Friday, April 20, 2012

Feel Stronger - Scar'D For Life

J.Scar a.k.a Jean Lodescar, Jr. is an up and coming artist with a message. Born in Brooklyn to Haitian parents and raised in Queens, J.Scar has always used lyrics to tell stories, expose truths, and, most importantly, inspire anyone who will listen. Losing a cousin to the streets at an early age sparked his parent’s desire for a better life for Jean, and strengthened their determination to keep him off the streets. Jean’s parents kept him close to home at all times and insisted he set an example for his two younger sisters and watch over them at all times. Jean went on to study at Queensborough Community College and then went on to St. John’s University. Although his talent for the microphone began at a young age, he at first only pursued it as a hobby for friends and family, while tirelessly attempting every job out there, from fireman to engineer to Apple’s Genius Bar. Along with his passion for music, J.Scar has extensive experience in acting and writing, and has incorporated this into his music by making music videos that bring his songs to life. The story lines along with the hip hop flow are connecting with internet audiences and spreading like wildfire. J.Scar’s video for “Feel Stronger” was featured in a piece on Trayvon Martin in the NY Daily News. His previous video “Underpaid” was featured on Channel 11 (WPIX ) Morning News, and NY Daily News in January. “I wrote Feel Stronger for the people who are battling with certain situations that would make them want to give up in life...certain situations that intimidate them in life...certain situations where they feel like there is no hope... As a father to a beautiful son, Trayvon Martin's sad incident hit me hard...Unfortunately situations like Trayvon's happen in life and they are unfair, unjust, and extremely somber and difficult to deal with..I am still having a hard time explaining it to my son who's curiosity is at a natural point at his 4 years of age. As an artist, I feel I have a responsibility for speak to and for the people..So I've tweaked Feel Stronger a bit and dedicated it to Trayvon Martin, his family and to anyone else who is at that breaking point.” For more on J.Scar and his music go to: Follow J.Scar on twitter: @imjscar Contact:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

DJs United Conference

DJs, Artists and professionals from around the nation set sights on The DJs United Conference hosted at the Radisson Hotel, 2500 High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN, Friday, April 20, 2012 through Sunday, April 22, 2012. Doors open at 10:00 AM. This event is presented by: Blok Club DJs, Conglomerate DJs, Crowd Rocka DJs, Derrty DJs, Dis SPINsters DJs, Drum Squad DJs, Heatspinners DJs, Hittmenn Midwest DJs, Hub City DJs, KYMP Kamp DJs, Nerve DJs, O-State DJs, Slip and Slide DJs, Sniper Squad DJs, TraKCbanga DJs, and XSquad DJs. With the industry becoming more “DIY” – Do it Yourself friendly, the concept of DJs United was formed by various Midwest DJ Coalitions in the region to support the future of the industry. As the conference began to grow and the brand awareness spread, more coalitions wanted to participate. What started out as a Midwest conference, has turned into a national conference. Retail is dwindling, downloads are up, and sales are not as robust as before: the artists must create and maintain a relationship with those who have direct contact with consumers and fans… The DJ. We are proud to announce the following sponsors who are participating in DJ United Conference: E 1 Music, Rap-A-Lot Records, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards,, Intro, Selecto Hits, Russell Law, Hype Magazine, Twenty4Seven Magazine, Hip Hop Union, Strapped Condoms, Eye-see Enterprises, M.E.C.A.P., Royal Blunts, Nerve DJs, DJ A&R,, Brightwood Entertainment,, and many up-and-coming artists. DJs United also has a great line up of panelists for the weekend. With industry professionals and executives from around the country, DJs, artists and labels will be able to expand their knowledge on topics such a Publishing, Digital Marketing, Management, Legal aspects of the business, and developing relationships between the DJ and artist. Education, Networking and breaking new music is the focus of the conference. Panelist for the weekend will include representatives from: Epic, E1, Mizzay Ent., WHHH, EMI, Universal, Atlantic, Selecto Hits, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards, Star Quality Firm, MECAP, J Jones Ent, Hip Hop Union, Gracie Productions, KD Staffing, Jus Promotions, Industry Works, and more to be added. DJs United will not be short on artists either, with E1 introducing their latest artists Driicky Graham and Friday 4 Eva at the Welcome to Indy Party with Fonzworth Bentley, Huey, Enertia and Miltickit at Cloud 9 (5150 W 38th St. Indianapolis, IN 46254). Then on Saturday Rap-a-lot recording artist Hurricane Chris, Papa Reu, Tim Ned, and Nu Breed will perform at our Official After Party and will be hosted by Flipmodes' own, Rampage. This will be a great night at Don Victor’s (3730 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254.) DJs United Conference will change things up from just the regular new artist showcase. Saturday night’s Official DJs United Showcase will be hosted by Comedian Mike Samp and will include a prize package to the winner who will be chosen by the DJ Coalitions. They will have the opportunity to win the following package: Distribution (Selecto Hits), digital marketing package (Tweet My Song and, Mixing and Mastering for a single, graphics (Eyesee Enterprises), Conference call with each of the participating DJ Coalitions, write up in Twenty4seven magazine, H.Y.P.E. magazine, and an admin package from Industry Works, (internet radio station 150 spins)... more to come! For more information, registration, schedule, and questions please visit Pre-registration ($99) is open until April 19, 2012 at 5pm

