Friday, November 6, 2015

Introducing The Artist Series, Boutique-Style Tube Amps by Blackstar

Innovative amplifier and pedal company Blackstar Amplification, known for defining 'the Sound In Your Head', has released the new Artist Series of boutique-style tube amplifiers. Artist Series amplifiers take the incredible tone, features and iconic styling of Blackstar's award-winning Artisan handwired amps and add channel switching, their patented ISF tone shaping circuit, reverb and an effects loop to create the ultimate vintage-inspired amps for a wide range of classic clean and crunch tones.

In keeping with the simplicity and sonic purity of the Artisan heritage, there are two models available in the Artist series; the Artist 15, a 15 Watt, 1x12" combo and the Artist 30, a 30 Watt 2x12" combo. Powered with 6L6 tubes and outfitted with Celestion V-Type speakers, Artist amps deliver pristine and expressive Blackstar tone with less gain on Channel 2 making Artist the perfect amps to be used with stomp boxes.

"Blackstar's Artisan handwired amps can be found on the stages and in the studios and garages of talented artist around the world and our new Artist Series has already been embraced by the Grammy award winning, legendary guitarist Warren Haynes, for the incredible tone, warm cleans and responsiveness," said Loren Molinare, US Product Manager for Blackstar Amplification. "Built to the absolute highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, Artist series offers the acclaimed tone and feel of Blackstar's Artisan amplifiers at a much more attainable price point to attract the most discerning ears ready for the New Classic."

The Artist series amps will be available early November 2015 at $799.99 for the Artist 15 and $1,099.99 for the Artist 30. To find a dealer and experience the Sound In Your Head visit the Blackstar website.

For product photos contact Morgan Walker.


15W 2 Channels
1x12 Celestion V-Type
2 x 6L6 valves
2 x ECC83
Patented ISF

30W 2 Channels
2x12 Celestion V-Type
2 x 6L6 valves
2 x ECC83
Patented ISF

The Features & Kerchief Play JJ's Bohemia On November 14th, 2015

Surpassing its initial D.I.Y. movement and becoming a more defined sound, Indie Rock has evolved. Moreover, music lovers around and between the typical big market outlets are rapidly advancing the support of live music nationwide. Following years of breakthrough acts with shoe- string budgets and unique social media strategy, an overall unyielding attitude has fueled the raw performance of the indie rock character we know today.

One of the country's many small clubs whose reputation serves the indie rock scene is JJ's Bo- hemia in Chattanooga, TN. They've hosted shows for nearly a decade featuring local unknowns and national touring acts alike, such as Alabama Shakes, Deer Hunter, Portugal the Man, Of Montreal and many others.

JJ's will continue its support of quality acts of all sizes by hosting The Features with 825 Records' artist Kerchief on Saturday, November 14th. Commercially known from their licensing placements for Ford and the Twilight Saga's soundtrack, The Features' extensive touring history since 1994 has landed them on major stages around the world. They are currently touring the na- tion promoting their upcoming album, which can be pre-ordered via Pledge Music now.

Kerchief, an indie rock trio fronted by former Vanity Theft guitarist Britt Hill has called JJ's a home for her new project since relocating to Chattanooga from Dayton, OH. After releasing her debut album, Machines And Animals, this past Summer, Kerchief has stirred up indie rock crit- ics and blogs with her unadulterated drive. Following a 20+ city summer tour, Kerchief's second single "Jack London" has garnered attention from the likes of OUT Magazine,, Ghet- toblaster, Curve Magazine, and Music Connection. All of whom have agreed Kerchief's Britt Hill has a well-bred attitude brimming with substance, both musically and lyrically.

Catch The Features with Kerchief at JJ's Bohemia in Chattanooga, TN. Saturday, November 14th. Doors open at 9 pm (All shows 21+).

Bongo Boy Records Asia announces the release of SECRET LIE's album BEAUTIFUL WILD ROSE

SECRET LIE is a Gothic Rock and much more with talented musicians: Pedro Teixeira Silva (Corvos), who is not only the composer and violinist, but also the project's mentor; Nuno Correia (Forgotten Suns), on bass; Tiago Ramos on drums; Tó Pica (Ramp, Anti-Clockwise) on lead guitar; Adelino Duarte (Sunset 91) on guitar and vocals; Nuno Louro (Spelling Nadja) on Keyboards; and Sara Madeira as lead vocalist, an amazing eighteen year old natural talent.

