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JOHN JUSTISE, from Chicago IL, has managed to unwillingly stay under the radar for quite some time. This year, however, will be his breakthrough year; with some attractive imaginative work, none more so than his newest release/album ‘Continuity’.

As the album’s title suggests, John is continuing on his own musical journey, moving forward, through challenges and new experiences, both the good and the bad.

Quoting key musical influencers as the likes of The Neptunes, Stevie Wonder, Flying Lotus and Michael Jackson, it’s of no surprise that John’s Continuity album features an eclectic palette of colorful sounds, including R&B, Electronica and Jazz fusion.

Big things are in store for John and it won't be long before until he’s sharing more great music with the world.
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Bongo Boy Records Presents New Jersey's First Supergroup Album

The debut album by New Jersey's first Supergroup The Satisfators featuring Bruce Ferguson/The Easy Outs, Jimmy Target aka Gar Francis/The Doughboys/Mark Lindsay, Curtis Roy aka Kurt Reil/The Grip Weeds and Kenny Aaronson/New York Dolls/Joan Jett/Bob Dylan/Billy Idol.
The Satisfactors are four musicians from four rock n’roll bands who came together to make this awesome album.

Recording sessions started in the spring of 2013 and finished in the summer of 2014 at the studio of the House of Vibes in Highland Park, New Jersey. The album includes 12 tracks co written by Gar Francis (also known as co writer and producer of Mark Lindsay’s latest rock album Life Out Loud) and Bruce Ferguson. The ultimate Rock N Roll album that you would think that was made back in the glory days of Rock n’ Roll. Each track captures the feel and mood of those good old days. This is a masterpiece that must be heard.

Review for Track#6 (The Single released earlier this year) “Johnny Commando”: “A wonderful ride back to New York City’s 1970′s punk heyday. Bruce Ferguson (The Easy Outs) delivers awesome vocals, with inflections and nuances that remind me of Joey Ramone. The guitar is simple, yet driving, with a dynamite riff and solo. The chorus is fabulous, driving me to rock and bop as I listened. The harmonies are perfectly punk, the transitions amazing, and the hook kills. Produced by Kurt Reil (The Gripweeds) and Jersey’s godfather of garage, Gar Francis, what else should I have expected? Review by Bobby Gottesman – Can’t Believe My Earz, Toronto, Canada.

Song Titles:
2. I LOVE GIRLS 3.20
4. HEY MAMA 4.18
8. HIT ME, HIT ME, HIT ME 3.18
11. MY BABY GOT IT 3.00
12. HAD IT WITH YOU 2.22

Meet The Satisfactors.
BRUCE FERGUSON: Lead Vocals. Lead vocalist of The Easy Outs, a band he formed in 2008 released their first album: The Easy Outs, in June of 2009. The album was well received with critical acclaim in the US and England.

JIMMY TARGET aka GAR FRANCIS: Guitar/Piano/Organ/Backing Vocals. Songwriter/Guitarist for the Doughboys since 2004. Gar has written and produced for such acts as Jana Perri, Plainfield Slim & the Groundhawgs, The Swinging Iggies, The Easy Outs, The Rockids, Genya Ravan, and Mark Lindsay as well as the Doughboys. Co-Founder of Bongo Boy TV and Bongo Boy Records.

KENNY AARONSON: Bass. Bass player for such notables as: Edgar Winter, Billy Squire,Foghat, Brian Setzer, Billy Idol, Bob Dylan, Robert Gordon, Dave Edmunds,Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Joe Cocker, Graham Parker, Derringer Corky Laing, John Eddie, Mick Taylor, Dust, Stories and New York Dolls.
In 1988 Kenny was named Bassist of the year by Rolling Stone.

CURTIS ROY aka KURT REIL: Drums, Percussion, and Background Vocals.Moody and magnificent, Curtis Roy cut his teeth in the NYC club scene, playing late night shows pounding the drums and belting out lead and gang vocals for many a Rock 'n Roll combo. Co-Owner/Producer/ Engineer at House Of Vibes recording studio in Highland Park, NJ. Co-Founder, Drummer and Vocalist for The Grip Weeds. Known for his production work with The Smithereens and Mark Lindsay.

Band Web Site:
Presale: 10/03/2014
Official Release Date: 10/09/2014
Contact: Bongo Boy Records
Phone 908-455-1576
Record label web site

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Check Out Exclusive Performance By Lenny Kravitz And Enter To Win A Signed Guitar


Lenny Kravitz fans now have a chance to win an autographed guitar as well as watch his latest Walmart’s Soundcheck here:

The exclusive performance presented by T-Mobile offers three episodes that intertwine both the behind the scenes interviews and performance. This includes two songs in each episode, one of his previous hits from a prior album and a song from Lenny Kravitz’s new album, Strut. All six songs preformed for Soundcheck will be exclusively available for audio download with the purchase of Lenny Kravitz’s Strut at any Walmart retailer.