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tony Adamo On All About Jazz Top 5 MP3 Downloads: March 2012

All About Jazz Top 5 MP3 Downloads: March 2012 Tony Adamo's 9 MILES of BLU in the top five reader favorites as indicated by total downloads. All About Jazz features and syndicates an exceptional song every day spanning all genres of jazz, and of the 31 tracks featured in March, these five represent my personal favorites. I also included the top five reader favorites as indicated by total downloads. If you are a musician or record label, you can submit your full length MP3 for consideration here.

Zak Smith To Release Self-Titled Full Length

Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon, Paul Simon, and Zak Smith have something in common. They've all recorded at Avatar Studios in Manhattan. Zak Smith is is releasing his self-titled album this month, April 28, at Rockwood Music Hall. It is at 7pm sharp, 21+, FREE, at Stage 1. On Tuesday, May 1, the album will be officially released to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. Receiving some great attention already, Zak is excited for people to hear what he says is his best project by far. "An exquisitely crafted debut album" - Switch at Sparks and Glowsticks. "Fully-developed suite of interesting, well-produced songs that are wholly-original rock and roll" - The Not-Pop Jukebox. "This band displays brilliance in entertaining with all musical mediums" - Music In Press. The album is available now for digital download exclusively at Zak Smith's website. Listen at

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Traum Releases Mad Dreamz It's Only A Nightmare

This is the long awaited release from Far Rockaway, Queens rapper Traum titled "Mad Dreamz it's only a nightmare" due out May 2012 on Masta Mix Records Featuring Cormaga, Big Noyd, Lil Fame of M.O.P. and many more. It also includes production by Traum, Ayatollah and Ric Rude. This full length CD is the follow up to the 2009 EP. This one is full of Queens bangers as well as many radio friendly joints like Back That Ass Up and What What. Credibility is crucial in any industry but when it comes to a music scene where "real recognize real" is the overriding mantra, New York native Traum walks it like he talks it. Bloodlines in Hip Hop's crowded family tree can be hard to explain but Traum's pedigree is nothing short of thoroughbred: born in the Bronx, the birthplace of the genre and then raised in Queens, Traum was practically destined for his current role as one of the east coast's hottest artists and most innovative independent label bosses. Since being recognized as one of Hip Hop's up-and-coming MC's Traum, under the umbrella of his own label Masta Mix Records, feels the time is right for the flava that Traum is spitting, the New York edge, the rawness, and ghetto-fabulous essence of Hip Hop are all here collated under the expert guidance of one of the scene's most trusted mentors. Email:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Producers Gather Huge Following Online With Hip Hop Beats, Giving Away Thousands Of Dollars In Promotion And Airplay To Independent Hip Hop Artists

Hip Hop Beats Online, a online production site with a huge following, is giving away four free beats and a chance to win over $1,000 in free radio airplay, and promotion (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube). Hip Hop Beats Online is team of producers,that have gathered a huge profile on the internet, and offers hip hop beats and other instrumental tracks for new and upcoming hip hop artists and the overall independent scene to use for putting together mix-tapes, singles, games, movies, films, and albums. The new company allows individuals to sign up for an account and then download hip hop beats and available tracks for use in album or productions. The site contains a large number of track choices. Hip Hop Beats Online is a new online production company focused on leasing hip hop beats to independent music artists. The idea originated from seeing the hip hop artist community not have access to high quality hip hop beats like Industry artists. Hip Hop Beats Online also helps to promote the Independent music community, and believe that up and coming aspiring hip hop artists should have the same opportunities as major artists. “We gathered a huge fan base online by giving away so much quality content, a hip hop artist would be crazy not to sign up and get all this free content. We online producers work harder than industry producers for a huge fraction of the price. There is no way a upcoming artist with a small budget could afford an industry producers time, hip hop beats, or music. “That is where we come in, I personally connect with artists” states one of Hip Hop Beats Online’s producers Makaih, “I want to see them succeed with their music. According to producer, Mr. Flamez, “ People can make a huge come up in this industry by leasing hip hop beats. You lease a hip hop beat for a low price, and you can sell a crazy amount of derivative tracks with online promotion. Just don’t forget to credit the producers. Leasing is one of the BEST things to happen to hip hop artists.” For more information on the free hip hop beats beats and promotion give away and to learn more about the services Hip Hop Beats Online offers, please visit or contact Corey Fletcher at

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Single "Underwater" From Colette Falla Available Everywhere

"Underwater" - the first single from UK singer/actress/model Colette Falla debuts April 11th through BFM Digital. Co-written by Falla, Jerren Wright and co-written/produced by Carolina Liar keyboardist Johan Carlsson, and recorded in Los Angeles -- the stylish track captures Falla's unique blend of sultry, Jazz-tinged Pop and enigmatic vocals. "I love every second of 'Underwater' and every minute of working on the music video for my first single," says Falla. "I've learned to become my own manager, publicist and business manager -- as well as being a recording artist. It's been a lot of work, but I've found that it is possible to do it all and manifest your success." Noted UK photographer Karl Taylor filmed the music video for "Underwater" in Falla's native island Guernsey (in the English Channel). Falla previously starred in Taylor's acclaimed short film, "No Regrets" which won "Best Overall Video" in the 2011 Vzaar Video Festival judged by Oliver Stone. Having studied at Los Angeles' acclaimed Musician's Institute, Falla incorporates an eclectic range of musical styles in her music. Ranging from Jazz and Classical to Pop/Rock, on "Underwater," Falla captures the sound of 1940's French Jazz mixed with Blues and Motown Soul - then adds elements of Pop and Electronica along with her sexy, edgy vocals to create an unexpected sound that is simultaneously fresh, yet classic. To view the official music video, please visit: For additional information please visit: About BFM Digital, Inc. BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with their content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of their catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners.

ArtistWorks Drum Academy Launches Luis Conte School Of Percussion

Napa California-based technology and music education company ArtistWorks launched the interactive, online Luis Conte School of Percussion (LCSP) on April 11th, 2012, it was announced today. Grammy™ Award-winning, master percussionist Luis Conte has worked with some of the greatest names in contemporary music, including Madonna, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Santana, Jackson Browne, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, Shakira, Ozzy Osbourne, and Arturo Sandoval among others. Known for his impeccable feel, technique, musical knowledge and tasteful musicality as well as his ability to blend Afro-Cuban percussion styles in to contemporary Pop and Rock music -- Luis Conte is one of the most prolific and talented artists in contemporary music. As part of the ArtistWorks Drum Academy (ADA), the LCSP contains hundreds of high quality video percussion lessons that explore a wide variety of percussion styles and world rhythms including Martillo, Cha-Cha, Guaguanco, Columbia, Bembe, Songo, Salsa, Merengue, Samba and Mozambique as well as Hip-Hop, Electronica, Jazz, Soul and Reggae. The LCSP also offers a full curriculum of percussion techniques on how to play a diverse array of percussion instruments including congas, bongos, timbales, cajon, guiro, hand percussion and more. For the first time ever, ArtistWorks will offer bilingual lesson options. A native of Santiago, Cuba, Conte has recorded a number of video lessons in both English and Spanish and will respond to student video exchange questions in the individual student’s language of choice. The LCSP utilizes ArtistWork’s patent-pending, breakout video technology to create a direct, personalized educational experience. Subscribing students view Conte’s extensive curriculum of beginner-to-advanced percussion lessons and submit a video with questions/performances directly to Conte via webcam or smart phone for critique and guidance. Conte then reviews and responds personally to each student video submission. These “video-exchanges” are posted in the LCSP for all subscribing students to view and subsequently learn from Conte and from each other – creating a “virtual classroom” with an ever-evolving curriculum. ArtistWorks students study in a guided, self-paced environment that allows them to drive the learning process according to their schedule and access instructor guidance and critique at their own pace. Multiple camera angles allow students to see lessons from alternate viewpoints so they may analyze techniques from different vantage points. In addition, students can slow lessons down, and loop lessons to allow them to break lessons down and focus on every detail. “I talk to young players all the time who have watched my educational DVDs and they always have questions for me,” says Conte. “Now they can just ask me those questions personally and I can help them on the spot.” The Luis Conte School of Percussion is open to percussionists, drummers, drum circles and drum groups at all levels of proficiency. Subscription fees are reasonably priced at $90.00 for 3 months; $150.00 for 6 months and $240.00 for a 12-month subscription. The ArtistWork’s Drum Academy also offers Rock drumming lessons with The Thomas Lang School of Drums and Jazz/Fusion drumming lessons with The Billy Cobham School of Drums. The ADA is not the static online learning experience seen before on DVD or other online education and video download sites. Rather, ADA schools take full advantage of high-resolution video, leading-edge social media tools and the Internet’s interactive capabilities to create a robust learning environment Founded in 2009 by former AOL executive David Butler, ArtistWorks, Inc is a Napa California-based technology and music education company that has created a proprietary, patent pending, online "video exchange" visual education platform which allows virtuoso musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their full method, technique or curriculum in HD video to subscribing students. Utilizing simple web cams, students are able to submit videos through the site to the ArtistWorks’ instructors for individualized critique and guidance – creating a two-way, individualized educational experience. ArtistWorks currently offers curriculums from such world-class, virtuoso artists as: guitarist Andreas Oberg; harmonica artist, Howard Levy; fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor; DJ Qbert; pianist Christie Peery; rock drummer Thomas Lang, jazz/fusion drummer, Billy Cobham, percussionist Luis Conte, banjo player Tony Trischka, flat pick guitar player Bryan Sutton, dobro player Andy Hall, mandolin player Mike Marshall, double bass player Missy Raines and fiddle player Darol Anger. For more information please visit:, or Contact: