Saturday, April 8, 2017

Robert Kramer Launches Worldwide Radio Campaign For New Power-Rock/Pop Album "Shadow Logic"

The career of midwest indie recording artist/composer Robert Kramer will be the focus of a global promotional radio campaign starting with a 4 part internet radio series to air on WMAP Radio commencing on Tues. March 14.

The special, hosted by former Howard Stern Show producer KC Armstrong, comes on the heels of Kramers' 2016 power pop/rock album release in "Shadow Logic". Also planned are a series of upcoming live performances scheduled for this summer, plus a special guest appearance to include other musical luminaries on March 19 at a private birthday tribute for friend & Comcast program director Allen Weissman.

The new album has already garnered praise from reviewers and fans alike, and represents Kramers' debut entry onto the Cashbox Adult Contemporary national airplay charts last February with the single "The Human Element" hitting #10, and an ever-growing fanbase in the US, Canada, the UK., Europe & Asia. A series of music/lyric videos has also contributed to the albums growing exposure, with the most recent single "The Rhythm of The Thing" also destined for the national airplay charts.

Also in the discussion stages is a possible collaboration with Ted Alliotta (Alliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah) to record an alternate version of "The Place They Call New Orleans", yet another single off the "Shadow Logic" album that sparked Kramers' ongoing "NOLA Tornado Relief Fund", with a $50,000.00 target to help aid victims of the recent series of devastating tornados that tore thru parts of New Orleans last month.

ABOUT ROBERT KRAMER: Composer, singer-songwriter, actor, record & music video producer and independent music activist, Robert was born in Oak Lawn, Illinois, beginning his musical training at the age of 7 on the Hammond organ. He is skilled on organ, piano, bass & 6 string acoustic & electric guitar, and is also a recording engineer, music video producer and runs an independent record label and music publishing firm.
His entire catalog of released popular rock/pop songs was recently signed to the Touchtunes Digital Jukebox System with over 60,000 locations across the US & Canada.

His musical influences include rock, pop, jazz, classical, avante garde, and symphonic music. He composes both vocal and instrumental music and has had a number of original compositions placed in film and tv.

Official Website:

Friday, April 7, 2017


BET AWARDS Weekend in L.A. is the Ultimate Events for Urban Music for the Year! Hip Hop, R&B/Pop and Soul Music Artists from all over the World will be in Southern California for the Festivities. Two of the Hottest Industry Parties & Showcases for 'NEXT TO BLOW' Artists will be the 'COUNTDOWN TO BET' Pre-Party and the 'VIP BET AFTERPARTY'. Both will feature Industry Execs, Artists, Media & Special Guests celebrating Urban Music & BET Weekend in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

The 'COUNTDOWN TO BET' Event will take place Saturday June 24 on Broadway in L.A. & feature Indoor & Outdoor festivities, including a Red Carpet Media Area for Artist Interviews with TV, Radio, Magazines & Bloggers, & Celebrity Photographers photographing the featured artists. Onstage will be highly selected artists that are deemed 'NEXT TO BLOW' by the producers in Full Concert Performances for Industry Guests and Filmed for Industry viewing & Streaming Live in a Special Worldwide Broadcast. Talent scouts for a variety of TV Shows, Radio Shows, Entertainment Companies, Record Labels and Concert Tours will be checking out the Artists for exciting Industry opportunities.

The 'VIP BET AFTERPARTY' Event will take place Sunday June 25 in the Universal / N.Hollywood area and feature Live Artist Performance, a Red Carpet entrance area for Media Interviews & Photographers, & a celebration of the Award Winners and 'NEXT TO BLOW' Artists performing for Industry at the event. Invited guests include nominated Artists, Label Execs, A&R/Talent Scouts, TV-Radio Personalities & Media Outlets from across the Industry.

Artists interested in being considered for Special Performance & Industry Promotional Packages should submit audio & video links to : Industry professionals will be curating submissions & coordinating selections. Special Sponsorship opportunities for Brand Spotlights at these highly anticipated events can be connected by emailing: Media outlets are encouraged to call 818-505-0669 to coordinate coverage. All other info can be had by emailing or calling 818-505-0669. Produced by VIP AWARD SHOWCASES.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Emma Milani Releases My Own Language Single

WHAT: Pop/Indie Singer Songwriter Emma Milani Releases New, Culturally Iconic Single: "My Own Language."
WHEN: Single to be released March 2017.
WHERE: Available for download on iTunes, Amazon and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact: Marzena Calcagnini at 310-892-7880 or email:

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - Watching her youthful, yet strong visually and musically, recent video on YouTube, one might notice pop - with a dash of indie - singer, songwriter Emma Milani has a confidence and creative spirit far beyond her 14 years of age.

The song from which the video, "My Own Language," is created will be released Mar. 9 on iTunes, Amazon and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

"My Own Language" was written by the young girl, who is bilingual, and has experienced a range of cultural diversity growing up in the South Bay, California beach city of Redondo Beach and spending much of her formative years with her family in Europe, particularly in her mother's homeland of Poland.

Emma wrote the song after talking with friends about the importance of having her own language and voice, as well as being true to herself and what she'd like to accomplish in life.

"I want people to know how important music is to me and how it gives me a way to share and speak 'My Own Language,' " she says.

In the video, the beautiful young girl is surrounded by attractive friends, laughing, having fun and frolicking in the streets of Los Angeles. She's got short pigtails, a pink baseball jacket and stylishly torn jeans.

She's also playfully singing into a blue raspberry lollipop.

But, the lyrics of the song are poignant, and far beyond the pop singer's teen playful attitude: "More than what they see, there's layers and layers to me," she sings, and, "Why should I be afraid speaking my own language? Why you gotta go and make it complicated?"

The single, "My Own Language," was produced by Del Oro Music Record Producer Robert Eibach.

Eibach said he took on Emma's project because: "I saw a lot of potential in her as a recording artist."

"As I was working with her, I noticed the maturity in her abilities," he said, "She is only 14 and wrote a song that is relatable to a large audience. I'm looking forward to "My Own Language" being a break-through single for her."

In addition to her singing and songwriting abilities, Emma is recognizable to many from her acting work. She's played roles on a number of T.V. Series and has appeared on radio shows, including a recent Interview on iHeart radio.

Since she was 7 years old, Emma has studied with vocal coach Nick Cooper -- known as the "vocal coach to the stars" having worked with artists from Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to David Douchovny and Katy Perry -- and Emma began about then at the prestigious School of Dance & Music in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Currently a freshman in high school, Emma plans to keep singing and writing music, as well as acting throughout her career. She also hopes to attend college someday, possibly at New York University.



Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dominique De Beau Presents Her New Track 'All I Want'

Urban Dubz Music PR hopes that the pop charts are ready for the anthem which Dominique De Beau is about to unleash. Having spent years honing her craft, the Liverpool-based singer continues her successful solo career with this latest release, 'All I Want.' Several tracks from Dominique's debut EP,'Unforgettable' have been placed on mixtapes alongside Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled and Kid Ink tracks and on a mixtape hosted by Iggy Azalea. The track 'IT IS WHAT IT IS' recently won an Akademia award for best single.

Dominique's latest single 'All I Want', the lead track from her upcoming, second EP, places love as the sole thing missing from a seemingly paradisiacal existence, a sentiment emphasised by the beat's deep undertones and soulful melodies. The video shows Dominique in a luxurious environment, surrounded by many top of the range cars, yet lacking the individual who would complete this utopia. The song is a surefire smash hit and will become a radio fixture.

The international setting of the video, on glorious beaches shows Dominique's intent. The single will be a global hit. Urban Dubz would like to put the pop industry on notice. Wherever you are, whatever timezone you live in this song is coming to your speakers. 'All I Want' is a preview of a hit-filled EP which is available for download right now.


Dominique's social media links are

Twitter - @dominiquedebeau
Facebook - @dominiquedebeau
Soundcloud -

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Chonkillah 'Get Out My Way'

Whenever you hear 'Chonkillaaah' at the start of a track, you know you are about to hear a smash. The London based MC returns with his latest single 'Get Out My Way,' which maintains the catchy, club-ready style of his previous releases.

The song depicts the betrayal of a man by his ex-girlfriend and best friend, with whom she has been having an affair. Faced with a situation which could push him into depression, the man responds defiantly, telling the pair to get out of his way, determined that this incident should be no more than a temporary setback, which will have no impact on his long-term life goals. This sentiment is encapsulated in Chonkillah's determined, defiant delivery and the overall upbeat tone of the song. People might expect such a song to be set to a ballad, not a club beat.

The cover art for 'Get Out My Way' shows light bursting down a road, just as Chonkillah is bursting onto the scene and constantly moving forwards.

Be ready to hear 'Get Out My Way' everywhere. Chonkillah refuses to slow down for anyone and continues to produce music which will pack dance floors, while carrying a serious theme.