BEAUTIFUL WILD ROSE is SECRET LIE's debut album on Bongo Boy Records.
1. Love Me Until The End of Time
2. I Can Be Free
3. Beautiful Wild Rose
4. Black Butterfly
5. Filling Spaces
6. Until Death Do Us Apart
7. Blackout
8. Little taste Of Fun
9. Take Me
10. Summer

BAND BIO: back in 2012, SECRET LIE made their first public appearance in concert. It was the beginning of "The Debut Tour 2012". The band has done photo shoots with renowned photographers: Rui Leal, João Paulo Wadhoomall and Renato Paz.

Secret Lie also participated in the event against hunger at Estadio da Luz, Lisbon, organized by Luis Figo and Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Their single "I Can be Free" (track No.2) premiered exclusively on the most listened to radio station in Portugal "Radio Commercial", which generated immediate acceptance by radio stations around the world; making it one of the Portuguese bands whose sound reaches more countries worldwide: (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, Sweden, Russia, Australia, USA, Greece, Venezuela, Norway, Cyprus, Czech Republic, India, Georgya, Bielorussia, Ukrania, Germany, Argentina, Lithuania, New Zeland, Mexico, Hungary, etc)

- The single reached #1 on the Vodafone music download chart and reached #1 on the charts of Don Fuas (Portuguese radio station). The song also is part of the soundtrack of the prime time TV soap, Destinos Cruzados, a most viewed National station, TVI and was entered in airplay in one of the most important stations of National radio, RFM.

The band has participated in several TV shows on Sic and RTP (Portuguese national TV stations).

They are the first Portuguese band to be on Balcony TV's Top World Videos.

In August Secret Lie filmed their first music video for the song "Beautiful Wild Rose". That Music Video made it to the top of the most viewed Portuguese musical videos on Myspace and Sapo. This music video is currently on National Television in the USA with distribution through Bongo Boy TV with 10 major cable companies including NBCUniversal Comcast and Time Warner.

Also in August "Filling Spaces" (track No.5) was released on Bongo Boy Records Volume Six in Asia.

選用 KKBOX 軟體 (請先安裝KKBOX)
The band has given exclusive interviews to music magazines: Fan Base, Tribe, Cord, Gothic Girl Art, DeezMag and is available for interviews for magazines and radio.

To schedule an exclusive interview with Secret Lie please contact Bongo Boy Records at

Artist website:

Release date: October 27, 2015 UPC:685349940875


Contact: Monique Grimme
Bongo Boy Records email
web site

Fay Kendel shares hotly tipped new single "Action Speaks Louder Than Words"

A nod to the timeless old school roots of true R&B music; Fay Kendel's latest single "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" is another infectious display that combines her beautifully matured vocals with steady rhythm.

Bringing her passion for song-writing to the forefront and showcasing a voice that tells countless of stories on its own, "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" carry's Fay's reflections and her own observations, discussing experiences and perceptions that weave through the timeless record.

It's of no surprise that Fay has already been described as being Sweden's answer to Mary J Blige, with her R&B soul voice and playful sound. With emotive lyrics that touch of real life stories, Fay conveys a presence and warmth that will captivate listeners all over the world.

2015 has already seen Fay link up with the well-known producer Paul Miles from Select Recording Studio. Paul has previously worked with David Kahne, Sinitta and various artists from the X-factor.

Listen here:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Americana Songstress Cashavelly Morrison Releases Debut Album 'The Kingdom Belongs To A Child'

Americana singer and songwriter Cashavelly Morrison has released her debut album 'The Kingdom Belongs to a Child'. Combining traditions of Appalachian ballads and melancholic lyrics that deal with her deeply held values, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child is a sorrowful album full of beauty and profundity. Backed up by acoustic guitar melodies played by her husband Ryan MacLeod, Morrison's lyrical voice perfectly delivers the emotional depth of her songs. Digital downloads, CDs, and double vinyls are available here:

As demonstrated in her single releases 'Long-Haired Mare' and 'Pink Dress', which deal with women's and children's rights, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child is about giving a voice to those who are unheard or unseen. The lyrics also draw from Cashavelly's personal experiences through themes of loss, and are laden with imagery inspired by her childhood in a coal mining town in West Virginia. With her music, Cashavelly wants to explore the shared grief and ultimately emphasize compassion, empowerment, and healing.

The album has already garnished positive reviews, with Indie Minded describing it as a "deeply intelligent piece of Americana that represents the universality of human emotion." Indiemunity posited it as an instant folk/country classic, and Famous Last Words characterized it as commendable, and noted that the entire album was played out exquisitely.

MusicDishTV Review: Watzreal Music Video "Tell Me"

Watzreal's newest single "Tell Me" is a heartfelt and soulful take on hip hop music. In his song, Watzreal gives an outpouring of emotion as he begs and pleads to be told why love is not actually like it is in the media and movies. He shows anger and sadness about how the media deceive us into believing relationships easy and straightforward.

