Saturday, July 9, 2016

DJ Cquenz "How Did You"

Today, we present you with a glistening new, electro-offering from Belgium's DJ Cquenz.

Today's release comes in the shape of the highly charged "How Did You", a track that boasts a heavy bass line, pitched vocals, bags of energy and a festival ready sound that pays homage to the impending arrival of summer, sunshine and the party-season!

Let the Antwerp-based dj/producer introduce you to his stimulating electro-bass driven sound, a journey of clever production work and a dramatic signature sound that will live long in your memory.

"I wanted to create a festival track where the energy continued throughout. The chopped pitched vocals on "How Did You?" support the breakdown, which rhythmically doesn't stop, instead growing slowly toward the drop"

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bongo Boy Records Releases The Summer Compilation BONGO BOY BEACH By Various Artists | 11 Summer Smashing Songs

Bongo Boy Records Summer Compilation is here for 2016. Bongo Boy Beach includes 11 Summer Escape Songs by 10 International recording artists. This compilation is a part of Bongo Boy抯 Compilation series on Bongo Boy Records Asia and Bongo Boy Records. Worldwide Digital Downloads and Streaming. Look for this release on Omusic, KKBOX, myMusic, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and other online retails.

ASIA RELEASE: 6.21.16 | WORLDWIDE: 7.4.16 | UPC 686751362002 | ISRC: USPXQ

BONGO BOY BEACH � Various Artists | Bongo Boy Records

1. Great Escape - Mark Baxter 3:42
2. Follow Your Bliss � A Year From Monday 4:08
3. Dancing On The Sun � EsQuille Feat. Bruno Alexander 3:26
4. Come On Baby (Come On Over) � The Pete V Project Feat. Reece Bahia 2:58
5. Run Me All Around � B. I. S. 2:58
6. You Make Me Feel Good � Pamela Davis 3:19
7. Boys Like You � Sara James 4:39
8. Deep Blue Sea � Mia Moravis 3:03
9. U Sud � Massimiliano 3:16
10. Fourth Of July � Pure Dynamite 3:51
11. Googly Goo � hooyoosay 3:09

1. Great Escape - Mark Baxter 3:42
From Boston, Mass. Mark Baxter brings us the leading track on Bongo Boy Beach with "Great Escape" written by Mark Baxter and Gar Francis. Their song is making its debut in the digital age. The featured guitar work is a well recognized sound by guitarist Gar Francis. Together with Mark's playful vocals; the song invites you on their journey to escape your day to day life. What a great start of Bongo Boy Beach.

2. Follow Your Bliss � A Year From Monday 4:08
From Reno, Nevada, A Year From Monday is mainstream alternative music that both excites and inspires you. "Follow Your Bliss" is a song with great lyrics and blended harmonies. With lyrics like "Follow your bliss and your soul drinks happiness" and "Strike a new direction and make happiness number one" it will give you a good taste what this song is all about.

3. Dancing On The Sun � EsQuille Feat. Bruno Alexander 3:26
From Stockholm, Sweden comes EsQuille and his genuine sound and honest approach, which results in him being loved all around the world with his melodic, and, oh so danceable releases. EsQuille is a true multi genre composer with a real buzz and passion for his work.

"Dancing On The Sun" is a great dance song with a strong beat making it a great summer dance track.

4. Come On Baby (Come On Over) � The Pete V Project Feat. Reece Bahia 2:58
From The United Kingdom - 'Come On Baby (Come On Over)' by The Pete V Project has been written and produced by Marie Virginie Pierre. This first released track for the Pete V Project, features Reece Bahia whose tone and style blends and compliments the summer vibe of 'Come On Baby (Come On Over)'.

Reece Bahia is a passionate breakthrough artist and a strong vocal performer with a smooth tone and positive vibe. Reece has featured on Simon Cowell's "The You Generation" promo ad in which he received praise from the music mogul. Similarly Reece was on BBC's The Voice UK and received amazing comments from all 4 coaches including "You don't need this show, you will make it"- Will I Am, and "Have you got a fan club, if so can I join it"- Kylie Minogue

5. Run Me All Around � B. I. S. 2:58
Before Mia Moravis and Nancy Catedral formed Rage Of Angels with three other female musicians, there was just the two of them, recording together as 揃. I. S. 擱UN ME ALL AROUND� is the second song ever recorded by the duo, both of whom love the festive, Carnival sound of steel drums. Incorporating that undeniably sunny instrumentation with lyrics about a woman抯 sweet revenge on a lothario, this song eases us into the passions of summer!

