Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Innovative Music Transcription Company Launches New Service ( has just launched its new service, promising to transform how people get custom-made musical scores. The company is founded by Jeff Pepper, the founder and past CEO of two of the Pittsburgh region's most successful tech companies.

Despite advances in computer software, creating high quality transcription of recorded music is still a labor intensive process, requiring highly skilled musicians to listen to a song and convert it note-by-note to written musical scores. Until now, this has been a cottage industry, with individuals offering their services online and customer negotiating with them on a job-by-job basis. takes a completely different approach. The customer visits the company's website and simply enters the YouTube web address for a song. The website automatically retrieves the song from YouTube and allows the customer to move sliders that specify the starting and ending point for the transcription (for example, "start at 0:40 and end at 3:00"). The website then calculates the price, and the customer chooses various options and places the order. The company then assigns the job to one of Tunescribers' global team of transcription experts. Within a few days, the customer receives complete sheet music in PDF format, as well as an MP3 file and an editable MusicXML file.

The site also can transcribe music from an MP3 file in case the song is not available on YouTube.

Because of the company's automated order entry and global team, Tunescribers is able to provide high quality custom sheet music for less than half the price of other music transcription services.

Jeff Pepper, the company's founder and CEO, was the founder and CEO of two successful tech companies: ServiceWare Inc. which went public on the NASDAQ in 1998 and employed over 250 people, and Touchtown Inc., currently the nation's largest provider of technology to keep senior living residents connected with their communities.


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