Friday, July 17, 2015

MusicDish Review: Johnoscar Cinema Paradiso

Johnoscar is a talented pianist who has performed as a soloist since the age of 17. In the release of his new album, Cinema Paradiso: A Night At the Movies, Johnoscar succeeds in allowing different musical interpretations of film scores for movies such as Metropolis, Move Camera, The Matrix, Suicide Squadron, Dangerous Moonlight, and Modern Times featuring Charlie Chaplin.

Through his compositions, he is able to shed light upon different venues of expressing character emotions. Johnoscar recreates a world of musical inspiration in his film scores to the point that he is able to pull his audience closer into the minds of the characters and their stories in each film. Being able to portray a wide range of emotions through instrument playing is a grand task that not many artists can accomplish. Johnoscar is one of the few talented composers who is able to do this, putting him in line with some of the few amazing composers of our time.

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