Thursday, November 23, 2017

halie and the moon Signs Distribution Deal For Asia With JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment

Acoustic pop/folk indie band halie and the moon released their first full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: Vol 1 & 2", in summer, 2017 with a very successful Fundraising concert for Occupy Medical, an organization helping those with medical needs who do not have health insurance. The good karma is now coming back to them back as they are celebrating the signing of halie and the moon with JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment ( for distribution of the album in Asia. The album will be released in Japan on October 25, 2017 in both physical and digital formats.

The original music of halie and the moon traverses themes of dreamscapes, love, mystery, and celestial images. Each song is brought to life by lush vocals wrapped in the warmth of cello and acoustic guitar, lifted by lyrical and powerful rhythms, building texture-rich layers and stripping them away to create worlds within worlds of sound.

halie and the moon found its way into the world when internationally-acclaimed vocalist/songwriter/pianist Halie Loren and songwriter/guitarist Daniel Gallo found a musical chemistry with each other that propelled them to chase big musical dreams. "Daniel's songs spoke to my soul in such a deep way, in the way that exquisite poetry does, that I knew this music would be my medicine – and probably someone else's as well", says Loren. They, along with drummer Beau Eastlund and bassist/vocalist Bobby Stevens, began their adventure as a by immediately entering the studio to bring their songs to life. They crossed paths with cellist/vocalist Katherine Dudney, the perfect fifth element for The Moon, in 2014.

The five-some has been working and creating tirelessly ever since on their tight and dynamic arrangements of dozens of original songs, four of which are featured on the luminous "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1" EP (released in December 2015) and four more with the 2016 release of sun-drenched "A Million Suns: vol. 1" EP. Their new full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: Vol 1 & 2" is already seeing radio play across multiple media. The band regularly sells out the limited live shows they have produced in the Northwest Region of the US, and they look to expand their touring to include other parts of the US and Japan and Korea in 2018.

What they are saying about halie and the moon:

•"halie and the moon's first full-length album, "Blue Transmissions: vol. 1 & 2", immerses itself in a world of ephemeral beauty, love, and sweet melancholy in equal measures...Otherworldly yet intimate, their aesthetic is a kind of catch-and-release, grounded in pop smarts and yet forever urging itself into the firmament. The result is a symphonic, atmospheric sound that is no less mysterious and thrilling for being entirely accessible." (Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly - 5/4/17).

•"The band melds so well that you would think they've been together for years. This is evident from how well they play very different types of song - jazz/pop, jazz/funk, and folk/pop." (J. T. Frazier / Joe's Geek Fest, Music Review, pop)

Contact: Keith Altomare Artist Management, Inc.

Artist Social Media Links: /


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Plastic Pinks Rock III Points

The Plastic Pinks will be rocking the S3CTOR 3 Stage at III Points on October 14th. III Points will be taking place October 13-15 at Mana Wynwood Miami. III Points is a Miami-based music, arts, and technology festival that takes place in the city's neighborhood of Wynwood.

The raucous band will be adding local flair to a festival showcasing the best of Miami with powerhouse top billed acts like The Gorillaz and The XX. to sex and sensual desire produced by, "All's Alright" is the 1st single off The Plastic Pinks' forthcoming EP All's Alright.

The Plastic Pinks have released a psych infused garage rock new single titled "All's Alright" through Burger Records that, quite literally, has us feeling likes "All Alright"." If you're not ready to start a mosh pit after this one, something is definitely wrong.

"All's Alright" follows previous track "At World's End," which dropped earlier this year explores living life to the fullest and seeking the riches of the human existence.

Earlier this year, the band release "El Animal", a six-song EP under the Ghost Drag Records banner. Plastic Pinks have taken their time to work on this upcoming release with Burger Records. With the help of Gordon Raphael (producer of "The Modern Age", "Is this it" and "Room On Fire" by The Strokes) to do the EP's mixing, their new EP marks an evolution in their sound.

Born in Puerto Rico, frontman June Summers and his brother Augie Pink promise to show the best of Miami's ethos




Monday, November 20, 2017

Joseph L Young Wins Prestigious ISMA-Native Spirit And Celebrates With Giveaway Of 3 Nominated Songs

Ethereum, the acclaimed fourth album from flutist/multi-instrumentalist Joseph L Young, cements his standing as one of the most talented artists in the world fusion/world flute genre on today's instrumental music scene. In celebration of his recent win of the prestigious Indian Summer Music Award (ISMA) in the Native Spirit category for the title track, Young is sharing free downloads of his 3 songs from the album which were selected as finalists in that competition, available at

About his experience at ISMA, Young commented: "When we found out three of my songs were selected as finalists for the ISMAs, I was elated! But I didn't think we could afford the trip from Boise, Idaho, to the festival in Wisconsin, because I'm working on a new album and our budget is earmarked for that. My wife insisted we attend, as we also had friends who received nominations, so off we went. Everyone at the festival made me feel like family, and it would have been enough that I got to perform there. I feel honored to have received an ISMA because of their high standards and blind juried selection process."

Using a wide assortment of flutes from premier flute makers, as well as saxophone, percussion, and keyboards, Young weaves a captivating, immersive tapestry that sweeps the listener up, transporting them to a musical landscape suffused with beauty, mystery, and deep peace -- in a word, mesmerizing. Listeners will fall in love from the first track to the last note.

One of Young's goals is to create "music without boundaries" that offers a universal sound for everyone to enjoy. He adds "I want my music to help people work through their emotions, releasing the negative as they grow and change, serving as a catalyst to help with their transformation. It can be challenging to compose meditative music that is also interesting as a deep listening experience."

Ethereum has performed superbly on both broadcast and internet radio. It placed in the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 for seven months, debuting at #6. It reached #1 on One World Music's Top 100 and was in the top 5 for seven months. Our Place Radio named it as #2 Best Album of 2016. One World Music named it #3 Best New Age Album in the same year. The Global Music Awards awarded Ethereum Triple Silver Medals for Outstanding Achievement: Composer, Instrumentalist, and Album.

Notable critics have been enchanted by Ethereum. Michael Diamond of Music and Media Focus said he was "transported by [Young's] exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal... the worldly and the otherworldly," and Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio is "especially fond of the ... intricate textures throughout these beautifully relaxing and soulfully rejuvenating passages," while Steve Sheppard of One World Music calls it "an album of pure bliss" and "a must for all who seek a little moment of sanity," and even Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck of New Age Music Reviews highly recommends Ethereum, calling it "the gift of enlightenment." To read the reviews in full, please visit Young's review page at

Young has submitted Ethereum to the 60th Grammy Awards for consideration as Best New Age Album and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. Listen at

Young's next release, slated for early 2018, will be primarily new age saxophone. He has multiple performances on his schedule this year, including his own world flute and saxophone music, and with several local bands.

Ethereum is available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and all digital platforms. Please visit for music, videos, images and his performance schedule.

For more information, contact Joseph L Young,

About The Indian Summer Music Awards: The Indian Summer Music Awards are held in conjunction with the Indian Summer Festival, a three-day long music and arts festival held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the site of the world famous Summerfest. ISMA accepts hundreds of submissions, choosing only five finalists to compete in the final Native Spirit category which is the sole category open to non-Native artists. Young received three of the final five spots in that category. Finalists and winners are chosen through a blind juried process, making the awards especially esteemed. The winners of the 14th ISMA's were presented live on the Festival stage on September 9, 2017. Winners in other categories included the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet, Painted Raven, Indian City, and Shining Woman & Otsigeya. The headlining performer at the festival was Grammy-winner Micki Free.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dizzy Box Nine Debut Record Available NOW

The debut record from the California indie-pop-rock band Dizzy Box Nine is out now! This record was officially released on Friday, September 22nd, 2017. The band centers around long-time band mates Randy Ludwig (Singer-Guitarist) and Lawrence Dunlap (Drummer), who initially got their start together playing in the band Selva, and generated a loyal following all throughout the Phoenix Arizona area.

Dizzy Box Nine plays melodic pop-rock that is catchy, clever, and even intriguing at times. Lawerence is solid on drums, and Randy has a voice that is perfect fit for radio. Be sure not to miss the super catchy song "Oh Yeah!", as well as the feel-good tune titled "When I Look At You". Then of course there is the song for the dreamer in all of us "Fantasy". As always, all songs are clean and radio-friendly.

Dizzy Box Nine has several live shows set up throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas. Updates can be found at: