Thursday, October 22, 2015

End-time Cultists to Fund Metal Record on Kickstarter

Despite overwhelming calls from world leaders to "please listen to reason", New York prog-metal guitarist Brett Miller and Argentinian fantasy concept artist Marcelo Orsi Blanco have launched "Oath Of Dagon" - a Kickstarter project that threatens to plunge mankind into a new dark age of horror and chaos.

Already being funded by Cthulhu cultists the world over, Miller's 5th record of instrumental metal guitar is wholly inspired by the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Says Miller: "We're combining a 10 song instrumental metal record with 10 Lovecraftian paintings. The result is the journal of an artist being driven mad by his dreams, bundled with a music download card that fits into the paintings like an occult key."

When asked by U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton "why they would do such a thing", Miller and Blanco responded "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!", at which point Mrs. Clinton was lifted screaming into the air by invisible tentacles, and quickly disemboweled.

Potential cult members and backers interested in streaming and downloading three tracks from the upcoming record, can do so by visiting

About the Artists

Brett Miller is a guitarist who has four solo records under his belt ("Constant", "Druid Green", "Metal", "Beast Sides"), and is also a composer of original soundtracks in the video game industry. In addition, he is the author of several guitar instructional books and audio courses, and is an in-demand guitar coach.

Marcelo Orsi Blanco is a concept artist and game designer, whose artistic talents can be seen everywhere from sci-fi book covers, to tabletop RPGs, to websites. He's currently in development of a platformer style video game based on Lovecraft's "The Mound". See more of his artwork at his site

Alt-Rock Trio 'The Reach' Reunites For 20th Anniversary Show, New Single (Denver, CO)

The band formed in 1994 in Dallas, TX, garnering major label interest and critical acclaim for the aforementioned "Closer" album. After disbanding in 1997 for all the usual reasons, drummer Tommy Watts and Craig Miller reunited briefly to record a second album, LIFT in 2003.

They are now reuniting again with bassist Dave Scott to release a new single (covers of MGMT's "Time to Pretend" and The Stranglers' "No Mercy"), along with a remastered version of LIFT, and a fully remixed and remastered 20th Anniversary Edition of Closer.

Although largely ignored in their hometown of Dallas, TX, the band has gained a passionate following over the years in Denver, CO, with the help of the owners of the Bull & Bush pub, who have spread the word about their unique sound. "The bottom line is, we were one of the better bands of the 90's, despite our lack of exposure," said Miller. "When people hear us, they agree."

The show will be this Halloween night, Saturday October 31st, and is sure to be a memorable one. "The guys at the Bull and Bush have kept our music alive, and we're pumped to bring our sound back to life in Denver," said bassist Scott. "We plan on bringing our best."

Release Dates:
LIFT (2015 remastered edition) – available now
Closer (20th Anniversary Edition) – available Oct. 20, 2015
Time to Pretend/No Mercy – available Oct. 20, 2015

For more info, contact Craig Miller at, or (917) 620-7482


Released via HouseSession

Hailing from Mumbai, India, producer POCKETJACKKS is amidst a thirst to take his distinctive brand of EDM across all four corners of the globe.

Today, he continues with his breakthrough progress, with two new heavyweight floor fillers, "Streetrebel" & "Aces". The energetic new singles fuse contemporary sounds of electronica with POCKETJACKKS own ear-catching playful sound.

With 2015 still very much the beginning for the Indian producer, the future is set to be full of surprises and promises a steady flow of penetrating EDM vibes. We await his next move.

Listen Here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Released via Platinum Gorilla Records

Michael 'QLT' Lombard has a distinct appetite for delivering a unique brand of alternative hip-hop.

Today, QLT's quest for more success continues, with a new jam titled "Ride". The energetic single fuses Hip Hop, with a fun and energetic tempo for this funky playful sound.

With 2015 proving to be another exciting time for QLT, full of surprises, it does however promise good music and swaying vibes. No stranger to the music landscape, QLT's past has seen him be instrumental in starting QLT Records & Management, a project which saw him play an influential role in obtaining record contracts for multiple artists on labels such as; Def Jam Island Records, Sony, Columbia, Warner Music and going on to secure a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music. He later went on to receive a label deal with Atlantic Records for himself.

Now firmly focused on his solo work too, 2015 has seen QLT go back to his distinct style of hip-hop and R&B. On his latest single "Ride", QLT teams up with label mate Smoov, Profound and Dayve for an enticing slice of Hip Hop fun.

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Alonso Sound Releases Morgan Page Soundset for Spire

With two GRAMMY® nominations, multiple sold-out tours, and with the recent release of his sixth studio album, Morgan Page is widely acclaimed for his EDM musical mastery. He has now teamed up with Alonso Sound, a leading soundware designer, to develop a new soundset for Spire, a software synthesizer by Reveal Sound.

