Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Robert Lauri Presents His Musical Creations For The Cinema In His Album "Western And Country"

Robert Lauri takes us into a world where new and current Western and New Age music blend and complement each other in complete harmony.

Each track is unique and opens into a trip through different colors and harmonies. Each song, with original arrangements, stirs our emotions and appeals to our imagination. The moods offered in this album are all captivating.

With the titles "Obsession" and "Cheyenne", Robert Lauri opens the doors of the mythical West: the blends of styles and convincing guitar chords give a new face to Western music.

With the track "The Gun", the contrast between the moods of serenity and peace and the spirit of the rhythms of the Wild West is one of many examples of the ability of Robert Lauri, eclectic artist, to innovate and improvise.

Let's also mention the title "The Last Day" that allows us to escape to a shimmering but harmonious musical world where futuristic rhythms combine with Western sounds in a surprising manner.

One of the strongest creations from the album is the selection "Crepuscule", which has a catchy tune and touches us deeply through its melancholy tones, even bordering on a little sad. Once heard, all the compositions from the album stay with us because they echo our memories, our inner world.

The new album also contains Country melodies that have something for everyone with their country rock rhythms.

With the same talent as a "sculptor" of music, Robert Lauri has composed these Country songs. Robert Lauri is a musician and composer who has mastered a wide variety of musical genres. He can have a go at all styles with the same creativity and the same success. His sounds are new and amazing every time.

His long musical career has given him a mastery that allows him to know how just far to push the music, what instruments and what arrangements to bring into play and when to touch us deep within our soul and give us a moment of escape.

The Western and Country album will be available in February on major download sites. His Western music has the ability to permeate a film and to be the binding thread, the air in which a wide audience can easily remember by associating it with images.

The richness and diversity of the creative force of the musician's melody make heads turn and awaken everyone's imagination.

Robert Lauri never stops and his many creations, first presented on Facebook, literally keep us in a state of expectation:
"In what world is he going to take us, what time periods are we going to go through while listening to his compositions and what cultures will we discover?"

To enter the world of Western and New Age by Robert Lauri:

The extraordinary images of the videos are from Anna Clara Passarelli, a talented Italian artist who has been passionate about video and dance since she was young.

Even as a child, Anna was drawn by graphic design and art in general. She continued down this path. She selects images based on the emotions that the music evokes in her. The beautiful visual result is in perfect harmony with the musical creations of Robert Lauri.

"Crepuscule", extract of the new album :

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SongVest To Auction Rights To Eric Benet’s First Two Albums

SongVest, the company that reinvented the music memorabilia business by offering the ultimate fan collectable -- the songs themselves -- has announced their next major online auction will take place March 5 – 12 at

Fans can bid on the opportunity to own a percentage of Eric Benet's first two albums and share in the royalties. The Seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, is happy to share this unique piece of the albums' memorabilia with Eric Benet' Fans. The Seller acquired these royalties as part of the original team that helped to launch his career and is not currently affiliated with Eric Benet or the Record Label.

In 1994, Benet signed with Warner Bros. Records, releasing his solo debut album, True to Myself, in 1996. Individual songs from the album were successful, including the top-ten R&B hit "Spiritual Thang" and "Let's Stay Together".

His next album, A Day in the Life, was released in 1999. Its first single, "Georgy Porgy (featuring Faith Evans)" received significant airplay, while the second single, "Spend My Life With You (featuring Tamia)", became a smash hit. "Spend My Life With You" rose to number one on the American R&B charts, was certified gold, and nominated for a 2000 Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. The album, "A Day in the Life" also won a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album, Male.

On the Auction Block:

Double Platinum Edition (1 Lots):
• 25% of the sellers album royalties to "True to Myself" and "A Day in the Life"
• One-of-kind RIAA Certified Gold album award

Platinum Edition (2 Lots):
• 10% of the sellers album royalties to "True to Myself" and "A Day in the Life"
• One-of-kind RIAA Certified Gold album award

Gold Edition (10 Lots):
• 3% of the sellers album royalties to "True to Myself" and "A Day in the Life"
• One-of-kind RIAA Certified Gold album award

The auction will end at 3PM EST on Saturday, March 12. Fans can register now at

Since 2007, SongVest has offered music fans, collectors, and investors the unique opportunity to share the royalties with the writers of their favorite music. Past auctions have included the rights to songs recorded by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Carrie Underwood, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, and The Monkees.

Anders Helmerson Releases New Track, "The Helix Of Eternity" From Progressive Jazz Fusion Album Triple Ripple

Progressive Jazz Fusion artist Anders Helmerson has released a new track, "Helix of Eternity" from his third and groundbreaking new CD, Triple Ripple, which is available for purchase at iTunes.

"Helix of Eternity" begins with the signature Anders sound of big bright majestic synth lines that are responded to by drums accenting the bass phrases, The textures of the keys in the background lay a sonic framework of what is to follow the spoken voice telling the listener about the Helix and how to find the path to its meaning. This is a cosmic journey and a message to those who hear that "Only in the dream can you understand". "Helix of Eternity is the shortest track of the program of compositions on this JazzRock Cosmic tour de force. If you're into Jazz Rock, then this is certainly a track you'll enjoy.

Helmerson stated, "This song is about the circular motion of nature and how that pertains to music. When you create music, you're sometimes tempted to repeat a theme or melody once or several times, but if you do, you might feel that it makes the music trivial or cheapens it somehow. But to repeat is really something that's only natural. If you think about it, nature itself is built upon circles and repetitions. Not being scared of repeating just by thinking of the law of nature makes the result sustainable and mature. When you are in a middle of a creative process, if it's complex, it can be easy to get lost in the process. Keeping the fundaments of nature in mind, as in the circular movements, gives you a clear depiction of what you are doing."

"The mood of the song is contemplative – an induction to a dream, somewhat hypnotic. It's tranquil and fits in nicely with the rest of the somewhat intense musical program on the CD.

The circling spiral of nature
Moulds the helix of eternity
And the incomprehensible
Concept of time
That we cannot understand

The art of music is repetitive
So is our yearning for the ultimate form
Wherein the circle is not only
A symbol of nature
But nature also a symbol of itself
Only in the dream can we understand
In the dream...

"Helmerson lets his creativity take him to new heights which ultimately resulted in him creating his own genre of music which he dubs Progressive Fusion; a combination of long songs with virtuosos performed in complicated time signatures, elaborate melodies and harmonies that are built on pentatonic scales that are neither major nor minor. This musical mastermind fuses jazz and rock to create a sound that amazes listeners with the power of superior technique and great composing." MusicDish - Read More

Born in Sweden in February 1959, Anders Helmerson has had a life-long love affair with music. In the 1970's, Helmerson played in various short-lived bands and studied classical music in Denmark and Sweden, all the while becoming more and more interested in synthesizers and progressive rock. Helmerson completed his debut album, "The End of Illusion," in 1981. The album's lack of success caused him to turn his back on music for the next several years. He worked as a surgeon in Copenhagen, a GP in Norway and a ship's doctor on a cruise-ship, eventually discovering Rio de Janeiro, the catalyst for his return to music. In early 2002, Helmerson release his second album, "Fields Of Inertia" on the Brazilian label, Som Interior Productions.

The Helix of Eternity:

Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 SB Film Fest Closing Night After Party Features Live Music With Soul Spaceship Feb 6 At SOhO In Santa Barbara

The 2011 SB Film Fest Closing Night After Party will be held on February 6 at SOhO. Hosted by the on-line music library "Music for Film and Television", the event will feature live music performances by Soul Spaceship, Coyotes and Bourbon, Electro Hippy Drum Circle, DJ QuestionMark and special guests. Cover charge is $5. The new CD from Soul Spaceship will be given free at the door until 9:30pm.

Show starts at 8pm with the acoustic songs of Coyotes and Bourbon. According to the Santa Barbara Independent, "This Santa Barbara-produced album of 'acoustic groove' fits perfectly between our sandy shores and craggy peaks."

Soul Spaceship will play from 9 to 10pm, with music from their recently completed album "DJ ? Presents Soul Spaceship". The group's unique sound is a blend of rhythmic guitar, hip hop/reggae beats and the vocal stylings of rapper C-Los Flow. Album can be downloaded pre-release free at the Soul Spaceship Website.

2011 SB Film Fest
The SB Film Fest 2011, presented by, runs January 27 - February 6. With an ongoing history of predicting Academy Award winners, a close distance to Los Angeles, and festival dates within short proximity of Hollywood's main event, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) has established itself as a reliable preview to Oscar outcomes.

Now in its 26th year, SBIFF presents quality American Independent, Spanish and Latin American, European, World and Documentary cinema, as well as nature and surf films, all within the beautiful setting of downtown Santa Barbara, a perfect backdrop and premier tourist destination along the California coastline considered the American Riviera™. This desirable location, along with the Festival's attraction of A list celebrities and exceptional programming, has resulted in the SB Film Fest becoming one of world's most anticipated film festivals.

SBIFF is also committed to education through its 10-10-10 youth filmmakers project, Field Trip to the Movies, and educational seminars. With a projected audience of over 70,000 viewing more than 200 films over its eleven-day run, SBIFF attracts an eclectic and diverse consumer base, both locally and nationally, while maintaining strong ties with the entertainment industry in nearby Los Angeles. More information on 2011 SB Film Fest can be found at website:

Led by SBIFF Executive Director Roger Durling, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival will honor several high profile actors this year including: Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman (Cinema Vanguard Award), three-time Academy Award nominee Annette Bening (American Riviera) and Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush (Montecito Award).

The 2011 SB Film Fest Closing Night After-Party is hosted by Music for Film and Television, an on-line music licensing library. Headquartered in La Conchita, CA, the Music for Film and Television website features an organized selection of diverse music ready to license for score, source, background music, themes and trailers. Genres include hip hop, rock, indie, ethno-world, classical, orchestral, power pop, country, funk, singer-songwriter, traditional, heavy metal, holiday, jazz and more.

SOhO Restaurant & Music Club provides Santa Barbara with live music seven nights a week and offers a full dinner menu featuring California faire with unique pasta dishes, steaks, fresh seafood, gourmet pizzas, vegetarian entrees and a variety of desserts. SOhO Restaurant & Music Club is located at 1221 State Street Suite 205 Santa Barbara, CA 93101, and can be reached at 805-962-7776.

Santa Barbara Live Music provides updates and listings for live local music in Santa Barbara, CA.

Traveler I - The Journey Begins

“Traveler I – The Journey Begins,” the first track on JJacob’s album LTP Learning To Play, is vibrant with a steady strong rhythm and rich synth strings. From its tender opening and building tensions, the music draws you in and soothes you with a light and delicate melody that repeats itself throughout the song, bringing with it a sense of peace and tranquility. The track sets the tone for the rest of the album, and is a reminder of what one can do when they make music with love.

Listen to the track: