Saturday, February 25, 2017

Indie LGBT Artist Craymo Wins 2nd Worldwide Music Contest In A Row

Indie LGBT singer/songwriter Craymo is named Winner Best Video in version 4 of the Worldwide Music Contest out of 600 entries for his music video One Love One World (We Are One). This is Craymo's 2nd consecutive win in the Worldwide Music Contest, he won Best Song in version 3 for his anti-bullying anthem Be Myself, a song about embracing your individuality and standing up to bullies.

One Love One World is another anti-bullying song that promotes equality, diversity, universal love, human rights and world peace. The music video opens on children in Pang Liu village in China who were taught how to speak English by learning the lyrics to his song. Craymo says: "I was so moved emotionally when I saw the footage of the children speaking and singing in English for the first time using my song. It's a very humbling and proud moment knowing that you have made a difference in someone's life on the other side of the world."

One Love One World has been downloaded by many school teachers who taught the song to their students who then performed it at their schools in China, Australia, the UK, Canada and all across the USA. One Love One World (We Are One) was featured on the syndicated Bongo Boys Rock and Roll TV show.

The Worldwide Music Contest Jury of Judges include Producer Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zepplin, Oasis), Henry Padovani, former Head of IRS Records and original guitarist for the Police , Steve Tannett, Manager REM, The Police, GoGo's, The Alarm. Adrian Berwick, formerly Head of BMG Ricordi Rome/Milan and
Music Director of Polydor Records.

About Craymo
Craymo, originally from Ogdensburg NY, formerly from Los Angeles, CA and now residing in Orlando, FL, is an inspirational singer/songwriter that writes and performs uplifting alternative pop songs about life and love. Craymo has been an opening act for Smashmouth and appeared as a male vocalist on Star Search '89 with Ed McMahon. His songs have been licensed in several TV shows including The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), Toddlers and Tiaras (TLC), Chris and John To The Rescue (Canada), The Orlando Citrus Parade (Synd) and many indie films including Lucky Dog, Culture Shock, Gabe The Cupid Dog, Miss Castaway and Paper Thin Immortals. Craymo was named New Discovery Artist in the 2014 Independent Music Network Awards. He won Best Alternative Recording for his song Love You More in the 2015 Radio Music Awards. Craymo's song Moment won Best Alternative Recording in the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards. Moment is a song that promotes suicide prevention awareness. He wrote the song after his first cousin took his own life with the hope that it might help prevent others from doing the same. Craymo is the Director of Publishing for Moho Productions including Craymo Music, BMI and Moho Music, ASCAP. For licensing contact


Friday, February 24, 2017

Recked Entertainment Sign Syracuse, New York Based Heady Metal Band "One Step From Falling" To Management

Syracuse, New York "Heady Metal" band One Step From Falling signed to management with Nashville's music management firm Recked Entertainment.​

One Step From Falling is Korn meets Deftones and they're captivating the masses with a unique sound, and energetic live performance. A rare breed and style of music baptized in the name of Heady Metal. ​

One Step From Falling recently released their album "THE WAYSIDE" which garnered airplay from Syracuse, New York station 95X and more. The band is currently recording their new album "Stuck" at Saucy Audio in New York City. They continue turning heads while touring, from the Northern Country down to Gasoline Alley and across the Midwest to The Music Factory, relentlessly spreading the seed of Heady Metal from the bar to the festivals with clubs sprinkled between.

The 4-piece has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands like Five Finger Death Punch, Kill Switch Engage, Pop Evil, Wayne Static, Powerman 5000, Trivium, Trapt, 10 years, Boy Hits Car, Tantric, Shadows Fall, and many more.

Don't mistake One Step From Falling as just another cookie-cutter band. After concerts, music enthusiasts and first-time listeners flock to the meet and greet area to buy out merchandise, insignia, and CDs; ensuring the far reach of the brand that is One Step From Falling's HEADY METAL.

Catch One Step From Falling live at Winter Smitefest on February 24-26th in Wiliamsport, PA and Camp Caustic 2K17 May 27-28th in Jordan, NY.

They have a message and they want to show you something!

For more information about One Step From Falling and to catch upcoming live performances, please visit the following links:

Third Release From New Label SoulHouse Music

The latest release from SoulHouse Music is a remake of the Luther Vandross classic 'I Wanted Your Love'. The original dance floor classic was the opening track to his third studio album 'Busy Body' released in 1983 and written with producer and bassist Marcus Miller.

The cover will no doubt set dance floors alight worldwide. It features a trio of talent that comprises Mr Brian Power and Ronnie Herel (Mi-Soul Radio) and the vocal genius of Ali Tennant, often likened to the late legend.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Jetpack Hotline Releases New Single Entitled "OK (feat. Jiji)"

Jetpack Hotline's new single "OK (feat. Jiji)" is the latest addition to the Chicago-based group's collection of unique alt-electro energy pumping tracks that incorporates hip hop and electronic pop elements. "OK (feat. Jiji)" explores the struggle between acceptance and following your heart; using high energy dance beats as an outlet to take fans on the not-so-uncommon journey of falling in love with the wrong person.

Always looking to add new flavor to their sound, "OK (feat. Jiji)" features the debut of female vocalist Jiji, creating a rich contrast to the sharp male vocals of Jetpack Hotline as well as adding a female spin on the lyrical story the song embodies. "OK (feat. Jiji)" is a track that will draw you in with its relatable message and leave you pumped with adrenaline.

Jetpack Hotline are Mike Spinelli (Producer/Guitarist) and Randy Daniels (Producer/Vocalist) who are consummate musicians with a desire to experiment and push the creative envelope. They go to great lengths to capture the 'right sound' to seek out the 'correct element' of a song and deliver it to their fans. In early 2015, they created a six-song demo of dance beat driven alt-electro tracks under the name, Jetpack Hotline, that secured them a headlining spot at a midsummer music festival. Since then, the duo has been busy discovering new sounds, playing live shows with bandmates, Dan Robb (Bass) and Joe Precup (Drums), and producing and releasing music; self-titled album Jetpack Hotline out November 17th, 2015; single "Tough" out on October 11th, 2016; and, their new single entitled, "OK (feat. Jiji) out on January 25th, 2017.

Anyone ready to explore a new type of sound will enjoy the unique, energetic alternative electronic music that blends hip hop and electronic pop elements. Jetpack Hotline bridges the musical gaps to create an undefined genre, carving out a new place within the music industry.

"We bring a ton of energy to the studio, which we want our fans to feel through our sound... our goal is for everyone to have fun, dance and really connect with our music! We just want to keep creating."

Look out for more releases by Jetpack Hotline in the near future!

Contact Info:
Recorded at Spinmont Productions

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tony Adamo: Hipper Than Hip

Jazz and the spoken word have always had a symbiotic relationship. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti pioneered the beat poet landscape of the '50's and '60's. But what of modern day offerings in this genre?

Tony Adamo has been described as a beatnik who arrived sixty years late, but if you ask him, he's just a raconteur who describes his environment in a unique manner. Adamo celebrates urban life and the jazz masters who have influenced generations with hip monologues recited over the intense rhythms laid down by his New York Crew, headed by drummer Mike Clark.

"Mike is the Scorsese and I'm the Bobby De Niro," says Tony. "Sometimes I go into the recording studio, I don't know what I'm going to do or what I'm going to say, and Mike is standing behind the glass. He points to me, and then I'm off. And it's really a magical thing, because his groove sets the stage for me!"

Although born in the Bay Area, Adamo has spent a lot of time in New York and his cadence and wit reflect his love and respect for the Big Apple. "Once you go to the Apple, man, it doesn't leave you, it's in your veins. In fact, all the cats that made me what I am today are cats from New York; Mike and this whole crew that he put together."

