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"Cosmo-Country" divas, THE VANITY BELLES™, have surprised the NYC music scene by choosing The Bitter End to hold their highly anticipated EP release show on Thursday, July 14th at 10pm. The band joins a long list of rising stars, including Lady GaGa, to site Bleecker Street’s historical Bitter End as an integral part of their rise to popularity, and have been overheard dubbing the venue “home." Apple’s iTunes store listed The Vanity Belles' self titled, debut EP as “New & Noteworthy." According to a recent Twitter post by the band, the duo is also scheduled to appear on MNN’s local music television show “Above The Radar with Angel Vazquez” to help promote the event.

Visit The Vanity Belles™ at: or

For more information please contact:
Manager: Patryk Larney

Music Distributor 88tc88 Sells Music On All Of China's Mobile Carriers

Digital music distributor 88tc88 ( announced the addition of China Unicom to the list of mobile outlets it services in China. With the agreement, 88tc88 now delivers independent music to all of China's 950+ million mobile subscribers. The company also announced the first statements from China Mobile and China Telekom, providing its customers accurate and transparent figures for ringtone, caller ringback tone, mastertone and full track sales, individually and bundled as a subscription.

"Our agreement with China Unicom enables us to not only provide our customers full coverage of China's mobile carriers, but importantly, China's growing iPhone subscriber base, now estimated at over 4 million," noted 88tc88 co-founder Thomas Reemer. "Being able to add China to the global digital distribution map is an achievement we at 88 are very proud of accomplishing." China Unicom is the only carrier in China offering the iPhone with a service contract.

Based on initial sales statements from China Mobile and China Telekom, 88tc88 reported an average 15 sales per track per month in the various mobile formats offered, from ringback tones to subscription packages. The figure illustrates the potential for western artists and labels to significantly expand their market and revenues as the world's largest mobile market continues to grow and awareness of international music increases.

"Delivering timely and accurate reporting to our customers in China has been a key goal for 88tc88 as the more trust there is in this market, the more revenue will be made by our customers to support their careers," remarked co-founder Christoph Martius. "Our sales figures clearly demonstrate that China is a viable market that every artist should be accessing."

88tc88 has delivered a wide range of western music to China's mobile carriers, including from organizations such as the Western Australia Music Industry Association, well-known artists like Sean Lennon and Nouvelle Vague as well as new projects by producers such as Kim Fowley and David Carr. Record label signings include Alligator Records, Bar/None and Virtual Records, also a digital distributor of such renowned labels as R.O.I.R. and Cumbancha.

88tc88 is a web based service that helps bands, artists, labels and digital distributors to translate, approve, sell and promote their music in Greater China. 88 offers to arrange official approval by the Chinese authorities for the material to be released. 88tc88 offers access to 950+ million subscribers on China Mobile, China Telekom and China Unicom for digital and mobile release. Online prices range from $49.99; (one album, one year), to $399.99; (5 albums for 3 years.)

Join the Chinese Cultural Evolution, get your music understood (lyric translations), heard, appreciated, (and bought) by over a billion people hungry for international music.

Contact Info:
Eric de Fontenay
skype: musicdish

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tizzy Bac Interview: A Cross-Cultural Music Exchange

Formed in 1999, the Taiwan indie band Tizzy Bac has gained lots of attention for their unique music style. The three young and ambitious music lovers decided to start their "piano rock" style despite the fact that guitarists were ruling the indie scene at the time.

Fast forward to 2011 and Tizzy Bac recently returned from performing at the SXSW festival in the US. SXSW was a great experience for Tizzy Bac as they met and mixed it up with indie bands from various countries and backgrounds. But it merely whet their appetite for something even bigger in the future - their first US tour, calling the possibility "a unique and precious opportunity."

Although most audiences coming for their show were Chinese, some westerners were also there, which was quite noticeable. Unlike the Chinese audiences who had already known their music before the show, the westerners were purely drawn there by curiosity or what little buzz there was for "Taiwan Rocks SXSW." Tizzy Bac believes that their appeal for American fans lies in their merging of music and cultures. They feel that music is an international language that everyone can speak, and it doesn't matter whether it's in Mandarin or English, as long as it's good. "I remember at the SXSW festival, there were several foreigners watching our show. We can tell that the were captivated by our music from the expression and smile on their faces."

At the same time, they recognize the challenges of conveying their lyrical message to fans who don't understand their native tongue. "Although audiences in America and Europe listen to our music, there are language barriers in their trying to understand what we're singing. Our plan is to sing in English in order to more deeply connect with our fans."

