Monday, June 13, 2011

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

The video “Pump It” by DJ Blaine & Barona featuring Lane McCray is a dance/synth fusion that will rock the clubs and keep those inside happy and on their feet. It’s the kind of jam that is for serious dancers who know how to move and love to do it. Showcasing the singer and dancers in the parking lot, in the club, and in the groove – this one is all about the dance.

The singer inspires you to join him with great music and lyrics like, “On the floor/In the club/Make your body touch the sky/Feel the groove/Pump the move/Spread your wings/Now you fly/You can pump it!”/ Full of dance energy, lights, music, and movement, “Pump It” holds the viewer’s attention with the singer’s energy and the party surrounding the video. It’s a dance party explosion – one that’s not to be missed. You can pump it!

"PUMP IT" Dj Blaine & Barona feat. Lane McCray

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