Adamo generally salutes the work of jazz masters such as Art Blakey, Clifford Brown, Gerry Mulligan, and Joe Henderson, but he's also very serious about raising people's consciousness regarding some of the idiom's unsung heroes, like Bay Area trumpeter Eddie Gale.

Tony Adamo is an original voice. A voice that keeps reaching for new directions in describing a music without boundaries and its fascinating makers.

Jennifair "Sugar" Featuring Deion Luis (Official Video)

Against all odds, seasoned entrepreneur, Al Roberson, sets up 4th District LLC., a record label and management company.

Seasoned entrepreneur and business executive, Al Roberson recently announced the launch of his record label and management company, 4th District LLC. With such companies like " A. Roberson Trucking Shipping and Freight" and "The Southern Assassins", a drag racing team under his management. It is somewhat exciting that Al Roberson significantly diversifies to set an entertainment house in 4th District LLC.

4th District LLC will be officially launched in Las Vegas in July 2017, at a release party, which will also serve as a platform to unveil the car for the Southern Assassin crew. The start of the entertainment house is as a result of Al Roberson chasing his dream and passing through different hurdles particularly after his release from a 8 year prison sentence.

Al Roberson was born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina. After years of experience working different celebrities Al Roberson established 4th District LLC. with the aim of enhancing models, entertainers and artists to reach their highest potential in the industry.

Southern Assassins, on the other hand, is a brand that has stood the test of time and grown to become the most dominant Grudge race team in history. The Southern Assassins team has toured different race tracks, bringing all the bacon back to the house for their fans.

Al Roberson already has two young and talented acts Jessenia Vice signed under personal management and Colonel Loud signed to 4th District LLC. management, with the hope of signing even more young acts. The company is being established as a unique family to help groom entertainers and grow them into global figures.

Colonel Loud is one of the acts currently signed on to 4th District LLC. The American rapper that hails from Fort Lauderdale, but an Atlanta resident for 10 years before settling in to Goldsboro, N.C. Colonel Loud swapped the street life for the studio after years of balancing both hustles. His music revolves around the day-to-day struggles of the average person, something he prides himself on. “A lot of artists try to tell everybody else’s story to please other folks or create an image that’s not true to who they are. People see through that. I rap about what I know and that’s why people connect with me as an entertainer. I entertain people but it’s based on personal experiences; I spit the real.”

Colonel Loud possesses the ability to switch up his style, which he does so with expertise. Colonel currently has featured song with Lil Scrappy, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Young Dolph, Cap 1, Rico Barrino, Zed Ziller, Mr. Hanky and more. Colonel Loud says “Wherever I go you’re gonna smell me and I don’t care who’s not with my movement. My motto is ‘haters make you greater’.”

Jessenia Vice, first seen winning a Kim Kardashians look alike contest on the Tyra Banks show in 2012, has since grown into her own brand: a super model and well rounded artist who has worked with A-list musicians like Trey Songz and 50 Cent in music videos which lead to TV Hosting for MUN2 & MTV3, and later her own radio show "Vice City," breaking artists in NYC her adopted city.

After fallen victim of an abusive relationship and her two year hiatus , Jessenia has come back stronger than ever and her resume continues to grow while advocating the issue of domestic violence with charities, mentor groups and public speaking. Stepping back into the industry two years ago, Jessenia is an IMBD accredited actress that's recently ventured into music and will be reintroducing her single "In Love With The DJ " 2.0 Version, thanks to her personal manager Al Roberson.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more on the music side. She is now partnered with Univision and has a segment "Like A Boss" soon to be streaming on ThisIs50's platform. She does it all! Its safe to say she is "Chasing Selena," her idol who also has done it all before her death and served as a positive female figure in an industry over saturated with scandal.

Al Roberson will help to skyrocket the careers of these talents, but will show the entertainment industry the possibilities inherent in self-belief.