Thursday, November 5, 2015

MusicDishTV Review: Watzreal Music Video "Tell Me"

Watzreal's newest single "Tell Me" is a heartfelt and soulful take on hip hop music. In his song, Watzreal gives an outpouring of emotion as he begs and pleads to be told why love is not actually like it is in the media and movies. He shows anger and sadness about how the media deceive us into believing relationships easy and straightforward.

Through his heart ache, he wants the listener to know that love consists of many struggles. He does this well through the anguish shown everywhere on his face. When performing on stage in parts of his music video, he also shows the physical pain caused by heartbreaks. Again, heartaches that are not shown in the movies.

The casting in the video works well for Waltzreal's message. The female lead in the argumentative and complicated relationship is attractive and sweet looking, similar to the types of girls in the films Waltzreal sings about. However, unlike rom-com movie couples, this tells how love isn't so easy.

The video clip also moves nicely and fluidly between scenes creating a strong and streamlined message. It moves from Waltzreal singing on stage, to his anguished and troubled state as he sits alone at a bar. It then shows his reflective side as he looks out onto the water. And then of course, most effectively showing a couple in difficult real life situations. Not quite like the unrealistic love in our most adored romantic films.

In no way does the video ever look forced or preachy. Instead, Waltzreal delivers a powerful message about love. A message you really can see through his desperation to find answers on why love is so falsely depicted.

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