Saturday, June 11, 2016

Marcel Alexander Debuts Official 'Lay Up' Music Video

Marcel Alexander , known to many as Mr. LiveLifeLite, is releasing the official music video for his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ' Lay Up ,' produced by MTF MOB. Directed by Chilly-O, the new video is a slick, stunningly shot journey through the charismatic new track.

'Lay Up' explores the ups and downs of a modern relationship. The suave new song continues to concrete Marcel Alexander's relevance as a contemporary performer with an elegant handle on pop music and songwriting. Alexander uses sophisticated beats combined with tactful reverb and auto-tune to achieve remarkably unique soundscapes chock-full of soul and passion.

'Lay Up' is a labor of love, and one fueled by it, too. In collaboration with the director Chilly-O, Alexander's new video navigates the waters of an ardent relationship. The track is infused with an eclectic palette of influence, drawing inspiration from R&B, soul, hip hop, and pop to create a fresh new experience.

Alexander's brand, the Life Life Lite mantra, is charged by his ambition to express himself in a society that doesn't understand him. "We aren't ourselves until we fully commit to our passions," he says. "We only have this one chance to live the best way we know how. Let's keep it lite."

Alexander is exploding through the independent scene with an increasingly impressive resume. He's worked with the likes of Fade Majah (Rihanna, FOX's 'Empire) and Kip Hilson, (Young Thug, T.I. ) and the list of accolades continues to grow.
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Adva Mobile Fan Engagement Score (ES) A Game Changer For Learning Who Your Superfans Are

Adva Mobile, the leading mobile marketing portal for Artists using mobile technology to acquire, engage, and sell to fans, announced today the launch of Engagement Score (ES), a mobile technology capability. ES scores Fans as they engage Artists on their mobile web app, helping Artists identify which fans are most engaged, most loyal, and ready to support their favorite Artists with purchases. Engagement Scores (ES) track Fan Activity and measure engagement level - Purchases, Video Views, Music Listens, Photo Views, Contest and Survey participation, and other activities. The sophisticated Fan Database of the Adva Mobile platform allows Artists to filter Fans by Engagement Score and Artists can then target these Fans with the special offers and bundled packages these loyal Fans crave.

Fans join an Artist's Web App by Texting in to the Artist, and are then sent to the Web App via a URL link in the return Text. Mobile technology can identify unique Fans on the Web App, and as these Fans engage the Artist, activity levels are measured and scored. The Fan database can then reflect Fan Activity and differentiate between casual Fans and SuperFans.

Superfan by Location Targeting

The database filtering system is so sophisticated that an Artist can uniquely identify their most loyal Fans in any location. By running a filter on the location field in the Fan Database, and a second filter pass on Engagement Score (ES) to determine which among these Fans are most engaged, Artists can schedule meet and greets, backstage passes, and other high quality merchandise and services these SuperFans are ready to buy.

The filtering is very sophisticated, allowing Artists to select a value (for example, 5) and then filter Fans by many categories including "greater than", "equal to", "between", etc. Once a filter is created, it can be named and saved, and used as part of targeted Text and Email campaigns.

ES in Action

A new Artist on the Adva Mobile service (few months), with ~400 opted in mobile Fans, can identify which fans are already on his web app and which aspects of the Web app generate the highest interest among Fans. Another Artist, now with almost 900 Fans, sees a greater level of engagement over time. By running a simple filter on the Engagement Score (ES) selecting "greater than or equal to 9", this Artist learns that more than 80 fans (8%) have engaged the Artist more than 9 times, and this group can be sent Text and Email messages that offer special invites and bundles from the Artist.

The Power of Mobile Technology for Artist to Fan Engagement

"Mobile technology is really living up to its trans-formative promise when it can demonstrate activity levels for unique Fans that help Artists understand and connect with their True Fans", said Jack Kelly, CEO of Adva Mobile. By taking advantage of the Adva Mobile Engagement Score (ES), Artists have a better view into the fans that can help make their music careers. Artists want to be Fan-centric; however they lack the tools and technical ability to do it. The Adva Mobile platform helps Artists collect and analyze Fan data, and act on it, optimizing the relationship between Artist and Fan.

"Artists have Fan data, but it's difficult for Artists to truly separate and target their outreach campaigns from casual Fan to SuperFan � until now." Said Kelly. Across the integrated service platform offered by Adva Mobile, Artists can now stitch together behavior and activity across engagement channels, helping Artists understand who their "True Fans" are, how many they have, and how many they potentially could have. "By understanding what works to engage their best Fans at an individual level, Artists can replicate their best Fans."

Artists on the Adva Mobile platform can set up their own marketing automation schedules, adjusting the frequency of text and emails to Fans based upon what's most relevant to fans. Email and Text marketing service is bundled into Adva Mobile's existing pricing models, which starts with a Free service for emerging Artists.

