became a mercenary minesweeper in the Caucasus region. (The modern term for this is called a "military contractor", but Case on Bass preferred to call himself a mercenary). It paid over double what he made as an accountant. He worked primarily in the war torn region of Chechnya identifying and clearing minefields.

"The work we did was somewhere between military and humanitarian," said Case on Bass "Neither side had any maps of where most of the mines and booby traps were; they were laid years ago." The work was slow-going and obviously dangerous. "We took no chances. Some people think mine clearing is getting up close and disarming the mine – that is way too dangerous to do on a regular basis. We would stand back and detonate the mines from a distance once we were able to locate them. 80% of our time was just trying to locate the mines; there were a ton of false positives with the mine sweeper because of all the shelling and spent ammo in the area. I know absurd violence had taken place here..."

Case on Bass did this work for 18 months and saved up $150,000 US dollars – way more than what he could have made as an accountant in the same amount of time. He returned to the US at 26, and then a white hot creative burst began. He started making experimental music with Casebere & Joyner and then his solo Bass Tones series. He has published no less than 12 albums this past year.

Strange for a musician however, is the fact that he does not participate in any social media, saying he doesn't believe in it. That may be detrimental to his career.

And after talking to him, I still don't understand how he created his mysterious music. It sounds like music from another world, with a completely different meaning than most music. I don't know how it relates to his past from what he told me.

"I'm just giving thanks to my Creator," is all he said.

Zaena Morisho Releases New Video "MI NA WE" - FUSING AFRO ROOTS

Zaena Morisho is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer who was born in the DR Congo and raised in Houston Texas. The Los Angeles based Zaena, sings in English, Swahili, Lingala, Nyaja, Shona, and some French. She has just released her latest Music video– "MI NA WE". in English means "Me and YOU"

Zaena, who has received in excess of 1 million views on Youtube for her hit song "Ur Love", released her debut Pop-Afro Pop album "Break the Surface" in 2012 and followed up, toward the end of 2014, with the 6-track Ep, "You Don’t Know".

The afro-influenced tunes like "MI NA WE", MI NA WE" is the Mixture of three Languages French, Swahili, and English. This song is for lovers that goes through a lot but still got strong feeling and love for each other. No matter what they say, Its gonna be "me and you, MI NA WE" forever* Zaena Morisho has now moved into a more sophisticated light without losing her footing on fun and dancing, keeping the grooves coming fast and hard. She also takes on the role of storyteller while letting you float in the smooth sounds of her songs... all with a unique crossover sound that only Zaena Morisho can pull off!

Raph Solo unveils new EP titled 'The Love Capsule' + music video

Raph Solo returns today with all the pop-inspired funk you could ask for on this up-tempo pop themed EP 'The Love Capsule'. Melodic productions are fused with timeless lyrics, and bouncy synths that are fit to get you dancing.

The London-based artist remarks, "In my music, Love is always the message. With this EP, I wanted to start with the man in the mirror. It's about self-love and giving yourself the benefit of the doubt to pursue your dreams, because there's always a chance they may come true if you believe in them. Living in London, I am fortunate to be able to say 'Love is Love' without being discriminated against and although I may not be able to change the world, I am definitely able to contribute in my own small way and look forward to a time when 'The Future is Love' ".

Track list
1. Good Morning in London
2. Last Night
3. Lucky Strike

Come on this journey of futuristic sounds coupled with enticing retro vibes fit for summer! Links for the EP and music video for "Last Night" are below.