Distinguished for his wholehearted approach to music, Page has defined each preset to have its own character and individuality. Each patch is optimized for CPU performance and assigned mod wheel controls for multiple sound-shaping variations. New sonic dimensions can be explored by activating the Muted FX slots for fresh and unpredictable possibilities.

Continuously motivated by his fans, Page wanted to give back and take part in shaping the next era of producers and music. "Not only can I inspire people with a new album, but I can take it a step further and share the tools to help up-and-coming music producers succeed in their own careers," he said. "It was really important for me to develop a sound pack I'd personally use on every song, containing everything from big bass lines to tuned drums. The pack has everything you need to build a new song from scratch. I can't wait to see what people do with it!"

The Morgan Page Spire Soundset contains all of the tools needed to produce music like an award-winning artist. Included are sounds from Morgan's recent releases, such as his latest album release DC To Light, as well as sounds from upcoming productions.

Morgan Page Spire Soundset Features:
- 128 sounds; programmed by Morgan Page
- 10 main patch categories: Arp (9), Bass (49), Brass (2), Chord (3), Drum (8), FX (7), Lead (22), Pad (14), Pluck (9), Synth (5)
- Core instrument patch mapping and programming
- All patches assigned intuitive mod wheel parameters for easy tweaking and multiple sound variations
- Format(s): .sbf (Full Bank) and .spf (Individual Patches)

"It's been an incredible experience working with Morgan Page", says Adam Alonso, CEO of Alonso Sound. "Morgan's imaginative approach to music inspired us to challenge our approach to sound design, and together led us cultivate an innovative soundset for Spire. We worked deliberately to make sure that aspiring producers have useful and proven sounds to take their productions to the next level."

System Requirements:
Note: Requires Full Retail Version of Spire 1.0.20 or later

Pricing and Availability:
The Morgan Page Spire Soundset is available now at an introductory price of $34 through October 21, 2015. Regular price is $49. Product and ordering information is available at

About Morgan Page
Morgan Page is an artist, DJ, and songwriter. He has become a seismic presence at festivals such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Big Day Out, and many more worldwide events. In 2012, he was nominated by the IDMA's in the "Best American DJ" category alongside Skrillex, Kaskade, and Deadmau5. Two Grammy Award nominations are credited to his name, and his 2011 full-length album, In The Air, debuted at #1 on Beatport's "Top 100 Albums" Chart and #6 on Billboard's Heatseeker's Chart, while the single reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart. With sales figures over 600,000 digital tracks and YouTube views that surpass 19 million, the Wynn Las Vegas tapped him for a prestigious residency in 2012 and Sirius XM gave him his very own radio show—aptly titled "In The Air", which is on its 162nd episode and counting.

About Alonso Sound
Alonso Sound is a pioneering sound design company based in Chicago, specialized in the advancement of cutting-edge sample libraries and synthesizer presets. The company’s aim is to create high quality professional audio tools that lead the way for producers of all levels to develop their sound and create, themselves, the future in the music industry. Alonso Sound products are used prominently in professional and project studios throughout the world.

MusicDish Review: Sankarshan Das Adhikari Single "The Peace Formula"

A powerful, moving and uplifting song. Sankarshan Das Adhikari is a man filled with hope and out to change the world.

His debut single The Peace Formula has an unusual, random yet cool rhythm. The rhythm and guitar melody throughout the song sometimes sounds out of place and different parts of the song contrast one another. However, this individual rhythm is actually very smart and speaks loudly of the song's message.

His contrasting rhythm represents his challenge to world leaders to implement his formula that he belies will bring unparalleled peace for all people. It is a brave move to speak through song to leaders about another path they should take. And Adhikari through his grand life experience does it well. Light hearted and fun through the music but powerful and deep through his lyrics.

Adhikari's song makes you feel happy. Although his ideas on the peace formula are larger than life and somewhat crazy, the song makes you fee joyful and reminds us that there are people in the world still actively trying to gain peace.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari is a singer/songwriter/visionary from the 60's. He has shared a stage with Jefferson Airplane in 1969 San Francisco. He has toured all the continents spreading his message of non-violence and peace.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Halloween with Lucy Kalantari!

Award-winning children's artist Lucy Kalantari returns to ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, October 31st at 10:30am to celebrate her favorite holiday with her littlest fans and families - It's Halloween with Lucy Kalantari!

Come in costume to sing and dance with Lucy Kalantari and her bewitching band. Be among the first to hear new songs from her next release, including "It's Halloween!" along with tunes from her award-winning album, Pockets Full of Joy. Families can enjoy Halloween-themed beverages, dive into cauldrons of Goodie Girl Cookies and design magical masks.

"From the Gilded Age cover art to the authentic Roaring Twenties musical vibe, Kalantari swiftly transported me to a radically different time and place, a sepia-toned dream filled with elegant pearl necklaces, lace dresses and carefree dancing … all while I stood in my office, in sweatpants and bedhead, in the 21st century - an outstanding feat thanks to an astounding album." -Jeff Bogle, NYC Dad's Group

Pockets Full of Joy earned a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award and was listed The Best Kids Music of 2014 by Cooper & Kid. Pockets is a collection of ukulele ditties with a 1920s flair about being a mom, love and babies.

For tickets:

It's Halloween with Lucy Kalantari!
Saturday, October 31st, 2015 • 10:30am - 12:30pm
ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215
$10 Advance
$15 Door
Free for children under 2

Lucy Kalantari -

Amethyst Releases New Single "Reverie"

The Dallas metalcore band Amethyst has released their second single "Reverie" off their upcoming EP Dreamwalker. Their sophomore release will be available on Oct 30th. Beginning production in September of 2014, the band spent over a year refining their sound and evolving their musical style. Their trademark heavy rhythms and haunting guitar melodies are complimented by the addition of crisp, clean vocals arching through the choruses. The new video can be seen at

KoBoogie Family Matter - Frank Marcus Part 2 highly anticipated album

Last year on November 11, 2014 Rapper Marcus ''KoBoogie'' Franks Dropped a ep album called Frank Marcus La ronde reigen which was nominated for the independent music awards this year.

On January 10th 2015 KoBoogie was in a arm robbery and survived a terrifying ordeal on that Saturday night and lived to tell about it.

Police say the robbery took place just before 7:00pm Saturday evening inside the Family Dollar store in the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport.

KoBoogie says "I looked him in the eyes and it was real when he pulled the tool out on me," by tool, in the streets it means a firearm pointed directly at his face and shot gun to his waste.

Police say it all began when two armed men, both dressed in black, stormed into the store and demanded cash.

On May 26 2015 KoBoogie dropped a retail Mixtape that reached the top 100 best album sells on

Now after so much drama stress and restless nights KoBoogie anticipated album Family Matter - Frank Marcus Part 2 will be out November 3 2015!

This is a album to pre-order, demand, wait for or go get asap the day it release! If you haven't heard it yet go on over to and get your copy today!

Family Matter - Frank Marcus Pt.2
Expected November 3, 2015

Tamara Bubble's "Towel Boy" Video Is Dripping Wet in Shiekh Stores Nationwide

Tamara Bubble is currently making a big impact at radio with her new song "Towel Boy", but she may have just gotten her big break with the release of her official video. Shiekh Shoes, a retail and online sales of name brand fashion and athletic shoes, has selected to feature "Towel Boy" in all 140 stores nationwide during the month of October. Nearly 140 Shiekh Shoes stores are spread throughout 10 states, including California, Texas, Arizona and Illinois.

It's been a very busy year for entertainer, actress and songwriter Tamara Bubble. She is the creator/host of "U Gon Get Got", a TV show that exposes scammers in the entertainment business. She is also the Underground Music Awards ("UMAs") nominee for "Female Rapper of The Year" for the 2nd year in a row and her "Living It Up" song was selected for placement in the "Forgiving Chris Brown" film that recently premiered at the 2015 Urbanworld Film Festival in Times Square. Tamara Bubble is currently promoting her "Towel Boy" single off her "Living It Up" EP and will be doing several upcoming shows in California, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida as she sets to tour.

Consumers can purchase Tamara Bubble's music online from her official website and all major digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon.

For more information and to watch Towel Boy official music video, please visit

New single is available on AirplayDirect at to radio programmers worldwide.

For interview requests, radio station visits, bookings and features, please contact P.Spell Management at 646.730.8691 or

Monday, October 19, 2015

MusicDishTV Review: Rhett May Music Video "Rich Bitch"

The ever continuing 70s vibe that is present in what seems every kind of art at the moment is at it again in this classic but ultra sexy new rock clip, Rich Bitch by Rhett May. A song not to be taken too seriously, Rich Bitch is based on the larger than life times of sexy, rich, rock n roll bad girls. Like she loves her money the rich bitch also loves her boys, her girls (perhaps both at the same time) and her swinging high life.

The spread of girls alone makes this clip fun, but adding to this is the kaleidoscope colors constantly splashed are all over the place.

The idea in Rich Bitch is simple- women having lots and lots of cash is very very sexy. Men cherish these women with absurd amounts of wealth. Usually it's men seducing women with money however for a rich bitch its the opposite way around.

An outrageous and fun sexual image portrayed by Rhett May in the songs lyrics. This video might not be for everyone particularly our new age of strong feminist thinkers and music lovers but for those looking for a good time (and guys wanting to check out hot girls) it's fun and had a cool rock n roll 70s beat.

Like how dollars are being fabulously thrown around by these rich bitch women, fun bright colored dollars signs are also being thrown around on screen for video clip effects. They move easily and effortlessly with the music create a fun and relaxed music video vibe. Possibly representing the fun nature of these women with lots of cash.

Humorously the men are treated as rich girl toys demonstration how money allows these girls to pick and chose their fun as they fancy. A simple song lyrically, however that's the point.

Born in Calcutta, India, Rhett May was influenced by The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. He Currently lives in Austrailia