About Adva Mobile
Adva Mobile is a marketing services and technology company dedicated to helping Touring Bands, Recording Artists, Labels and music industry professionals acquire, market and sell to their fans on mobile devices. The Adva Mobile suite of products includes Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Web Apps, Fan Database management and mobile engagement tools designed to help Artists build relationships with fans. More information can be found at

Thursday, June 9, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Weathervane" Official Music Video By Robert Rossi

Sunshine, beach, ocean waves, and seagulls in a peaceful Sunday afternoon - this is when you want to pick up your guitar (or your iPhone) to play a heart-warming song that would remind you of someone. And this is exactly what indie folk artist Robert Rossi has done in the music video of his newly-released album title track Weathervane. As opposed to those music videos that are grandiosely shot in a studio, this music video of Weathervane feels more like a home video of Rossi singing to the camera holder, whom he knows well and has a strong connection with. In front of the camera, Rossi is not only performing, but is also revealing his emotions and showing his true self as a friend, or a family member.

As the song Weathervane goes, "I don't use drugs to ease my pain, My love runs strong like a weathervane." This 13-song compilation is written largely from Rossi's mother's perspective, and is part of a larger cancer awareness project by the same name. The goal of the New York-based singer's project is to commemorate his mother's life after losing her battle to metastasized breast cancer all while raising global cancer awareness. The ultimate mission of the Weathervane project is to donate proceeds to organizations devoted to cancer research.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Electra Mustaine Kicks Off Summer At CMAFest Before Traveling To Scotland To Host Songwriter Retreat

Country Singer-Songwriter Electra Mustaine announced she is kicking off summer with a performance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville before heading across the pond to the U.K. to host a Nashville Songwriter Retreat in Scotland June 23-28, 2016.

"I am thrilled to be performing at CMAFest in Nashville for the very first time," says Electra Mustaine. "It is an incredible opportunity. Plus, I am so excited to be hosting my own Nashville Songwriter Retreat in Scotland and performing overseas. June is going to be a busy month!"

Electra Mustaine is a Nashville singer/songwriter originally from the small town of Fallbrook, CA. Like her father, Dave Mustaine, founder of the internationally acclaimed rock band Megadeth, Electra is herself a bit of a rebel. She chose to make a name for herself in something completely different from expectations � yet more true to who she is� country music. Performing at county fairs and NASCAR events she relocated to Music City in 2014 at age 16 to focus on her music and songwriting � collaborating with some of Nashville抯 best songwriters.

Electra is scheduled to perform in Nashville on the George Jones Stage during CMAFest on June 10th at 4pm.

With the strong international appeal of country music, Electra will travel to Scotland to host a Nashville Songwriter Retreat in the quaint Village of Lochgilphead June 23-28th with 12 Songwriters / Artists from Nashville, Canada & Ireland. The talented songwriters participating with Electra include Brett Kissel, Gareth Dunlop, Kirsten Arian, Brandon Chase, Lizzy McAvoy, Caroline Kole, Angela Cheslock, Eric Arjes, Ella Mae Bowen and Quinn Loggins. The retreat concludes with the artists playing their songs in Glasgow pubs & performing live at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut Glasgow on June 29th. GoPro will host the retreat with partners Taylor Guitars & Guitar Guitar of Glasgow. The Scotland event will be broadcast online with videos available to view via @GoPro.

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To arrange press interviews with Electra Mustaine, contact Publicist Liz Motley at LizMotley(at)me(dot)com.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

John Keenan New Album, "The Illusion of Logic" All Set to Make Buzz In June

"The Illusion of Logic", John Keenan new creation will hit the market in June. The album is an independent production done by John Keenan himself after the success of his previous albums. John has loaded the album with many beautiful songs like "Never Been Bought" "Refined the Focus" "Where I Wanna Be" and "My Expectations". There are more melodious songs to win the hearts. As per the recent disclosure of the official reports regarding John抯 new album, the new album of the independent hip hop star will bring a unique freshness in the hip-hop industry to break the conventional image of opulence and debauchery. In line with the reports shared by John Keenan the illusion of logic will deliver a totally new taste of hip hop music to the hip hop lovers. He shares his motive behind the creation of his new album and mentions that it is targeted to touch millions of souls through the amazing tracks of The Illusion of Logic.

According to John, the whole album photography is done by Janelle Etzel, videography by Alex "Doenut" Bleecker, marketing by Brandon Mills of Crew Marketing and Promotion, mastering by Kevin McNoldy and LeRoy Phillipson. The john keenan new album is professionally accomplished and a classy look has been provided to all the video songs. The new john keenan hip hop album can be affordably purchased from the online music stores or local music shops.

About John Keenan
John Keenan is an independent hip hop artist. He started an independent record label with Mark Keenan in 1999. John has so far independently produced many successful albums and singles initiating from "Mind of a Mad Man" to "The Illusion of Logic� � which is going to be released in June.

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