Friday, March 3, 2017

Two Popular Dallas Bands Become One

Members of two popular Dallas bands have come together, according to singer Leah Lane. Lane, previously of the popular psych band Moon Waves has joined with Sway. The result is Rosegarden Funeral Party to be fronted by singer Lane and guitarist/composer Austin Camp.

According to Lane RFP's music "is inspired by everything from 60s psychedilia to 80s gothic/new wave music, to 90s shoegaze and on to modern alternative bands of the psych scene."

Leah Lane, at age 19 already a seasoned musician, has been actively gigging in the Deep Ellum area and nationally for three years with Moon Waves. A vocalist first, Lane eventually expanded to keyboards and guitar, "but I’ll be focusing on vocals with RFP at first". Lane is also a versatile writer inspired by many types of music.

Austin Camp started with Art for Motels and went on to join another Dallas act, The Orange. In both groups, Camp added unique textures and ingenious parts that gave each band a unique and interesting sound.

They are joined by Wil Farrier on bass who previously fronted his own band, Black Vega and carries a degree in guitar studies from Booker T Washington HSPVA. On Synth is Nate Litz, the drummer for Dallas indie band Field Guide. Nate and Camp have worked together for many years. Tate Christopher, a versatile drummer from Vegan Shark takes on the drums for RFP.

Rosegarden Funeral Party will make its debut on Friday, Feb. 24 at Dallas’ Sundown At Granada, 9pm.

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