Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bethany & Rufus Introduce New Band To Europe

Roots music duo Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia (Bethany & Rufus) will be introducing their new extended band in a tour of clubs and major jazz festivals throughout Germany and Italy over the summer. The two new members add complex textures to the duo's infectious sound: Gaston Jean-Baptiste, known as "Bonga", regarded as a master of the Afro Haitian drum, and singer/flautist Yacouba Moumouni, leader of the jazz-ethnic band from Niger, Mamar Kassey.

Here is a list of some of their upcoming gigs...

Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 8:00 PM
Unterfahrt Club Munich, Germany
Einsteinstr. 42
81675 M¤închen, Germany
+49 89 4482794
A live music venue where the sounds of choice are... Jazz!

Saturday, June 27 - 28, 2009 - 8:00 PM
Suedtirol Jazz Festival Bolzano, Italy
10 days of music and summer atmosphere in South Tyrol, with 60 concerts all over the region

Saturday, July 4, 2009 - 12:00 PM
Radio Bremen Festival
Bremen, Germany

Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 12:00P
Oldenburg Outdoor Festival
Oldenburg, Germany

Having recently returned from the Festival Daoula in Bamako, Mali; Bethany & Rufus have expanded their group formation to include Yacouba Moumouni (Niger) and Haitian Percussionist 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste. The expanded group came into being on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of their Label Daqui. Yacouba was appearing with his ground breaking group from Niger, Mamar Kassey, on the same stage as Bethany and Rufus . Yacouba joined Bethany & Rufus for one of the songs and the rest is the kind of magic chemistry that can never be planed.

The following summer the expanded group along with Bonga was invited to perform at Les Nuits Atypique and while doing a promotional spot on Radio France for the festival they were invited to perform on the Live a FIP radio series in March of 2009 that will be released as a Live CD September 10 2009 as a co- production with Radio France and Daqui Records.

It was in the process of rehearsing that the group really came into focus. Bethany as the daughter of legendary 60's Folk singer Peter Yarrow (Peter , Paul & Mary) draws from the many songs that her father collected as part of the seminal folk movement of the 60s. Yacouba has dug deeply into the folkloric Hausa, Djerma, Peul and Songhai traditions of Niger and Bonga is the descendant of a very rich lineage of Vodou ceremonial drumming and song. Bonga has also traveled extensively through Haiti collecting and learning the different manifestations of Haitian song and folklore. Rufus has taken the cello into previously unknown realms and is noted for his collaborations in African, Arabic, and American music forms and also has a solo CD Songs for Cello on the Daqui label. Individually all of the members of the group have been instrumental in expanding the role of traditional forms in their respective musics. It is with this background that they have come together to create a sound that although based around the song forms of American traditional music reaches back to a common root that has inspired everyone involved.

Check out their myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/bethanyandrufus for an updated tour schedule.

MusicDishTV: Kerchoonz Unveils the K-Box Portable Speaker

WATCH THE VIDEO... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP41Lu9dBNw

Kerchoonz has released a new, portable device that turns surfaces into speakers. About the size of an iPhone, the K-Box plugs into anything - laptop, phone, mp3 player, TV, iPod, etc. equipped with a headphone jack. Once placed on a flat surface, the K-Box uses its cutting-edge gel audio technology to transform the surface underneath into a speaker with excellent audio quality. The K-Box can be purchased from http://www.Kerchoonz.com

Free License Use Program "Flup" Aim To Help Reduce Film Production Budget

"Exclusive interview with Didier Kussu"

By Robyn Young for Film Music Magazine

FMM: Who founded Kussu Music Publishing in 1994?

DK: Kussu Music Publishing was founded in 1994 as a publishing arm of Kussu Productions Inc. a music content company with global businesses in music publishing and recorded music, includes artist development, management and music library as specialties.

FMM: What services do you provide?

DK: For Music Users: Since we own or control both the masters and publishing rights from several catalogues, we are in a unique position to provide Pre-cleared music for any project. This makes our company more attractive to clients, because we are fast and our Sync and Master Use Licensing process is simple and easy. We also work closely with agents and partners in many countries including the US, such as Crucial Music, Noma Music among others. These partners license portion of our music catalogue to third party users.

For Music Creators and Copyright Holders/Owners: With our deep relationships, experience and knowledge in music and film industries, we of course offer many avenues of exposure to songwriters, artists, indie labels and publishers for their songs through television shows, motion pictures, soundtracks, multimedia, commercials etc. as well as global administration incl. worldwide registration of songs, making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music, tracking the use of the music they own and ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses, sub-publishing worldwide and other music rights management activities.

