Friday, October 16, 2015

Paperplane Pursuit Jump From #35 To #30 On The Billboard Indicator Charts

The pop band Paperplane Pursuit, just recently launched their latest single, "Feel Good" in the U.S. quickly reaching chart topping success with their clever hooks and easy going vibe. The upbeat track has quickly climbed the Billboard Indicator Charts, landing at #30 this week.

Last week "Feel Good" has earned the trio instant exposure as they grabbed the #35 slot on Billboard Indicator charts, thanks to its addictive melodies and an energetic, danceable groove the song is now proudly sitting at #30 respectively. Sharing their place on the charts the band sits alongside international artists like Taylor Swift, One Direction and The Weeknd. With the band's goal of producing music that will inspire good vibes, "Feel Good" is the perfect introduction to Paperplane Pursuit's efforts. The track opens with Isaac Ravi busting out a head bopping guitar hook, while Dru Yap lays down the rhythm on drums. John O leads the track, singing smooth vocals encouraging that special someone who feels insecure. The catchy chorus goes, "It makes me feel good just to know it's you that I can turn to. Everybody knows but you." It's an infectious tune that pairs fresh sounds with the innocent charm of music from years gone by.

"It's an honor to have such a positive reception across the globe, especially considering we have produced our music independently", John O comments. "We feel like the ultimate underdogs going up against all these big names, but we're excited to do whatever it takes to reach as many people as possible." Embracing a DIY approach, the band has self-funded, self-managed, and self-produced all their work, including their music videos. Working relentlessly to craft genuine and captivating pop music, Paperplane Pursuit has had a successful run with their EP, ‘Higher'. Their fans, dubbed ‘Paperazzi', have helped propel the accompanying music videos to more than 500,000 total views on YouTube.

Paperplane Pursuit have now set their sights on the U.S. as "Feel Good" is quickly garnering an American audience for the band, as the single is being featured daily in various radio stations across the country, including several based in New York.

With a full-length album in the works, Paperplane Pursuit is ready to take their fast-growing fan base to the next level internationally. "Feel Good" is just the start for Paperplane Pursuit and the sky's the limit.

"Feel Good" and the EP "Higher" are out now on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Follow Paperplane Pursuit on

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