Friday, July 17, 2015

MusicDish Review: Johnoscar Cinema Paradiso

Johnoscar is a talented pianist who has performed as a soloist since the age of 17. In the release of his new album, Cinema Paradiso: A Night At the Movies, Johnoscar succeeds in allowing different musical interpretations of film scores for movies such as Metropolis, Move Camera, The Matrix, Suicide Squadron, Dangerous Moonlight, and Modern Times featuring Charlie Chaplin.

Through his compositions, he is able to shed light upon different venues of expressing character emotions. Johnoscar recreates a world of musical inspiration in his film scores to the point that he is able to pull his audience closer into the minds of the characters and their stories in each film. Being able to portray a wide range of emotions through instrument playing is a grand task that not many artists can accomplish. Johnoscar is one of the few talented composers who is able to do this, putting him in line with some of the few amazing composers of our time.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

2sher - Make It Happ3n (Original Mix)

Released via Phatbull Records

Hailing from Poland, producer 2sher is amidst a thirst to take his powerfully crafted brand of EDM out of his locality and across the rest of the world.

Today 2sher's prolific rise continues with a rapturous EDM jam, in the shape of his new single Make It Happ3n. The energetic future house track attractively blends EDM genres such as Trance, Techno and even a touch of Acid into one funky and frisky dance floor record.

With 2014 something of a breakthrough year for 2sher, appearing at some of Europe's biggest club, while continuing to churn out new material, 2015 and beyond looks set to be his best year yet.


Ricky Rikardo Shares His Latest Mixtape 'On My Way'


Today, we present you with the latest offering from NJ Hip-Hop artist Ricky Rikardo. Having grown up listening to the likes of Tupac, Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z it's no wonder Ricky felt inspired to write his own material back in 7th grade.

Now older, and wiser he's dropping his highly anticipated mixtape ‘On My Way' and releasing it independently via his Real Right Enterprises label.

On My Way encapsulates a timeless Hip Hop charm, with steady flows and enticing wordplay. With the material remaining personal and positive, Ricky hopes the to inspire those that listen, giving them hope that they can achieve whatever it is they are pursuing. Ricky's music is undoubtedly something worth bumping whatever your mood.

Social Links :
Instagram- @RealRightRick

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bongo Boy Records Compilations Vol. Series Continues Making It's Mark In Asia; Now With Volume Five

Bongo Boy Records delivers lovely and spectacular release this month with songs by Pilot Hayes, Yona Pax, JMAXX, Saydah ft. E. Xavier Toscano, Natalie Jean and Guy R Jean, Conceptz, Wayne O, Deborah Henriksson and Sarantos. Here is the official pre review by Starlight Music Chronicles. Take a closer look at these International talents and their music which will be available in Asia later this month.

July 6, 2015

Belvidere, New Jersey - Bongo Boy Records is excited to announce the next compilation album with ten International recording artists. The Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Five includes international recording artists which some also have been featured on The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV show series. A Television show series that features indie music videos from around the world and airs across the USA. The independent record label is committed to release other volumes in Asia with featured artists from their growing record label roster and television show series.
Pre-Review by: CA Marshall | Editor Starlight Music Chronicles

Pilot Hayes – “She’s Sexy”
If you are sitting in a room where the bass plays low and the singer's voice is giving off a sultry vibe and you imagine the subject of the song walk into this very room, then you have caught on to 'She's Sexy' by Pilot Hayes Band from Charlotte, NC. Very Sexy!

Yona Pax – “Votez Pour Moi”
The sound of a dove is the best way to describe the voice of Italian Born Yona Pax. This song 'Vote for Me' in English, sung in French is a lovely ballad that is certain to bode well in the European scene!

JMAXX – “Sassy Girl”
Yeah, I think that this one is the rare gem in this compilation. The link to hear the song didn't work for me at first and thankfully the good people at Bongo Boy Records retrieved it for me right away so I could listen and review it. They say there's a reason things happen: I think this song was meant to stand out for me because I have become an intsafan! This is song in it's entirety has a super electro beat that will have you remembering it hours after you have heard it!

Saydah featuring E. – “Rhythm”
Love, love, love the way this one starts out! Saydah has a beautiful trill in her voice which lends super-sexiness to this catchy tune. Without a visual, close your eyes and imagine a sexy Burlesque show full of glitz and that's what immediately comes to mind!

Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”
SPECTACULAR! On ALL fronts! This song has you from the start with clever lyrics and sound that will have you dancing (or moving however you want to) immediately. This is one for the iPod for those long run days! I see this artist going very far.

Natalie Jean and Guy R. Jean – “C’est Toi Et Moi”
Let's daaaaaaaaaaaaaance! If you want a song that will take you back to a classic 'Donna Summer's-esque' Studio 54-style movement that is resurrected in this song. You will not be able to stop listening! (or dancing) This is Studio 54 revival at It's best!

Conceptz – “Funky 5”
Once again Conceptz has the world head bobbing to their rhythm with this song! This duo has some beautiful lyrical breakouts in this song and (dare I say) has the Michael Jackson' appeal with a modern twist. Fab!
Management: Hydra Management

Wayne O – “She’s My Girl”
Ahhhhhhh.....there it is! The Big Bopper sound I have been waiting all my life for (in MY lifetime!) This song is what the 1950's were all about: poodle skirts, letterman sweaters, bobby socks, boyfriends and rock & roll. This song is just the ticket to take you back to GOOD OLD FASHIONED Rock & Roll. Divine!

Deborah Henriksson – “Evening Star”
If prettiness and Celtic music could be captured in a delicate bottle, this is it. This Swedish singer has the voice of an angel and this song goes straight to the heart. The rhythm and vocals are something you'll want to listen to if you are a dreamer at heart. Simply lovely.

Sarantos – “I Love To Love You Too”
Dig deep people! The synthesizer sound in this is pure magic. I am certain that if I was on my last dance at the club and couldn't go any more, this would be the song to revive me. The beat is infectious and will stay in your head long after it's done. You'll definitely want to hear it again - This is Hypnotic music at it's best!

1.Pilot Hayes – “She’s Sexy” 3:05 (USA) Rock
2.Yona Pax – “Votez Pour Moi” 3:00 (FRANCE) Pop
3.JMAXX – “Sassy Girl” 3:58 (South Africa) Dance
4.Saydah ft. E. – “Rhythm” 3:35 (USA) Pop
5.Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted” 3:23 (USA) Pop
6.Natalie Jean and Guy R. Jean – “C’est Toi Et Moi”- 4:40 (USA) Pop
7.Conceptz – “Funky 5” 3:07 (USA) Hip Hop
8.Wayne O – “She’s My Girl” 3:44 (USA) Country Rock
9.Deborah Henriksson – “Evening Star” 3:22 (SWEDEN) Folk
10.Sarantos – “I Love To Love You Too” 4:08 (USA) EDM

Official Release Date: July 28, 2015

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The Promotion fee is due only when your song is accepted by Bongo Boy Records A&R.
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Read The Details Here 908-455-1576

MusicDish Review: THIRSTY - "Flawless"

Genre: Classic rock/pop
Elements: arthouse, psychedelic, alternative
Lead singer: Guy Bailey
Backing Vocals: Lynne Jackaman
Simon Hanson: Drums
Chris Johnstone: Bass and Keyboard

Classic Rock Reborn.

Everything about this piece is hypnotic. From the Guy Bailey's voice to the riffs of the guitar to the repeating bass lines. The soft hypnotic riff of the electric guitar is the identifying factor that helps categorize this piece as classic rock.Guy Bailey's voice is exceptionally hypnotic and chalk full of the darker shades of psychedelic rock. Lynne Jackaman's soothing lighter voice is an amazing way of countering Bailey's deeper raspy tone.

Bailey and Russian poet Irina D. do a fantastic job in recreating the classic rock genre with a hint of psychedelic alternative rock. "Flawless" incorporates a feel good vibe with a mix of dark and light colors making it an amazing or "flawless" piece of work.

MusicDish Review: Armonite's "Suitcase War"

Performed by Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, this piece incorporates both traditional and psychedelic features. It is incredulous in its ability to combine Indian traditional elements with rock style features creating an amazing new sound.

Beginning with a metronome like beep, the start of this piece helps to establish a recording studio atmosphere. This allows for the video to come across as raw and unique style.

The video special effects of the shaking when the drummer uses the double pedal adds to the transient like atmosphere portrayed by the music. Paolo Fosso's decision to include the motif of Stravinsky's Firebird in this piece is ingenious. It adds different tonal colors to the already well known and amazing theme from Firebird and helps to attract a wider range of listeners. All in all, "Suitcase War" is a great example of how the artists of today are achieving ways to create tremendous music by combining different musical genres.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Feed America-Now Presents 10,000 MEALS!

10,000 MEALS! SATURDAY JULY 18, 2015 "Matthew 14: The miracle of fish and loaves" Free Open Banquet 11am Downtown Los Angeles at SIXTH Street & STANFORD

Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE and his charity, has formed partnership with ERIC TIETZ and HEART OF COMPASSION in Montebello, CA to feed the masses nationwide.

One in five Americans struggle with hunger.

The goal is to raise awareness of this epidemic in our own back yard and to take action to feed, empower and transform lives.

While on tour over the past five years, WILLIE BASSE noticed the face of hunger has changed. Basse explains, "It's no longer the derelict drunk. It's every day people like myself, who are willing to work, college kids, single mothers, grandparents having to choose between buying their medications, or a meal."

Companies have downsized, or gone out of business, people have lost jobs, or been laid off. It seems there is no middle class anymore. BASSE says, "I thought to myself, what can I do to make a difference?

I can have my fans bring canned goods to my concerts and make donations to food pantries in each city I play in."

Thus began his charity, Feed America-Now.

Heart Of Compassion began in 1993 when founder, Pastor Eric Tietz went door to door in his community inviting neighbors to a free breakfast in a church parking lot in Pico Rivera, CA.

HOC has grown to be a multi-million dollar food bank/distribution center providing 20-million pounds of goods annually. (including food, clothing, furniture, toys, hygiene products)

Basse was introduced to Pastor Eric and has been driving around giving away 1,000 pounds of food daily, until his current Open Heart Surgery this July.

Pastor Eric and Heart of Compassion not only help low-income families, but also assist the 'working poor' who find themselves hard-pressed to make ends meet. Including, but not limited to social services, homeless shelters, childrens' organizations, senior centers, after school programs and more.

Feed America-Now and Heart of Compassion have come together to make a difference and feed the masses nationwide.

Their first event together will be this Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 11:00am SIXTH STREET and STANFORD, downtown Los Angeles where they will be giving away groceries and 10,000 meals.

They are currently planning a national tour to play music and feed at food pantries nationwide, with the next event to feed Las Vegas, NV.

Be part of the solution, Donate Now visit:

#ENDhunger #Food #Eat #RockForRecovery #HeartofCompassion #Groceries #Love #FeedAmericaNow

PREMZ Shares Brand New Track 'Business Man'


After a 12-month hiatus, Premz is back today, with a hotly themed track titled "Business Man". The new record combines an intriguing subject matter with enticing wordplay, and support from Mr Bigz to further enhance this fun/energetic hip-hop record.

With 'Business Man' Premz hopes to bring himself into the spotlight, and judging by this display alone, the road ahead will be shining bright. Be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for new music from this intriguing hip-hop artist.

Spotlight artist of the week on BBC Asian Network on DJ limelight and Kandmans show.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

MusicDish Review: Jacques Pellarin's "Fleur De Bossa"

Featuring the amazing versatile technique of Jacques Pellarin, "Fleur De Bossa" falls under the unmistakable rhythmic yet smooth bossa nova feel. Recorded in the U.S. on May 8th, 2015 at C.A.S. Studio, this piece is part of the EP Jacques Pellarin Productions "Back to Philadelphia." It also features David Bopdrummer (drums), Jim Cohen (Guitar), and Christopher Davis-Shannon (upright bass). The rhythmic patterns and round tones of this piece brings upon images of relaxing in a small intimate cafe enjoying food and drink while allowing the music to carry you away to one's own personal paradise. The catchy six note motif played by the accordion in the introduction is the foundation for the entire piece. The call and response between the accordion and the electric guitar combined with smooth transitions gives this piece it's traditional bossa nova groove. By playing with light and darkness, the film is able to capture the intimate essence of the piece. As the dream comes to an end, the listener is left wanting more upon realizing that it was all a distant memory.

Souza Brings The Vibes Of The Lost Remains Of Atlantis To EDM

Hot New Single "Come Back to You" feat. Thomas Daniel

Azores Islands are one of the World’s Most Unique Travel Destinations according to Forbes Magazine, and the hometown of the rising EDM DJ SOUZA. Many believes in Azores you can find the lost remains of Atlantis, all that vibe and all the mist of the volcanic activity inspired SOUZA to release his hot new single "Come Back to You" with the north american singer Thomas Daniel.

The recordings and production of "Come Back to You" was made between Azores and the United Sates. The result got SOUZA very happy with his track and he said "the track was written thinking of the amazing Azores Islands in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and also the feeling of missing this land when you have to fly out. The lyrics reflects exactly that and also Thomas Daniel delivered an awesome performance".

SOUZA has been around since 2011 and for the last six years SOUZA has been DJing and honing in on his craft, taking audio engineering courses in Lisbon and in Amsterdam at SAE Institute. SOUZA produces an array of genres within EDM, making him a multi-talented and coveted DJ in the Azores Islands where he resides. All his work was recognized recently by his homeland City Hall Mayor, and to SOUZA was granted the Medal of Honor in the category of Youth and Culture.

Unlike many DJs in this day and age, he prides himself on making his fans feel welcome in his live sets. Playing in festivals and clubs around Portugal, The Netherlands and Spain, he had already opened for Top 100 DJMag dj’s like Porter Robinson, Wolfpack or Diego Miranda.

"Come Back to You" will be released by the end of June at Vidisco, haves already exclusive preview at Soundcloud and from July on as well on all other portals like Spotify, Beatport or iTunes. The track will be released with a club and a radio edit.

"Come Back to You" feat. Thomas Daniel Preview

Next Tour Dates:
September 3 - TBA - AZORES - PORTUGAL

For press inquiries, please contact Wilf Libgott of |
To book SOUZA, please contact Pedro Fragoso of |


Are You Ready To 'Feel It'??

It's the middle of the night, an artist wakes up, sleeps, his eyes dry, he sits in front of a computer, working and producing his ass off. This is the story of dedicated hard work, perseverance and never giving up but more importantly grabbing his opportunity with both hands when it became visible. Today we have in house, none other than STRELOK himself and he is out with his latest single ‘FEEL IT'.

Speaking about his start as a music producer and more, Strelok says, "I started producing electronic music in 2013 when I produced 'Revolution EP'. That was the first one that I uploaded to SoundCloud and I have to say, I was very proud of it at that time. In those days, I actually didn't really know how to produce well, but I did my best."

"I always knew that some of my first productions were not really great , but those made up my mind to continue. At that time all I wanted to do was make bigger productions with better sounds and with every track that I made, I thought I was one step closer to my 'perfect production'."

Talking about his influences he adds, "I started producing Hardstyle, then Electro House, later Trap, and now I'm back to Electro House. I am also working on my first Deep House/Future House production currently. I have been influenced by artists like Zedd, Borgore, Dan Farber, Slander, Skrillex, KSHMR, and Oliver Heldens. Actually, I could say, that those are my favourite electronic music producers."

Speaking more about his latest track, he says "I produced 'Feel It' inspired from 'Virus (KSHMR Remix)' and 'Secrets (Tiësto & KSHMR)', so I can say that my last track was fully influenced by KSHMR. I wanted to produce something that sounded as good as those mixes, but at the same time something completely different and new. My goal is always making the listener feel like he is listening to something special and that's why the track is called 'Feel It'."

Speaking about his record label, he adds,"I worked very hard on this track and when Morior Invictus Recordings contacted me, it felt very significant. I decided to sign with them, because they're a young record label and I'm a young producer so I thought that we could grow together."

"The last thing that I have to say is that I invite you to check my last single and I hope that you can feel it as I do."

FEEL IT is available on all major stores now!!

Get your copy on beatport now -
Hear at -
Watch at -

For press inquiries, please contact Wilf Libgott of |