Monday, October 19, 2015

MusicDishTV Review: Rhett May Music Video "Rich Bitch"

The ever continuing 70s vibe that is present in what seems every kind of art at the moment is at it again in this classic but ultra sexy new rock clip, Rich Bitch by Rhett May. A song not to be taken too seriously, Rich Bitch is based on the larger than life times of sexy, rich, rock n roll bad girls. Like she loves her money the rich bitch also loves her boys, her girls (perhaps both at the same time) and her swinging high life.

The spread of girls alone makes this clip fun, but adding to this is the kaleidoscope colors constantly splashed are all over the place.

The idea in Rich Bitch is simple- women having lots and lots of cash is very very sexy. Men cherish these women with absurd amounts of wealth. Usually it's men seducing women with money however for a rich bitch its the opposite way around.

An outrageous and fun sexual image portrayed by Rhett May in the songs lyrics. This video might not be for everyone particularly our new age of strong feminist thinkers and music lovers but for those looking for a good time (and guys wanting to check out hot girls) it's fun and had a cool rock n roll 70s beat.

Like how dollars are being fabulously thrown around by these rich bitch women, fun bright colored dollars signs are also being thrown around on screen for video clip effects. They move easily and effortlessly with the music create a fun and relaxed music video vibe. Possibly representing the fun nature of these women with lots of cash.

Humorously the men are treated as rich girl toys demonstration how money allows these girls to pick and chose their fun as they fancy. A simple song lyrically, however that's the point.

Born in Calcutta, India, Rhett May was influenced by The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Cream and Jimi Hendrix. He Currently lives in Austrailia

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