Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zak Smith To Release Self-Titled Full Length

Paul McCartney, Kings of Leon, Paul Simon, and Zak Smith have something in common. They've all recorded at Avatar Studios in Manhattan. Zak Smith is is releasing his self-titled album this month, April 28, at Rockwood Music Hall. It is at 7pm sharp, 21+, FREE, at Stage 1. On Tuesday, May 1, the album will be officially released to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. Receiving some great attention already, Zak is excited for people to hear what he says is his best project by far. "An exquisitely crafted debut album" - Switch at Sparks and Glowsticks. "Fully-developed suite of interesting, well-produced songs that are wholly-original rock and roll" - The Not-Pop Jukebox. "This band displays brilliance in entertaining with all musical mediums" - Music In Press. The album is available now for digital download exclusively at Zak Smith's website. Listen at

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