Saturday, October 17, 2015

19 Hundred - debut single 'Oh Boy' and first solo project for DAZE (Mausi)

'Oh Boy'is a boss dance track that will make you want to throw some shapes deep in to the night before you end up at Super Kebab in Dalston, sweaty, alone and knee deep in doner meat...' (DAZE aka Daisy Finetto, Mausi)

New Single: 19Hundred feat DAZE 'Oh Boy' Release Date: 30th October 2015
Label: Soundplate Records
Images and packshot:

"19Hundred start things off big with this hot debut track!" (Salacious Sound)

"The song is brilliant - 'Oh Boy' sounds like a hark back to early-2000s UKG, with some added bass drops thrown in for 2015-measure. Finetto's vocals sound absolutely gorgeous…" (Stagedoor FM)

"Gorgeous Debut, deep and sensual…" (Blushing Panda)

'Song of the Week' (Secret Scout)

"Ridiculously catchy" (Music News)

This deep, dark studio project crept onto Soundcloud last month with nothing but an iconic black and white image and a bootleg remix of Adele's 'Set Fire to the Rain'.

The anonymous London based duo are reluctant to give away anything which alludes to their identities: "The music industry is fucked up. Everything is disposable. We want to bring back the wonder and mystery to music..."

After picking up tens of thousands of plays in just a few weeks, Soundplate Records can finally reveal their debut original material.

The infectious, bass-lead track, 'Oh Boy', sees duo 19Hundred (styled XIX online) introduce the soulful vocals of DAZE (Daisy Finetto). This is the first release in the solo endeavour for the Italian born 24 year old who gained notoriety as the lead singer of Mausi.

'Oh Boy' received more than 30k plays since it went live on Soundcloud. And there's a string of singles to follow in the coming months.

19hundred is named after the main character (played by Tim Roth) of 1998 film 'The Legend of 1900'. The film is about the world's best piano player who is born and raised on a transatlantic ocean liner in the early 20th century. He refuses to ever leave or get off, and spends his entire life on the ship he was born. If you wanted to hear him play you had to go to him.

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