Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KoBoogie Family Matter - Frank Marcus Part 2 highly anticipated album

Last year on November 11, 2014 Rapper Marcus ''KoBoogie'' Franks Dropped a ep album called Frank Marcus La ronde reigen which was nominated for the independent music awards this year.

On January 10th 2015 KoBoogie was in a arm robbery and survived a terrifying ordeal on that Saturday night and lived to tell about it.

Police say the robbery took place just before 7:00pm Saturday evening inside the Family Dollar store in the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport.

KoBoogie says "I looked him in the eyes and it was real when he pulled the tool out on me," by tool, in the streets it means a firearm pointed directly at his face and shot gun to his waste.

Police say it all began when two armed men, both dressed in black, stormed into the store and demanded cash.

On May 26 2015 KoBoogie dropped a retail Mixtape that reached the top 100 best album sells on amazon.com

Now after so much drama stress and restless nights KoBoogie anticipated album Family Matter - Frank Marcus Part 2 will be out November 3 2015!

This is a album to pre-order, demand, wait for or go get asap the day it release! If you haven't heard it yet go on over to Amazon.com and get your copy today!

Family Matter - Frank Marcus Pt.2
Expected November 3, 2015



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