6. You Make Me Feel Good � Pamela Davis 3:19
From Sunny Florida, Pamela Davis a recording artist and music teacher brings her summer song "You Make Me Feel Good" to our summer compilation. Pamela has released "several successful albums" and is a well established artist who records all her own instrumentation. Pamela is quite versatile on a number of instruments, and completed all of the arrangements, production, and songwriting on her fun summer song.

7. Boys Like You � Sara James 4:39
From New Jersey USA, Sara James is a talented young singer/songwriter. The song"Boys Like You" was recorded and mixed by Jonn Savannah, a professional musician since 1978, whom has worked live and in the studio with Van Morrison, Tina Turner, Procol Harum and Squeeze. Together with Sara wonderful vocals, they created, with the foundation of the famous Bo Diddley Beat , a powerful Pop Rock song with great lyrics. .

8. Deep Blue Sea � Mia Moravis 3:03
From Keene, New Hampshire. Turning sadness into laughter, Mia Moravis took emotional lemons and turned them into happy lemonade with Linda Wiley Carter's lyrics, written on a napkin after Mia spoke of her broken heart. "Everyone who's heard DEEP BLUE SEA laughs gleefully with it. "I recorded it for the pure joy of simply wanting to, and am so glad this song makes people smile!"

9. U Sud � Massimiliano 3:16
From Italy Massimiliano Patern� is a multi talented recording artist from Bologna, Italy. His song "U Sud" is released in Italian and tells us the story of the wish of hope and dreams of the colors and smells of how the country was; the seagulls and the smell of the sea. Centered around the coastal town Capo Colonna the cape of Calabria located near Crotone, Italy.

10. Fourth Of July � Pure Dynamite 3:51
From the New York Metropolitan area recording artist Pure Dynamite brings an exclusive EDM track that is inspired by the largest annual holiday celebration in The United States " Fourth of July". With Pure Dynamite and his Hip Hop style we have here a great dance mix with adult lyrics, resulting in a summer dance song for 2016.

11. Googly Goo � hooyoosay 3:09
From Europe hooyoosay is a music recording project that has a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators. Developed into an organized project, this initial coincidence was maintained as a principle: no credits, no live gigs. Hooyoosay became this peculiar music recording project, having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators, inevitably displaying a wide diversity in taste and in styles with each release. "Google Goo" is a one of such projects. The whole song is actually based upon and built around the kid's (sampled) voice, and if you like to follow the lyrics sheet, it all matches. Listen�..it抯 fun and catchy.

Contact Phone: 908-455-1576 Email:
Official Website:

Iconic Platinum-Selling Vocalist Anita Ward Returns To Celebrate Pride 2016 With Empowering Dance Anthem "Another Bad Mistake"

Alongside the global celebration of June as Gay Pride Month, the LGBT community抯 momentous strides have a potent new party anthem from a voice that has been there since the beginning. As equality continues to become the undeniable law of the land, beloved platinum-selling dance artist Anita Ward is back with the single release of "Another Bad Mistake."

Her maddeningly catchy uptempo confection - which playfully acknowledges a relationship that might have betanter been left unrequited - is the latest release from New York City-based independent label Young Pals Music. The song was co-written and co-produced by Sahin with hit songwriter Bernadette O扲eilly, who has also worked for three decades in artist relations, management and song placement. Canadian singer/songwriter Karine Hannah is also a co-writer.

Opening with a force field of percolating, nervous and cleverly dissonant rhythms, "Another Bad Mistake" roars into a raucous frenzy of mad beats in the chorus, as Ward exclaims, "She turned my star-filled sky into rain, as the blood froze up in my veins, Cause she抯 aimless and brainless� It抯 dangerous how shameless you are/She was a bad, bad, bad mistake."

Ward is, of course, renowned for her seminal No. 1 single "Ring My Bell," which roared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, Disco, and Soul Singles charts in 1979. It also reached No. 1 on the U.K. Singles Chart, while striking the top 5 in a dozen other countries. And since, demonstrating the enduring appeal of her treasured hit, in 2002, Ward performed "Ring My Bell" in New York City's Times Square as part of its official New Year抯 Eve celebration. In 2005, she headlined New Year抯 Eve on Beale Street in Memphis. She has also toured the world, including a heralded 2006 turn with comrades Chic, Village People, Thelma Houston and Rose Royce for the FIS World Cup in Zagreb, Croatia.

"Another Bad Mistake" is the fifth single release from "Pop," the first full-length namesake collection from Young Pals Music founder Ayhan Sahin. In April, the album was awarded by The Akademia Music Awards as well as The Global Music Awards for Best Rock Song for previous single "Drink." The album offers 12+ diverse vocalists & musicians across a myriad of styles, including R&B & soul, dance, jazz, country and of course� pop.

As a songwriter and producer, Sahin has achieved notoriety in pop, rock, dance and musical theater, while working with Olivia Newton-John, Melba Moore, Phoebe Snow, Broadway star Bianca Marroqu韓, Turkish superstars Sezen Aksu and Sertab Erener, Sandra Bernhard and five "American Idol" finalists. He has appeared live on Telemundo, while Sahin抯 music has been featured on CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Playbill, MTV, Yahoo! Music and "The Wendy Williams Show"; and heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV and The New York Daily News.


Zaena Morisho Releases Smash Singles 'BS' & 'What Do U Want' In Anticipation Of The Highly Anticipated EP 'Zaena Now' To Be Release Worldwide July 29

Female recording artist & performer ZAENA MORISHO (or ZAENA M. for short) is releasing her new EP 'ZAENA NOW' worldwide on July 29. Teaming up with industry powerhouse marketing team INDIEPOWER and industry leading distributor INgrooves, Zaena is making moves, releasing singles and is performing on more and more higher profile shows and industry events.

In anticipation of the long form release are the release of the current singles "What Do U Want" and "BS" and videos. Zaena is originally from Africa and raised in Houston Texas. She moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to be closer to the industry and pursue music, modeling and entertainment industries at the highest levels. The song "What Do U Want" tells of the challenges in a relationship, where the highs & lows can be confusing and draining, asking your mate 'what do you really want from me'. Falling in & out of love with a person can be taxing on the mind and soul. 'BS' is another tale of falling for someone, who already is in an another relationship, unbeknownst to you, & the games that go on with this 'double dealing' two timer. Enough of the BS 'games', as it's hard to give your all to a relationship that isn't giving you a singular focus back.

Other songs on the 'ZAENA NOW' EP include 'Diva', 'Be Your Girl', & 'Into You'. 'Diva' is an empowering song, by an independent woman, who is not waiting for a man to 'complete' her. She is making moves on her own, & in control of her own destiny. ZAENA is a main featured performer at three major BT AWARD Weekend Industry Showcases ( and the upcoming global music & entertainment conference IES � the Indie Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles ( Her fanbase is growing worldwide, building anticipation for the EP and follow up album, slated for a 2017 release, followed by an international tour. ZAENA is one strong artist making major moves, independently and proud.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nat King Lam Creates Unforgettable Sounds

Nat King Lam is a music producer for the Hip Hop Music Library (HHML). A growing hip hop music catalog available to television, film and advertising professionals for both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. His recent release includes ten individual tracks, each unique in sound and style. The music, although categorized as hip hop, pulls together sounds from several genres and influences and providing a wide array of songs for almost everyone to enjoy. In addition to the intricate beats and sampling, Nat King Lam recorded vocals on each track that aids the listener in painting a complete picture out of sound. With a lethal combination of a tone of voice that demands your attention and cunning lyrics that stimulate your intelligence, Nat King Lam has successfully created his own space in the sound of music.

Some of the tracks released embody an out-of-this-world type of sound, like "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Dust to Dust", both which bring the listener to a meditative state with enlightening lyrics that challenge social norms. It is evident in the inimitability of each song currently available that artist and producer Nat King Lam carefully creates a sound that reaches beyond the contemporary hip hop audience. More importantly, you can tell by the lyrics that each song was written with special meaning.

