Saturday, May 28, 2016

IllieSwitch Celebrates His Appreciation For Black Women In New Single Release

After a four year hiatus, singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper IllieSwitch released his new single "My Black Queen" today on SoundCloud. For the last 5 years, IllieSwitch has worked behind the scenes penning songs and creating monster hits for other artists. His new single, My Black Queen, is a dedication to all beautiful black women across the world regardless of shade or nationality. In a world where the black woman is the least celebrated and most under appreciated, IllieSwitch was inspired to create a timeless song to praise the very women who have been a constant source of inspiration in his music for years. The song celebrates black love and the beauty of the black woman as a whole. The song in no way negates the beauty of any other race; it just spotlights the beauty of this particular type of woman. It does, however, showcase the tight bond that exists between black couples in love to inspire strength, longevity, and loyalty.

One very noteworthy aspect of the song is the fact that it is completely void of autotune and other voice enhancing effects. IllieSwitch's natural voice is soulful and the vocals are delivered in a smooth and sexy manner that is both unique in today's urban music and also speaks to the soul. "My Black Queen is set to be released for sale to the public on May 20, 2016 and is expected to be followed by an EP later in the fall/winter 2016.


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