Sunday, October 5, 2014

Award Winning Songwriter Introduces DARA

Award-winning songwriter, Benjamin Dara, is crafting a new and expansive sound with the introduction of his new band, DARA. After the release of his first album, "Single Flame", Ben imagined the next step in his music. Since the vision he had for the new sound required like-minded musicians, he found two to form a band with a unified message of peace. With this purpose, they are dedicated to improving the world through their music.

Many things set DARA apart from other bands, and Ben's three-and-a-half octave range backed by the rich vocal harmonies of the band is a good place to start. The Salt Lake Tribune stated that Ben's voice is "sublime and flexible", but this only scratches the surface. With the new-found vocal support of the other bandmates, the lyrics have reached new depths, as well as the added instruments such as violin, piano, bass, and drums.

The eclectic background the members of DARA come from might explain the diverse sound they've created. Drawing from musical influences such as rock, classical, jazz, gypsy, broadway, and even metal, their sound is just as unique as their personal histories.

Given his first guitar at age eleven, Benjamin Dara is also a web designer and entrepreneur, which shines through in his drive to succeed. Beyond that, his Persian background has influenced his music, poetry, and personal philosophy. Some say that his music speaks of a faraway land, and perhaps that contributes to his success with overseas audiences.

Kevin Hutson spent a year touring China as a bassist for an international circus, as well as playing piano and saxophone for a clown act. He also gigged every week playing big band music, which honed his skills as a performer. His technical abilities extend beyond his musicianship by being an accomplished juggler and skateboarder.

Drummer Squid Hampton has traveled across the world honing in on his craft. He draws many of his inspirations from the experiences he had in countries all over the world, including Thailand and Morocco. Now, Squid uses his worldly experience to spread his goal of peace and love through the music of DARA.

The anticipation for DARA's new album has been steadily growing over the past year. Since July they have been recording with Joel Pack at Rigby Roads Studio. Aside from producing Benjamin’s first album Single Flame Joel co-writes for Royal Bliss, and produces for various labels and agencies. The energy was especially electric in April 2014 when Benjamin's song, "Cracks of Life", spent a full month at the top of UK charts. Additionally, they've recently joined with Full Fidelity Management to further focus on their professional path. With so much passion DARA has a promising future on the horizon as they reach for 'heights of space'.

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