On the road to revolutionize hip hop and the music industry as a whole, Nat King Lam has come with a message - he is more than just a producer, he is a storyteller through sounds and lyrics. A direct link to his current releases can be found at

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fresh New Artist TinaMazyck Releases Her EP "Mazyck"

TinaMazyck is a Bronx raised R&B artist with an Alternative-pop twist. Her newest single "Musik" has been released from the upcoming EP titled "Mazyck". Reactions from a very diverse group of fans were all very positive. Some of the reactions are; "This is a classic"; "You are a breath of fresh air"; "I can leave this song on repeat all day and not get tired of it". The single has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms, complemented by top producers and has even been picked up by internet radio stations. Eager fans are now anticipating more music from the budding vocalist. Listen to the classic Single titled "Musik" right here

Whats sets "Mazyck" apart from the bunch is its fun, classic and unique sound that jerks emotion from listeners. The EP to come, embodies the spirit of a rebel and gives off positive vibes. This EP encourages young adults to stand tall and be themselves. It gives encouragement to un-apologetically do what feels right and embrace confidence.

"The world can never have enough positive role models and thats what our music scene needs" TinaMazyck expressed in an interview. Collaborating with the multiplatinum producer, Sean Gill who is represented by celebrity manager Bernadette Brennan has worked close on TinaMazyck抯 EP. The talented, well known, R&B producer- Mookie has leant a hand on piano and in production. Lastly, Ari Freedman teamed up on bass, putting the final touches on her songs. TinaMazyck works diligently to deliver expressive and well crafted songs.

With a drive to continue the line of great music, TinaMazyck will officially be releasing her EP, "Mazyck" on 6/17/16. It will be available on iTunes, amazon, spotify etc. very soon. You can now purchase it on Band camp here
It will undoubtedly be an EP to remember.

Please get in touch with TinaMazyck for inquiries and interviews at:
Social Media:

DJ Maestro Becomes The First DJ To Perform On Lokrum For The Soundplate Records Showcase - Part Of Croatia Music Adventures 2016

On 28th July DJ Maestro will perform an intimate set to 200 ticket holders on the island of Lokrum - famously the location for the city of Qarth in Game of Thrones - for the Soundplate Records showcase, as part of Corona Sunsets Croatia Music Adventures (CMA) 2016.

The Dutch artist, whose newly released 'Nina Simone Little Girl Blue Remixed' album for Soundplate is the most recent addition to a discography which includes nine platinum albums for Blue Note.

CMA is now in its second year and distinguishes itself as a festival by curating a line-up that connects world class musicians with exceptional Croatian locations and deliberately keeping the ticket numbers low so that the experience is more akin with a secret gig or underground party.

Headliners of CMA 2016 include chart topping acts such as Sigma and Clean Bandit, who will perform on Dubrovnik's Banje Beach - a beautiful sundown party location and one of the top ten Mediterranean beaches - on 28th and 29th July. Corona are the key sponsor of the CMA 2016 event, making this the first 'Corona Sunsets' event in this part of Europe.

More DJs and acts to be announced.
Matt Benn, founder of Soundplate Records, who partner with CMA for the first time this year says:

"We could not be more excited to announce our partnership with Croatia Music Adventures (CMA). The organisers of CMA have sourced some of the most beautiful venues for music in the region and are working hard to program some very impressive line-ups for this year's event. At Soundplate, we always believe in working with like-minded, creative people on innovative projects and CMA felt like a natural fit for us.

CMA is different from other festivals in the region, it not only showcases amazing music but it does so while shining a light on the natural beauty of the island. By picking venues that have rarely been used for events of this scale and limiting ticket numbers CMA has created a unique atmosphere and something very special that we are proud to support.

As part of our partnership we will be bringing the incredibly talented Dutch DJ/producer, Maestro to the festival for a special showcase of his 'Nina Simone - 'Little Girl Blue' remix album which we released in the UK. We hope to expand on this relationship in years to come and to continue bringing amazing events to incredible locations in Croatia."

For media requests/images please contact Firgas Esack:

- Tickets for CMA are available from Skiddle
- Tickets are limited to 1500
- DJ Maestro's set will be limited to the first 200 and the boat trip to Lokrum costs �10
- Weekend VIP passes are available (info on CMA website)
- Full line up and travel info at
- Soundplate is a non-traditional, independent record label and content company. Soundplate supports incredible artists from around the globe.
- 'DJ Maestro presents Nina Simone Little Girl Blue' is available now via major music sites