The three episodes include performances of the following songs:
Episode 1 (Let Love Rule/The Chamber)
Episode 2 (Always on the Run/Dirty White Boots)
Episode 3 (Strut/Are You Gonna Go My Way)
Check out Lenny Kravitz’s performance on Soundcheck by visiting: 

Lenny Kravitz’s catalog of work spans 20+ years over multiple generations, and now he is back and better than ever with a brand new album titled Strut. Written during his breaks while filming Catching Fire, Kravitz has created an aural journey filled with both grit and glamour. Soundcheck traveled east to sunny Miami for an exclusive live performance and to catch up with the Grammy-winning rocker and actor to talk about his roots, an upcoming tour and the process of making this new album.

Soundcheck is Walmart’s longest running original content series spanning nearly 10 years of globally award winning performance series that provides music fans with exclusive access to concerts, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and unscripted moments with today’s hottest artists.

Episode 1 YouTube promo:
Episode 2 YouTube promo:
Episode 3 YouTube promo:

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Candela Music Release Feel-Good Music Video “So Natural”

There’s nothing quite like a calm ocean, a chill breeze wafting through the air, and being in the company of your most beloved friends. The atmosphere only adds to the genuine, organic feeling of happiness when all of the things you love come together; it’s almost as if it’s only natural.

That’s the mood Reggae inspired, Hip-Hop band Candela Music implores with their latest song and music video “So Natural”. A blend of laid back guitar riffs and smooth vocals leads up to the soothing and tranquil vibe of being in tune with positive energy and just having a good time. The song itself has a nice Hip-Hop groove to it whilst adding different elements form other genres that don’t take over the song, much like how the music video only compliments to the feel of “So Natural”.

The video begins with the lead singer in the back of a convertible jamming out on his guitar and singing the melodies of a good time. As the car swooshes by the tall, beautiful palm trees and the bright, blue sky, he’s accompanied by his friends with Cheshire cat smiles ready to take a load off and ready to have fun. The trip quickly transitions on to the beach, where the group and their friends proceed to have a quick jam session and enjoy a spirited game of football. As the group lays back and chill, the rapper of Candela Music, spits his cool flow over the beat as he proceeds to instruct the listener what he’s all about and what makes him happy. He then is quickly picked up by his friends to take him to where the real fun is at; at the beach!

The video concept is light-hearted and story driven. However the intricacies involved with making this video aren’t so simple. A lot of scenery a mass a large portion of the video, but “So Natural” uses interesting camera angles to really highlight the beauty of the atmosphere. Included within the ambience too are interesting filters that add a certain “warm” quality to them, increasing it’s artistic merit.

Overall Candela Music’s video for “So Natural” really is that natural, perfectly demonstrating what the band is all about and giving a positive message to it’s viewers. Without a doubt “So Natural” is a beach party anthem, or at least a feel good song to get anyone in right frame of mind to have a good time and let your worries wash away in the shoes of a relaxing beach.

ALT ROCK GROUP LO-FI LiMO TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM "Promises" Set To Be Released November 11th 2014 Followed By Album Release Party At The Tudor House November 12th 2014

"I love the idea of recording in unconventional spaces (I.E., rooms in my house). It makes makes a recording much more characteristic" states lead singer Nate Howell about the recording of their debut album. Recently the band has enjoyed support from the Inland Empire's X103.9FM having been invited to play at DJ Dirty D's birthday bash and bacon-fest this past summer just as they were putting the finishing touches on the album.

"I feel the album turned out fantastic" states guitarist Lew Nottke. "We went for a sound that incorporates a lot of different influences and that's the vibe of the album."

The album was recorded in the mountains of San Bernardino near Lake Arrowhead in Howell's state of the art recording studio. "I love the environment at Nate's" says Nottke "Its calm there and Nate has a lot of patience. Not to mention its easy to work with a band mate and a friend. Being in that environment makes it easier to be creative and get in the zone."

Howell created a state-of-the-art recording studio in his house utilizing every room as space for recording and having purchased a customized soundboard previously owned by Limp Bizkit. "Overall, the sound of the album really turned out the way I had envisioned, and I'm very thankful to have been the producer and engineer."

Guitarist Lew Nottke is better known for his past guitar work having been included on the "Guitar Masters Compilation Vol 2" with such legendary guitarists as Jimmy Page and Carlos Santana. He is the also the guitarist for Universal Republic recording artists Collinz Room (currently on hiatus) and also toured with Iron Maiden in his previous band Beat The Bone.

LO-FI LiMO recently released the single and video to the song "Elephant in the Room" and will be having their official album release party at the Tudor House in Cedar Glen the following evening with special musical guests in support.

For more information go to

Be Myself, Anti-Bullying Song, By Indie Artist Craymo

Indie singer/songwriter Craymo from Orlando, Florida releases his uplifting anti-bullying pop anthem Be Myself that gives you the courage to just be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Inspired by the sounds of Maroon 5, One Republic and Robbie Williams, Craymo gets the party started with an upbeat hand clapper that instantly puts you in a good mood and entices you into singing along!

