Saturday, May 28, 2016

IllieSwitch Celebrates His Appreciation For Black Women In New Single Release

After a four year hiatus, singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper IllieSwitch released his new single "My Black Queen" today on SoundCloud. For the last 5 years, IllieSwitch has worked behind the scenes penning songs and creating monster hits for other artists. His new single, My Black Queen, is a dedication to all beautiful black women across the world regardless of shade or nationality. In a world where the black woman is the least celebrated and most under appreciated, IllieSwitch was inspired to create a timeless song to praise the very women who have been a constant source of inspiration in his music for years. The song celebrates black love and the beauty of the black woman as a whole. The song in no way negates the beauty of any other race; it just spotlights the beauty of this particular type of woman. It does, however, showcase the tight bond that exists between black couples in love to inspire strength, longevity, and loyalty.

One very noteworthy aspect of the song is the fact that it is completely void of autotune and other voice enhancing effects. IllieSwitch's natural voice is soulful and the vocals are delivered in a smooth and sexy manner that is both unique in today's urban music and also speaks to the soul. "My Black Queen is set to be released for sale to the public on May 20, 2016 and is expected to be followed by an EP later in the fall/winter 2016.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Jazz & Beyond reinterpretation of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon

The most amazing reinterpretation of the Pink Floyd's timeless classic album by the Italian trio SAVOLDELLI CASARANO BARDOSCIA.


There's an old joke among instrumentalists:
What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians? Answer: A singer.

While this stereotype is overgeneralized to the point of being offensive, it is sadly too often the case that vocalists, particularly in the realm of mainstream commercial music, lack the deep musical knowledge of their instrumental counterparts. But one vocalist who emphatically puts the lie to this questionable cliché is the protean Boris Savoldelli, whose latest album The Great Jazz Gig in the Sky of his exciting new trio Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia stunningly demonstrates that he is at least the equal of any instrumentalist - nay, any group of instrumentalists.

Boris didn't take an easy path in choosing to reimagine one of the most sacred albums of all time, Pink Floyd's monumental The Dark Side of the Moon. It surely didn't help that it's also one of the most frequently covered works of progressive music, from symphonic treatments to chamber arrangements to legions of Floyd tribute bands. But Boris always disdains the easy path, and unlike the many sterile, note-for-note versions of The Dark Side proffered by lesser talents, his rendition truly distinguishes itself by taking a strikingly imaginative and boldly creative new approach to the familiar material - in this case, a wholly absorbing interpretation that reflects his lifelong love of jazz and improvisation.

Boris pulls out all the stops with his vast arsenal of unparalleled vocal techniques, augmented by his provocative electronic treatments. But The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky is much more than just a vocal showcase, highlighting the formidable creative gifts of his partners, saxophonist extraordinaire Raffaele Casarano and bassist supreme Marco Bardoscia, plus a roster of distinguished guest musicians. The result is a kaleidoscopic marvel of sounds and emotions, delivered with élan, humor, impeccable musicianship, and above all a deep, abiding love for his inspirations, in a tour-de-force album that, we're sure all Lunatics will agree, truly deserves the superlative "Great". Once again, open-eared listeners have been gifted with a truly magnificent milestone from the fertile mind of the singular Boris Savoldelli.

Boris Savoldelli: all vocals, vocal noises and electronics
Raffaele Casarano: saxes and electronics
Marco Bardoscia: double bass and electronics

Dewa Budjiana: guitars on Us and Them

WK569: background sounds manipulation on US and Them and Any Colour You Like

Maurizio Nobili: reciter on The Great Gig in the Sky and Eclipse

Album recorded on February 16 and 17, 2013

Mixed, edited and mastered by Piero Villa at the Rumore Bianco Studio, Esine, Italy in January 2016.

Dewa Budjana's guitar recorded in Temple Island Studio, Jakarta, on December 29, 2015.

All arrangements by Savoldelli, Casarano, Bardoscia.