FMM: How large is your database of artists?

Actually, we have over thousands artists and songwriters from around the globe, that's including both exclusive and non-exclusive roster. And over hundreds of music producers, publishers and indie labels.

FMM: When was KMLN launched?

DK: Kussu Music Licensing Network was officially launched on May 4, 2009, and we are still adding new music everyday.

FMM: What is FLUP?

DK: FLUP simply means, "Free License Use Program", this program is designed to help reduce film production budget by licensing music from established and indie artists "free of charge".

Listen, dear Robyn, it is just the fact that nearly every sector of the economy has been affected one way or another by recession. But the music and film industry have already been hit so hard by internet piracy over Peer‐to‐Peer (P2P) networks prior the economic slowdown. However, the digital revolution does also present new opportunities for the entertainment industry. With the introduction of new media technologies, greater opportunities for film producers emerge as well as for the distribution etc.

But lets face the reality, the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival was not what it used to be. The market isn't booming and overall prices for movies have remained low. New research form NPD and Nielsens reveal that 63 percent of Americans have played video games within the past six months, while only 43 percent admitted to having gone to see a movie in the theater. The new strategy of "FLUP", Free License Use Program introduced by Kussu Music Publishing, through Kussu Music Licensing Network's website (KUSSU.NET) is a natural reaction to help both our larger community of affiliated songwriters, labels and publishers as well as the film industry to cut production costs of TV Shows, Series, Movies etc. It is a win‐win situation, songwriters and publishers will receive performance royalties, artists get promoted and the production companies save money and have less headaches.

FMM: How does one qualify for FLUP?

DK: Any project that will help promote the artist through the placement of his or her song. And when it airs the writer and publisher will get their performance royalties. As I've already mentioned, it is a win-win situation, the industry is not in a good shape now. Therefore such concept is needed. To be concrete about how does one qualify for FLUP, it is mostly made for established projects such as Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, CSI, Ugly Betty, WEEDS, Valentine, Sex And The City, Saturday Night Live, Dexter, Brothers and Sisters, Supernatural etc. but also new independent or major projects, shows, films with good concept. It is not about how successful a project is or will be you know, we are very flexible and open and every License under FLUP will be decided on case by case basis. However, we are focusing on project that will help our artists and writers get more exposure and generate future royalties.

FMM: What kind of technology are you using for your work process?

DK: The technology behind KUSSU.NET has been implemented by "YOULICENSE", we are grateful to be working with them, they have an excellent team of experts. The song search engine has been built like "GOOGLE", Music users will be able to search by Genre, Mood, Subject, Language, Instruments, Style, Lyrics, Similar Artist, Vocal Type, Writer, Composer or any other individual Keyword(s) of their choices. Full track preview available for all songs and clients will be able to license and download (wav files), CD quality tracks online.

All tracks are Pre-cleared and ready for use in your project. Beside indie and established artists and genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and Rock, Kussu Music Licensing Network offers "Hard To Find Specific Music"; such as Oriental/Middle Eastern music, different types of African, Eastern European music, French Pop, Hip Hop, Russian Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, German Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electro as well as a variety of Latin music.

FMM: Are there any specific film or TV productions that you would like to quote as "successfully licensed to"?

DK: The songs from our music catalogues are used by different production companies, advertising agencies etc. on a regular basis worldwide including TV productions such as My Boys/Sony Pictures, Ugly Betty/ABC Family, WEEDS/Lionsgate, Dexter/Showtime, Lincoln Heights/ABC Family, Fat Girls/FOX Searchlight, Greek/ABC Family just to name a few.

About Didier Kussu
Didier is a low profile business consultant, entrepreneur and music executive. He is the founder of companies such as United Entertainment & Media Limited (UEM, London), Kussu Productions Inc., Indie Songs Publishing Scandinavia and Indie Songs Publishing UK, African Music Publishing, the world largest African music publisher, Indie Distribution, Latin Music Publishing Group USA and Latin Music Publishing Group Europe, Universoul Vibes, Murder Riddims Records and Murder Riddims Publishing, among others.

For further information, please contact:
Email: flup(at)Kussu.net

For other licensing inquiries, please send email to:

For press inquiries, please contact:
Fax: +49 208 6942 240
Email: press(at)Kussu-productions.com

United Entertainment & Media Limited

For more information about Film Music Magazine, please visit:

Contact Information:
Global Media Online, Inc.
8605 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 14625
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Can't Afford The Gym? - Affordable Download Workouts

With the economy in tatters, many people are dropping their gym memberships and seeking cheaper alternatives to get in their "workout time".

We have just launched a new website offering downloadable mp3 workouts and fitness music. Our workouts start at just .99 cents.

Music is written specifically for each exercise program and most programs come with verbal instruction and motivation.

The concept was developed by Marina Kamen, mother of 3 who lost 100 pounds walking to her recording studio everyday while listening to her music she was writing for the dance clubs in NYC.

We offer close to 1,200 downloadable programs for the bargain hunting, mp3 player owning, fitness enthusiast.


POP INC, Simon Jones & Ninthwave Records Lead Search For The KLF

POP INC, the audio arsonists responsible for enlisting BBC actor Simon Jones on the Electro anthem LOOKING 4 THE KLF, today announced a partnership with Ninthwave Records who have joined the search for modern music’s most elusive act.

In hopes of locating missing KLF vocalists Isaac Bellows and Ricardo Da Force, the Minneapolis-based musicologists have initiated an international stickering campaign as well as launched a LOOKING 4 THE KLF video and documentary series on Youtube. The videos, images from the stickering initiative as well as remixes from participants all over the globe can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/popincorporated.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Exotic Erotic Ball To Celebrate 30th Anniversary With Greatest Show Ever

Exotic Erotic Ball To Celebrate 30th Anniversary with Greatest Show Ever - Announces Two Prime Gigs to Indie Bands thru Sonicbids and Amazing Weeekend Travel Packages

Perry Mann has officially proclaimed that the 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo - billed as the "XXX Anniversary Show" - (XXX is Roman Numeral for 30), will be his largest, sexiest, and most talked-about party ever. The Exotic Erotic Ball has already been called "The World's #1 Wildest and Sexiest Party" by E! Entertainment TV, the "#1 Adult Festival in the World," by AskMen.com, "The #1 Party Event on the Planet" by HDTV, and "The Greatest Costume Party of All Time" by KTLA. Over three decades of history, "The Ball" has regaled over half a million attendees, featured over a thousand live performances, and received over 50 awards and proclamations. The show occurs the weekend before Halloween - October 23 and 24, 2009 - at San Francisco's famous and storied arena - The Cow Palace.

In honor of the event, the Radisson Hotel Bay Front in Brisbane has blocked entire floors exclusively for Exotic Erotic Ball guests at discounted rates of $109 per night. Or - for a price of $669, the Ball is offering guests an amazing package of three nights at the Radisson, two VIP tickets to the Ball, a meet and greet hotel party, free shuttles to and from airport and the event, unlimited entry into the Friday/Saturday Expo, and $30 per person in "Ball Bills" to spend on any item(s) of their choice.

The Exotic Erotic Ball has also re-affirmed its commitment to independent music by offering two prime-time, full-paying gigs exclusively to Indie artists. To be considered, bands must submit their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) through Sonicbids to http://www.sonicbids.com/exoticerotic on or before September 14, 2009. All entries are juried, and two winners chosen to play before thousands of masked, costumed, and otherwise elaborately attired fans. The 2009 show marks the Ball's third annual collaboration with Sonicbids.

"Thirty years - pretty amazing," remarks Mann. "Did I think I would make it this far? No. But I'm thrilled to be here, and if you want to see how thrilled, meet me in San Francisco in October. And for those looking for a sexy and memorable vacation in a great city at a great price, where fun is absolutely guaranteed - you cannot do better than The 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball!"

The Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo fills six acres of space, with 5 stages of live headline music, top DJs, erotic performers, exotic dancers, wild circus sideshows, visually dazzling sets, fantasy themed halls, BDSM demos, fetish fashions, plus sexy shenanigans, and a bit of the bizarre. There are many adult stars, celebrity guests, costume contests with over $10,000 in prizes, and over 100 exhibits showcasing the latest in exotic fashion, erotic art, and adult products. Despite all the above, it's the costumes and outfits worn by the 20,000+ attendees themselves - colorful, creative, and captivating - that make the show truly unrivaled.

Mann also announced that the 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball will bring back The Blue Room, a couples-only room with extra-erotic activities and ambience, perfect for lifestyle encounters. "I'm pulling out all the stops," he added, "this is truly going to be the show of shows."

Tickets and packages are available now, at http://www.exoticeroticball.com . For info and images, visit the Press Page. Anyone with questions can call the Ball Hotline at 1-415-567-BALL (2255), and anyone with travel questions can contact Lori, the Ball's official Travel Trollop at lori@prodigy.net.

Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo

Where: Cow Palace, San Francisco, California

When: Friday and Saturday October 23 and 24, 2009

Expo Hours: Friday, October 23, 2009: 4:00PM - Midnight

Saturday, October 24, 2009: Noon - 6:00PM

Must be 18 and over to attend the Expo.

Ball Hours: Saturday 8:00PM - 2:00AM

Ball prices increase as event gets nearer.

Expo is open as part of the Ball.

Must be 21 and over to attend the Ball.


Hip-Hop Supergroup Fly Gypsy Debuts With Summertime Single "You"

Jamaican emcee Kowboy Kom and Russian producer Alexei Jendayi launch today their much-anticipated joint project, a hip-hop group Fly Gypsy. The duo's first single "You," featuring Brazilian songstress Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira, will be released in July 2009. It is currently available on the group's website, www.FlyGypsy.com. The video for the single will be shot in Jamaica by Ras Kassa, a video director critically acclaimed for his work with Damian Marley, Sean Paul, and Willie Nelson.

Alexei and Kowboy Kom formed Fly Gypsy after successfully collaborating on an election-time single, "The Ruler," in the fall of 2008. The single and the video became a viral success, scoring high rankings on YouTube and earning praise from hip-hop bloggers. After "The Ruler" and several other tracks recorded in the same period received overwhelmingly positive response from both fans and industry insiders, Alexei and Kowboy Kom decided to continue as a group.

"My production is quite varied, ranging from soulful 70s sounds to club bangers, from afro-beat to guitar-heavy rock anthems," says Alexei. "What especially impressed me about Kom at the outset was his ability to flow over just about any type of music and do it incredibly well."

"The diversity of the Fly Gypsy sound is what I enjoy the most about what we do," says Kowboy Kom. "I grew up listening to a lot of different music, from Rakim to Coltrane, from Buju Banton to Kenny Rogers, and Alexei's production style allows me to dip into all those influences and keep my flow musically rich."

In addition to the diverse musical influences, Kowboy Kom and Alexei share an immigrant background. Kom was born in Jamaica and came to the United States at the age of ten. Growing up in New York during the golden era of Hip-Hop, Kom was inspired by fellow artists of West Indian descent, including Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, and Notorious B.I.G. Alexei was born and raised in Russia, performing music and dancing much of his life. He first came to the United States at the invitation of the U.S. government and later returned to attend college and law school. Alexei spent four years practicing international law at one of the world's top law firms before deciding to leave and pursue a music career full-time.

Tryxo Extends Submission Deadline For Indieggrl Showcases

Online music retailer Tryxo announced that it was extending the artist submission period for its showcases at Nashville's IndieGrrl Conference this August 20 - 23, 2009. Grrl bands/artists now have until July 1 to submit themselves for consideration to perform on the main Tryxo Entertainment Stage.

Main Tryxo Entertainment Stage next to Exhibit Hall Friday, August 21st 1:00pm - Midnight Saturday, August 22st 1:00pm to Midnight

Female bands (female fronted and/or strong female presence) interested in being considered for one of Tryxo's Indiegrrl Showcases are invited to follow these simple steps: 1. register for free with Tryxo - click here - 2. Upload a minimum of 3 songs to be eligible (songs require approval) 3. email us at indiegrrl@tryxo.com with the following information: i) Title (band): ii) Name of all band members: iii) Genre: iv) Live video (YouTube) link if available: http://www.tryxo.com/backend/en/musiker_interface_registrieren.php

*** Submission deadline: July 1, 2009 ***

Tryxo founder and president Natalie Vandersluis will also be heading a panel called "European Indie Music Scene" with valuable strategies for American female-based artists wishing to enter the E.U. market.

European Indie Music Scene Hosted by Tryxo's Natalie Vanderslulis Friday, August 21st - 10:30pm to 11:30pm Room 3 - Promo Productions Sponsored Room

Tryxo is an online music store offering DRM-free digital downloads of the best independent music to music lovers worldwide. Focused on providing artists with the best retail solution in the industry, the company offers free account registration and 75% royalty on all digital music sales. Recognizing the importance of providing a compelling music shopping experience in a competitive market, Tryxo offers uniform download price of $.59, high-quality music pre-approved by its staff as well as unlimited downloads/copies of purchased music for multiple computers and music players. Tryxo will be launching online radio streams to better promote its artists to customers. http://www.tryxo.com