Bullying is reaching epidemic numbers and awareness needs to be made to help young kids, teenagers and adults realize that words, taunting, ridiculing and physically harming another person is wrong and damaging to the person being bullied. Growing up gay Craymo was the victim of bullying many times in his young adult as well as his adult life. Being called names, being teased and being emotionally attacked eats away at the human psyche.

Research shows that half of all children are bullied at some time during their school years. More than 10% are bullied regularly. Over 30% of children with a food allergy have been bullied. Food allergies affect nearly three million children. Girls bully in groups more than boys do and though girls use more indirect emotional type of bullying, research indicates that girls are becoming more physical than they have in the past. There has been an alarming increase of children committing suicide as a result of bullying. Bullying occurs globally in schools everywhere, it’s not just a problem for the United States.

Obese children, people with learning disabilities, having health conditions, wearing glasses, physical disabilities, being gay, etc. are all targets for mean bullies. Gay teens are three times more likely than heterosexual teens to report being bullied. In contrast 80% of gay teens said they were less likely than heterosexuals to say they had bullied someone else. Every day over 160,00 skip school in fear that they will be bullied.

Craymo wanted to create a fun, inspirational and empowering song to embrace your individuality, there is no one else like you. You are unique, just Be Yourself.

Be Myself has been featured on the Independent Music Radio Network syndicated in over 35 countries and held for two weeks at #2 position on the Independent Mainstream Top 30 Chart. Be Myself is nominated for best Pop song 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Awards, September and has been selected for a featured spot on Al Walser’s Top 20 Countdown show syndicated globally. Be Myself was co-written by Craymo, Brandon Jarrett and Joshua Danyel of Moho Productions, LLC. The song was produced by Brandon Jarrett and Craymo for Moho Productions, LLC. Craymo is available for personal appearances, live performances and TV and Radio interviews.

Be Myself is available for purchase on Craymo’s website, iTunes and most digital download sites. The song is available for branding and licensing opportunities.

Be Myself by Craymo

Contact: Craig Raymo, Director of Publishing, Moho Music, ASCAP

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Fr333star Announces Release Of His Brand New Electro House Single 'Bass In Your Face'

Fr333star, UK based DJ/Producer, has today announced the release of his brand new electro house single 'Bass in your Face', digitally available worldwide on October 16, 2014 via major online music outlets including Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Hear it first over on Fr333star's official Soundcloud page.

Released on 5howtime Records, 'Bass in Your Face' is an energetic yet uplifting club hit, designed to please big-room dance floors and EDM fans alike with its impressive hard-hitting electro-house fuelled beat and bass lines. With its combination of pleasing electronic sounds amped up with exciting breaks, the song has the power to engage the listener while simultaneously transporting them to another world entirely.

Fr333star is one musician to keep an eye on in the future as he continues to push the boundaries in his musical journey, with unreleased fresh material that has yet to hit the dance floors and festivals.

For more information, visit:


Award Winning Songwriter Introduces DARA

Award-winning songwriter, Benjamin Dara, is crafting a new and expansive sound with the introduction of his new band, DARA. After the release of his first album, "Single Flame", Ben imagined the next step in his music. Since the vision he had for the new sound required like-minded musicians, he found two to form a band with a unified message of peace. With this purpose, they are dedicated to improving the world through their music.

Many things set DARA apart from other bands, and Ben's three-and-a-half octave range backed by the rich vocal harmonies of the band is a good place to start. The Salt Lake Tribune stated that Ben's voice is "sublime and flexible", but this only scratches the surface. With the new-found vocal support of the other bandmates, the lyrics have reached new depths, as well as the added instruments such as violin, piano, bass, and drums.

The eclectic background the members of DARA come from might explain the diverse sound they've created. Drawing from musical influences such as rock, classical, jazz, gypsy, broadway, and even metal, their sound is just as unique as their personal histories.

Given his first guitar at age eleven, Benjamin Dara is also a web designer and entrepreneur, which shines through in his drive to succeed. Beyond that, his Persian background has influenced his music, poetry, and personal philosophy. Some say that his music speaks of a faraway land, and perhaps that contributes to his success with overseas audiences.

Kevin Hutson spent a year touring China as a bassist for an international circus, as well as playing piano and saxophone for a clown act. He also gigged every week playing big band music, which honed his skills as a performer. His technical abilities extend beyond his musicianship by being an accomplished juggler and skateboarder.

Drummer Squid Hampton has traveled across the world honing in on his craft. He draws many of his inspirations from the experiences he had in countries all over the world, including Thailand and Morocco. Now, Squid uses his worldly experience to spread his goal of peace and love through the music of DARA.

The anticipation for DARA's new album has been steadily growing over the past year. Since July they have been recording with Joel Pack at Rigby Roads Studio. Aside from producing Benjamin’s first album Single Flame Joel co-writes for Royal Bliss, and produces for various labels and agencies. The energy was especially electric in April 2014 when Benjamin's song, "Cracks of Life", spent a full month at the top of UK charts. Additionally, they've recently joined with Full Fidelity Management to further focus on their professional path. With so much passion DARA has a promising future on the horizon as they reach for 'heights of space'.