Produced by Savoldelli, Casarano, Bardoscia.
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic

This album was made possible by the generous help of
"Programmazione PUGLIA SOUNDS RECORD 2016"
"REGIONE PUGLIA - FSC 2007-2013 - Investiamo nel vostro futuro"


Boris is a vocal performer with a brilliant personality. He's always been in love with his "vocal instrument" and its extraordinary possibilities. He loves to find different original ways of singing, due to his very different backgrounds, from classical studies until jazz singing (thanks to his mentor Mark Murphy), passing from funk-rock to avant-garde experimental approaches. Boris Savoldelli has performed solo and in various projects all around the world, with over 250 performances in over 120 cities just in Russia, as well all around Italy and Ukraine. He has also performed multiple times in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, USA, Brazil, Spain. In October 2015, Boris has received the Award at the Sergey Esenin International Literature Awards in Moscow for his project dedicated to Esenin poems in jazz.

An attractive voice, interesting ideas, exciting solos. - Howard Mandel, Jazz Journalist Association

One of the most intriguing vocal projects to come along in years.
- Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Jazz Station Records

The real revelation. - John Kelman, All About Jazz

A vocal master contortionist. Multifaceted and immensely talented. - Glenn Astarita,

A great proponent of simply superb singing. - Mark Murphy (the late legendary Jazz singer)

Indie Folk Artist Releases Cancer Tribute

After working on his musical tribute for nearly two years, indie folk artist Robert Rossi has finally completed his much-anticipated album, Weathervane. The 13-song compilation will make its debut at the famed Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday, May 14, 2016.

The Weathervane CD is written largely from his mother’s perspective and is part of a larger cancer awareness project by the same name. The goal of the New York-based singer’s project is to commemorate his mother’s life after losing her battle to metastasized breast cancer all while raising global cancer awareness. The ultimate mission of the Weathervane project is to donate proceeds to organizations devoted to cancer research. Weathervane’s aims are significant as the Centers for Disease Control reports that 19.3 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed worldwide each year by 2025.

To hear live tracks from the Weathervane album with accompaniment by cellist Maureen Murray and drummer Rhakeim Williams plan to attend the CD release at:

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3
185 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 7pm

To donate or find out more about the Weathervane project visit:
To learn more about Robert Rossi go to:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Har-Bal Updates

Our plugin will come after 3.7. The main feature additions to 3.7 over version 3 is the inclusion of a mid-side-left-right solo button feature (lets you hear what each sounds like) and the major one, a thing called peak taming / complex time selection. The later allows you to, through a complex time selection criteria (threshold marker on the spectrum graph) select the time in which the spectrum goes above a particular threshold. Then for that time selection you have access to the average spectrum just for that selection and the ability to tame those peaks with a filter that just attacks those points in time. If used cleverly you can basically remove the too hot parts of a track with little audible side effect though if not used cleverly it will have obvious side effect. Very much an advanced feature that will take me some time to document properly on how to use it.

Beyond those there's at least one fix to the file handling that could cause file corruption issues in rare circumstances and the filter engine was completely re-written to fix critical race issues and playback stalls and improve the efficiency for use in the complex time selection feature above. There is also the change in the licensing model to avoid using network adapters as identification. This is a preliminary requirement for us implementing a plugin.

The plugin won't be a simple single channel plugin. Basically, the equivalent plugin EQ spectrum visualization and adjustment window to Har-Bal standalone would be shared across all instances of a Har-Bal EQ plugin, thereby allowing the user to easily compare channels, references channels, spectrum match channels etc. You could also do a virtual mix of channels and predict the final spectrum of those channels from mix settings etc. It will require an analysis phase whereby you play you track and it analyses the channels in analysis mode.

The analysis engine could also be implemented to look for leakage to particular channels and provide delay compensation. What we’re thinking of here in particular is multi-track drum recording which commonly suffers from leakage issues to the overheads which have different time lags so if you mix without compensation you'll get destructive interference between the close mic and overhead channels, preventing you from getting the mix you want.

As you should be able to see, what is proposed for a Har-Bal plugin is not trivial which is why we want to do it only after the release of version 3.7. In any case, much of our re-implementation of the filter engine was driven by the needs of the plugin.