Friday, April 22, 2011

R&B Veteran TQ's New Indie Label Set To Release It's First Single "Up Up And Away"

Terrance Quaites, also known as the Artist "TQ" has been making music for most of his life. At a certain point in every artists career there comes a time to use what you've learned to create your own. That opportunity for TQ is right here right now. Kado Records is the name of the partnership between Mrs. Laura Zatezalo of New Orleans and TQ. "I think the best teams are made by people who have opposite strengths and weaknesses and that's me and Laura. We make a good team." explains TQ.

Kado's first release of 2011 is new artist JMidd out of Atlanta, GA. His new single is called "Up Up and Away" and will be available next week on iTunes and most other online stores. The song features TQ on the second verse and is the unofficial theme song for NBA superstar Dwight Howard and his charity "Shooting Stars". "JMidd is a different kind of artist" says Laura or "Mrs. Z" as everyone around the label calls her, "He wants to line himself up with positivity. He keeps his music clean and his subject matter is always something that you wouldn't mind your kids listening to. Dwight's charity is the perfect partner for JMidd and this new single." A large portion of the proceeds for the new single goes directly to Shooting Stars for the betterment of inner city youth in America.

"I'm interested in building the next great Indie label here" explains TQ. "I think we have the right people and the right resources to ensure that this company puts out great music from great artists for years to come. That's my goal. That's my reason for getting down with this. There's a new music industry in 2011. One that is different from the past but not so hard to understand... Kado Records understands. We're ready to do great things."

"Up Up and Away" is the new single from Kado Records recording artist "JMidd" featuring TQ dropping next Tuesday April 26th, 2011. Check out for news and updates on this exciting new artist and label.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jesse Manley "Devil's Red"

Folk/Americana singer/songwriter Jesse Manley's "Find Your Way Home" is a mid-tempo, melancholy but amazingly beautiful easy listening piece. "Find Your Way Home" is one of the songs from Manley’s debut album "Devil's Red," which is slated for release on April 26, 2011. The piano and guitar primarily carry the song, well backed by an accordion, violin and guitarron. The song explores the difficulties of relationships, and its main theme focuses on forgiveness, sympathy, and the complexity and beauty of human interaction. Haunting and emotional, with a quality that transports the listener to a place of both sadness and hope, Manley does a fine job of capturing the heartstrings and keeping them from beginning to end. This is a very strong and well written track both musically and lyrically, and will touch the heart of anyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship, hoping for the best but not knowing what is to come.

Jesse Manley "Devil's Red"

Santa Barbara Hip Hop Acoustic Reggae Band SOUL SPACESHIP New Album Available For Budget Friendly Licensing

Santa Barbara hip hop acoustic reggae band SOUL SPACESHIP has released a high energy debut album. The SOUL SPACESHIP sound blends hip hop beats, acoustic guitar, melodic hooks and conscious rap. Songs are diverse, with comparisons to Sublime, Tribe Called Quest, Beck, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars, Travis and B.O.B. Tracks from the album "DJ ? Presents Soul Spaceship" are well-produced and professionally mastered. Instrumental versions are available.

To celebrate the release of new CD, SOUL SPACESHIP is allowing free download all 16 tracks from the band's website.

SOUL SPACESHIP has recently started performing live in Santa Barbara and Ventura in beginning of 2011, and has quickly developed a tight live sound and strong local following. The live set list encompasses hip hop, reggae, latin, african, acoustic groove, funk and rock influences.

SOUL SPACESHIP will have it's first LA area show at Universal Bar in Studio City on April 21 at 8:30 pm.

The band will also host a Kinky Reggae Tuesday Party, every Tuesday at Red's Bar in Santa Barbara starting in May.

The new SOUL SPACESHIP album can also be heard and downloaded from the Music for Film and Television website -

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