The band has toured abroad in various countries including the UK, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Malaysia as well as mainland China and Hong Kong. Their music is quite popular in Japan and mainland China, which can they attribute to having an audience with similar cultural backgrounds who simply 'get it'. In fact, in some areas, fans organized pre-performance social events. When the band went to perform at Fuji Rock, they could feel that the love Japanese fans had for their music in order to come see a Taiwan indie band perform. They didn't know Chinese, but they understood the charm of their music.

When Tizzy Bac formed ten years ago, most bands were focused on hard-rock and guitar-based music. Tizzy Bac, whose members played the piano, could only play the 'supporting role'. To distinguish from other bands, Tizzy Bac focused on keyboards and formed a guitaristless band (still rare in Taiwan). Ironically, being a piano-based indie rock band became their brand. "Every music lover can go for their dreams--- for us three, who all came from different bands, our brand became unique because of our passion for music." They became the exception, and not the rule. "The exception makes us think about the direction we are going and also influences choosing the following members of the band."

While the band members usually collaborate in the studio to produce songs, Tizzy Bac's vocalist Chan Huiting usually comes up with a basic structure, such as the tempo for chords. Each member of the band strives to keep the passion in their music, and have each dedicated themselves to the fine art of recording and performing, which they credit to their longevity and success.

Tizzy Bac admits that while all of the members have listened to a wide variety of western music, with a particular emphasis on rock, Taiwanese music (especially Taiwanese folk songs) has had the greatest influence on their sound. While their music is certainly flavored with western elements, they manage to maintain a very 'local' sound. Taiwanese, the local dialect that has a much longer history than the more currently used Mandarin, has also had a significant influence on their musical inspirations. Other native influences also include Chinese local operas, and traditional music from China and Japan.

Being an island, the market and circle for music in Taiwan is relatively small. Because the history of Taiwan indie music is quite short, barely ten years before the formation of Tizzy Bac. However, while all the Taiwan's indie music community is relatively tight, those that are able stick to stick it through are far and few. Tizzy Bac thinks that Taiwanese indie bands have not done enough to collaborate and learn from each other. However, Tizzy Bac will still go on to as the industry changes. "We want to do the band until we are 50 and experience all the transformations along the way."

Interviewed by Eric de Fontenay

MusicDish Signs On With Goober Gun And C-management In Asia

MusicDish LLC, a digital media and marketing firm that publishes MusicDIsh*China, and UK-based C-Management have struck a collaborative partnership to expand their efforts in China and South East Asia. As part of the partnership, MusicDish will become a media sponsor for Goober Gun, supporting their touring and development in the region through its portals and networks.

"I've been following Goober Gun for the last six months as they've been touring Asia and developed a good relationship with C- Management's Mark Smutz Smith," said Eric de Fontenay. "Seeing them live in Singapore at Music Matters was the clincher."

MusicDish*China has sponsored some of China's major events, including its oldest and largest rock festival (Midi 2010-11), largest rock festival (INTRO 2010), Music Matters (2009-11) and China Sounds. This though will be its first media sponsorship of a band. In addition to PR and marketing support, MusicDish will also help expand the band's social media footprint in China.

"After working with Eric for some months now, we are delighted to announce our official partnership between Music Dish PR (SE. Asia) & C management (UK)," said C-Management's Mark Smutz Smith. "With our roster of top UK bands touring Asia in the past year, we were keen to find a PR agent that would be both creative, forward thinking and above all passionate about new music from the East & West. Having witnessed Music Dish professionalism and impact first hand, I am extremely excited about our joint future."

Under the partnership, MusicDish will also be tapping C-Management's expertise to help support its development of western bands in the region, including Houston-based PALE and Paris-based South Froggies. C- management has seen all four bands from its roster tour throughout Asia in the last 12 months, (Goober Gun, Melodramas, The Lost Souls Club & Will And The People).

Goober Gun are currently running their Asian Tour Part 2 this is the band's 4th and has taken them to Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand.

With influences such as Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, The Wildhearts and Jimmy Eat World, Goober Gun craft slabs of anthemic rock, combined with a lyrical and musical depth that has won over audiences around the UK and beyond. It's this simple desire to entertain with style that has brought Goober Gun a superb fan and critical response, and win the BT Digital Music Search For Talent, as well as 'Best Band' at the Mag Awards. In the summer of 2009 Goober Gun recorded their new EP '1979'. Their strongest and best sounding work to date, it has caught the attention of promoters the world over, and Goober Gun headed off on their tour of Asia in October 2010 playing multiple tours of Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

About MusicDish*China
Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China's emerging music industry. Focused on the cultural hubs of Beijing and Shanghai as well as broader markets in Taiwan and Singapore, MusicDish*China has sponsored major events such as Midi Festival and INTRO 2010 and works closely with local stakeholder.

Contact Info:
Eric de Fontenay
skype: musicdish

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Prom Queen"

“Prom Queen,” by hip hop rapper Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader, depicts the story of a young “lady” who sells pleasure for money. The scene is set at hotels and motels where she is seen making herself hot and sexy, and when she’s done with the hair, makeup and clothes, she hits the streets searching for men and money. It’s absolutely the right storyline for the song, which has a nice beat and flow. Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader is a talented rapper, lively, cool, and seems to be well gifted at his craft. His flow is solid and he doesn’t miss a beat telling about the “Prom Queen.” The music moves right along with the rap, and the angelic little harmonic background is perfect to capture the innocence and irony of the “Prom Queen,” both in name and spirit. It all comes together well to sell this rapper’s message, although, as with many rap videos and songs, it is a bit risqué and explicit.

Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader - "Prom Queen"

The Locals - "Everything Must Go"

Shot in Chicago using stop motion and chalk board animation, the video “Everything Must Go” by the alternative pop/rock band The Locals is fresh and innovative. The Locals serve up a powerful sound with the track’s pounding rock libations, with the bass and guitar coming in with a nice, but edgy slant. Strong vocals lead the track into a hard groove that is the perfect backdrop for the video which captivates and entertains viewers quite supremely. As the band takes you on a musical ride, the video stimulates your visual senses with the chalk board animation and stop motion shots of the band performing their single. It is brilliantly brought to life in different times, lighting, and colors. The story shows the main character, “Marty,” in an ominous position as his home begins to crack apart all around him. The adventure continues to unfold in a delightful and deliciously fun way, showing great style and imagination. “Everything Must Go” is directed by Samantha Westerling with the story by Jen Larson. Old school chalk board animation sensation Jack Haynes also lends his artistry talents to the video.

The Locals - "Everything Must Go"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goober Gun To Return To Singapore For Forbidden City 7th Anniversary Show

C-management our proud to announce that U.K. alternative pop rock group Goober Gun will return to Singapore on the 18th June by special request to play Forbidden City, Clarke Quay on the occasion of their 7th Anniversary show!

Catch Goober Gun for 1 night only : 18th June, Forbidden City, Clarke Quay, Singapore !

U.K. alternative pop rock group Goober Gun have just completed over 8 months on tour in Asia, which recently included acclaimed crowd stopping performances at Music Matters, Singapore! They have been bringing stadium sized songs and great harmonies together with a full on, utterly engaging and energetic live performance at shows in Taichung, Tainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Kunshan, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok and Singapore to name but a few!

The band's influences include Jimmy Eat World, Def Leppard, Carpark North, Cheap Trick and The Wildhearts. Goober Gun headed off on their tour of Asia in October 2010 playing multiple tours of Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. Two brand new songs, 'Rock N Bangkok' and 'You Are Alien' will released for the tour, along with a video for 'Rock N Bangkok', directed by Carlos Boellinger.

Goober Gun come from the same stable as Melodramas, The Lost Souls Club, Will And The People and complete the "Sound of the C" musical invasion that has seen all four of C-managements stable in Asia, in the last 12 months!

Goober Gun are:
Tim Hardwick - Vocals & Drums,
Ian Hardwick - Vocals & Bass,
James Kaine - Guitar & Vocals

China Audio Video Association Joins Digital Music NY On June 22nd

Digital Music NY presents a very special event with visiting members from the China Audio Video Association (CAVA) to discuss the changing music and copyright environment in China. The event will be held on June 22nd from 7-10PM at RED (19 Fulton Street) in NY's South Street Seaport.

MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay will be joined by
* Mr. Ju Wang, Administrative Vice President of CAVA, and
* Bill Zhang, Deputy Chairman of CAVA; Chairman of the China Music Industry Committee (CMIC); VP of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (SSCEG) and President of a-Peer Synergy.

As Chairman CMIC, Bill Zhang recently joined IFPI, World Independent Network (WIN) and the International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP) in appealing to Baidu to put an end to its music piracy.