Through his heart ache, he wants the listener to know that love consists of many struggles. He does this well through the anguish shown everywhere on his face. When performing on stage in parts of his music video, he also shows the physical pain caused by heartbreaks. Again, heartaches that are not shown in the movies.

The casting in the video works well for Waltzreal's message. The female lead in the argumentative and complicated relationship is attractive and sweet looking, similar to the types of girls in the films Waltzreal sings about. However, unlike rom-com movie couples, this tells how love isn't so easy.

The video clip also moves nicely and fluidly between scenes creating a strong and streamlined message. It moves from Waltzreal singing on stage, to his anguished and troubled state as he sits alone at a bar. It then shows his reflective side as he looks out onto the water. And then of course, most effectively showing a couple in difficult real life situations. Not quite like the unrealistic love in our most adored romantic films.

In no way does the video ever look forced or preachy. Instead, Waltzreal delivers a powerful message about love. A message you really can see through his desperation to find answers on why love is so falsely depicted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Maverick Musician Touring The USA, Guerrilla Style

Indie Soul Rock Singer-Songwriter Shanta Paloma has spontaneously set out on a national tour to bring music to people of America, where they are at — their venues, their streets, and their computers. With unconventional strategy, she is stopping in approximately 20 major cities across the USA to play her music wherever she can. Some shows and festivals are scheduled. Others are on the fly. Armed with a guitar and a GoPro action camera, Shanta has been videotaping her journey and releasing a rockumentary series.

This adventure is being shared via Paloma’s Youtube Channel: and her website,

According to Shanta, the whole project is a demonstration not only on following one’s bliss, but also on how the music industry has changed so drastically since social media networks and online distribution. Paloma said, "The music industry rules keep changing as fast as it takes us musicians to catch on. Being an independent singer-songwriter means being our own PR reps, booking agents, marketing firms, managers, promoters, sound guys, roadies and web designers. And that can take away resources from making quality art. Now, more than ever, we artists must create something out of nothing because there are the rules that never change — share good music. Why can’t it be just as simple as that? I believe in sharing resources and my songs are what I have to offer."

Maverick musician Shanta Paloma embarked on her unconventional tour on October 4th, 2015, in Boston, Massachusetts. Solo, she is driving northwest, down California and then back to New England, via the southern route. For up to date information on where and when Shanta will be touring, visit her website often: Follow her journey by subscribing to her Youtube channel:



Valenti Thomas or Valenti 'Funk' Thomas as he's commonly known, has a distinct appetite for delivering an exceptional brand of funky reggae music that remains as popular as ever.

Today, Valenti's quest for more triumph continues, with the self-taught artist sharing his self-titled 11-track album: Velenti. The energetic project fuses Reggae with funk and chill for a fun and energetic playful sound.

With 2015 proving to be another thrilling time for Valenti Thomas, it's of no surprise to find his album packed full of surprises. Embedded within his DNA lies a passion for "delivering the funk", with major musical influencers noted at Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder & Rick Ruben. This very same level of funk is unquestionably delivered.

Firmly focused on the grooves, the album backs a distinct style, with tracks such as "Some Mo" featuring LaLa Johnson showcasing the very best of what this Texas native is all about. He's a special talent worth sharing.

Buy on itunes:


Amy Barbera launches her new healing meditation album "Breath of Angels" world-wide

The online release follows a hugely successful and well received CD Release Party which took place Saturday October 10, 2015 in Coral Springs, Fl.

The beautiful event was lavishly decorated with colorful Moroccan decor. Amy opened the event performing 5 of her healing songs from the new album followed by a special time of meditation/breath work with the guests. Before she began her powerful concert, Ms. Barbera stated that she is "an artist whose sole purpose is to reach people and touch the world with God's love through her music and songs." From the opening song till the end of the concert, the atmosphere among the audience (while Amy performed), was electric. As Amy concluded her last song, she received a full room standing ovation.

When asked her inspiration for her "Breath of Angels" album, Amy said that God gave her the songs for the album while attending many healing Yin Yoga classes. Recognizing this culture's need for healing, rest and peace, this album's God inspired songs are designed to put the listener in a peaceful, relaxing, and often otherworldly place. From the ethnic drumbeat sound of the title track "Breath of Angels,” to the stunning stringed arrangement of the song "Flying" Amy's album will keep the listener mesmerized to the very end. Amy Barbera fans will be delighted by her signature angelic vocals on this album, as well as the uniqueness of the ethnic percussion and her creative departure from her 2008 album "Beautiful Flower of Life".

Amy's heavenly "Breath of Angels" album will be available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and many more sites. Amy's fans will be able to purchase both the physical copy and digital download copy of "Breath of Angels." To find out more about Amy Barbera and her music, visit her official website or her social media sites below: