Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ricky Rikardo Shares His Latest Mixtape 'On My Way'


Today, we present you with the latest offering from NJ Hip-Hop artist Ricky Rikardo. Having grown up listening to the likes of Tupac, Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z it's no wonder Ricky felt inspired to write his own material back in 7th grade.

Now older, and wiser he's dropping his highly anticipated mixtape ‘On My Way' and releasing it independently via his Real Right Enterprises label.

On My Way encapsulates a timeless Hip Hop charm, with steady flows and enticing wordplay. With the material remaining personal and positive, Ricky hopes the to inspire those that listen, giving them hope that they can achieve whatever it is they are pursuing. Ricky's music is undoubtedly something worth bumping whatever your mood.

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