Topics covered will include:
* the founding of The Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI) in China;
* the evolving situation with search engine Baidu, including its recent agreement with the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC);
* the role of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group in helping western labels and artists enter the chinese market
* overview of music industry trends in China, including recent sales figures There will also be an open Q&A session with audience members following the discussion.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 22nd
Networking begins at 7PM - Discussion begins at 7:30PM sharp
19 Fulton Street, NYC

About Digital Music NY
Digital Music NY is a series of business networking events designed to connect the music industry in NY. Our gatherings attract independent labels, artists, producers, marketers, bloggers, professional services and other industry executives. Our purpose is to not simply connect the industry, but to help facilitate new business opportunities for artists, labels, producers, marketers, technology companies, brands and other industry segments that are ready to capitalize on the next wave of digital music.

Monday, June 13, 2011

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

The video “Pump It” by DJ Blaine & Barona featuring Lane McCray is a dance/synth fusion that will rock the clubs and keep those inside happy and on their feet. It’s the kind of jam that is for serious dancers who know how to move and love to do it. Showcasing the singer and dancers in the parking lot, in the club, and in the groove – this one is all about the dance.

The singer inspires you to join him with great music and lyrics like, “On the floor/In the club/Make your body touch the sky/Feel the groove/Pump the move/Spread your wings/Now you fly/You can pump it!”/ Full of dance energy, lights, music, and movement, “Pump It” holds the viewer’s attention with the singer’s energy and the party surrounding the video. It’s a dance party explosion – one that’s not to be missed. You can pump it!

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

China's Major Online Music Providers Form Industry Association

The first instance of an industry-coordinating organization of online music operators and online music content providers – The Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI) – was established in Beijing. China Records Corporation, Shanghai Synergy Group, Ocean Butterflies International, Yuehua Music, Rock Mobile, Chia Tai Music Group and other content providers,, Top100, A8, Baidu and other online and related businesses, and China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom operators became launch member organizations. Mr. Li Xiong, Director of the Cultural Market Division for the Ministry of Culture of the PRC, attended and gave a speech.

At the inaugural meeting, the first batch of more than 20 member organizations issued the "Digital Music Industry Declaration" and jointly signed the "Alliance of the Digital Music Industry Convention" committing jointly to comply with the basic principles of "abiding by the laws and regulations, implementation of genuine, insistence on original, and orderly operations." The purpose of this would be to establish mechanisms for the healthy development of the online music industry, specify industry business behaviors, and together promote and protect the healthy development of the digital music industry in accordance with the law. Also in the Convention, the production of legal industry products, regulation of the industry’s competitive system, encouragement of more original works, and the handling of internal industry disputes, and many other issues were agreed to.

Bill Zhang, VP of Shanghai Synergy Culuture & Entertainment Group

During the meeting, representatives from each music business gave keynote addresses, with the representative from Ocean Butterflies International stating, "The establishment of this Alliance is an unprecedented creation for China and even the world, and under the guidance of The Ministry of Culture, and through the content and channel sides’ effective communications and joint efforts, China’s digital music industry will inevitably revitalize with glowing vitality." Baidu’s company representative said, "In the Internet era, the development of the digital music industry requires joint exploration to conform to the characteristics of the times in order to ensure a win-win situation and industry model that meets consumer demand. We believe that establishing this Alliance will play a landmark role in making this accomplishing this goal."

At this press conference, it was further announced that the Alliance will soon launch a series of industry and social activities, including, "Hand-In-Hand – China’s Music Volunteers in Action," a public service activity that will soon be in full swing. An original theme song video (MV) about/for public service activities, "Across the New World" performed by Xu Song, Jin Sha, An Youqi and many other new generation original artists, were also played at the press conference. The purpose of these activities is to establish a social services activities platform that brings the community into close contact with musicians through the participation of various supporting businesses and, with full participation, allows the music industry to show its new style.

Under the endorsement of government department heads, the establishment of the Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI) marks the start of the development of industry self-regulation in the online music business, and the innovative development path for the traditional music industry in the Internet age, to establish and grow a good industry image, expand the social influence of the industry, and fulfill the industry’s social responsibilities with mutually beneficial open beneficial channels.

The Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI) founding members list (in no particular order): Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (SSCEG), Rock Mobile, Ocean Butterflies International, Yuehua Music, China Records Corporation, Chia Tai Music Group, CAVTV, R2G;,, Top100, A8, Baidu, Kuwo, Kugou,,, Tudou,, Walike,; China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom; WinResearch Center.