Friday, March 3, 2017

Two Popular Dallas Bands Become One

Members of two popular Dallas bands have come together, according to singer Leah Lane. Lane, previously of the popular psych band Moon Waves has joined with Sway. The result is Rosegarden Funeral Party to be fronted by singer Lane and guitarist/composer Austin Camp.

According to Lane RFP's music "is inspired by everything from 60s psychedilia to 80s gothic/new wave music, to 90s shoegaze and on to modern alternative bands of the psych scene."

Leah Lane, at age 19 already a seasoned musician, has been actively gigging in the Deep Ellum area and nationally for three years with Moon Waves. A vocalist first, Lane eventually expanded to keyboards and guitar, "but I’ll be focusing on vocals with RFP at first". Lane is also a versatile writer inspired by many types of music.

Austin Camp started with Art for Motels and went on to join another Dallas act, The Orange. In both groups, Camp added unique textures and ingenious parts that gave each band a unique and interesting sound.

They are joined by Wil Farrier on bass who previously fronted his own band, Black Vega and carries a degree in guitar studies from Booker T Washington HSPVA. On Synth is Nate Litz, the drummer for Dallas indie band Field Guide. Nate and Camp have worked together for many years. Tate Christopher, a versatile drummer from Vegan Shark takes on the drums for RFP.

Rosegarden Funeral Party will make its debut on Friday, Feb. 24 at Dallas’ Sundown At Granada, 9pm.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Innovative Music Transcription Company Launches New Service ( has just launched its new service, promising to transform how people get custom-made musical scores. The company is founded by Jeff Pepper, the founder and past CEO of two of the Pittsburgh region's most successful tech companies.

Despite advances in computer software, creating high quality transcription of recorded music is still a labor intensive process, requiring highly skilled musicians to listen to a song and convert it note-by-note to written musical scores. Until now, this has been a cottage industry, with individuals offering their services online and customer negotiating with them on a job-by-job basis. takes a completely different approach. The customer visits the company's website and simply enters the YouTube web address for a song. The website automatically retrieves the song from YouTube and allows the customer to move sliders that specify the starting and ending point for the transcription (for example, "start at 0:40 and end at 3:00"). The website then calculates the price, and the customer chooses various options and places the order. The company then assigns the job to one of Tunescribers' global team of transcription experts. Within a few days, the customer receives complete sheet music in PDF format, as well as an MP3 file and an editable MusicXML file.

The site also can transcribe music from an MP3 file in case the song is not available on YouTube.

Because of the company's automated order entry and global team, Tunescribers is able to provide high quality custom sheet music for less than half the price of other music transcription services.

Jeff Pepper, the company's founder and CEO, was the founder and CEO of two successful tech companies: ServiceWare Inc. which went public on the NASDAQ in 1998 and employed over 250 people, and Touchtown Inc., currently the nation's largest provider of technology to keep senior living residents connected with their communities.


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

MusicDish Review: Jennifair "Sugar" Music Video Featuring Deion Luis

Jennifair, a talented and gifted artist has dropped her first official debut album "Tale of Two Cities" in the early 2017. Both a singer and rapper, Jennifair's intoxicating voice has gained her popularity through the airwaves in several New York radio stations. After her appealing singles "Love me" and "Pick up Lines", Jennifair once again flooded us with her innovative music through her new single "Sugar", a song that perfectly reflects her individuality.

The song begins with Jennifair entering a venue and immediately turning around to dance with a crowd of dancers behind her. With her soulful and swing-like style, she raps about hitting the street fresh and spotting her dreamgirl, her "sugar", who "looked good enough to eat". Her "sugar" along with two other dancers wearing retro outfits then step up from the crowd and started dancing. Jennifair joins the energetic crowd and charmingly presents her elasticity by dancing and singing at the same time. As the song reaches its chorus, the camera suddenly focuses on Jennifair, who is showing off her brilliant dance moves to her crush in the back. As she successfully invites her timid "sugar" to the center for a dance, Jennifair raps and sings about her confidence and her belief in fate. While the rest of the song is filled with captivating choreography of the whole cast and Jennifair's charming voice, the music video ends with Jennifair winning her girl's heart and excitedly running outside to the city with her, marking the beginning of a new adventure.

Directed by videographer Steve from Rethink Films and choreographed by Janice Micheletti from J9 Dance, "Sugar" reveals Jennifair's personality as smooth and confident, and by no doubt shows the world her versatility as a rapper, singer and dancer. 


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Milwaukee Based Hip-Hop Artist Relates To New Audiences With Fresh EP Drop

After gaining notoriety in his local underground scene, Milwaukee based musician Don Life Grizzly prepares to widen his reach as his newest EP gets ready to launch. Coming this April on New Dawn Music Group, 'Before Dan 2' is the artist's first commercial release, enabling his melodic beats and thought provoking lyrics to now be heard by audiences across the globe.

Although part of another musical group, the Don Life Collective, this EP launch is a solo project from the hip-hop talent, following on from a steady stream of unmissable releases that captivate listeners with his tales of real life situations. While fans are drawn to hip-hop as a genre due to its relatable subjects, no other artist is as skilled at presenting situations such as relationship troubles, respect issues or family life with a unique sense of empathy and a charming twist that provides the supportive backdrop to see fans through a variety of unavoidable hardships.

Don Life Grizzly commented, "Music is a personal thing, to both the artist and the listener – it would be impossible for me not to produce a record that doesn't have this aspect in mind. As a musician, your tracks form a conversation and a relationship between you and the audience, and I love the unique platform it gives me for self-expression.

"Of course, there is no better way to solidify your point than with a hypnotic, addictive beat, making the creative fusion of relatable lyrics and melody a defining factor in my work."

In today's dramatically changing, online musical landscape, an artist's popularity can be plain to see. And with over 15,000 plays accumulating on his Sound Cloud account, it is clear that Don Life Grizzly's output is quickly becoming the soundtrack to many people's lives. With the launch of 'Before Dan 2' promising another stellar hip-hop example, this reach is sure to expand to influence the masses.

The lead song "No Sides" is available online everywhere.

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